Aunt Lois has the time of her life


Topic: Aunt Lois goes sex crazyThis is a story about my Aunt Lois who was a very conservative woman, and who thought that the only time that one should have sex was to procreate.   She was one of those women who would come to church each and every time that the church door was opened.   She would lead the wednesday night service and any other service that she was asked.   The beginning of her fall was the summer of 2007.
 That summer, she was asked by the elders of the church to chaperone the teen conference at the beach.   Of cource, she accepted. Now, you have to understand that she had only been to the beach two times and that was when she was a teenager- probably 45 or 50  years ago.   Now she was 62 years old , but had the vigor of a 20 year old.
The day came when the church teenage retreat left for the beach- there were 18 girls and 18 boys that were on the bus for the trip.   The travel to the beach was very uneventful and peaceful.   When the bus pulled up to the beach house, everyone got their luggage and proceeded  to  their respected rooms.

Everyone raced to unload so that they could hit the beach. Remember that Lois had not been to the beach in over 40 years, so therefore she had no idea what the swimsuits of today looked like.   When the girls came out of their cabin with their skimpy 2 piece swimsuits on, she thought she was going to have a heart attack.   She couldn't believe that the girls were wearing such vulgar outfits that practically showed everything that they had.   And the boys swimtrunks were so baggy that there manhood was practically hanging out of their suits.

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    Lord, this is a nightmare, she thought.   What am I going to do? 
 Lois walked up to one of the girls and asked why were all the kids dressed like that- and she was told that is the way all the teenagers dressed for the beach or the pool.   Lois didn't know what to do.   If she complained to the parents, they may think that she cannot handle this trip and not ask her again- because the church was her entire life.   So, she decided not to make a fuss about this and just go with the flow.   The kids seemed happy and in a good mood- so she wasn't going to rock the boat.
Well, Aunt Lois went and put on her old one piece swimsuit, that was black and long- and it covered almost all of her body.   The kids began laighing at what she had on- but it didn't bother her in the least.   Lois got her a chair and an umbrella and staked out a spot on the sand.   She had no longer sat down when one of the boys began screaming that he needed help- he was going under.   Lois jumped up and ran into the water to retreave him.  
As James - the boy's name-seemed to be going under again, lois gathered up the strength to pull him out of the water. As they lay on the sand, James turned and winked at another one of his friends.   It was all a joke- they wanted to pull a joke on Lois. But a different look came upon James' face.

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   He realized that while they were in the water, Lois's breasts brushed up against him. - and they were huge!!  He thought to himself, I sure would like to cop me a feel of those monster tits and even get a look at them.   All James could think about was Lois' breasts- and he thought she is so gullable that should be easy.   James continued thinking about those lovely tits.   Part 1.