Baby's Story Pt. 1


My name is Baby and I have a story to tell. I’m 21 years old with long, curly dark red hair that swings down to the middle of my back. My skin is a creamy white, and I have light freckles over my nose. I’m more cute girl-next door type in the face, but my body took some time for me to get used to. I’m about 5 foot 6 inches, small waist, round, full hips and large perky tits. My breasts are a 36DD with large light pink nipples. My looks usually get me what I want. I wear small, tight clothes that show my curves. My skin stays surprisingly white being that I live in Nevada.
Well, since my looks are the kind so many men die for you can imagine that I get my share of dick or pussy as my mood might have it. But I could never get enough cock, I always wanted more. I guess because I could never fuck the man I really wanted to. My Daddy.
I know its wrong and it’s a sin, but I just can’t help it. Thinking about my Daddy’s cock never fails to make my cunt tingle and get soaking wet. He’s such a beautiful man.

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   Tall, dark, and handsome. He’s around 38 years old, my parents were young when they had me, and still very well built. His arms are large and cut perfectly, showing each group of muscles. And his chest has soft curly hair just in the center, in between his large pecs. He still had six pack abs, and thickly muscled legs. There was no doubt just his body was hot.
I looked like my mother, so my dad had quite a different air about him. He almost looked like a gypsy, albeit a wealthy one. His hair was almost shoulder-length and blue-black while his eyes were a burning blue. His skin had a slight olive tone to it and he was just so powerful looking and so goddamn sexy. I don’t know why mom ever left him. Neither my father or I ever spoke to her anymore.
I lived in the same town as my Dad, but in an apartment down the street. We saw each other often, going out to dinner and movies. I always dressed as sexy as I could, letting my father see my long, white legs and big, round breasts.

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   I never showed him nipple, just plenty of flesh. All of the teasing touches and clothes didn’t work other than to make me come home and fuck myself or find some random older man to try and act out the fantasy after every "date" with my Daddy.
I couldn’t understand why, if all this was making me so horny and act like such a slut, then why wasn’t it affecting Daddy? I had seen him look at me and seen the lust in his eyes. I knew he wanted me. But I was submissive. I needed him to take me. I needed my Daddy to fuck me. I wanted to be his whore, his slut. But I was so horny all the time that I needed to find a better way for me to get off after my time with Daddy. I just never knew what.
I knew that prostitution was legal in my state and I knew I loved cock so I called one of them and they told me to come on up. I did and went through the application process and soon had a job that I loved and was good at. So many men came in and asked for me and I was making a ton of money. I got to fuck plenty of men that had my same fantasy.
One customer was a favorite of mine.

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   He came in at least once a week and always waited on me. I was one of the only girls who would act out his whole fantasy with him and he said I looked a little like his daughter. He paid a lot of money for his three hour sessions, but we both got a lot out of it.
After I would see him in the parlor, an older man with salt and pepper hair in his late forties but still with a great body and a large, thick cock, he would pay the cashier and then tell me to go to my room and wait for him. Once I was in my room I would quickly change into a short, pleated school-girl skirt, a see thru white blouse, a white thin cotton thong, and thigh high stockings. . . also white. I’d sit on the edge of the bed and spread my thighs wide open. I’d lightly play with my pussy lips as I waited, he always wanted to catch his "daughter" masturbating. And it definitely made my tight cunt wet.
My "daddy" would open the door and begin to yell at me for being such a slut and masturbating in his house. "You want to be a whore young lady? Then you’ll be my little slut. Now get your ass over here, on your knees in front of your Daddy Bitch. " He’d holler out at me, shutting the door.

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"I’m sorry Daddy. I know I’ve been bad. " I’d whimper as I scrambled to kneel in front of him, my pussy soaking wet, wishing this really was my Daddy. I’d kneel in front of him, creamy thighs still spread, the skirt riding up high on my thighs. So that he could see the wet crotch of my panties.
"You really are such a bad little girl. " He’s moan out while taking his long, thick cock out of his pants. He loved to cock slap me and I loved the submission of it. He slapped his big cock all over my sweet looking face while I tried to lick the sides of his dick.
"You want my cock Baby? You want to suck it sweetie? Does Daddy’s girl want his cock in her mouth?" He’d always ask me softly and when I would nod demurely he’d laugh harshly and then roughly say, "Then beg for Daddy’s cock in your slut mouth you little bitch! Beg me for it. "
I’d moan in real passion, loving the way he treated me. The only thing I would have liked better was if my real Daddy was the one who’s cock I got to beg for. "Oh Daddy, please give me your cock. I need to suck it Daddy. Your little slut needs your cum Daddy.

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  " I would softly beg him, looking up at him from under my lashes.
"That’s it you little cock whore. Suck Daddy’s cock now. Let me see those tits. NOW BITCH!" He would scream at me, ripping my shirt open to maul and squeeze my big tits as I starting licking all over his cock and then quickly sucking it hard and deep into my mouth. Fucking his hard cock with my throat, making my fake Daddy moan in passion and grip the sides of my head. He began to fuck my mouth roughly as I moaned deeply in my throat.
"Oh Goddamn you fucking whore! Make Daddy cum. Suck harder slut!" He’d grunt at me as he’d lean forward still thrusting into my mouth and throat, his cock almost gagging me, and lift up my short skirt. Baring my white cheeks with the thin thong between them. He’d start slamming his hands down on my bare ass as he fucked my mouth. My cunt would always be soaking wet as I blew him and he beat my ass. I loved it. All of it.
Pretty soon his cock would thicken even more and he’d pull back from me, slowly sliding his cock out of my throat and into my waiting mouth.

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   He’d been a customer for awhile and knew that I loved to swallow cum when I role-played. It was against the rules and I only did it with my repeat special customers, my Daddies. I would swirl my tongue around the head of his thick cock, sucking hard and moaning as I reached down and began rubbing my wet cunt through the white panties.
"That’s Daddys little slut, rub that cunt as I fuck your mouth whore. Daddys gonna cum soon Baby. You want Daddys cum?" He would ask me, and in response I would quickly deep throat his cock before coming back up and sucking hard on the head of his cock, all the while looking deep into his eyes and begging for his cum with my own eyes.
"Oh God. . . . here it comes Baby. Take it all slut. . . .

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  . " He’d cry out and his cum would fill my hungry mouth. After my mouth got full I’d take his cock out and aim it at my face, letting the remaining spurts of cum coat my lips and cheeks before sucking his softening cock one more time.
    I scooped some of his cum from my face and licked it off of my fingers still looking him in the eyes.
    That’s Daddy’s good little girl. You are such a wonderful cock-sucker Baby. Is that tight little cunt all wet for Daddy now? I know how much you love to taste and feel Daddy’s cum on you, you little whore. " He would hiss at me almost angrily.
    "Hmm, Yes Daddy. Your little cunt is so wet. " I would always tell him, and it was. This game got me so hot and I needed to get off. "Daddy please make your Baby cum. I need it sir. .

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      . Daddy. . . . " I would beg him leaning back and spreading my creamy thighs wide for him to see my shaved cuntlips through my soaked thong.
    He would grin at me and then without warning spank my wet pussy with his hand. "You are a naughty little slut Baby. And Daddy needs to punish you. " he would say harshly while slapping my cunt. I’d moan, loving the sting of his hand on my wet clit. "Okay Baby, roll over and let Daddy punish you. " He would say sternly.
    I would get up from the floor and follow him over to the bed where I would lie across his knees with my skirt pulled up over my bare ass. "Oh Baby, your ass is so beautiful>" he would whisper as his hands roamed over my ass.

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    "Daddy, I’ve been so bad. I need to be punished. Spank your naughty whore Daddy. Give Baby what she needs. . . . please Daddy. . . . " I would beg him to spank me, I needed the pain along with the pleasure. He would oblige, immediately slamming his hands down on my creamy ass. He always spanked me hard and fast, whipping me so hard my ass stung and turned a brilliant shade of red. I loved the spankings.

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       As he beat my ass red, I ground my already soaking wet cunt on his thigh.
    He stopped spanking me with one hand to reach between my thighs and push them open. He’d move my soaked panties to the side and ram two or three fingers into my waiting cunt making me scream. "That’s right you little slut. Cum on my hand as I beat you. Take your punishment you dirty whore. " He’d whisper in my ear.
    He’d fuck my cunt with his fingers for a bit while he continued to spank me with the other hand until I could feel his cock spring back to life. "Oh Daddy. . . . . Please. .


      . . Daddy. . . . I need more. . . " I’d stutter out in my need to feel that big, thick cock buried deep inside me.
    "What slut? Tell Daddy what you want. " He’d tell me and push me off his lap onto my hands and knees on the floor.
    I thrust my ass up and out at him, baring my wet shaved cunt, "I need your cock Daddy. Baby needs to be fucked! Please Daddy make your slut cum" I’d cry out to him, wiggling at him.
    He’d rush to his knees, his huge cock out and plunge the whole thing into my cunt in one thrust.

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       "Is that what you want you little whore? Your Daddy’s big cock buried in that tight wet cunt you throw around?" He’d growl at me after he’d wrapped his hand in my long hair and pulled me back to him, making me grunt with pain. His cock slipped deeper into my clutching cunt and he thrust hard into me.
    I couldn’t help moaning and babbling at him to fuck me, I loved fucking this man. He really got into the fantasy. "That’s right Baby, give Daddy that cunt. " He’d cry out as he fucked into me. I loved him fucking me from behind, then I could pretend it was really my Daddy. I’d tighten my cunt on his cock and fuck back at him.
    "Oh yes Daddy, give your Baby that hard cock! Fuck me sir!" I’d scream as he fucked me hard. His thick cock thrusting in and out of my tight hole until finally he buried himself deep into me one last time before pulling out of my grasping cunt.
    "Baby? Daddy wants your ass. I want to feel my daughter’s tight little asshole around my cock. " He’d tell me, "You ready Baby? You want Daddy in your ass?"
    "Oh Sir. . .

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      Please fuck my ass. It’s been so long since I felt your cock in my ass Daddy. " I’d turn to look at him over my shoulder, pouting at him as I begged for his cock in my ass. "Please Daddy. . . give Baby your cock. . . "
    Without a word he would just ram his thick cock into my ass, making me fall forward and opening my ass more to him as I cried out in both pleasure and pain. He leaned on me until I was laying flat on my stomach, his cock buried in my ass. He pulled my arms above my head and held me down by my wrists as he thrust hard and deep into my tight asshole.
    "This what you like Baby? You like Daddy fucking your ass hard? Just taking you like the slut you are. My daughter the whore. " He would grunt insults at me as he rammed into my ass, fucking me hard.

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    I would just moan and bow my back into him, getting as much cock as I could into my tight ass. He never lasted long in my ass and soon filled me with hot cum. Our session was now over.
    "Thank you Baby. As always. . . you are the perfect "daughter". " He smiled at me as he left. I couldn’t help but wish he really was my Daddy. Who knows maybe one day Daddy will come find me at work. . . . .

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      . .