Aunt Rose


Eric was a young man, just turned 15, and he was starting to notice women more and more. He never thought that he could find his aunt soo attractive until he spent the weekend with her. Those 4 days would change their lives forever.
Eric's parents were on vacation and he had that Friday off, so he had to stay at his aunt Rose's house til they got back. When Eric got to his aunt's house, he went inside to greet her. When he got inside, he couldnt believe his eyes. There was his aunt, standing there with nothing but a tiny towel on. She came up and gave him a hug and a kiss, and as she walked away, the top of her towel got caught on his necklace, and her towel fell off, revealing her petite, firm breasts and semi-shaved pussy, along with her tight ass. "Oh, my I need bigger towels," she said, acting like it was nothing at all. Of course, it was a big deal to Eric, as he had just seen his gorgeous aunt in the nude.
A few hours later, his aunt Rose went out for a jog. Immediately after she closed the door, Eric went upstairs and jacked off, dreaming passionately about fucking his 37-year-old aunt's brains out. He cummed 3 times, and wanted another shot of his hot aunt's body.

When she got back, she left him some dinner and went up to take a shower. Eric followed her upstairs. He couldnt find a way to see her until he went in his room and saw a big hole in the wall that went straight to the bathroom.

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   He got a great view. His aunt began undressing, revealing all of her womanhood to him. Then, he didnt believe it, but he heard his aunt moaning in the shower and saying his name! He went into her room and found her panties on the floor, and began beating off into them. As soon as he cummed, all of his clothes off, his naked aunt walked out. "ERIC!?! What are you doing!?" she said. "ummm, sorry aunt rose. " "Well Eric," she said,"I guess I cant be mad at you. But since youve seen my 'prized possessions', let me see yours. " He turned, his big dick facing her. "Oh my god, youre huge! Eric, I know this is wrong, but I havent had a good hard cock like yours since your uncle died 7 years ago. Please, fuck me, fuck your aunt good and hard!" "Anything for you, Aunt Rose. " 
They began kissing passionately for five minutes before she moved down to his cock. She took all nine inches in her mouth. "Oh my god, fuck yeaaaa!" Eric yelled, as he filled his aunt's mouth with his cum. "Ok, my turn," she said.

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   "Don't even bother eating me, I want that manhood in my pussy!" she told him.
    Eric laid back down, and his Aunt Rose mounted him, getting all nine inches into her sopping wet cunt. "OHHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! YEEESSSSSSS, YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!" she screamed as she rode up and down and rode like a cowboy. "OOOOOHhHH my GOD, FUUUUCK MMMMMEEEEEE!!!" she continued.    Eric then laid her down and pushed his dick into her and began pumping. "HOOLY SHIT!! OOooHHH MY GOD!   ERIC, FUCK YOUR BAD AUNT HARD!!!!" she yelled. She then wrapped her sexy legs around him and fucked in rhythm. "Ok auntie, Im gonna shoot, where do u want it?" "Fill up my cunt baby!" she said.   "Ok then," he said, and he pushed forward and proceeded to fill her up til she leaked.   "Oh my god, that was awesome Eric. I havent fucked like that since high school! But I wanted you to cum in my pussy for a reason. I need a man in my life, Eric, and I know that there are a lot more out there for me to go out with, but I realized that I want you. " "Oh, I want you too Aunt Rose. " "Eric, will you marry me?" she asked. "Aunt Rose, my parents are coming home in three days, we cant get married.

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      " "Well," she said, "We'll leave them a note that youre dropping out of school and getting married to a rich woman. "  "Ok, if youre sure that will work. . . . "
    Eric and his Aunt Rose left the note. The next day, they started on a four day road trip to California to start their family. His aunt had gotten a pregnancy test and was expecting their child. On their way to Cali, they stopped in Vegas and got married. Eric had not only fucked his aunt, but got her pregnant and married her. They lived a happy life as not only aunt and nephew, but also as husband and wife.