Back Door Summer, Chapter 3 1/2


The middle age yuppie had possessed enough mental faculties to call his wife and blissfully explain that he and the kids were staying on at Camp Olive another day, while Bruce discussed some business matters with the owners. Then he had snapped off his phone and sunk back into a slacked jawed stupor. The hairy trucker looked out his window and saw the Jenkins family SUV come roaring up beside him. Behind the wheel was his fourteen year old daughter, Tawny, riding shotgun was Peter Jenkins. His sister Traci sat upon his lap. Pig Bone had been slowly jerking his thick cock since he had crawled in the cab, it just came as second nature to the rustic giant. He stopped his ministrations for a moment and grabbed another beer from his icebox and cracked it open, lifting it in a good natured salute as the kids pulled up in the left hand lane. He had kept the brews with him and gave Tawny a bottle of booze. The window rolled down and Peter took the bottle of Black Berry Brandy from his sister and, saluting back, took a small pull for himself. It sure was good these kids were loosening up a bit, he thought, could turn out to be damn fine people. He felt a small tinge of guilt about his intended blackmail scheme, as well as the violent homosexual rape, but he figured everyone makes mistakes on occasion and he was no exception. He chugged down half the Budweiser, looked out his window once more, and let loose with a mighty laugh. Peter had scooted over and taken the wheel. Tawny and Traci were leaning out the passenger window, shirts pulled up, flashing him with their tits. He’d seen his daughters many, many times. Young and firm, about the size of large grapefruit halves, with dark red nipples sticking out.

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   Traci, being two years younger, had just begun to bloom and her little boobs were still quite small, but well defined just the same. About the size of split oranges, milky white, and topped with tiny pink nipples that were the smallest the truck driver had ever seen. Tawny took a nice chug off the brandy, turned around, and flashed her ass out the window. She pulled her cheeks wide so her Pa could clearly see her teen shit hole and red haired cunt. Traci laughed, leaned out around her new friends ass, and buried a finger up her tail. Tawny leaned to her right and looked out the back seat window, waving and grinning broadly. Pig Bone hit the horn once more then, with both girls smiling back at him, then he raised off his seat so that his hard-on came into view. Both girls watched excitedly as the big man gave a few more strokes, then shot a thick load of cum all over his window. The jizz blasted out, leaving four distinct trails on the glass, then slowly began to drip down. If a cop happened by, they were surely fucked, but Pig Bone never worried much about cops. He never worried much about anything, really, except for making sure his daughter was happy, well fed, and had a bed to call her own. The girls pulled themselves back into the SUV and descended on Peter, making it very hard for him to drive. He had never driven a vehicle before in his life, but Tawny had given both kids a crash course back at the wayside rest, and things seemed to be working out thus far. Still, to be safe, he decelerated and pulled back behind the big smoke belching rig. Tawny pulled his pants down and started fingering his ass while his kid sister slapped his swollen cock into her mouth once again.

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   Pete just smiled to himself and let things happen.
    By the time they had reached Starlight Hollow, the Bone Family trailer park, he was more then ready to blow his load. His cock began to twitch and Traci backed off, looking over at Tawny. “Here it comes! Want some?” she asked. Tawny didn’t reply, just pushed her piggy tails out of the way, dove down, and laid her tongue alongside the smooth, hot prick. Pete groaned and lifted his hips as a long spray of cum shot out and traveled down her teenage throat. Tawny gulped greedily and licked his dripping cock head, ready for more. Traci wasn’t about to be left out of the fun and yanked the red head back by the hair. “Hey!” Tawny yelped, as the next blast of sperm gushed out and soaked her naked tits. Traci just laughed and lower her own mouth to her brothers semen hose. She held her lips apart, eyes wide open, as two more squirts fired out and filled her mouth with warm cream. She sighed and swallowed it down, then let her friend milk the last few drops from Peters throbbing cock. All three sat up and shared a warm hug, then Pete squirmed out from behind the wheel as Tawny took the controls once more. As she leaned forward against the dash and the younger boy slid behind her, he paused a moment to kiss her puckered asshole. Tawny got back in the drivers seat and steered them off the highway and on through the gates of Starlight Hollow, following close behind her fathers rusty old semi.

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      Inside the double wide trailer home that belonged to Mr. Bone, an drunken, underage, incestuous orgy was in full swing. .



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