Back Spasms, Part 1


My daughter, Kayla, fell down the stairs and injured her back.   Her room is in the basement, so it was inevitable that she would trip and fall sometime—thundering down the stairs as fast as she could.   My wife and I took her to the doctor—luckily no bones were broken.   The physician prescribed bed rest, gave her a prescription for Tylenol 3, and a few tubes of Bio-Freeze (a special muscle relaxer, like an intense ben-gay lotion).  
Our instructions were pretty simple—take the Tylenol 3 every 4 hours for pain, and rub the Bio-Freeze on her back as needed—especially at bedtime.   Everything seemed fine, until it became my turn to rub it on her back.   My wife works 3 rd shift, so I was stuck taking care of the bedtime rubdown.  
My daughter had just turned 16, and her physique was nothing like her mothers.   A cheerleader at just 5 foot tall, she had the body that most fathers grow gray hair over.   A firm pair of “D” cups, a slight, very slight tummy, and a nice round ass made her the center of attraction for a lot of guys.   Brown hair down to just past her shoulders, hazel eyes, and easily tanned skin tone complimented her physical features.   I can remember checking her body out a lot of evenings after cheerleading practice—she would wear tank tops and those little “hoochie” shorts that barely covered her ass.   And sometimes the shorts would fall to one side when she sat down—giving me a glimpse of her thong underwear underneath.   I always wondered what the tiny thongs hid.  
The first night after she fell, my wife had to go to work and I took the role as “masseuse”.   At bedtime, Kayla decided to take a bath—really a hot shower since she couldn’t sit down in the tub.

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     After her shower, she asked me to rub the Bio-freeze on to her back.   I helped her down the stairs to her room and she lay down on her bed.   She was wearing a t-shirt and those “hoochie” shorts—and something had to come off to be able to apply the Bio-freeze.
“Kayla, you need to take off you t-shirt so I can apply the Bio-freeze” I instructed.
“But what am I going to wear?”   She asked.
“I guess you’ll just have your bra on” I replied.
She slowly sat up and tried to take her shirt off—but had trouble getting her arms up over her head.   She didn’t want me to see her in only her bra—but she had no choice as I helped her get the shirt up and off of her.   She quickly turned away from me, grimacing in pain, and gingerly rolled on to her stomach—again wincing in pain.   I caught a quick glimpse of her brasserie supported breasts—and they seemed massive—even her mother never had breasts that large—not even when she was pregnant with my little girl.  
“Kayla, it looks like you’re in a lot of pain—did you take a couple of Tylenol before we came downstairs?  
“No, I didn’t.   It’s only been about two and a half hours since I took the last ones.   Should I take some more?”   She asked.
“You probably should.   If you’re going to sleep—it shouldn’t hurt you to take them a little sooner.

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     If you don’t, they’ll wear off and you might really be hurting. ”  
“Okay, can you get me a couple?   I left the bottle upstairs in the kitchen” Kayla asked me.
“Sure, I’ll be right back. ”   I hustled up to the kitchen, poured a glass of water, and grabbed the pain pills.   All I could think about was that my daughter was lying in her room—wearing nothing but her bra, “hoochie” shorts, and maybe a thong.   My cock was already throbbing just from the brief glances I had gotten.  
As I walked in to her room, I got another pleasant surprise.   As she was lying on her stomach, her legs had parted and I had a nice view a light blue thong covering most intimate parts as her shorts bunched to one side.   It was all I could do to stop looking and sit down beside her.   I gave her the pain medication and water, and watched in amazement as she half-rolled to her side to sip the water and swallow the pills.   Her right full breast shifted downward and almost popped out of her bra.   She rolled back to her tummy and gingerly stretched her arms out above her head.
As I started to apply the Bio-freeze to her back, I quickly realized that keeping her bra on would not be an option.   The straps were in the way.   I couldn’t get the Bio-Freeze all over her back with the straps in the way.

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“Kayla, you’re going to have to take your bra off, I can’t get the Bio-freeze on around the straps. ” I instructed her.
“But Dad, I won’t have anything on. ” Kayla responded.
“It’s okay—just stay on your stomach.   I can’t see anything. ”   With that she consented, but due to the sore back, she couldn’t reach around to unclasp the hook.   I reached down and softly undid the hooks and pulled the straps off of her shoulders.   My hands were shaking—I was hoping she didn’t notice.   I could just barely see the ample mound of flesh being pushed out to the side of her body—but I wanted to see more.
I continued gently apply the Bio-freeze, rubbing, caressing, feeling every inch of her back.   Her complexion was perfect, and I really wanted it to be my tongue rolling over her soft skin.   She moaned a few times, and I thought the moans were of pleasure—if she only knew the pleasure I really wanted to give her.
After a few minutes of caressing her back, I decided to continue a little lower.   I pulled the top of her shorts down a couple of inches—so I could “do” her hips.

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     I figured if she objected—I’d tell her that it was necessary to really get to her lower back muscles.   I could see the spaghetti straps of her thong—stretched tightly around her hips and disappearing lower—I assumed into her crack and beyond.  
To my surprise, she didn’t make a sound.   I continued my gently massage, spending more than enough time on her lower back and the top of her silky ass.   She didn’t move.   I tugged her shorts and thong down another inch and continued my rubdown.   Still no movement.   At this point—almost half of her ass was uncovered—and still no objection.   At this point I started to get worried—it must have been a fatherly instinct—but I had a flash thought that she wasn’t breathing.  
I stopped massaging and checked the pulse on her neck.   She was alive—and fine.   She must have been knocked out from the medication.   I felt a sense of relief.   And then I had a thought—How asleep was she?   Did she realize that I pulled her shorts down?   I shook her gently trying to wake her.   I whispered her name in her ear.

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  . no response.   I shook her again and said her name louder… nothing.   Again, even louder… still no response.   She was really out.  
With my erection still pounding from massaging my half-naked daughter, I did what no father should do.   I pulled her shorts down the rest of the way—off of her ass and down to her knees.   I left the thong on—I just wanted to admire her ass.   I knew I couldn’t let this moment go—so I hurried and got my digital camera.   With a 128MB card—I could take over 250 pictures—and I proceeded to snap away.   Her ass was beautiful, far better than any 18-year-old girl should look.   I took shots from every angle—highlighting her ass and naked backside.  
She still didn’t respond, so I decided to go further.   I pulled her shorts the rest of the way of her legs and gingerly rolled her over.   She whimpered a little bit so I stopped for a moment—trying to think of an excuse if my daughter woke up and realized her shorts were off with her father staring at her.

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     She didn’t wake up—so I continued on my quest.   Her bra was already loose, and in rolling her over it was just barely covering the supple flesh of her mounds.   Her milky white skin was pushing out of each side of her bra.   She was an unbelievable site—black bra half on, light blue thong snuggly on her hips and tucked into her cooch.   My hands went back to the camera and fired off another 18 pics to commit this sight to memory.  
My cock was straining in my athletic shorts and boxers with one of the firmest and fullest erections I’ve had in years—and yet I wanted more.   I pulled the straps of her bra off her arms, and gazed in her beauty as I uncovered two of the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen.   She had small nipples and areolas—just a perfect shape and texture—a gorgeous light brown color.   Her milky skin surrounded the areolas and created two supple mounds of flesh—even lying on her back.   I was truly amazed that I was able to create something as beautiful as she was.  
I’d seen her stomach before—at the pool, or when she stretched around the house for cheerleading practice.   But now, with her breasts exposed—I could get a full sense of her from head to toe—sheer beauty on every inch.   The only area of skin I couldn’t see was still covered by the thong, but I imagined it was just as beautiful.   I snapped another 20-25 pictures—every angle and distance combination that I could think of.  
I wanted to touch her breasts, kiss them, lick them from top to bottom, roll my tongue around on her stomach—but something held me back.

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     She was my daughter, and while stripping her top and shorts off was bad enough—was I ready to fondle my little girl?   And would it wake her from her slumber?
Something held me back.   I wanted to touch her so bad—but I just wasn’t sure.   But I had to see the rest of her body.   My hands went down to her hips and I pulled the taught straps of her thong the rest of the way down her hips.   The thong bunched up a bit as I tugged it down off her hips and I caught the first glance of her slit.   Amazingly, it was hair free.   My little girl shaved her pussy and it looked perfect.  
I breathed deeply and pulled the thong the rest of the way off her thighs and down to her feet—and then off.   I had to roll her a little bit—and she still didn’t move.   I gazed in admiration at her beauty.   I was treated to the perfect slit of my 18-year-old daughter.   Her thighs were mostly together, so I couldn’t see much more than light brown folds of skin.   I again grabbed my camera and committed this view to photographs—I wanted to remember this for a long time.  
My cock was throbbing in my pants and my heart was pounding.   I had just viewed almost every inch of my daughter and there was one area left.

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     I had to see it.   I’d come to far to not explore all of her beauty.   Who knew if I would ever get a chance like this again?  
I pulled her right leg and knee up and propped it up by a pillow—trying not to look at her pussy—savoring the unveiling.   I then pulled her left leg and knee up—and propped it by a pillow.   I couldn’t avert my eyes any longer, and I stared at her pussy.   Her flesh looked so soft and moist, so innocent and pure.   The supple folds of her opening were molded in pure symmetry and I marveled at the nearly ideal space for a cock to be inserted.   But at the same time I couldn’t imagine her taking a cock—I thought for sure that my average 6 and half inches would rip her apart.   Her pussy must be tight like a rubber band—there’s no way her pussy had ever been stretched out and fucked hard.  
I snapped pictures with my camera.   I leaned in; keeping my face about 6 inches from her coochie, and got a close-up look.   Was she a virgin?   Can you tell by looking?   I had no idea, but she had the “purest” looking pussy of any I had ever seen in an adult magazine.   I could smell her scent—a mixture of scented soap and womanly odor, and I wanted to lick every inch of her—but I held back.  
I could just barely see the fringe of her puckered asshole, and it too looked angelic.   My head was reeling, seeing my young daughter lying before me butt-naked.

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     From head-to-toe she was incredible, full-breasts, a perfect slit, and a body just made for sex.   Whichever guy got her was definitely going to get a fuck-machine.   And I wanted to take her for a test-drive.  
More to come….



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