Aunt Teri Part 1


It was just another typical Saturday morning. I was the first up. Mom and Dad were asleep, recovering from a night of drinking and playing cards. My little brother was still sound asleep in his room while Aunt Teri, Mom’s youngest Sister, who had been visiting from out of town for a few days was sleeping in the guestroom.
I grabbed a glass of milk and a couple of cookies for a nutritious breakfast. Picking up the TV remote I plopped down on the couch to watch some educational Saturday morning programming. Yeah right, more than likely all I would find are silly cartoons.
I hit the on button and I could not believe what I was seeing. There, on the TV in the middle of my living room, were two totally naked women kissing each other. They were pressed against each other, using their hands to explore each others soft bodies, while kissing. Mom and Dad must have been watching this after I went to bed last night and forgot to take it out. I just sat, in stunned amazement, watching the two women who were enjoying themselves very much, judging by all their moans.
I don’t know how long I had been watching but at some point I put the milk down and with my free hand I had started rubbing my pussy through my panties. My panties were soaked as I vigorously rubbed my pussy.
“Hey, what are you up to?” It was my Aunt, who had approached the couch from behind. In my excitement I had not even heard her.

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I closed my legs hurriedly and looked up at her embarrassed beyond description. I could feel my face turning hot and red at having been watched. I was reaching for the remote to turn off the TV when she said, “Don’t turn it off. The best part is coming up in a few more minuets. ”
With that statement I realized that she must have been watching it with my parents. As I was trying to digest this information and comprehend what it meant Aunt Teri came around to the front of the couch and sat next to me.
“The dark haired girl is going to eat the red head. The red head has the hottest looking pussy. It is shaved and she has it pierced. I would give anything to taste her. ”, Aunt Teri said as she positioned herself closer to me.
I was light headed from all the rapid sensory input I was experiencing. There were the two women on  TV,  being caught rubbing my pussy, Aunt Teri talking like that and her setting so close to me while all this was going on. It was almost more than I could take.
As if trying to confuse me even more my Aunt said, “Baby, go ahead and finish what you started.

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   I don’t blame you at all. I needed a release after watching them for a while myself. ”
With that she placed her hands on my knees and spread my legs slightly. You could see the dark spot on my panties from all the juices flowing from my over active young pussy. She took my hand and placed it on wet spot and started moving it around in a small circular motion. It did not take much persuasion for me to continue the motion on my own. There were lightening bolts of pleasure shooting out from my little cunt as I rubbed my swollen clit through my soaked panties. As I masturbated Aunt Teri continued watching the women on the TV and I was looking at her.
Aunt Teri was much younger than Mom.  Actually she was just twenty-one, only six years older than me. She was very short and petite with extremely large breasts. I could clearly see her enlarged nipple pressing against the t-shirt she had slept in. Watching her I notice that she had lowered one of her hands and placed it between her thighs.  She was rubbing a finger slowly over her panties stimulating her clit.
She looked over at me and saw that I was watching her and not the movie.

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   She turned around and leaned back against the arm of the couch so that she was facing me. Then she spread her legs wide, placing one foot on the back of the couch while putting her other foot on the floor. Then she started rubbing her pussy again while staring at me.
“Would you rather watch me or the TV?” she asked.
Without hesitation I replied “I would much prefer to watch you. ”
“Ok, but you have to take your panties off so that I can watch you finger yourself too. ”
With that we both rapidly removed our panties. I had to stare at Aunt Teri’s pussy. It was completely shaven and looked so smooth, just like the red headed women in the movie. She replaced her feet as before and I followed her lead. Our pussy were only inches apart as we lay on the couch. Her pussy lips were red and swollen with excitement. She slowly started fingering herself. Using one finger she manipulated her clit while slowly sliding another finger into her glistening cunt.
I started massaging my young pussy faster and faster all the time keeping my eyes glued to her hand and pussy.

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   Her fingers were shining from all the juices flowing from her excited cunt. She increased her speed too, as she watched me finger my own young pussy. I could hear the sounds her fingers made sliding in and out of her wet cunt as she used her fingers to fuck herself. I wanted to put a finger in my own cunt but I was still to embarrassed and not fully understanding of the situation.
Aunt Teri arched her back and her stomach convulsed as she had an orgasm. Seeing her like that pushed me over the edge and I reached my own climax.
We were lying there facing each other. Our hands were covered with the juices that had been flowing from each of out pussies.   Once again I began to flush at the thought of what I, we, had done. No one had ever seen my pussy and I was embarrassed. It was covered by a large spread of red hair because, other than some minor trimming, I had never shaved it. Until now, I had not really thought about anyone else seeing it.
She sensed that I was uneasy so she moved between my outspread legs and leaned over to give me a hug and gentle kiss on the nose. I wanted to close my legs and hold her tight against me like the women were doing in the movie. I ached to feel her warmth next to me.

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   I wanted to explore her soft body.
She said, “You are a beautiful young women and very sexy. Thank you for allowing me to watch you. ”, and then again she kissed me softly on the nose. Her lips were close to mine when she asked if I had ever kissed another girl. I told her that I had not and she asked if I would like to.
“I guess”, was my reply.
My lips started to tremble slightly a she placed her mouth on mine and began kissing me. She slowly and softly ran her tongue over my lips. Just as I started to open my mouth and take in her wet tongue we heard my brother moving around. Quickly we put our panties on and turned the TV off.
Later that day, as my Aunt was leaving to return home, she asked my Mother if I could stay with her for a while once school was out. I was so excited at the thought of it I almost squealed like a little girl.
“Mother, can I please? School will be out in two weeks and I will only get bored here. ”
With a small wink my Aunt said, “I really would love to have her.

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I blushed slightly at the hidden meaning in her statement and wink. My Mother agreed that it would be a good idea. Now all I have to do is wait, wait two long weeks. Wait for what though? I was not sure but I had a feeling that whatever happened would be both stimulating and a lot of fun.



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