Babysitting for Family Friends: Chapter 3


Topic: Babysitting My Sister:Babysitting for family friends: Chapter 3  Babysitting My Sister:      My mom asked me to keep an eye on Julie while she was gone to the store, since she was sick and couldn’t go with her and Jimmy. What mom didn’t say was that Julie had stomach pains. I went to check on Julie about fifteen minutes after mom and Jimmy left and found her lying on her bed holding her stomach and curled up in a ball. I asked Julie if she was all right or if she needed anything.      Julie asked if I could give her a back rub, since she always liked when I would massage her shoulders when they hurt. I told her to lay on her stomach and I would take care of her. I didn’t expect her to push the covers off of herself, or that all she had on was a pair of panties and a t-shirt. I asked where she was she was hurting, and she said right in the bottom of her back.      I never thought of my sister in a sexual way but, as I started to rub her back the t-shirt that she was wearing would move up her back with each stroke up her back. I didn’t pay much attention to this at first. I continued and Julie decided that she liked the massage better when I was going over her bare skin so she took off her t-shirt and asked me to give her a full back massage. After about ten minutes of this full massage she asked me to do her stomach also, and she rolled over onto her back. With Julie just in her panties I got to see her budding breast with their pointy little nipples standing up proudly. I started to massage her stomach and she got a cramp that hurt really badly so I massaged lower towards where the pain was. Julie began to moan, as I got closer to her pubic mound. I continued to rub not letting my hand stray to her Pussy.

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       I returned to her stomach and continued upwards towards her budding breast. As I neared the base of her breast I stopped not wanting to stray into forbidden territory. I then returned downwards to her pubic mound again. With each direction my resistance to temptation would slip further away and I would venture just a touch further downwards. After the tenth round trip over her body, I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing and my hand slipped under the waist of her panties and feeling the sparse hair covering her mound I continued on down until I was rubbing through her tight slit.      I could feel her getting wetter as I continued to rub her slit. I wanted so much by then to just rip her panties off and spread her legs so that I could get in and fuck her. I didn’t need to rip them off though since Julie lifted her butt off the bed and pushed her panties down. I helped her and soon they were lying on the floor along side of her t-shirt. I took this opportunity to lean in and suck her right nipple into my mouth as I continued to rub her wet virgin Pussy. I found her opening and pushed one finger inside of her curling it upwards to touch her G-spot. This made her arch her back off the bed as she went into her first orgasm     When she came back down from that first orgasm I asked her if she would like me to make her feel even better. Julie didn’t believe that anything could feel better than that orgasm, but I spread her legs apart and got between them kneeling down and putting my face right into her Pussy. I allowed my tongue slip out of my mouth and rub across and through her labia causing her to moan even more. Soon I had Julie going into a second, third and fourth orgasm.

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   Julie didn’t see what I was doing while I ate her Pussy continuously, so when she went into her sixth orgasm I moved up her body kissing each inch of flesh as I went. I stopped when I reached her breast and suck first the right one and then the left one into my mouth caressing the nipples with my tongue. I lifted back up and continued towards her mouth while I fingered her tight Pussy again to bring her to another orgasm.      While Julie was soaring high in that orgasm I grabbed my hard cock and rubbed it through her super wet Pussy getting it wet enough to slip inside of her. I lined up with her opening and pushed into her slowly until just the head was inside of her. I stopped and let her come down a bit from her orgasm and pushed further inside hitting her hymen. I again stopped and Julie finally finished her orgasm so I started to rub her clit again to get her into another huge orgasm so that I could take her cherry completely. With each touch Julie would bounce her lower body towards me causing my cock to slide in and out of her.      Finally she went into another orgasm and I pulled out until just the head was still inside of her and thrust back inside of her as hard as I could tearing through her hymen with no resistance to speak of. I bottomed out in her tight Pussy right against her cervix with about three inches of my cock still out side of her. I started a slow thrust in and out of her, Julie was finally coming back down from her final orgasm and could feel what I was doing but this only heightened her feelings. It didn’t take long after she realized what was happening for her to join in with my thrusts, and for us to get into a good rhythm with each other. I increased the speed of my thrust and soon I felt something give inside of her and I was completely buried in her with the first three inches of my cock pushed through her cervix and into her virgin womb. Julie went into another orgasm at that point and her Pussy clamped down on my cock causing me to fly past the point of no return and spill my virile seed directly into her womb.      We both came down from our mutual orgasms and fell onto the bed.

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   I tried to pull out of Julie but I was stuck fast in her womb until I finally went soft and slipped out of her. We got dressed back and heard a car pull into the driveway. Looking out the window I saw that it was mom getting back from the store. Julie commented on the smell in the room so we got a fan and let it blow out the open window as I sprayed the room with air freshener.      By the time mom got all her purchases in with my help the room was cleared of all the smell of our love making and Julie had turned the fan so that it was blowing air into th room. I noticed that there was some kind of pills in one of the bags that I didn’t recognize. As I read the package I found that it was for females who had bad cramps before and during their periods. Mom took the package and removed the bottle. When we went up to check on Julie I saw mom give her the bottle and tell her that it would help with the cramps. Julie said that she didn’t have any right then but asked should she keep the bottle in her room in case they came back. When mom said for her to keep it close to her we left the room. Mom went down and fixed lunch for all of us and I stayed upstairs with Julie. We had quite a conversation the rest of the day and when night came finally and we all went to bed I ways thinking of ways that me and Julie could be alone together to have more fun, I was startled when two hours later I still hadn’t fallen asleep, and the door opened just enough for a small person to enter the room. Julie climbed into bed with me and felt around until she found my cock. I reached down to find that she was naked and already wet.

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   Julie asked if I would put my cock back into her Pussy since it felt so good to her. Telling her that we couldn’t make any noise or we would get caught I moved over her and rubbed my now semi-hard cock through her slit until I was coated with her juices and hard. I then pushed into her for the second time and started to pump in and out of her no longer virgin Pussy.      Julie met each of my thrust with her own and we continued to fuck for a half hour trying to be quiet with our lovemaking. I finally felt the tightening in my balls that said an orgasm was about to hit me so I quickened the pace and depth of my thrust until I was pushing into her womb with each thrust.   When I knew that I couldn’t hold back any more I thrust all the way inside her womb and let my cum fly out of my cock for the second time filling her fertile womb with my virile sperm. I realized this time that none of my seed was coming back out of her Pussy but still didn’t realize what we were doing. We continued to have sex every night for the next two weeks and I overheard mom talking to dad about something being wrong with Julie, so I listened and heard him ask what made her think that. Mom responded that two weeks earlier Julie was starting to have premenstrual cramps but she never started her period.      That was when I first realized just what we had done and the consequences that could come from it. Three months later the doctor confirmed that Julie was pregnant. And I would be having a child with my sister. Julie refused to say who she had sex with but I knew that as soon as the baby was born mom would know that it was me who took her virginity and got her pregnant. I talked with Julie and we decided that it would be better if we told mom and dad before the baby was born. I decided that the other women and girls that I had sex with would remain a secret from them, since I left most of them with child as well.


   That’s all for this story but more later. .



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