Back Door Summer, Chapter 4


“Traci, that young fella on the floor is my nephew Trevor and that there’s his older sister, Molly, riding his dick. The blonde young-un behind her plowing her ass is her other brother Tim. Now the young lady with her pussy in Molly’s face is these kids mamma (and my little sister), Bunny. I reckon Melanie, my other niece, is around here somewhere. ”Peter and his still dazed father made their way inside and introductions were made once more. Bruce was still weighing many issues in his head, but the scales tipped irrevocably when he saw the participants of the backwoods orgy. Molly was an utter knock-out, about thirteen he guessed, with long straight blonde hair. She was wearing a transparently thin old “wife beater” shirt that displayed her amazing, firm tits quite well. They barely moved as her ass and cunt were pistoned by her older brothers. Given the fact that the five foot three beauty weighed around ninety pounds soaking wet, her fat D sized boobs were all the more impressive. Her Mother, Bunny, was a little hottie herself. She was standing in front of her daughter letting the girl eat out her furry cunt. She was wearing nothing but a pair of black motorcycle boots. Her body was proportioned the same as her little girl, but she stood a few inches taller. Her hair was dishwater blonde, and kept in a long, thick shag. The boys, Trevor and Tim, were about 18 and 18 respectively, the older boy being a bit more physically defined and Tim having dirty blonde hair that reached his shoulder blades.

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  Bruce let his eyes drink in the sight of the happily humping family and knew all possible resistance was lost. Pig Bone dropped the girls onto the floor and went to the kitchen to fetch some beers. Tawny tugged her little friends hand and they both quickly inserted themselves into the action. The red piggy-tailed little tramp squated down behind her aunt and started to tongue her asshole as Molly lapped her mothers cunt. Bunny looked down, took a slug off a bottle of whiskey she held in her left hand, and offered it to Traci. The twelve year old took it in both hands and gingerly took a sip. Her nose crinkled and she nearly spit it out. “Ughh, what is it?” she asked. “It’s whiskey, darlin,” Bunny replied between gasps, “it takes some getting use to. ”Pig Bone re-entered the room and handed Bruce and Peter some beers. “Go ahead, fellas, strip off your duds and relax a spell!”Traci took another sip of whiskey, shook her head, then handed the bottle to Tawny. The teenage slut took a big drink then poured some down her aunts ass crack. “Try some now, Trace!” she offered, sitting back and handing the bottle back to Bunny. Traci watched her brother as he dropped his pants and ripped off his shirt. His cock was fully hard and already dripping cream and he stroked it as he slowly sipped his beer.

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   She looked at her Daddy, who still looked somewhat dazed. The she peeled her panties down and kneeled behind Bunny’s liquor soaked ass, diving in without further hesitation. She had not yet licked an ass, or any body part beyond her brothers cock, but with the booze loosening her up she was ready for anything these hicks could throw at her. The twelve year old blonde pulled the older woman's cheeks apart and licked her lips when she saw the tight little asshole present itself. Traci leaned forward and sniffed it a few times. It had a slightly funky smell, but she couldn’t tell if it was the rectum, the cunt, the whiskey, or a combination of all three she was smelling. She rubber the tip of her nose against the crinkle, causing Bunny to react. “Mmmmm, kinky little thing, trying to ass fuck with her nose. . . ”Trace leaned forward, sticking her own ass way out behind her, and planted a little kiss on her target. She still didn’t like the taste of the Jack Daniels, but it seemed better when mixed with girl butt. Snaking out her tongue, she started to lap away like a horny pup up and down the ass crack. Each time she passed the hole, she pushed in a little bit further. Traci’s young pussy began to drip.

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   She moaned into Bunny’s hot little ass and began to wonder if today would be the day she got fucked by her first real cock. Tawny rubbed her panty clad puss and smiled, examining the naked butt a few inches before her face. She reached out with her right hand and helped Pete jack his prick, then leaned forward and began to suck on Traci’s bulging little raspberry colored clit. Peter pushed his pelvis out and grunted, loving the feel of an older girl beating him off. A feet from him, the boy named Tim was still banging away at his little sisters shitter. Pushing his ratty blonde bangs away from his face, Tim watched Peter get his hand-job. “Right on, dude,” he remarked to Pete, “fucking shoot all over her face. Tawny loves her facials, man!”Sitting down on an ratty old couch, Pig Bone unzipped his shorts and let his cock spring out. He masturbated while he drank his beer. “Come on, Bruce, loosen up. We’re all family here!”Mr. Jenkins smiled wanly and examined his unopened beer can. He had never tried the stuff, not even once, but so much had happened already today that he was having trouble thinking of a reason not to expand his boundaries even further. “Uh, I will, Mr. Bone,” he finally spoke, “but would you mind if I use your restroom? I still have to.

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   . . uh, pee pretty bad. ”Pig Bone howled with laughter, then pointed down the hall. Bruce excused himself and wandered off, desperate to relieve his bladder. His earlier attempt to urinate had been disrupted by a mammoth cock being crammed up his virgin ass, and now that his mind was coming back to earth he felt he would nearly wet his pants. He found the room and walked in, freezing in the doorway as he realized he had found the other niece. “Hiya, mister!” The tiny, twelve year old brunette greeted him, “You must be a friend of my uncle Pigs!”Bruce was surprised at her candor, especially since she was sitting naked on the toilet with her finger up her butt. He realized this family had a different sense of decency, but this spectacle was a level even further then what he’d experienced thus far. The little girl noticed his shocked expression, introduced herself as Melanie, then proceeded to explain her predicament. “We had a big old barbeque last night and I ate like a starving dog, now my butts plum full and I gotta dump like a bear! It’s so big I can’t work it out on it’s own. ”She looked at Bruce’s large hands and had a bright idea. “With those big old fingers you could get me going, I bet. Just stick one in, I’ll warn ya when it’s coming out. ”She stood up, revealing her height to be well under five feet.

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   Bruce admired her smooth little chest and hairless pussy lips, then she turned around and pushed her ass in his direction. With her hands resting on the back of the toilet tank, she egged the man on. “Go on, mister, please help me out! Just stick one up my tail!”Bruce cracked open the beer and took a sip. At that moment it tasted like a gift from heaven. He gazed at the pre-teens tiny pink asshole and lost all control. He licked his index finger, then reached out and traced the outline of her straining shitter. “Don’t play with it, you can do that later! I gotta shit, mister, stick it up my butt!”The depravity of the act was beyond anything Bruce had ever conceived, but the world had changed for him today and there was no turning back. He pushed forward and sank into her ass. Melanie groaned and pushed herself back on the mans thick digit. “Ungh, that’s it, push it in deep. You’ll know when ya find it. ”He did as he was told, slowly sinking deeper in her underage hole. He stared hotly as her little ring gripped him tight, then when he had got past his second knuckle he came across some warm resistance. There was no question in his mind that he had just probed up this little girls ass and touched her fresh stool. It suddenly began to move as his finger sunk into it’s creamy mass.

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  “You got it! It’s coming along. . . uhhhhh. . . yah, coming along fine now. . . ungghhh. . . ya better pull out now if ya don’t want girl poop all over your hand!”Almost reluctantly he slowly drew his finger out. It was stained light brown nearly two inches down it’s length. As Melanie turned around and sat on the toilet once again he could hear a soft crackling sound fill the room.

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   She clutched the sides of the seat and leaned forward. Her face was flushed bright red and her eyes were squeezed shut as she worked to empty her bowels. A slight odor crawled across the bathroom, but Bruce was far from offended, in fact it turned him on. There was the a loud splash as her turd hit the water, after which she opened her eyes and gave Bruce a warm thankful smile. “Thank ya mister, the rest should come out easy. ” She looked down at his crotch and noticed his throbbing rod. “Want I should suck ya off while I finish my business?” she asked, then her eyes bulged a bit and Bruce knew another log was creeping out. Despite his need to pee, Bruce could contain his lust no more. Without a word he slammed down half the beer, dropped his pants, and presented his dick to the sexy toilet tart. Melanie gasped appreciatively at it’s size, then crammed it between her hot little lips. Bruce’s head swam in pleasure and his dick throbbed with an intensity it had never known before. As the little princess pumped his cock with her mouth he pulled her head forward and gazed down into the toilet bowel. Floating in the water was a thick, eight inch, light brown torpedo. He pulled her further and could make out the next load sliding out. It was already four inches long and thicker then the first, stretching her asshole and dragging the pink ring outward.

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   She registered what it was he wanted, and lifted her butt a bit while she flipped her long black hair forward. After a few seconds, the tip of the brown baby whale hit the water, but still had not left her ass. Bruce could feel her grunt and strain around his cock and the sensations proved too much. He bent over and grabbed her butt cheeks, spreading them wide as he began to shoot his load. Melanie squealed as the first blast of sperm filled her mouth and Bruce watched wide-eyed as her shit picked up speed and finished snaking out of her tiny ass. It slapped into the water as he squirted another stream of cum into her twelve year old mouth. “Ohhh, fuck, I think it’s all out!” She sighed, pulling off his cock and jerking more cum onto her face and chest. Three more ropes of sperm decorated her body from bangs to belly button. Bruce’s cum diminished to a light steady stream that oozed out onto the floor. Melanie smiled and watched it cross-eyed, then bent way over while still slowly stroking his middle age cock. “Wanna wipe me, mister?” she inquired. He didn’t even waste a second. He ripped off a square of toilet paper and first cleaned his shit stained finger, then dropped the tissue in the bowl. It floated on top of the two gigantic tootsie rolls and he looked in awe at the fact that they had once been buried in her scrawny little ass. Tearing off another few sheets he wadded them up and reached down to wipe her stained little starfish.

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   It took three attempts but finally her hole was shiny and clean. He admired the girls poop once more, then flushed the toilet down. Melanie sat up, still holding his prick, and noticed that his sperm had turned to pee. Heavy yellow drops were leaking from the tip and she lifted an eyebrow in a devilish way. “Looks like it’s your turn, mister. Just let it go between my legs. ”She scooted back and spread her thighs. She held his semi-stiff dick in her tiny hand and aimed it at the bowel. Bruce stared down at her baby smooth cunt and finally let his bladder go.
    Hot piss shot out and splashed loudly underneath her naked ass. Melanie slowly squeezed his dick and rubbed his thigh as the massive stream poured forth. It lasted for nearly thirty seconds before he was completely relieved. The girl gave it a shake, then kissed it’s sperm and pee soaked tip. She stood up and gave him a warm hug. Bruce stroked her hair and was finally able to whisper out his name.

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      “Bruce Jenkins, huh? Mind if I call ya Mr. Jenkins? It just sounds sexier to me. ” the naked little plaything asked while gently rubbing his balls through his slacks. Mr. Jenkins took off his shoes, pushed his pants down then stepped out of them. Wearing only a white dress shirt he took her hand and led her down the hall. “Mr. Jenkins will be just fine. ”Back in the living room things had proceeded nicely and the participants had separated into three sweaty groups. Pig Bone still sat on the couch drinking beer, now completely naked, which had (with the exceptions of Bruce and Molly) been accepted as the norm. He grinned broadly and waved at his former rape victim and little niece while his daughter squatted between his legs and pumped his thick cock between her lips. Her left hand was on her daddies hairy thigh and her right was frigging her dripping slit. In the middle of the room Peter was on his knees, gently fucking his cock into his sisters mouth. Traci was laid on her back, eyes wide as her big brothers balls swung above them and her tummy collected the incestuous spurts of pre-cum. Bunny held the little girls ass off the ground while she worked her tongue up her seventh grade cunt.


       Using both hands, she wormed her index fingers deep in the little girls bowels and began to stretch her out. “Oh baby doll,” she said, “we aint gonna have no trouble at all sliding a cock up here. You just let me know I’ll go fetch some lube, seeing as it’s your first time and all. ”Trevor and Tim had just finished their lengthy double fuck. The younger boy pulled out of his sisters vice-like ass, then scrambled across the room, holding his dick tight, and finally released his load all over Traci’s naked little tits. He groaned loudly as five thick shots streamed out and covered her pale little boobs. Pete watched but didn’t say a word, as he could feel his sister suck harder on his tool, obviously loving the attention. Bunny pulled up from the pretty little twat she was eating out and grabbed her sons cock. She gave it a few hard strokes and aimed it at her mouth, getting a reward of one final blast of teenage boy cum down her throat. She licked his cock clean, then leaned down to lap up the mess on the little blonde’s developing chest. Molly lifted her cunt up and released her brother Trevor's dick. She squatted above it and reached down with one hand to jerk him off. His jizz started to jet out all over her cunt and asshole. She let her bottom get soaked with sticky cum then lowered her asshole down and took the rest of his load deep in her back door. “Fuck yah, bro,” the big tittied teen cried out, “shoot some up my hole.

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       Fuckin load my ass with spunk, you fucker!”Pete reached his peak and began to cream Traci’s pre-teen mouth. He reached out and grabbed Bunny’s head for support as he worked his squirting dick down his sisters throat and unloaded straight into her warm belly. Traci could sense every pulse of his juicy cock and began to hump her hips off the carpet, squealing around her big brothers jerking shaft. Tawny heard the sound and recognized her little friends desperate need to cum. She lifted her lips off her fathers erection just as the poor man was emptying his balls. “Aw, baby, what the. . . ?” he moaned, piss hole shooting semen all over his little girls face. Tawny regretted the timing, but she had to warn her aunt before it was too late. “Aunt Bunny!” she gasped, as her Pa’s steamy cum blasted wildly into her red piggy tails. “Get down to Traci’s cunt, quick!”Bunny had licked the little girl clean and was intent on watching Peter fill her throat as Traci reached up and squeezed his balls, but the sound of urgency in her nieces voice told her there was no time to waste. She slid down and planted her mouth over the little blonde puss and tickled her hot clit with her tongue. Traci roared into a massive orgasm and her twat gave up it’s juice. She sucked hard on her brothers still rigid dick and bounced her ass up and down.

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       Bunny felt the first hot stream of girl goo fire deep into her throat and her eyes gaped wide. She had never had a girl come so hard before and began to tremble with her own orgasm as the little pussy drenched her mouth. Six long, hard jets of girly cum blasted out, causing the woman to pull back and catch her breath. Peter pulled his rod from his sisters mouth and leaned back. Traci propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at Bunny's heaving, sweaty face. “OOOOHHHH fuckfuckfuck, AHHHHHH, Shiiiiiiiit!” Traci cussed loudly as her final squirt shot forth and covered the trampy mothers face with clear, sticky jizz. The stench of sweat and cum threatened to suffocate the group, but no-one had the energy to complain. Everyone collapsed as if on cue, spent and satisfied. Bunny licked her lips. “Gawd, I never seen no pussy squirt like that before, girl!” she remarked. Traci just panted and laid back, her head in her naked brothers lap. She was far too wiped out to speak. Timmy sat down on the floor and scooped up some of Traci’s cum off his mothers face. He popped it in his mouth. “Damn! It sure as hell is girl cum.

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       I though maybe it was pee!”“Don’t hog it all, jerk!” His sister Molly yelled, rushing over to sit next to their naked mom so she could get her share. Her asshole was pouring her brothers sperm all over the carpet, but no-one seemed to mind. Trevor rubbed his balls and looked over at Pete. “Your sister’s one hot piece of ass, man! I sure hope she lets me get some. ”Pete thanked him, then stroked his sisters hair as she drifted off to sleep. He looked up at his Dad. He noticed Melanie for the first time, and smiled when he saw her stroking his formerly puritanical fathers stiffening dick. “Dad,” he asked cautiously, “are were going home now?”Bruce looked at Pig Bone, who was now holding his naked daughter on his hairy lap as she sucked his cum out of her hair. He shrugged his shoulders questioningly. “Hell, Bruce. Stay the night. We’ll rest a spell, then have some more fun. Before you hit the trail tomorrow we’ll head to the roadhouse for pancakes!”The wealthy businessman looked down into Melanie's big brown eyes. She had his cock at full attention now, pre cum leaking out the tip. The little girl leaned forward and let her tongue snake out, lapping up the drops.

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      “Please stay, Mr. Jenkins. I wanna make you squirt again. ”He realized instantly that he would be staying over night. There was no power on heaven or earth that could change his mind. .



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