Aunty's slave ( part one)


Her name is Kamalika. She is the ultimate sex goddess of my dream. She came to stay with us from a different city. One day my parents were out & we were alone in the home. She was in bathroom & I was downloading some femdom pictures from net. But forgot to close the door. Suddenly she enter the room for some reason & saw the pictures. In it a sexy lady was seducing & punishing a cute boy . My pant was down & I was rubbing my cock . She caught me red handed at that position. I was stunned & could not switch off the screen. She threaten me that she would inform it to my parents. I begged her not to do it. She smiled & her wide eyes were watching my still hard cock. She then told me if I become her sex slave then only she could spare me. I was stunned again.

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   My dream lady was asking me to be her slave. She informed me that she always wanted to be a dominating mistress & this is the time to act. She ordered me to lay down on the bed. As I did it she came & slowly open her saree & blouse & tied my hand with the saree. Then she stare at those pictures on screen & started to trample me gently with bra & petticoat on her body. As I told her aunty please give me some water she informed me that I had to address her as ‘Devi’( goddess). I told yes devi & she said good . Then she stand over my chest & throw the bra on my dick & petticoat on my head. I knew she was naked now but could not be able to see her. I waited there for a few minutes & then I felt something was pressing my head from sides & above. The petticoat was gone slowly & I found my lips were buried under the shaved cunt of my sex goddess. She order me to lick it. As I was doing it she started to moan…Ahhhhhhh lick it boy ahhhhhhhhh do that again & again my boy. Lick your goddesses cunt ohhhhhhhh bite it bite it my slave boy. Uhhhhhh your goddess is yours, tear his pussy lips with your teeth.

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   Her words drove me crazy . It was sweet & moist & too good to taste. Suddenly her body tremble & she cum on my face. I drank all & she told me that that was to quench my thirst. Then she got in 69 position to suck my dick & orderd me too lick her ass hole. Now it was my time to moan …. She lick my dick & told this is hot… I was moaning slowly then she started an wild sucking . I was screaming . . do it do it devi…. . ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,, utilize your slave fully . She laughed at my words & turned to me & kiss me . Her tongue were licking mine & viceversa. Then she got off me & told me it is the time to do something else… My cock was shining with her saliva.

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   She went to the end of the bed & got down to her knees. I was watching her quietly. She then placed my shaft within her perfect round boobs & started to rub my dick It was harder & longer than ever. She was also licking my cock head with her long tongue. I was moaning loudly pleaseeeeeeee devi iiiiiiiiiiiiii oh devi my devi do it,,, do it harder … Suddenly I exploded & the surge spread on her boobs & face. I was in heaven for sometimes then & when opened my eyes saw her sexily looking at me. Are not you forgetting something . . she asked me at strange voice.
    I was in dark & looked at her curiously. She lean over me & kissed me passionately & told ‘you have to tear my pussy…. . ’ But I knew I was almost empty. She understood it & said me that If I finger fuck her now & promise for another session then only she could forgive me for the time being. I had no other choice & agreed to her.

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       She then sat down by the side of my body with one leg on my semi hard cock & another on my face. I started to finger her using three fingers. She was moaning softly ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh slave . . be a good boy to mama …. Apart my cunt harder, harder make my pussy cum…. faster faster… To my surprise my cock was hard again I was also going to cum. At the same time I was licking her feet. Then suddenly she & I explode at a time. But she did it for relatively long time & all my hand was wet. Then she got on top my face again & ordered me to clean her pussy. After that she untie my hands & asked me to meet me at lunch table. She informed me that she knew my parents had a meeting at their workplace & would come at late night. So I could fulfill my promise at evening without any problem. I was agreed with her with a shy smile on face…… ( To be continued ………….

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