Back Door Summer, chapter 2


“Alright,” he shouted into the phone once more, “just get it done, I’ll check in to make sure things aren’t too screwed up once I get home! OK, over and out!”He clicked his phone off and glanced at his expensive watch. It was already noon, at this rate he’d get back to civilization by 2 PM, check out the job site, and be home by 3 PM. Plenty of time to take a shower and stroke off a good load before he took the family out for dinner. He’d been jerking off a lot lately, which brings us to reason number two for the bible camp. His sex life had been non-existent lately. His wife, though only thirty three (the same age as himself), had been refusing his advances for several years. She maintained that casual sex was a sin, but that was one of those biblical matters that Bruce felt was very much up to interpretation. His hopes were that a little time to themselves would rekindle her fire, but it hadn’t been the case. He just figured she had turned out like most women. Once they got a bread winner and squeezed out a couple of pups, the pussy snapped shut. “God damn bitches, all the same! The old cunt spends more time at the damn dog grooming salon then she does with me!” He muttered to himself as he turned onto the gravel road leading to the gates of Camp Olive. He heard the gravel spit up and hit the shiny black paint job on his expensive ride. “Damn dirt road! I’ll be talking to my lawyer if I see so much as one fucking dent!”Being the owner of a successful construction company, a high priced lawyer was just one of the many resources he had available to him. Accountants, marketers, sub-contractors, all jumped when he snapped his fingers. A sprawling mansion, lakeside cabin, several vehicles and a bloated bank account, and still he couldn’t get his wife to give it up. He was wondering if in such a situation rape would really be that much of a sin, or maybe just a hooker from time to time.

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   But the reverend never addressed such topics in church, and actually trying to read the bible himself just put him to sleep. He slammed on the brakes and stopped abruptly in front of the main cabin. Peter and Traci were thankfully there, waiting amidst a few other kids who’s parents had yet to arrive. The boy was dressed in jeans and t-shirt, as always, and the girl was wearing sweat pants and a tank top, despite what Bruce had told her about dressing like a slut. He rolled down the window and shouted at them, without even taking the vehicle out of drive. “Lets roll! I’ve got things to do!”He watched as Traci turned, bent over, and picked up her back pack. Her tight little twelve year old ass was wantonly showcased by the tight cotton sweats. Bruce was already putting a good spanking on his list of things to do once they got home. Christ, smacking her bare butt was the closest thing to sex he’d been getting for years. Traci and Peter watched as the SUV pulled up and were instantly filled with dread. They both tried hard to love their father, but he had never made it easy for them. They both knew that the ride home would be unpleasant, but once they got back things would take on a different light. The sexy interlude in the woods the other day had kept both siblings in a state of smoldering heat. Their friend Nikki had bid them farewell an hour ago, but had left her email address so they could stay in touch despite the miles separating them. She had kissed Traci, hugged Peter (and covertly rubbed the cock bulge in his jeans), then jumped into her mothers station wagon and pulled away.

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   The Jenkin’s kids were going to miss seeing her, but had vowed to write her soon. The two kids climbed into the back seat while their father glared impatiently at them, then closed the door as the vehicle lurched ahead and sped carelessly back towards the blacktop road. “Gosh darn gravel road!” Bruce commented, mostly to himself. “Did you have a good summer, daddy?” Traci ventured“Yes, just wonderful! Made a killing off the new library project, since you asked. I suppose you’ll be spending most of it buying those darn Britney Spears costumes though, eh!”Peter rolled his eyes and looked out the window. Traci looked down at her rather modest clothes and was at a loss for a response. She knew better then to make her father angry. “No, daddy, I won’t. . . ” She whispered, then looked out the window on her own side. The ride continued in silence for awhile, then Bruce pulled out his cell phone and proceeded to call up employees to shout at. It was good to be king, he thought to himself. With their father distracted, Peter stole a glance across the seat at Traci. She had pulled a hair brush out of her back pack and was working on her pony tail.

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   Peter’s thoughts were returning to her sexy little display back in the woods and his cock got hard. Traci looked over and saw him adjust himself, the outline of his hard-on fully displayed. She smiled, put the brush down and just looked at her adorable big brother. Peter smiled back and started rubbing his crotch, causing Traci to let out a little gasp. “Hold on, Sally!” Bruce commanded into the phone, then shot a glance into the rear view mirror. “What’s going on back there!”“Nothing. . . ” the kids responded blandly, causing the old man to get back to his call. Peter kept rubbing his erection, hidden from the mirrors view, and drank in the view of his beautiful little sis. He knew it was crazy, but he was beginning to think he was falling in love with her. Traci gazed back at him and thought the very same thing, and the sight of his poor, swollen cock made her wish they were back home. Her heat was building, and unable to control herself, she took the hair brush and began to run its handle up and down the length of her crotch. The two became lost in watching each others subtle masturbations and were rapidly approaching orgasms, despite being fully clothed and a mere few feet from their tyrannical father. Just as unavoidable climaxes were approaching, they became aware of the fact that Bruce was turning off the main road and heading for a wayside rest.

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   They composed themselves and awaited word on the nature of the detour. Bruce ended his latest call and pulled into a parking spot, putting the SUV into park and shutting off the ignition. “Alright, I need to use the restroom. If you two have to go, do it now because I’m not stopping again until we get home!”Both kids replied that they were fine, and were unbelievably thankful when their dad disappeared into the nearby building. Peter looked around, the only other vehicle at the stop was an old semi-trailer with a bug shield that read “Pig Bone”. There was no-one in the cab. After nearly an hour of solitary sex play, both were worked up into a sexual frenzy and knew they had just a few minutes before the ogre returned. Peter moved over on the seat towards his sister. “Traci. . . ” he panted, but his word were cut off as his younger sibling pressed herself forward planting her mouth on his and thrusting her tongue between his lips. Neither of them could believe this was happening, but it still felt like the most natural thing in the world, the desire communicated silently between the two. They sucked on each others tongues and started to rub the other ones crotch. Traci made the first move once again, and tore open the buttons on her brothers jeans.

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   His cock sprung out and she gripped it in her hand, stroking madly. Peter grunted, sat back, and pushed his pants and underwear to his ankles. “We gotta move fast, Traci. If we get caught. . . ”“I know, Pete!” Traci replied, pushing her sweats and panties to her thighs. Peter hadn’t expected this, and nearly came on the spot. He had no idea what she had planned next, but was throbbing to find out. “In that magazine, the girl put the guys, uh, cock, in her mouth. Want me to do that to you?” she asked. “Shi. . . uh, heck yah, Trace! What should I do?”Tracy pressed the hairbrush into his hand.

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  “Put the handle in my pussy! It’s ok, I’ve done it to myself before. Move it in and out, I think it’ll make me cum pretty fast!” the little blonde breathed out as she spread her twelve year old thighs and moved down towards her brothers lap. Peter gripped the hair brush and paused to watch what his sister would do next. She lowered her head to his crotch, resting a hand on his thigh. She hovered above his cock head and watched as the first stream of pre-cum began to ooze out. Her lips parted and she moved closer, the head of his swollen dick now close enough to feel her breath. Peter groaned and his dick twitched hard, squirting out a thin jet of pre-cum right onto his little sisters lower lip. “Oh, God!” she gasped, licking it off her lip. Just then Pete moved his hand forward and began to rub the brush handle up and down her lightly furred little puss. Feeling the friction Traci gave in to her lust and lowered her mouth to take in her brothers drooling cock. At first she just closed her lips and held the head a few inches in her mouth, moaning as her mind swirled in the erotic magnitude of the situation. She had crossed the line, she was blowing her big brother and his pre-cum was streaming into her pre-teen throat. She had never felt happier in her life. Pete, his dick encased in a girls mouth, his little sisters mouth, for the first time, was struggling not to cum just yet. He squirmed on the seat and started to slowly push the head of the handle into his sisters cunt.

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   Traci, realizing that time was short, gripped his hand and roughly shoved the hair brush into her over heated, sloppy wet hole. Grunting his approval, her brother began to pump her twat rapidly, at the same time moving his hips and fucking her pouty little mouth. Given their age, the forbidden nature of the situation, and the lack of time before their dad returned, it was not surprising that things came to a rapid conclusion. Pete gripped the back of the seat and thrust forward one last time. His cock was on the back stoke, with only the tip still between his sisters lips when his hot sperm blasted out and started to filled her mouth. “Fuck!!!” he shouted, a little louder then he had hoped. Traci, her pussy clamping down on the hair brush as her own orgasm bust forth, felt a hot stream of cum shoot out across her tongue and travel straight down to her little seventh grade tummy. “God! Fuck!” she exclaimed, unable to control herself as she pulled off his dick, surprised at the volume of his ejaculation. But she had presence of mind enough to keep her mouth opened wide and rushed her hand up to jack off the rest of his load. Three more thick jets of teenage sperm rocketed out, a great deal missing her mouth and splashing all over her face. Showing no sign of stopping, she composed herself and locked her lips once again upon her brothers squirting dick, grunting contentedly with each new gush. As his balls unloaded in her throat, Pete rammed the brush handle to the hilt in his siblings puss. Traci tightened her lips around his throbbing, spurting prick and let out a muffled squeal. Pete looked down and watched as, just like before, a thin stream of girl cum erupted out of his kid sisters steaming twat. She jerked her hips backward, causing the improvised dildo to pop out of her, and then she really started to cum.

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  As the last bit of her brothers jizz oozed between her lips, her own cum was blasting out. Three strong squirts fired out and hit the back of the front passengers seat as she jerked her little ass and convulsed with her powerful release. As the sex fluids ebbed to a trickle, they both slowly began to calm down. Traci was a mess, her crotch pouring out girly cum all over the seat and her face bearing several long ropes of her brothers thick load. Both were breathing heavy and unsure what to do next. Their eyes met and Traci sat up in her seat. “Gosh, Pete. . . ”was all she could manage before her brother put his arm around her neck and pulled her close. Their lips met again, and without a word they began to madly french each other and enjoy the afterglow. A feeling of warmth and calm washed over both of them in a wave, and they instantly lost any feeling of shame or guilt that may have been lurking in the backs of their brains. They sucked each others tongues and rubbed each others crotches for several seconds, sure that nothing in the world could dispel this wave of bliss that was carrying them forward. Then Pete glanced over his sisters shoulder and saw a face peering in the window. It was a teenage girl, her natural red hair pulled back in piggy tails.

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   She smiled back at him and tapped on the glass. He had no doubt she had seen everything, and even if she hadn’t, there was no mistaking what they had been up to. Pete’s cum now covered both their faces, and Traci’s juices were currently dripping down the seat in front of them. The car was filled with the strong smell of sex, and Traci, leaning onto her brother, was pointing her tight little naked ass right at the window. “Hi! My name’s Tawny,” the girl said, “wanna play?”.



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