Auntie’s Little Boy Toy - Part 1


This is not a sad story, but to me it’s just fact.   I was thirty when I finally lost my virginity.   Growing up as an average looking boy with a tender heart and very little choices of my family and income status, most girls looked down on me.   In high school I was the poor kid, the son of man who worked a factory job, the son with no mother, the son with no hope.   The girls that I did think about liking all said the same thing, “No!”
I was 19 before I ever had a date and fell for Hanna completely but she only liked me and when she told me that she didn’t have any deeper feelings, well it broke me.   I resigned myself to be alone.   I took a job in the same factory making very little but then again I didn’t need much to survive.   I had a place to live, at my dad’s house.   I had a car I built in shop and kept running and three pair of jeans and shoes and a dozen shirts of different years of my favorite football team.   The money I made bought food to eat and sometimes, paid for the electricity or phone.   I basically worked five days a week, and when football wasn’t in season I fished or worked on my car.   Then when football was in season I went to the game or set up camp in front of the television each weekend.  
My dad was worried about me and tried to get me to go out with my friends more often, but unless it was to the game or the river, I had no real desire to go.   The truth is, I was afraid of rejection, afraid of being laughed at by girls.
Along about my 30th birthday, my dad passed away of a heart attack.   The four months before my birthday were marred with morning and depression.

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    Then the month before my birthday my Aunt Teresa showed up.   My dad’s only sister that lived half a state away suddenly arrived without warning or reason.   She said she was 40, but then again she had said that since I was 10.   She was slightly funny acting, I mean she was absent minded a little and when she forgot things she would fret wildly and I always liked to be around her because she made me smile.   So when she asked if she could move in and take care of me, of course I said yes.   Then she told me why she came.
“Your Uncle Drew, well he needed a change, so he traded me for new Aunt, Steven.   So I had one thing on my mind after that happened, and it was to take care of my little boy,” she said smiling as she always called me that since I could remember.   Her and my uncle never had kids, or couldn’t I suppose, and so she sort acted like I was hers when they would come in to see us.
“Uncle Drew is gay?” I sort of asked in a surprised manner.
“Yes, but that’s not a big deal.   Sometimes I think we all are a little,” she said smiling away her pain.
“Did you ever do something like that Auntie?” I asked as I nestled near her on the sofa.
She smiled and patted my leg and answered with a sort of honest grin, “Well not exactly willingly at first, but once a few years ago something did happen. ”
I sort by passed the whole thing as I was knowingly trying to avoid my own past.

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    While I had not tried anything “Gay” as they say on a guy, I had wondered and fantasized about it a few times.   So I tried to change up the conversation with, “Do you want me to rearrange the bedroom for you at all?  I would be glad to help clean it up and make it neater. ”
Smiling at me she remarked, “Well dear that would be nice of you.   I would like to make the house tidier.   Maybe even change the curtains a bit and remove some of the gloominess around here. , what do you think?”
I nodded my head in agreement and we went about changing all the rooms.   When her furniture arrived the next day we spent a week getting our old things cleaned up for a yard sale and her things in their place.   When I came home from work one afternoon I found my bedroom spotless and all my clothes cleaned, pressed and hanging in my closet.   My sheets were changed from the yellowed white ones to new printed floral designs and I had fluffier pillows in place of my flat one.   Then came the change in the bathroom where I least expected it.   Gone were my football digest and replaced with scented candles and soaps.   I found them neatly stacked in the floor of my closet later but having to remember to take one with me when I went in took me a few weeks to get use to.
The morning of my birthday was a Friday, and I had to work.   My aunt made breakfast for me each morning and insisted that I shave, shower and wear deodorant daily stood waiting to feed me before I left at 6:30am that morning.   She handed me a small card just as I was rushing out the door late as usual and gave me a small kiss on the cheek.

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    I rushed all the way to my car and made it with three minutes to spare, carrying my birthday card with me.   I punched in at the time clock and put the card in my back pocket.  
Now most of the others on my line had noticed small changes in me over the past month.   My hair was neatly tailored and combed now.   My shirts were fresh and though the same cleaner looking and my jeans would always start the day off clean.   They also noticed I had developed more of a personable manner, as my aunt had suddenly forced me to communicate with her more than I ever did my dad.  
Along about lunch as I was sitting down on the brick wall out back for my sandwich and soda, I remembered my card.   I pulled it from pocket and opened it.   Sitting alone as I always did at lunch I easily read it without preying eyes.  The words should have been a clue to me, but weren’t at the time.
The card read, “Happy Birthday Little One” on the front and showed a young boy and a woman walking up a hill.   On the inside the card was printed with, “Sometimes good little boys get a big surprise!”   Then below that was written by aunt, “My boy, Happy Birthday, I know you have sacrificed a lot of your free time for me.   I know how hard you work and worked here as well.   I think tonight that I should do something special for you.   So when you get home, go shower and change.

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    I will have a special outfit I bought for your birthday waiting for you in the bathroom.   Love Teresa. ”
It didn’t say aunt and I missed that.   It didn’t say what the surprise would be and missed what I thought it was going to be.   So after work I raced home thinking I was getting the Football Season pass I had dreamed of all my life.   I rushed into the shower and stripped and bathed and freshened up making sure to put my dirty clothes in the hamper and hang the wet clothes over the bathtub rail.   Then I shaved, brushed my teeth and put on some cologne when I saw the new outfit hanging on the back of the bathroom door.   It was a sort of satin looking pair of short pants and a matching tank top made of the same stuff except it had air holes in it.   It felt good to my skin when I slid it on and I was surprised that it fit me perfectly.   Now I was 5’10” 170 pounds with sort of large muscular build in my shoulders and thighs.   I had light brown hair and blue green eyes and normal average face when cleaned up.   When I gazed in the mirror and saw myself I was stunned.   I looked like one of the normal guys that went around the mall and not some bum looking street urchin that I considered myself to be all along.
I hustled out of the bathroom and waiting for me with a candle light dinner was aunt.   She made my favorite meal, steak and potatoes and a chocolate cake for my desert.

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    She sat across from me at the small table and waited on me the entire meal.   She made me feel really special and I guess that is how she could make me change without objection, I really loved her.
She had been wearing a flowered dress as was her custom, but after I ate my cake she asked me to wait at the table and let my food settle while she went and changed into more comfortable clothing.   So I sat there not even considering anything other than she had worked very hard to make me a wonderful meal and bought me a nice outfit and I truly felt lucky and loved for the first time in many years.
When she returned she was wearing a silk night gown that the robe fell from head to foot and was tightly tied around her waist.   She waltzed in the room more than walked and took my right hand led me from the table carrying one of the candles.   I expected we were going into the living room to watch a movie on television had she generally would ask me to do.  
When she led me up the stairs to her bedroom, I was sort surprised but thought maybe she had a present hidden there.   She did have that but nothing like what I had thought of.
Standing at the doorway threshold, she moved to side and said, “After you darling. ”
I walked in and as I did she slowly closed the door behind her as I said, “This room is so much better looking since you moved in. ”  I was meaning that from the heart and it was nothing more as I added, “You make this house feel like a home. ”
She smiled sort of oddly at me and in a way I had never really seen before, as she seductively said, “I have been think my little boy needs more than just food and clothes for his birthday.   I think he needs something very special. ”
I smiled back at her as she motioned me to the edge of the bed and waved me to sit.

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    As I complied with her request I said, “What more do I need now that you are here.   I really love having you here auntie. ”
Blushing brightly and sort of smirking giggle came from her as she slid her hand to her robes bow tied belt and released it.   She had the candle in her left hand and turned slightly to sit it upon her dresser beside the other candles she had lit before we arrived in the room and then to my shock and surprise, she released her robe from her right arm and left and let it fall on the floor.   When she turned to face me she was wearing only a red almost see through silk blouse buttoned only once in the middle.   The blouse fell to her upper thighs and was tight to conform to her body, as he salt and pepper black hair and deep green eyes sparkled in the candle light she revealed her entire 5’8” body to me with one pop of the button and a deep shrug of her shoulders.   The garment fell and there naked was her un-tanned body.   She was sort of thin except for a small bulge around her middle and her amble bosoms were as I found out later was 34DD.   Her large areola and taunt long erect nipples perky and pointed at me were unscarred and very inviting.   As I gazed down her belly her tailored almost bald wet spot was being exposed as she lifted a leg to the stool at her makeup table and rested her left foot on it.
By now my mouth was wide open and a stunned looked appeared on my face.   She saw it and smiled as she said, “I think my little boy should deserve to find out what making love is all about. ”
With that she put her right out and used her index finger to summon me to her.   I stood and as I moved towards her, she took my hand and pulled it to her waist and then my other to her crotch and whispered, “Take me and make love to me sweetheart. ”
I kissed her on the lips and it was so special in the way we did it, then as my hands began to caress her body wildly, our kisses were no longer quick tender ones.

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    We melded in our mouths first and through many would have seen her wrinkled neck and saddle bag hips as a detracting quality I saw them as adorable.   Before I could get the nerve up to kiss her breast she pulled my mouth to her left one and rubbed my face over it until I began to feast upon her nipple like a baby.   She took only a few minutes of my adoration on her breast before she pushed me back to bed, stripped me naked and I was given my very first blow job.   She sucked the tip for a few seconds drawing out a wad of my pre-cum and then as she licked up and down my six inch shaft I felt much more building and when her mouth sucked me to my base I let go of a huge load of cum in her mouth.   She didn’t even pause, but I did hear her gulp twice.   Then she sucked on and on and as it felt limber she just made her mouth work harder at it.
I was about to say something when she swung her entire body around and straddled my face.   Now for the first time in my life a juicy wet snatch was slammed on my open mouth which eagerly accepted and ate fully until her juices flowed like pee.   The fact is it might have been mixed with her pee but I didn’t care I loved the sensation, taste and feel of her well worn pussy.   My tongue penetrated her and swirled around insider her and lapped up the thickening juices that flowed from her until I felt my hefty hard on return.   Then she swung her body once more and rolled me on top of her and as we kissed she instructed me with, “Fuck me baby.   Fuck me my baby boy.   Fuck your old auntie’s pussy.   Fuck me hard. ”
I did that and a while lot more.

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    As my cock entered her pussy the feeling of the head sliding in her wet hole made me sigh heavily aloud and when I pumped her faster and faster with each passing second, she was cooing and going nuts for me to do it harder and faster.
It sounded like she was being beaten as our bodies slammed into each other with every single maddening thrust.   She was yelling for me to keep fucking her when she broke into a long growling howling song, sort of like peril and pain meets pleasure and ecstasy.   She was panting from her climax now, as I also was panting from my ever building hard on, yet the faster I rode on her the more she seemed to love it.   When our bodies turned into a mess of sweet sweat and lusting desires, she came again and more violent than before as she gushed liquids on my red hot cock and the bed and her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she sounded out, “Fuck me baby, keep fucking me. ”
Then came the climax that I was waiting for all my life, as a long hot stream of cream blasted from my cock into her wet hole.   I was lurching backwards and still grinding with my hips as the sensations lasted for a few moments more.   When it ended I think we collapsed in a heap on her bed where we panted, kissed and hugged.
For long periods of time we only kissed and panted and did not speak.   I am not sure we could speak as I know I was so exhausted from the session I could barely breathe.   The feeling I had for her and she for me didn’t need words at that point.   Our kisses were passionate and loving and as we continued them to my surprise she kept my desire for more growing.   With only a few “I love you” exchanged between us, I began to feast between her legs once more, as I turned my body over hers and offered my slightly limp cock to her mouth which she happily took in and warmed it and cleaned it with her seasoned lips and tongue.   While I delved inside her wet creamy pussy and ate her longer and deeper than before.   I never minded my own cum was seeping out, as on occasion in my youth and past I had jerked off and swallowed it.

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    I don’t profess to truly loving it but I did and do like the taste of my own cum.
I dabbled in her asshole with a finger at the same time and then as I did it, my mouth decided to try it after she started reaming my asshole out.   Suddenly we were both eating each others assholes out and as I did I fingered her pussy while she squeezed and toyed with my balls.   Then to my complete surprise and pleasure, she inserted two fingers in my ass and began to milk my prostrate while her mouth sucked my cock.   I was making time licking, reaming and sucking her juices from her pussy and asshole just as she made me cum in her mouth.   I was pulsing cum as she continued milking me from the inside.  
When she finally stopped I collapsed on the bed panting as she rolled me on my back and kissed me from foot to head and then sucked on my spent cock while I lay there loving it all.   When she was satisfied she helped from the bed to her bathroom and into the big cast iron tub where we relaxed in a bubble bath until we heard the midnight strikes of the clock downstairs.
Then we dried off and she led me downstairs to the table where she cut another slice of cake for me and asked, “Would you like to eat this off my breast or pussy?”
Smiling at her I said both, and soon I had her on the table and a tasty desert piled up on both of her lovely breast and shoved inside her wet pussy.
      I ate the cake off and out of her for a very long time.   When I finished she placed me on the table and a pile of icing all over my cock and nipples and to my surprise I loved her licking it off of my nipples as much as my dick.   Then when I got hard again from her constant sucking of my prick, I pulled her head off and slammed her bare ass to the floor and mounted her and rode her like a horse for more than half an hour.
    Suddenly I realized just what a special thing I had with her.   So I began to try and talk to her about and to my surprise she told me, “I have wanted you since I let you stay with me that summer when you were fourteen.   I use to sneak into the bedroom and peek under your covers and boxers at you.

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    “I never knew that,” I Said smiling and feeling special that she would want me like that.
    Then she really blew me away with, “If had woke up once or twice that summer you would have seen me naked then.  I would masturbate while I watched you sleep.   I even pulled your pants down a few times and kissed it for you.   You were such a heavy sleeper back then you never woke up. ”
    “Wow I never knew you did that or felt that way.   I wish I had back then, I would have loved to done this sooner.   I would been afraid that Uncle Drew would have gotten mad,” I said honestly and happily.
    As she smiled back, she confessed, “Well your uncle has a hard on for you too.   He used to jack off to the pictures of your naked body that I took.   He would have fucked you and still would if you let him. ”
    “You what?  He would?” I exclaimed sort of shocked and surprised as I slid her from the floor into my arms and then led her out on the back porch to the swing.
    She sat beside me and cuddled me as she slowly added, “Well I took a few snap shots of your body that summer, and I sort kept them in my dresser next to my dildo.   When I would play with myself I used your photo to do it with.   Drew would do the same thing, as a matter of fact one night we shared them while we played with ourselves.


        He came all over the bed dreaming of your ass. ”
    I snickered and laughed as I offered up, “Well I would have let you do anything you wanted to me then and now. ”:
    “What if I wanted to turn you into my full time lover?” she asked with a sort of innocent smile.
    “I thought you just did,” I replied honestly.
    Giggling and smiling in the moonlight she rocked us as she drew my head to her and kissed me.   Then she added, “I would love to have you sleep with me each night in my bed as well. ”
    “I was hoping you would,” I said and then added, “ I would love to be yours. ”
    “Yours as in what?” she asked seductively.
    “Anything you want,” I replied.
    “I can think of many things I want to do with and to you.   May I with or without permission,” she said smiling with sort of sheepish sexy grin.
    “Anything, anytime, anyway you want it.   You don’t even have to ask, just do it,” I said think naively about this conversation.
    She stood up and led me to bed that night.   I slept beside her like a teddy bear in her arms.

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        When morning broke I was snuggled firmly on her left breast and as I kissed it that Saturday morning I told her, “Last night was the most wonderful night of my life.   That was my first time ever with anyone. ”
    She smiled at me and pulled her nipple to my lips and said, “Starting today you will never go without sex again. ”
    I pulled her nipple in my mouth as her hand found my cock and guided it and me into her pussy.   The hot still air was suddenly even hotter as I began to thrust in and out of her until she flipped me on my back and rode me.   She pounced on my cock and bobbed up and down until she was squirting juices all over me and the bed then she yelped loudly and went faster on me until I came like her in a heaping gush of fluids.   She didn’t stop but swung off my cock and sunk her mouth on me and sucked me until I could no longer hold my pee.   She made me piss on both of us and held it back so it splattered my chest and even my face and then she licked it off me and fed me her pussy until she too drained her piss on my open appreciative mouth.
    She led me into the bathroom and washed us both and then she surprised me by shaving me from my face to my toes front to back.   She covered me in powder and lotion and then fixed my hair and painted my face and nails.   When she finished she had transformed me into a different looking person, then she dressed me in the outfit she bought me and took me downstairs.   She made our breakfast and then afterwards we cleaned the house and did the chores before she led me to the backyard and sat under an elm tree with me for hours kissing and fondling one another.  
    She never minded if the neighbors saw us, neither did I.   She just enjoyed it all. She made love to me under the tree by sucking my cock while she milked my prostrate and then she allowed me the pleasure of her pussy.

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        We made love fully naked a few hours later and stayed under that tree all day, we knew we could be seen easily but we didn’t care at all  When the sun sat that evening she took me inside and made dinner and afterwards we made love until two in the morning.
    Sunday was almost a repeat of Saturday including her desire to redo my appearance.   I gave no care to what she did to and with me, as long as she did something.   When that night came she confessed to me a secret that she tried to earlier, “Now baby while I loved your uncle, there was this one person other than you that I used for sex.   She was a dream.   She was something else. ”
    “A girl really Teresa, tell me more,” I said happily excited as she fondled my nipples and cock head at the same time with her hands.
    “Her name was Emily and she was the young woman that moved in next door a few years back.   She was bisexual and lusty and lovely.   Her blonde hair and blue eyes might have been faked as well as her 36DD boobs were but her pussy was not and it was creamy.   I use to eat her three times a day and anytime she could sneak over on the weekend without her husband catching her,” she said smiling and getting herself excited as she went on, “She loved my boobs as much as you do, maybe more.   She loved eating my pussy all the time.   The thing I loved most about her was that she would cum on my mouth at will.   I would eat her juices until she begged me to stop.   There is just something special that woman can do that man can’t.

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        It’s hard to explain, although you are the only man I ever really creamed over.   I never got horny like that for Drew at all, even when we first met.   Had I been smart I would have married you. ”
    “You still can,” I said happily meaning every word.
    “Oh but you deserve to experience life and be mine as well.   I have a plan for you.   Would you like to hear it?” she asked smiling as her hand rolled over my nipples.
    Well if you would read the second part of “Auntie’s Little Boy.