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If Dave was there when she came home the little charade would still be kept up with Bert leaving the room so Gina could tease him - once Bert was behind the door watching while his daughter openly played with her cunt in front of his guest. All the time she smirked at Dave who could only sit there not wanting to be caught but nevertheless enjoying the spectacle. The girl moved her panties to one side and showed her daddy’s friend her naked vagina and let him watch her fingers slide in and out. Before he returned to the room her father had ejaculated while he watched secretly from the kitchen. There were just little hints that Dave could have picked up that all was not how it seemed. Now he could have noticed the lack of fighting and arguing and how Bert was happy for his daughter to be there. Most of all he could have noticed how Gina showed off even more of her body Dave was now treated to a show of her panties while her father was still in the room. Dave’s buddy didn’t seem to mind anymore when his daughter flashed openly letting him enjoy the sight of her charms. He noticed too that Gina was less intimidating and that the evil bitchy part of the teasing element had changed to one more “accommodating. ”One day when Bert had returned home from work early he ogled at his daughter who he thought looked a totally different character. She was dressed in her full school uniform of navy blue skirt and white blouse with little white socks to complete the picture of innocence. A question Bert had never asked was whether any man had ever paid for her to dress in her uniform while he fucked her. Gina was aware of his attention but ignored him a while smiling to her self. Her skirt was as short as the school allowed and she bent over a few times to give daddy a little thrill. Then after seeing the bulge in his pants and sensing his unrest she turned to him. “Mother will be home before long – do you want me?”Bert shivered and his arousal grew tenfold right away – he smiled and nodded his head.

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   Standing there he waited while his daughter checked the doors were locked and then she beckoned him into the kitchen. Bert grabbed her and began by kissing her, feeling her tits through her school blouse at the same time. To-day he wanted something a little different – he bent to peel off her knickers then lifted her onto the kitchen table, her legs dangling over the edge. Her pleated skirt was held up to her waist and Bert drank in the sight of his schoolgirl daughter sat in uniform but without panties. Gina patiently let him enjoy her then he felt the material of her white socks and kissed her legs. Bending he let his mouth run all the way up her leg to her cunt where he licked and sucked. Gina wrapped her legs round his neck and daddy pleasured his daughter for a full ten minutes with his tongue. Bert’s lust grew as he now pulled her down and telling her to bend forward and rest her hands on a chair he kissed her arse. Pulling up her school skirt he pushed his tongue into her bum crack and licked the full length of her arse. Would she think this dirty and stop him? She drew in air and moaned softly – then she pushed out her bum and stepped wider parting her arse cheeks – she liked it! Bert felt her make little rotating motions with her hips as he tried to thrust his tongue deeper into her anus. He was at his most depraved as he licked and sucked on his daughters’ arsehole and his enjoyment increased when he heard her sighs of pleasure. He never expected her next action – she put her hands behind her and gripping the flesh of her cheeks she spread them wider still opening up her hole for daddy to put his tongue in. “Stick your tongue up my arse daddy!” she begged, between gasps. Bert wallowed in his perverted act excited that his daughter could like it so much. She would do anything – he told himself – she would be as dirty as he wanted her to be.

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   Now he wanted something else and he was confident to ask her to oblige – he raised his head and whispered his request. Gina turned to face him and for a moment looked him in the eye without giving a clue to whether she would oblige or not. “Kneel down!” she told her father softly but firmly. Bert excited but nervous knelt before her and when she raised her skirt allowed her to pull his head to her cunt. For a minute she wriggled and used his face to masturbate herself, one hand holding up her garment the other holding his head in place. Then she stopped moving and he looked up to find her gazing down at him. For a full twenty seconds they stared at each other with Bert occasionally putting out his tongue to lick her clit. Her hand still held his head and as he looked up he noticed her expression change – then felt her body stiffen a little. A little wicked smile came on her face as Bert felt the first hot trickle of his daughters’ piss hit his lips. Drawing the girl close to him he grabbed her arse and shoved a finger in her anus as she let go full flow in his mouth. She screamed but didn’t resist as she watched her fluid dribble down her daddy’s chin. She was in control – she held his head and grinned as she marvelled wondering how many other girls are asked by their fathers if they will piss in their mouths. Gina, now feeing as perverted as her father played with her clit as she pissed, and was now letting it come out in short streams. His finger had penetrated her arse fully and now she was able to relax her anal muscles – now she found if felt good. Bert knew this by the way she wriggled her arse and smiled down at him.

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   Soon his wife would be home so standing he made a suggestion to his young willing daughter. She looked shocked and her eyes widened then led him upstairs to her bedroom – she handed him a jar containing cream. No words were spoken as Gina kneeing on the bed offered her bottom up to her daddy. She remained still while Bert spread the cream on her tight brown hole then gently lubricated the opening by pushing in his fingers – first one, then two. In a few minutes Gina was able to control the reflex action and her arse relaxed – waiting with a perverse excitement for her fathers’ penis to take the place of his fingers. His penis slid into her easily having been smeared with lubricant and mentally he cursed that they didn’t have much time before his wife would be home. Holding her body firmly he almost lifted her from the bed as he worked her up and down on his cock. The feel of her soft young skin on his and the texture of the material of her white schoolgirl socks enhanced his debauched pleasure. One hand slid round to her belly and pulling her even tighter against his cock he let his fingers find their way to her pussy to torment her clitSlowly he fucked away at her arse until hearing a noise and fearing discovery he quickened his pace determined to experience the act of shooting his sperm into her intestines. When finished he gently extracted his dick from her orifice then looked down at her noting how her eyes, half closed made her licentious and lustful gaze almost tell him she was still unsatisfied. When Bert began to leave the room reminding his daughter of the impending arrival of her mother he glanced back to see her fingers busy finishing the job he had started. A few weekends later found Bert smiling and happy when his wife announced that she would have to be away for the night. Visiting a sick friend was neither convincing nor original but Bert didn’t care – as long as Gina stayed home with him. Why bother that his wife was probably spending the night with another man? Bert looked forward to the weekend anticipating excitement and the chance to indulge his lust but darker thoughts and desires began to grow in his mind. For a while Bert had fantasised what it would be like to watch Gina being fucked by someone else – and a likely candidate was – Dave.

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   In his fantasy Bert had pondered on a scenario that would be viable and possible – he couldn’t very well follow her and ask her clients if it was OK to watch. With Dave though – now that could be made to happen almost automatically – they were already half way there with her teasing. The first problem - that of persuading his daughter would be easily overcome – by a big cheque for her savings account. The second – letting it be known to Dave what he wanted would be trickier. Sure Dave would be more than happy to screw her given the right situation – the problem was how he would react to knowing the girl’s dad wanted to watch!The evening soon came round when Bert’s wife had departed and the time was nigh for him to form a plan. Not knowing just what he was going to do he made sure his daughter would at least be expecting something by having a little word with her before she went out for the evening. “Seeing your mother’s away you can feel free to come home a little later – maybe you can have a drink or two when you get back – with me and Dave. ”He kissed his daughters neck as he told her how it turned him on seeing her flash for his pal and suggested tonight they could maybe tease him a little more. Bert made it clear that he would reward her handsomely for her efforts. “I bet Dave would love to fuck you,” he hinted squeezing her tits. By nine thirty that evening the two men sat chatting having drunk more than their usual quota of ale. Bert brought out his best single malt whiskey and told Dave he hoped that he could stay a little longer than usual as the wife was away. “Well – yeah – but I don’t feel right staying when you get into a family squabble with Gina. You know too how she tries to get me hot under the collar and embarrasses me. ”Bert was delighted that his pal had mentioned Gina – now she was up for discussion Bert would use this to his advantage.

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  “Look – I don’t blame you for looking – or enjoying it. I know she’s my daughter but I have to admit how arousing it is for me too. If you want to look – then you look – maybe we’re only embarrassed by each others presence. If she was any other girl we would be telling each other how much we’d enjoy fucking her. ”Bert waited for Dave’s reaction and saw how he smiled when he nodded and seemed to let himself relax more. “I mean,” Bert continued, “She has hell of a body and when you see her nipples sticking out and that look when she parts her legs – well! Don’t be scared of me getting mad – if she insists on showing you her body – enjoy it. ”Bert looked at the clock and decided he would give Dave time to digest his comments and with the help of more whiskey realise the potential. “Why don’t we watch a porn movie – now we’ve talked about sex I wouldn’t mind seeing some action?” Dave was a little surprised at this as even though both men swapped video tapes they never usually watched any together. It was one that Dave had not seen before and Dave happily settled back with his generous glass of malt and watched the action. Bert picked his time to make utter the odd comment or two. “That model could almost be Gina – I bet her tits look exactly like that when she’s naked. Except that Gina’s only fifteen yet – and my daughter – but she still makes my cock go hard. ”A minute later and Bert made another observation as they watched a girl on the screen being violently fucked. “I bet that’s what you would like to do to Gina – in your fantasies. Tell me Dave, honestly – do you ever dream of what it would be like to fuck my daughter? When you go home after having her tease you – I have seen what she does when you think I’m in the kitchen.

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   I have watched how your cock bulges when she lifts her skirt for you – and plays with her cunt!”Dave was shocked and visibly nervous by this revelation, “Fucking hell – what was I supposed to do when she flashes like that? Yeah – I’m normal – sure I’m going to get turned on – should I have called you in and told you she was being a naughty girl? Do me a favour – what would you have done?”Bert decided that Dave was too much on the defensive and would frighten him off so he dropped his voice. “Just what you have done mate – like I say – she makes my cock rise too. She is a naughty girl – she probably lets things go much further with other men. You know what - I have come to the conclusion that she’s just made that way and she likes to do that - it doesn’t matter who the guys are. So why should I worry about it – why not enjoy it too – just like everyone else. We only fight when I try to stop her – she’s happy to let us look otherwise – she lets us see more. So why don’t I just take pleasure in it and let her perform for me like she does with other guys. How far do you think she’d go for you if you were both alone together?”Dave reflected on the thought, “I don’t know,” he answered quietly. “This weekend for example – her mother’s away so she probably be more outrageous knowing I don’t discipline her hard enough. Maybe we should teach her a lesson – what do you say Dave?”Dave didn’t answer but began to breath deeper and noisily. “Yeah! - Knowing her mum isn’t going to come home she will probably tease me rotten if you don’t stop her,” proclaimed Dave. “Well – how about if I let you enjoy her antics and we’ll see how far she will go – just to see what happens. Maybe she won’t do much in front of me – like when she pulled her panties to one side for you. ”“OK!” breathed Dave excitedly but quietly a little shocked that Bert knew about that too!“We will see just how far she’s prepared to go in front of her daddy,” added Bert, making his friend Dave suck in more air. As they spent the next half hour watching the porn film Bert knew his pal would be imagining how Gina would perform in a similar situation.

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   Bert was careful not to get his friend too intoxicated but enough to keep him relaxed and turned on. He hoped his daughter wouldn’t be very late chance Dave got cold feet or the booze rendered him useless. When the door went sooner than expected Bert felt relief and his mouth started to dry with the excitement and anticipation of what might happen next. Gina walked into the room looking as sexy as ever – she smiled at the men before throwing down her handbag. Bert watched how Dave’s eyes ran from her feet to her head then down again. Gina was dressed in her usual very short skirt but this one had a flared hem that when she walked and turned it swung up with the draught always threatening to expose her panties. Her tight white top plunged at the front and Dave saw for the first time that her tits were only held up by the thin material – she was braless. It was hard for him to visualise that she had walked around in public without stopping every man in his tracks and causing mothers to utter their disgust. It was also hard to believe that she was still only fifteen and was fully aware of the desires she encouraged in men. “Seeing your mother’s not here to disapprove why don’t you help yourself to a real drink,” offered her father. Gina asked what the men were drinking and being told whiskey she asked to taste her fathers first. Bert invited her to step forward and kept his hand on the glass as his daughter bent to put her mouth round the rim. Dave’s cock twitched as he got a good look down her front and he saw Bert’s hand hold her round her waist to steady her just brushing her buttocks as he did so. He watched her mouth open to sip the alcohol seductively letting her eyes focus on him then slowly run her tongue over her lips. Bert knew his mate was already turned on and smiled to himself as he made sure Dave saw him touch her thigh as she straightened up.

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   The girl poured herself a big drink and slid into the seat opposite the men letting her knees stay parted showing a glimpse of panties between her legs. Bert made normal conversation while the atmosphere had a chance to build up knowing that Dave wasn’t listening to a word he was saying. Gina teased the men a little by opening and closing her legs then stood to pick up a magazine from the coffee table. Quite deliberately and unnecessarily she faced away from the men and bent forward displaying her scantily covered backside. Dave made an audible groan and mumbled when Bert offered to replenish his drink. Gina sat reading her magazine covering her face with it making out she was so engrossed in her reading that she hadn’t realised that she had stretched a leg over the chair arm opening up her cunt lips and making the material of her panties fold into her crack. Her leg gently swayed to and fro making Dave’s heart pound and through habit he checked if Bert was watching before remembering it was OK to look now. Bert let him feast his eyes before addressing his daughter, “Do you know we can see your pussy?”Gina put down her magazine and looked at the two men without covering up. “Dave seems to be enjoying the sight,” she said cheekily. “You’re a very naughty girl,” said Bert sternly but in a low voice. “Am I?” she said provocatively. Gina rose to replace the magazine and as she came within her fathers reach he grabbed her and pulled her down to his lap. “Yes – you are – a very naughty girl. ”He turned her on her side then placed her across his knee with her bottom facing Dave – her legs were pulled up so her calves rested on the other man’s thighs. Dave’s breathing was even more audible and his eyes gave away his excitement.

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  “You’re still not too big to have your bottom spanked,” said Bert slowly pulling up her skirt to uncover the whole of her panties. “Look at you, wearing hardly anything and showing yourself off. What do you think Dave – should I spank her bum?”Dave just muttered between breaths and when Bert told him to hold her legs he was shaking though he couldn’t resist the temptation to run his fingers up her leg. Bert gave his daughter several slaps making her wriggle causing Dave to shake even more. Then, when Dave saw his buddy’s hand movement change to slip under her panties he couldn’t believe his eyes. Surely this would stop now – it was just his buddy chastising his daughter – making her feel humiliated by spanking her in front of company. So he had drunk a bit and got a little carried away but this was his fifteen year old daughter for Christ’s sake! Bert was calm and collected as his fingers explored his daughter’s arse while his mate watched. “You like being naughty don’t you?” he asked his daughter while his fingers traced her anal crack. “Yes!” she answered with a hiss in her voice. As Dave watched with his eyeballs on stalks Bert caressed his daughter’s buttocks then measuring every movement for effect he began to peel down the girl’s panties. When he had just barely uncovered her arse he hesitated. “Are you going to carry on being a naughty girl?” asked her father. “Yes!” she softly hissed again. Dave thought that that was the wrong answer – his brain was trying to make sense of it all. Surely she should say she will be a good girl so her daddy will stop now – he has humiliated her enough – taught her a lesson! While his brain reasoned his eyes stayed on the point where thighs met buttocks his hands still shaking as they touched the girl’s calves.

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  “Are you going to carry on being a very wicked and naughty girl?” her father asked again. Dave gulped when she once more answered with a “yes”. “Then turn over for us – and let Uncle Dave have a proper look at what you’ve been teasing him with all these weeks. ”As she turned slowly with the help of her father Dave went numb and tried to control his shaking. Gina’s pussy was just about covered by her rolled up panties but a few wisps of pubic hair rose toward her belly. Bert let his hand rub her belly and when he was sure Dave was ready for this he let his fingers fall lower and lower until they touched the top of Gina’s vagina. Dave looked at his friend, “Jesus man – I didn’t think you’d go this far – this is unbelievable!”“You’re enjoying it,” stated Bert wondering if his friend was going to chicken out, then he asked him to take note of a certain fact. “She’s not struggling – she’s just told us she likes to be a very naughty girl – judge for your self. ”He lifted his daughters head so Dave could see her expression – at the same time he made it obvious that he was masturbating her with his other hand. Dave looked at the girl that was lying prone across both their laps – her eyes smiled at him and her tongue licked her lips just a little. “I’ll ask you again – do you like being a naughty girl?”“Yes daddy!” she said without hesitation. By way of convincing Dave further Bert let his hand leave his daughter’s cunt and hitched up her top to expose her bare titties. As he caressed her nipples he whispered loudly to her. “Do you want daddy to stop doing this?”“No”, she replied. “Can Uncle Dave finish taking off your panties and see your cunt?”“Yes” she said staring right into Dave’s eyes.


  The man Dave shook even more and for a minute he made no move then slowly, as Bert hoped, he began to give way to temptation and her panties were slowly peeled down her legs until he could cast them off to one side. Dave actually whimpered when Gina opened her thighs for him smiling at him. “Go on – touch her!” enticed Bert. Dave let his fingers first feel the tender flesh of her inner thigh before making contact with her moist pussy. He was mesmerised as for a full three minutes he explored every inch and every nook and cranny of this young girl’s cunt – then Bert wanted to move things on. “You enjoyed making Uncle Dave’s cock go hard when you teased him – you should pay for it now shouldn’t you?”“Yes daddy – if he wants me to. ”Dave’s jaw dropped wondering what was about to happen. “Take your trousers off!” Bert told him. Dave froze and stared at his buddy trance like. “Shall Uncle Dave take his trousers off then you can pay him back?” Bert asked Gina trying to make Dave react. “Get undressed Uncle Dave – no one’s going to come – mummy’s away. I’ll pay for teasing you – and be especially naughty for you. ”Dave’s mouth never closed as he obeyed and removed his lower clothing. Though aging he still sported a healthy thick cock. – he saw Gina smile with a look of admiration as he re-seated himself.

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   It was almost too much for him when he heard Bert tell his daughter to turn all the way round. He could only sit shaking as the young girl’s head appeared where her feet had been and when her hands fastened round his penis he shouted out a very loud groan. Then he felt something moist close over his purple head and he let his eyes focus on the ceiling thinking this was a dream. He felt a sucking sensation then the lick of a tongue tickled his piss-hole before the little fingers began their slow movements up and down his hard shaft. As his foreskin was pulled back she sucked and the sound of the slurp increased his pleasure. He cast a quick look at Bert and moaned with lust when he realised that the man had his own cock in his daughter’s cunt. Now he caressed the child’s head and laughed softly as he wallowed in his lust watching at the same time her daddy fucking her gently. Looking down at Gina he marvelled at her enthusiastic and eager effort to gobble an elderly man’s dick. Bert stopped his actions – this was Dave’s night – the point of all this was to watch his friend fuck his daughter. He moved Gina gently and slid from under her then as he stood he caught Dave’s attention. “Fuck her Dave – I want to watch you fuck her!”Dave grinned manically as he lifted the girls head from his cock. Turning her flat on her back he rammed his dick into her and fucked away. Tiring of this position he stood and lifting the girl up to his waist he impaled her on him while she wrapped her legs round him. Now he sucked as he took one nipple then the other between his teeth sucking then gently biting. Bert actually felt a tinge of jealousy – at the way his daughter was showing how much pleasure he was giving her.

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   She screeched and moaned and laughed and begged for more. The rougher Dave was with her the more pleasure it gave her – her face filled with glee as she was bounced up and down on the man’s cock. To Bert’s surprise it was his daughter who climaxed first and even he thought their was more than a little perversion in the way the fifteen year old thrust her tongue into the flabby middle aged man’s mouth as she passionately kissed him holding his head and running her fingers through his balding hair. Dave put the girl down on the seat where she immediately began to suck on his still stiff prick with much enthusiasm even though her own fire had been subdued. Bert now felt he was missing out and turning her body he prodded her buttocks with his member seeking an orifice. Gina didn’t deny him and spread her knees balancing on the seat sideways then pushing her buttocks into the air to open up her holes. Her daddy hoped the sweat of her efforts was enough to lubricate her hole and after putting his dick into her vagina to moisten the shaft he chose to enter the other passageway. Gina’s cries were smothered by the cock of Uncle Dave deep in her throat who was excitedly watching his buddy violate his own daughter. Soon both men rocked back and forth alternately with the girl between them and soon both deposited their fluid into her body. Until the early hours of the morning Gina was used and abused in every way possible. Bert delighted in showing his friend how Gina was willing to co-operate with every kink and perversion and the girl was buggered and pissed on more than once by both men before being dragged to the shower where all three cleaned themselves down. Dave then reluctantly left the house with Bert’s promise that they would do this again – he never asked Gina – a fact she noted for future reference. Her daddy was tired but greedy for more and pulling his daughters head to his dick told her suck on it. It was then that a bright object caught his eye and caused him to swing to his right. His wife stood before him quietly looking on – Dave hadn’t locked the door he reasoned – now he had been caught.

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  Why had his wife brought a boyfriend home with her – his eyes met the man then the bright object flickered causing him to refocus his attention – it was a badge with the man’s picture on it - it said “Police” – the other words he never made out because events moved too fast. Winter time eighteen months later Bert stood across the street watching the people laughing and talking in the house that was his. No longer so - he walked the streets before going back to his cold flat at least grateful he wasn’t in prison. A few hundred miles away on a sunny beach lay his wife and daughter Gina soaking up the sun’s rays. This was now their new home financed by the proceeds of the house and most of everything else Bert had once owned. A man sat between the two females and the mother smiled as she watched his fingers playing with her daughter’s cunt. Soon the man would go back to the town Bert lived in because his holiday was almost over – paid for by the woman. He was a detective – a close friend of Bert’s wife and his daughter. Before he finally departed he would enjoy the favours of the young girl once again. It was part of the payment – the deal he had helped to strike with Gina’s dad – property in exchange for not going to jail. Back in the cold suburbs of the city Bert knew all about paying back debts. His daughter had told him – no freebies given – everything has its price – she did say he would have to pay. In his pocket was a letter from his wife who had spelt it out a little more clearly. Did he think he could just come back and have them wait on him? She reminded him how all those years ago he had left her with a youngster and no money and spent the next fifteen years turning up just when he pleased to spend his time drinking beer with his pals and watching T. V.

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   before going off again. They had learned how to get by and survive – they had found a way – now he was back to stay it cramped their style – it was payback time. The man on the beach went off to pack his case while mother and daughter would soon prepare for work. They were very much in demand in this affluent seaside resort doing what they knew best – but now they had gone a little more up-market – as two high class prostitutes. They made a very good living with men who liked the novelty of having mother and young daughter – together. Bert took out of his pocket a bit of crumpled paper that had his daughter’s handwriting on it. “Sorry,” it said, “But you were never there for me – only to use me – you were just a very bad father – a bad dad. ”.



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