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At six sharp Aunt Meg knocked on the guest room door and roused the twins form their sleep. "Time for dinner, children," she sang out, "up and at 'em!!!" Both Zack and Zoey, still groggy from the long trip, came to the table sleepy eyed, but ready to eat a good home cooked meal. After the dinner dishes were washed and put away, the three of them sat down and watched a little television before bed time, until at nine o'clock Aunt Meg announced that it was time for baths and bed!!! The bathroom was at least twice the size of normal, and was dominated by a huge hot tub that sat over in the corner, already filled with hot water. "Okay, now the both of you, off with your clothes," ordered Aunt Meg!!! Zack and Zoey paused for a second, looked each other in the eye, shrugged their shoulders, and then slowly peeled off their things. Aunt Meg just stood there with her arms crossed, looking on approvingly at the naked bodies of her young visitors. "My, my," she commented softly, "you two have beautiful bodies, and Zoey, you have very pretty breasts and your vaginal lips are so puffy, and you Zack, you have a very lean and hard body with a much bigger penis than most boys your age!" Both twins turned red when they heard their aunt commenting on their body parts, and even though he was totally embarrassed, Zack immediately became erect while standing naked in front of his nude sister, and the roving eyes of his aunt! "Look Zoey," Aunt Meg enthused, "Zack has an erection, and look at how large it is!!!" Zoey had never seen an erect penis before, and even though she felt ashamed, she couldn't help but feel her vagina dampen at the sight of this strange new wonder! Aunt Meg went over to her and put her hand around her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Do you feel your pussy getting wet, dear, all women feel that way when they see and erect penis!!!" As she whispered in Zoey's ear, she let her hand slide up and cup the youngster's firm budding breast, squeezing it gently and softly twisting her now erect nipples. "Does that feel good," she asked Zoey, who by now was beginning to breathe shallowly as she became more and more sexually aroused!?! All Zoey could manage to do was nod her head yes as her vagina became soaked with pussy juice. Aunt Meg then led Zoey to the hot tub, and helped her climb over the side and into the hot soothing waters. It was now time to turn her attention to her nephew, Zack, who was still standing all alone with a big hardon sticking out proudly from his crotch. Taking his erection in her hand, she asked, "Do you ever jerk your cock off thinking about naked girls!?!" Growing even redder, Zack barely above a whisper replied, "Yes, yes I do!" "That's very good, Zack," she rejoined, "it's good for a you to have orgasms thinking about young naked girls, a young man needs to ejaculate at least once a day to keep himself relaxed, now, get in the tub with your sister so I can bathe you both!" Zack quickly scampered into the tub, grateful to get the chance to hide his raging hardon under the warm water, but what happened next was a total shock to both of them, because right before their eyes, Aunt Meg began undressing slowly, putting on a striptease for the two youngsters! While they were both lean and hard, Aunt Meg was full and plush with just a hint of paunch on her tummy. Her breasts were huge, and they spilled out of her bra and hung proudly with two large nipples in the state of constant erection, while her pussy was covered with a dense forest of brown pubic hair that spread into a large vee above her wet slit. She stood in front of the tub, letting the twins drink in the sensuality her body, while cupping her large heavy breasts in her hands, and jutting her pussy out obscenely, wantonly displaying her most intimate parts of her body! Staring down at her two young visitors, she ordered them, "Okay, dears, please masturbate for your Auntie, show her how well you can cum for her!" Both twins, now in a complete daze, let their hands find their genitals, Zoey lasciviously rubbing her tiny clit, and Zack fisting his meat while staring at the full lush body of his aunt.

Meg slipped over the side of the tub slid between the two teenagers, offering each one a large nipple to nurse on while jerking on their crotches. Meg leaned back an reveled in the feeling of having two young mouths planted firmly on her erect nipples, and soon she herself was using her middle finger on her now distended clitoris!When it became apparent that Zack was about to shoot his load, Meg had him stand up so that she could take his firm penis into her mouth and milk it of all of its hot cum! Just before he entered her mouth, she turned to Zoey and said, "Watch me carefully, darling, some day soon you will probably let a boy put his cock in your mouth and you'll want to know how to satisfy him!!!" Zack's pecker was hard as a rock, and as soon as Aunt Meg let it slip into her mouth, he couldn't help himself and erupted a huge load into her greedy throat! He groaned loud and long as his cum jetted in hot spurts from the slit in the end of his pecker, and it was all Meg could do to swallow each and every drop of the creamy nectar! Zoey looked on in fascination and asked, "Does it taste bad!?!" "Oh no, dear," replied Meg quickly, "it tastes wonderful, once you try it, you'll want to suck a cock off at least once a day, and maybe more!!!" The two females continued masturbating together until it Zoey seemed ready to have her orgasm. Meg had her sit up on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide apart, so that she could easily put her mouth on the young girl's vagina. As soon as tongue and clit made contact, Zoey let out a shuddering moanas her cunt was consumed by a long hard climax.

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   Zoey slid back into the tub, her cunt still throbbing from the hardest orgasm she had ever experienced!Aunt Meg then took the two children in her arms and kissed each one softly on the cheek and said, "Auntie is so glad her niece and nephew came to visit, I hope you will enjoy your visit!!!" Neither one of the twins said a word, they each just took a large nipple into their mouths and sucked contentedly! That was all the answer Aunt Meg needed!!!THE ENDMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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