Auntie Ruby at last


I arrived at auntie Ruby’s house at about 2 pm. I knocked and after a few seconds she opened the door. She stood at the doorway with a surprised but pleased expression on her face as she saw it was me. She hadn’t changed a bit since we last met.
<!--[if was still 5’ 2” in her stockinged-feet. She still had a curvy womanly figure with large firm breasts and gorgeous bum and she still had the same sparkly brown eyes, full sexy pout, long dark hair and cute button-nose, a bit like Nicole Kidmans’ but on the face of my 59 year old auntie who hadn’t seemed to age since she was 30.
<!--[if Stephen it’s been at least 5 years since I saw you, come on in. ’
<!--[if was wearing a cream coloured, short-sleeved blouse with buttons up the front and with a deep enough neck opening that I could see at least 2 inches of cleavage between her generous orbs. (40dd I guessed). The blouse was just translucent enough for me to see the half-cup lacy white bra beneath. Lower down her glorious womanly curves she was wearing a black mid-length wide flowing skirt. Her lovely long perfectly formed legs were adorned with black stockings (at least I hoped they weren’t tights) and she was otherwise bare-foot, so she stood at a perfect height for my short frame.
<!--[if through to the kitchen, I was just making a cup of tea’ she said.
‘Haven’t you something stronger ? It has been a while since I saw you, maybe we should catch up with a couple of missed xmas toasts ?’, I said.
‘Ok how about white wine? I have a nicely chilled bottle or two in the fridge. ’
<!--[if that she turned from me, opened the fridge and bent over to reach in for the bottle.

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   This caused her skirt to sensuosly outline the shape of her gorgeous womanly bottom. I couldn’t help but stare and felt a slight twitch in my pants just as she stood up again and gave the bottle to me to open. I don’t know if she sensed anything but I couldn’t help feeling a little flushed and embarassed as she looked at me with her lovely blue eyes and flicked her long dark hair away from her face.
<!--[if opened the bottle and filled the two glasses she got from the cupboard and we moved into the lounge, where I sat on the couch and she sat on the armchair. We spent a while catching up with the last few years until after we had finished the bottle between us.
‘Another bottle ?’ she asked to which I replied ‘Yes great, but it’s giving me a definite warm feeling inside’ To which she laughed and went for the second bottle. This time she sat next to me on the couch to fill our glasses and stayed next to me.
<!--[if were a few moments of akward silence until I said:
‘We have missed a little more than the christmas toasts don’t you think ?’
‘I agree’she said, ‘I haven’t had a christmas kiss from my favourite nephew for years have I ?’
With that I leaned across and pecked her on the lips, expecting that to be that but she said ‘well that covers 1 year, what about the rest ?’
To which I placed my mouth back on hers but this time I kept it there with lips closed for now. She didn’t pull away, in fact I am sure she pressed a little firmer after a couple of seconds so I decided to be a bit braver and opened my mouth on hers.
She immediately responded by opening her mouth and turning her head slightly to get a more intimate connection.
<!--[if a few seconds of passionate kiss I gently pressed my hand to the back of her head at which she suddenly broke off and said
‘We shouldn’t be doing this, it’s so wrong’
Just as I was starting to feel a little dissapointed that it wouldn’t go further she said:
‘Which is exactly why we are going to continue, it being wrong makes it so fucking right and sexy’
I had never heard my auntie speak like that before and by now my dick was straining in my pants, so I put my arms around her and kissed her full on the mouth again to which she responded hungrily.
We snogged for a good ten minutes before I summoned up the courage to venture further. Firstly I slid my right hand slowly from round her back to the front and ever so slowly and gently, carressed her right breast through the silky material of her blouse. This allowed me to feel the lacy texture of her bra below and the soft but still firm breast below that. This alone made my cock feel like it was going to burst.

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<!--[if had dayreamed, dreamed, fantasised for years about this and had wanked hundreds of times with eyes tight closed hoping one day I might do something wicked with my lovely Auntie Ruby and here finally it was really happening.
Still feeling her clothed right breast, I slid my other hand up her skirt and felt the smooth bare skin above her stocking tops for whar seemed a heavenly eternity. All the while still kissing like a couple of teenage lovers at the back of the cinema.
<!--[if now she was running the fingers of both hands through my hair as we kissed and then I started to undo her blouse buttons. One by one, slowly, I revealed more and more cleavage and more and more lace until with the last button undone she pulled the blouse out of her skirt and off her arms and threw it into the middle of the room. She then reached behind her back as if to unclasp her bra but I stopped her asking her to leave that to me because I wanted to savour her partly lace-covered breasts for a while. They looked absolutely fantastic, every bit as good as I had dreamed and I stared at them for ages which caused Auntie Ruby to smile at me with a loving expression.
<!--[if I started to feel both breasts through the bra, she reached down and started to stroke my dick through my jeans, the bulge was as big as I had ever had, I was so turned on. She then undid my belt, pulled the belt from my pants and threw it aside. She immediately turned her attention on the button and zip and the resultant freedom of movement made my dick spring out and up through the split in my underpants.
<!--[if a few seconds she just looked at my eyes, with her hands on mine, encouraging me to rub and squeeze her gorgeous breasts, until eventually she reached down with her right hand and just brushed it against my dick with a featherlight touch. This made it jump dramatically which made Ruby giggle. This was extremely sexy to hear because here she was at 59 years old, me at 46 and she was giggling like a schoolgirl.
<!--[if could now clearly see her nipples defined against the lace of the bra and ran my thumbs over them which caused them to protrude even further through the soft material. This made her impatient to get them out so she said:
‘For fucks sake Stephen, I need them sucked, get them out now !’
I didn’t need any further encouragement so I stripped myself naked in record time and immediately released her bra, pulled it from her shoulders and tossed it aside.

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<!--[if her big soft firm breasts were free and I started to suck her right nipple like a feeding baby. This caused her to make a noise like a contented cat from the back of her throat, while she reached down and started to wank me between thumb and forefinger with an extremely light touch. It almost seemed as if she was afraid to touch it, holding it like that but it felt way sexier than any previous womans fist like grip ever did.
<!--[if though her teats were, the right one almost doubled in size with my attention to it, so I moved over to the left one and sucked and licked until it matched it’s twin. All the while Ruby was slowly and gently pumping my cock up and down, taking great care to move the foreskin from completely covering my glans to stretching it right back and exposing the throbbing blood-filled end.
<!--[if had never had such a sexy wank before and could feel the pressure start to build in my balls. She could sense this because she then said to me ‘ I want your spunk all over my tits !’ No sooner had she said this when I felt my climax imminent so I knelt up on the couch and placed my cock betweeen her tits where she pumped it a little bit more, still between thumb and finger and my cock erupted globs of cum all over both of her breasts. She then placed her hands on her tits and moved my them round and round until my spunk was rubbed in like a moisturiser.
<!--[if cock showed no signs of shrinking back so I asked Auntie Ruby to stand so I could remove her skirt, the sight then revealed took my breath away. Under the skirt had only been a white lacy suspender belt with black stockings and NO KNICKERS. Not only that but her pussy was covered with thick luxurious black curls. I had never seen an untrimmed, unshaven pussy before, except in 70’s porn mags when I was 16, so the sight was absolutely fantastic. I knelt on the floor and she sat on the edge of the couch and I just stared at her snatch for a while while idly masturbating myself to full hardness again, during which time Auntie Ruby began to feel her right breast and nipple with one hand while slowly stroking her engorged clit with the other.
<!--[if then leant in and pushed her finger away from her clit with my tongue and began to lick from clit, down the edges of it’s hood , through her big puffy outer lips to her perineum and back up again. I did this for ages and each time I reached her clit or her sensitive little spot between cunthole and anus, she gasped, all the while breathing harder and faster.

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   She then started to arch her back and I could see her tummy muscles start to tighten and loosen in rythmn with my licking until finally she grabbed my hair with both hands and forced me to stay at her clit, at which I flickered my tongue side to side across her clit very fast. This caused her to emit a stream of obscenities like ‘Oh my fucking god stephen, lick my fuckin clit faster, I want to come on your beautiful face you cunt !’ I couldn’t believe this was my auntie speaking like this and did exactly as instructed which within a few seconds had her arching right back, forcing her clit hard against my mouth with the words:
 ‘aaagggghh, I’m coming you lovely fucker, I fucking love you, keep licking I’m coming again, ohhh, aaghh yes,yes,yes’
<!--[if now my tongue was a little sore so I was pleased when she then said:
 ‘fucking cunting bastard hell, I need your cock in me now, pleeeeeease FUCK ME !!’
I then reached up and grabbed her breasts, planted my mouth on hers and sank my dick into her steaming hot, soaking wet, velvety cunt, up to the hilt in one smooth movement.
<!--[if first I just wanted to savour the moment of being deeply embedded in my lovely favourite Auntie for the first time, but she wasn’t having that, oh no.
‘Fucking fuck me you selfish bastard, NOW, do it fast and hard, TRY TO HURT ME WITH IT YOU CUNT OF A NEPHEW. ’
<!--[if I did. I pumped into her with every bit of strength I  possessed, in and out, so far in my balls were noisily slapping against her bum, and so far out I was feeling cool, fresh air on my bell-end each time I pulled back, but her cunt was so wet and expectantly, sluttily open, that I rammed it back in again without ever being in danger of missing. Each inward thrust making her gasp with pleasure.
<!--[if was now starting to sweat and drops were falling on her face and tits, she put her hands round my back, dug her nails in and lifted her legs up high to allow me even deeper into her. I was breathing very hard, almost wheezing with the physical effort while all along Auntie Ruby was saying ‘Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, fucking shag me harder, you fucking bastard, I am nearly coming’,
<!--[if then arched her back again, her tummy muscles first went tight, then started to spasm visibly, while I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing me in time with her spasms while she said
 ‘At last I am coming with a cock in me, yes oh yes o yes, fucking lovely, I haven’t come like this for fucking years’
 This comment was enough to send me over the edge and I stopped fucking just as I felt my orgasm, holding my cock as far up her as I could, while my cock exploded with my second come of the day. I could feel it spurt right up into her womb, this made Ruby convulse again in a 18 second or so spasm almost in time with my own spurts, which made her feel as tight as a virgin even though she was soaking wet with lubrication and spunk.
<!--[if then collapsed onto her with my head nuzzled into her neck, my chest on her breasts and my cock still firmly up inside her. I was breathing hard trying to get oxygen back into my lungs, my sweat mingling with the dried out spunk on her tits, while she said to me:
‘Dear lovely favourite nephew Stephen, why didn’t you do that to me years ago ? It was really, really fucking lovely, If I’d known you could have done that to me I would have grabbed you years and years ago. Think how much time we’ve wasted not shagging each other !”
<!--[if Ruby, I’ve wanked a thousand times while wishing for a day like this. I just didn’t want to risk upsetting everyone if I tried it on with you when I thought you might reject me. ’
<!--[if I have wanted you since you were 18 Remember when you stayed with us for a while ?, well one day when you were in the spare room getting changed from school I was watching you through the crack in the door and I saw you wank in between changing.

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‘ Your eyes were tightly closed and you were mumbling something which sounded like “fuck me Ruby”, but I couldn’t be 100% sure , so I just stayed at the door fingering my pussy while I watched you. I came twice before you spunked into your tissue’.
<!--[if fucking hell, I thought I sensed I was being watched by you, but didn’t want to open my eyes in case you panicked and ran off, or worse confirmed my fear that you weren’t actually there. ’
<!--[if that she pulled my head towards hers and kissed me lovingly for a wonderful long moment. We smelled of sweat and spunk badly so when Ruby suggested we share a bath, I followed her to the bathroom hand in hand like the shy little nephew I always was. All the way up the stairs I was remembering a time years ago when Auntie Ruby said she was on her way up for a bath and I should follow her later to scrub her back. Back then I thought it a joke, but now – wow, what did I miss out on ?
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