Aunt Sonja



I am driving across country to attend a funeral of a family member and all I could think about was a woman. Sonja, that was her name. The thought of her name alone stirs an emotion in me that time will never quiet. It’s been several years since I felt her skin, smelled her perfume and tasted her essence. She ruled over me even though she never wanted to be my queen. I lived for the opportunity to feel her passion and take her as my own. But there was this one problem you see, Sonja was my aunt, my fathers sister and my love for her burned so deep that I cared about nothing else.

Our family were nomads of sorts. My grandparents lived in Illinois while their two sons and one daughter move to different parts of the country after they were married off. My father and mother raised me and my little brother in a small New Mexico town about 1700 miles from home. Home became that place that the family would gather for holidays, weddings and funerals. Every summer the grandchildren would be sent or taken home to enjoy the country side and a chance of seeing and playing with each other. There was fishing, camping and playing sports. As children, we had a great time for many summers.

The summer of my 13th birthday, everything changed for me. That was the year that I had an encounter with the woman that would capture my heart forever.

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   At the time I wasn’t really aware of the profound effect that it would have on my life but it definitely got my attention. My uncle Fred was in the army and he was sent to Vietnam so his wife Sonja was living at Grand’s house with her two toddlers. Sonja was the youngest of my father’s family and I guess because I was the eldest of the children she took to liking me from the start. Certainly the more time I spent with her the better I liked it.

One sunny July afternoon, I fell out of a tree and suffered a slight concussion. While I was knocked out, my cousin went to the house for help. When I came to, I found myself in Sonja’s lap with her holding my head crying. “Oh Jerry, what have you done? Please wake up!“. I was astonished that she would make such a fuss over me and my admiration for her soared. It didn’t matter to me that she was some 12 years older than I, she was my angel from heaven and that was that.

Two years later, my father changed jobs so my family moved closer to home and it so happened that we moved to the same town that Uncle Fred and Aunt Sonja. Now during those 2 years my body had gone through a physical transformation and my sexual awareness was at it’s peak. I was wacking off every chance I got and it was amazing how little stimulation it took for me to get aroused. You’ve heard that old saying that a stiff breeze could excite my cock? Well I’m living proof. My dick developed into a thick meaty muscle of about ten inches and I had to constantly be aware of my surroundings so not embarrass myself.

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   Hell I would fuck a hole in the fence if I thought I it wouldn’t rip me to shreds. Of course in the late 60’s, I didn’t go fucking all of the girls at the age of 15, but I wanted to. In fact I had got into trouble more than once from attempting to spoil the virtue of a couple of the girls at my school. Well moving to a new town and school did wonders to help me clean up my sordid reputation.

When mom told me that Aunt Sonja was living a few doors down the street, my body seem to heat up to the boiling point! My thoughts of her exploded in my groin. I must have day dreamed a little cuz mom had to raise her voice to snap me out of it. “Sorry Mom. “ I responded. She continued to tell me the story of how Fred was injured in the war and was left in a wheel chair for the rest of his life and they were able to buy their house with a loan he received from the VA, my heart ached for her and so did my huge prick. My memory of her was etched in my brain like an open book and my fantasies flowed through my cerebral cortex in a raging current. Even though I hadn’t really thought of her in a sexual way before, I couldn’t help the way I felt now. In my eyes Sonja was the ultimate in loveliness. Her skin was of an olive complexion that turned bronze after a warm summer. She had long black hair with a tint of red, her narrow waist supported by the finest ass I ever seen, breasts large enough to feed a community of babies and the face of beauty itself. I immediately ran to my room and masturbated three times to get it to stay down for awhile.

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That next Sunday we went to Sonja’s for a barbeque and when I stepped into the house I was greeted by Fred in his chair. “Wow You sure have grown kiddo. The last time I saw you, you weren’t tall enough to see over a counter top!” I smiled back at him and said, “Hey Uncle Fred. You got a nice house here. ” He beamed and replied, “Thanks Jer. “ I turned just in time to hear, “Is that Jerry I hear?”, asked Sonja from the kitchen. She came running into the living room with her arms spread wide and a big smile on her face. I got the hug of my young life. Her huge mounds struggled to get free from their harness and it took all of my concentration to keep my cock from leaping into full strength. Although I believe she could feel my swelling penis pulse when she held me close. I smelled her perfume and thought I would loose my mind. She hadn’t changed at all in two years except she looked a little tired. Trying to hide my true feelings, I broke away and went straight out to the backyard patio to assist with the barbeque. My mind was racing with thoughts of lust and wonderment. God she was gorgeous and I struggled with my semi hardon as well as my bewilderment from the fact that she was my aunt and I had no shot at fucking her.

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Well the afternoon went pretty well and a good time was held by all. We listened to Fred talk about the war and his injury. I was amazed that he didn’t seem to bother him to talk about it. I listened intently but I also kept an eye on Sonja. She wore a halter top and shorts which displayed her gorgeous legs. Legs? That hardly describes the sheer elegance of her graceful stride and I thought I would cum in my pants. She made sure to smile at me when ever we were close and it made me think that maybe she could be had but I had to be careful. Consequently I spent a considerable amount of the afternoon in the bathroom whacking off. On one of my visits, I was interrupted half way to orgasm with a knock at the door. “Jerry are you in there?”. It was Sonja! Half choking, I relied, “Yeah, what’s up?”. “Your mom and dad are about to leave. Would you please stay behind and help with the clean up?”. My heart leapt from my chest. “Of course Aunt Sonja, I’ll be glad to.

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  ”. “Great, I’ll let them know that I will bring you home later. ”. I stopped wacking and straightened myself up. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wanted to save it for her just in case.

I made it out of the bathroom in time to wave mom and dad goodbye and went to help Sonja with anything she wanted. In about an hour we had everything taken care of and Fred retired to the bedroom. He said he needed to rest from all the excitement of the day. Their kids were still very young and they went to play in their room until time for bed. Sonja and I went outside on the patio to sit and visit with a cold soda. “Thanks for your help Jerry. It’s hard sometimes to do it all. ”. “No problem, Aunt Sonja, I’m more than happy to help. ”, I replied.

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   “Please Jerry! Call me Sonja when we’re alone. I feel old as the hills as it is. ”, she clamored. “You are not old and I will defend that fact! You have been and continue to be the most beautiful woman I have ever known. ”, I said. Feeling the blood rush to my face, I lowered my eyes and said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. ”. “Oh Jerry, thank you for that but don’t be sorry. I needed that. It’s been a long time since anyone has shown me that kind of attention. Your uncle’s injury has left him impotent and so he doesn’t have any sexual desire anymore. It’s not his fault and he is a good man but he doesn’t see me as a sexual partner anymore. Just a companion that he needs. ”, she explained.

I sat there and just wanted to take her in my arms an hold her.

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   I wanted to show her that everything would be ok. She had a streak ofa tear on one side of her face. As she got up I met her stance and wiped away the tears. I pulled her close and gave her a long hug. My dick with a mind of his own was nearly full. She whispered a slight moan then pushed back and said, “Uh, I better get you home now. Your mom will start to wonder. ”. “Don’t bother Au. . I mean Sonja. I’ll walk, it’s only about a mile. ”, I countered. She gave me another quick hug and thanked me again for the help and I went home.

A couple of weeks went by and one day my mom came to my room and asked if she could have a word with me.

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   She sat down on my bed and told me that she and Sonja have been talking. “Oh my god”, I thought to myself. Sonja must have said something to mom about our hug. “You know that your Uncle Fred can’t do much and there money doesn’t go very far. Well your father and I have decided to help anyway we can. I will be watching her kids after they get out of school. Fred can take care of himself during the day so she can go to her job at the dentist office. I would like for you to take care of her yard work and anything else around the house that she needs. The only thing is that she can’t pay you. ”. I was so relieved that I would have agreed to anything but instead I lucked out. To have a chance to spend time at Sonja’s even if it was to work for nothing was ok by me. “No problem mom. Glad to help. ”

The next few weeks I managed to get into a routine with what had to be done at Sonja’s.

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   She would come home after work to do what she needed to then take me home and get her kids. We always had a little time to sit on the patio and visit everyday and our relationship became stronger. My love for her grew more and more each day and she felt more at ease with me as time passed. She told me stories of her childhood and subsequently teens. With her body developing so fast, she was often a target of the boys at school. That is of course until her two older brothers caught wind of the pursuers then they made it clear that if any boy had any dishonorable intentions, there would be a severe price to be paid. Therefore most of them were scared off. She admitted that she lost her virginity to Fred on her wedding night. I never felt so grown up.

Then one day she came home 3 hours early. Fred was taking his afternoon nap as usual. She came to the rear of the house where I was weed eating with my shirt off. She sat down on a patio chair crying. I stopped the weed eater and went to her. “Sonja, are you alright?” I asked.

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   She looked up at me and was startled at my chest. She shook her head and continued to cry. “Please let me help. ” I begged. With her broken speech, she explained that her job was being eliminated. She went on to say that they will have to move to Grand’s house to save money. My heart fell. Now my eyes were wet and I tried to hide it from her without success. “Why are you crying Jerry?” I responded with the truth, “Sonja, I love you. I have always loved you every since I turned 18 I have longed for you in my dreams and my fantasies. I thought since we were living so close and that we was seeing so much of each other, I might get a chance to show you my love. ” “Jerry, I didn’t know how deep your feelings were for me. ” she replied. Just then she came close to me and cupped my face with her hands and said, “I have wanted you for so long. Every time we hugged and I could feel your manhood and I got weak kneed.


   I thought that you were just a growing boy. ” At that point she kissed me like I never been kissed before. My head went dizzy and my cock felt like a lightning rod. We stood up and embraced like lovers. She moved her hips into my jeans and rubbed against my swollen member. “ Oh Jerry, how big is this thing? No don’t tell me, I want to be surprised. Please, go to the spare bedroom and wait for me. I want to check on Fred. ” I watched her bounce off into the house with my head spinning. I couldn’t believe what she just said and even more what she was about to do. I did as she asked and went to the bathroom next to the bedroom and cleaned the grass cuttings off my chest. When I came out Sonja was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her tears had returned and she had the look of someone who made a mistake. “Jerry, I don’t know if we can do this. I love my husband but I also know I love you.

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   He can’t give me what I need and you can, but you are my nephew and that’s incest. In my mind I know how bad I want you but I also know that you love me deeply. I do not want to hurt you. What ever happens, you must know that we cannot be together as a couple. I can not leave my husband, I have to stay with Fred no matter what. ”

I knew then that this was the woman of heart’s desire. My admiration of her has no bounds. I sat beside her and said, “Sonja, my desire for you has never been stronger. That said I must tell you that I have never respected anyone more than I do you. Your devotion to your husband is unmatched. I know I am young in years but I believe that I am mature and practical. I know you will never leave Uncle Fred and to be honest, I would be disappointed in you if you did. Be that as it may, no matter what happens I will love you all of my days and as long as I live, I will love no other. ”

I leaned to her and kissed her on the cheek and began to leave. She took my hand and kissed it and kissed it again, then she pulled it to her chest.

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   She looked up at me and asked, “Jerry, are you a virgin?” I looked at her and responded, “Yes my love, I am. ” She took in a heavy breath and reached for my bulge in my jeans and squeezed it. I looked at her hand and then back to her face and she had this naughty smile that exude a wanton desire to fuck. “Sonja?” She unbuttoned her blouse and said, “I would be most honored to be your first. Please Jerry take me. Make me yours. Fuck me with that huge monster in your pants!”

I didn’t wait for her to change her mind. I got on my knees in front of her and finished removing her blouse. Her tits simply overwhelmed her black bra. I ran my lips across the tops of her mounds as she moaned. I slowly worked my tongue in between her tits and bra until they were soaked with my saliva. Sonja was heaving heavily as I kissed her on the mouth. Our tongues dueled a lovers duel that brought our passion to the summit. Meanwhile my hands were spreading her thighs. She willingly complied as she was pulling at my belt and zipper.

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       Once I had her legs open, I unclasped her bra. An avalanche of suppleness that defied reason flowed out to me, begging me to suckle and nurse them. Heaven was in my hands as I knead them and suck the largest nipples on the face of the planet. With her head thrashing left to right, her breathing was nearly out of control. “Oh god, Jerry your making me cum just sucking my tits! No one has ever been able to do that. Don’t stop! Ohoooooh I’m cummming!“ I sucked for all I was worth. When she came back to earth, I released her globes and dove for her pussy. I slid her dress up to her waist and planted my mouth on her naked, shaven honey pot. What a taste! I couldn’t get enough of it. Her juices flowed like a river into my mouth. Sonja’s pussy was magical. Every time I gave my attention to a different part of it, she went more crazy. I sucked on her lips then licked that little patch of skin between her asshole and cunt then rammed my tongue up her womb as far as I could but when I ran it over her clit and when I flicked it, WOW. I thought her legs were going to pop my head off. Her orgasms were coming one after another.

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       That was when I knew she was mine to do with what I please.

    I stood up as she laid on the bed squirming in ecstasy. I reached down and removed her skirt. There she was, laying there completely naked before me. My dreams and fantasies are begging me to impale her body with my shaft. While she watched me slowly undue my jeans she wiggled back and forth anticipating what was to come. “Please baby, give him to me, pleeease!” Her eyes widened and she gasped at the sight of my cock. It was so hard that if had exploded like a bomb, I would not have been surprised. She leapt from the bed and slammed her mouth onto my pulsating cock. “Oh Sonja, that’s incredible. My god woman I am about to spurt my gism into your mouth. ” This just encouraged her even more. She took my cock head to the back of her throat and beyond. It felt like nothing I had ever dreamed about. Then the most incredible thing happened.

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       She stuck her finger up my ass! “Ohhhhhh Fuck!“ I gushed what seemed to be a gallon of cum into her mouth. There was no way she could swallow it all. It poured from the corners of her mouth and down onto her mountainous tits. My legs turned to rubber and I fell to the floor. I must have blacked out a bit cuz the next thing I knew I was laying in her lap with her holding my head just as she did during that infamous summer. Again I was face to face with an angel, only this time she wasn’t crying. I reached up to her lips and we kissed with a passion that I have never been able to recreate with anyone.

    My cock quickly recovered so I got up from the floor and picked her up so she could straddle my waist and I lowered her down on my hard prick. Her eyes grew larger as I slowly inched my cock into her cavity. As I felt the head nudge against her cervix, I slowly pulled her up and down on me. She locked her legs around me and said, “Jerry, I have wanted this for so very long. Fuck me so hard that I won’t be able walk. I want to feel you long after you have gone. ” I knew what she meant by that. She knew as well as I did that this would be our only time together and she nor I ever wanted to forget this heavenly feeling.

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       So I did as I was asked. I lowered her down to the bed and pulled her legs from around my waist and raised them toward the ceiling. Then I quickened my pace until it felt like she was being fucked by a jack hammer. Her orgasms came in rapid fire like fireworks exploding in the sky. Her eyes had long since disappeared in the back of her head and when I felt my cum churning in the depths of my groin I yelled, “Sonja I going to cuuummm!“ Shegrabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me deeper in her than even before and she growled, “Fill my cunt you fucking animal! Shoot your hot seed into my womb. I’m your dirty slut and I need your cum inside me!“ That sent me over the other side of reality. My man juicepoured into my lover in gushes and she bucked and thrashed her body as she matched my orgasm with her own. Our bodies collapsed on the bed in a pool of our rewards. Our breathing was in perfect rhythm and we held each other for fear of letting go but let go we did. We quietly dressed and she drove me home.

    So I fucked the woman of my dreams and my dick was sore for a week. Within a few days they had everything packed and before I knew it they were gone. I think that was the toughest time of my life. My nights were filled with dreams of Sonja and my mornings brought the heartache of letting go. No longer would I be tempted by high school girls.

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       Not after tasting the essence of a woman. Mom seemed to understand why I didn’t go home to Grand’s anymore. I just couldn’t look at her as anything other than the woman of my heart and I did not want her to feel shame for what we had done. I finished high school and went to the University of Virginia to study dentistry. It had been five years since that afternoon and I had my share of sex with women. I explored many different sexual techniques and even fucked as many as three women at once. They would come around to test my sexual prowess and in the beginning it would be great but soon after I wouldn‘t show a lot of interest in them and they moved on. I just didn’t want anything serious. There was no replacing Sonja. She owns my heart and that’s that.

    After my classes one Monday evening I had a message on my machine from my mother. It seems that Uncle Fred has died of an infection cause from the use of the wheelchair and Sonja asked if I could be a pallbearer. So here I am, driving back home. Of course my mind wasn’t thinking of Fred. It was on the keeper of my heart.

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       That one person that could make my life worth living again. But what of her? What was her feelings? I stayed away from her on purpose. Maybe she felt I abandoned her. In a sense I did. How could I blame her for thinking so? Maybe she found someone else. Dear God I pray, please save me.

    As I pulled onto Grand’s road mom waved me down. She was waiting for me and made a point to get to me before anyone else. “Jerry, I have to talk to you alone. Please don’t go to the house yet. ” I felt concerned and asked her, “Mom what’s wrong?” She went to passenger side of the car and got in. “Come on and drive me to town and I’ll explain. ” So I drove back toward town. “Now mom, what is this all about?” She directed me to a small bar on the other side of town. I pulled into the parking lot as I was told and parked the car.

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       “Son, I know about you and Sonja. I have known for a long time. In fact I knew before you did. She confided in me about her feelings for you every since that summer you got your head busted. I knew about her feeling your bulge when you hugged and of course when you had sex. Yes I knew that it there was a chance that you two would hook up when I asked you to work at her house. ” Astonished at this revelation, I asked, “Then why did let me do it?” Mom replied, “I felt that it would be safer for you to be infatuated with Sonja than for you to try to have sex with school girls again. Yes I knew about that too. It was a deciding factor for us to move in the first place. ”

    I sat still for a moment then looked up at the bar. “So why are we here?” Mom then said, “Come on, lets go in for a beer. ” We walked into this very low lit hole in wall bar. After my eyes became adjusted, mom led me the booth at the rear of the bar. “Hello Jerry. ” We sat down and I was again face to face with an angel.

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       Silence was as thick as it was dark. Mom got back up to go get the beers. “I want to say how sorry I am for Fred’s passing. He was a good man and he deserved better. ” I said “Thank you. You were always honorable. So your mom told you huh?” “Yes “, was all I said. “Oh Jerry. Are you mad at me?”, she asked. “Sonja, I once told you that what ever happens, I love you. I have always loved you. I’ll love you all of my days and as long as I live, I will love no other. Mad? Not hardly. You gave me something that no other woman can or will, for the rest of my life. My feelings for you have never changed and never will.


      ” I looked into her eyes and saw a familiar trail of tears. I took a napkin and dried her face. She took my hand and kissed it. “I love you too Jerry and I don’t want to live without you anymore. Will you please have me?”

    At that point the bartender came over to the table and left a note. It read;
    Enough of this tear jerking shit. There is a motel next door and I am taking Sonja’s car back to the house. Now get over to the motel room and get to fucking! Love you both. Call me later…