Aunt Jenny's Visit - Part 1


“You’ve grown into a handsome young devil. ” She blushed. She hadn’t expected her niece to turn out to be this young hunk. Roy was blushing himself. Aunt Jenny looked far younger than he had imagined, and her perfume had sparked an urge in him that he wasn’t sure he should be having. “Let me get that. ” He said quickly, grabbing her bag. “I booked a room at this motel. ” Aunt Jenny handed him a card once they were in the car. “It was the only one that fit in my budget and it’s close to the University of Chicago. ”“But that’s a very risky part of town, Aunt Jenny!” said Roy. “Oh my! What am I to do?” Aunt Jenny looked distraught. “You should just stay with me while you’re here. ” Roy suggested, his mind racing with ideas. “But how could I? Don’t you have a room-mate or something” stammered Aunt Jenny. “No, I have a one-bedroom pad all to myself,” said Roy proudly.

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  “I don’t want to get in the way of your personal life…. I mean your girlfriends…” Jenny was blushing again. She was sure girls would be flocking after her nephew. She looked shyly at his cute face, imagining what he would do with girls in his “pad”. “I can do without them,” said Roy. “Moreover, now I have you for company. ” he said coyly. Once they got home, Aunt Jenny got out of the long overcoat, and Roy got a better look at his Aunt. She was trim and lean, wearing a white blouse that did justice to her good- sized breasts and flat stomach, and a well fitting knee length skirt that showed her shapely legs covered in flesh-toned stockings. She kicked off her high-heeled boots and looked around. “You have a nice view of the lake” she said walking up to the large window. “Y. . eah” stammered Roy as he quickly took his eyes off her shapely ass. “The kitchen is pretty small, but the view is really great.

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  ”He wasn’t sure if Aunt Jenny had caught him looking at her, but if she had, she didn’t seem to notice it. “I need to take a shower. These bus journeys can be quite tiring”“Sure” said Roy, taking her bag to the bedroom. “You can have the bedroom, I’ll take the couch in the living room”Jenny watched as he left the room. He sure had a good body, and his ass look very cute. “Watch yourself” thought Jenny to herself. “He’s your nephew, and very good looking as well. He must be getting his fill of sexy young city girls. ”Yet she knew her nephew had more than a normal interest in her. She undressed quickly and was surprised to find her panties moist. Her veins were throbbing, forbidden thoughts clouding her mind. She absently put on a bathrobe and went out of the bedroom into the bathroom. In the bathroom she looked at herself in the full-length mirrors that were on all the walls except the shower area. Her breast were well shaped and her nipples hard. She turned and looked at her firm butt, running her fingers over them.


   She quickly turned got into the shower for a cold blast – she had to get a grip over her runaway feelings!Roy heard his Aunt taking a shower. He went in the bedroom to change into shorts and a tee. His Aunt’s clothes were lying in a heap on the floor. He picked up the panty from the top and was surprised to find it moist. He smelled the salty aroma of sex. He stood for a while, lost in thought, when he suddenly realized the shower had stopped running. He quickly changed into a tank top that showed his biceps and small shorts that hugged the contours of his cock“Roy! Can you hear me?” Aunt Jenny was calling him from behind the bathroom door, which was ajar. Roy went near and he could see her reflection in the mirrored walls by the side of the opening. Her breasts were large and the nipples erect. He could not help but ogle her firm ass and shapely legs. “I forgot to get the towel. ” She said, looking sheepish. “My mistake…. ” Said Roy, tearing his eyes away. He could feel an erection forming, and it was getting larger rubbing against the shorts, as he stepped to the linen closet.

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  “Here it is” he handed it, looking down, too scared to look at his Aunt. Jenny was going to grab the towel as fast as she could when she caught sight of the bulge in Roy’s shorts. It was clearly straining the thin material. She hesitated, and in that moment Roy looked up and saw her looking. She quickly grabbed the towel and closed the door. Roy was excited as he headed back to the living room. He wasn’t sure how his Aunt would react to the erection. Would she storm out of the apartment? He doubted it, considering how helpless she was in this city. He pushed aside the doubts and decided to take the plunge. His mind was racing to figure out ways to seduce his Aunt. He had to get her in the kitchen with him. It was a small U shaped enclosure with barely enough space for two. He pulled out the cutting board and started slowly chopping greens for a salad, his mind still working at a feverish pace. Aunt Jenny finally emerged, wearing her pajamas. “I think I’ll go to bed,” she said, not looking Roy in the eye.

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  Roy knew instantly that all was not lost. “I’ve made dinner for us” he said softly. “Won’t you join me?”Jenny could smell the pizza in the oven. She hadn’t eaten during the bus ride and was famished. A part of her wanted to avoid temptation, yet the other hungered, and not just for food!“What are you preparing?” she asked, stepping up to the kitchen counter. “A salad to go with the pizza” said Roy. “If you’ll help me with the salad, I could whip up a drink for you”“Sure, it’s the least I can do” said Aunt Jenny and she came into the kitchen. She noticed Roy’s biceps were well toned and muscular as she took the knife from him. “Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly” thought Roy. He looked down and saw that Aunt Jenny was barefoot. She had perfectly painted toes. Her silk pajamas were smooth and shiny, clearly outlining her breasts and ass. Roy felt his cock stirring again. “I’ll make us a couple of martinis, shaken not stirred” said Roy, as he brushed past her, gently rubbing her ass with his rising cock. The kitchen had just enough space for him to brush past his Aunt and he planned to fully utilize this design.

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   He took out a tray of ice from the freezer and again slid past her back, pressing a bit harder, moving slower this time as he went by. His cock had now grown to more than half it’s full size and was lifting up the front of his shorts. He acted nonchalant and knew his Aunt was looking at him. He put the ice in the martini shaker, poured out equal parts of gin and vermouth, and shook it. He made sure his semi-erect cock shook along with him. He then poured out the martini, and stepped up to his Aunt. She was slowly finishing up the salad, but she looked flushed and breathless. He stepped closer, his arms rubbing hers, his bulge pointing toward her but not touching her. “I’ll set the table, while you clear this” He whispered in her ear, smelling her hair. He deliberately slid slowly, with his cock pushed against her ass. He moved slowly from one side to the other, and his cock responded by enlarging to it’s fullest when he reached the crack of her ass. He could hear the sharp intake of breath and his Aunt’s body stiffening, as his cock sprang up and pressed into the cheeks. She held firm against his thrust, not moving, seemingly busy with the salad. She was tossing the salad now, her ass moving slightly as she kept the pressure against him. “You do have a small kitchen” she said nonchalantly.

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   Roy knew she was now playing games with him and it excited him even more. He had a good mind to grab her breasts from behind and be done with the pretense, but his Aunt’s act of innocence turned him on even more. He slid past her and strutted out of the kitchen, his cock taunt in an obscene bulge. He could play the game as well. He made sure he walked past her a few times, setting the drinks and plates, maintaining the erection. She served the salad and pizza, appearing to notice nothing, and they sat down for dinner. “To new beginnings!” toasted Roy and he eyed her mischievously. She held his gaze but showed no trace of emotion in her eyes. They ate wordlessly. Roy thought of his next maneuver as he sipped the martini. Before he could make a move, Aunt Jenny got up, and kissing him on the cheek, she said, “Thank you for the dinner, I enjoyed it. ” She went away to the bedroom, leaving him confused and frustrated. He knew she was just out of his reach. He wanted to follow her into the bedroom, but his pride kept him at the table. “Well, I have a whole month,” thought Roy.

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   He cleaned up after dinner and lay down on the couch. Jenny closed the bedroom door and fell back on the bed. It had taken all her will power to act unmoved by her nephew’s display. She hadn’t had sex for the longest time. Her skin was hot and she felt breathless. The sight of her nephew’s bulge and the pressure of his tip prodding her asshole kept haunting her memory. She knew she couldn’t sleep, but she didn’t want to step out to the living room either. Thinking back at how she had toyed with him, acting as if nothing had happened, she felt a surge of power and arousal. She wanted to play more and see who would break down first, and right now she had to stay in the bedroom to see if Roy would come begging. She decided to get ready for him, and slipped off her pajamas. She wore only a loose shirt, buttoning up just a couple of buttons in the middle. She was about to lie down in a sexy pose, when some books on the shelf caught her eye. Dirty magazines! And not just Playboy or Penthouse. Roy seemed to have a thing about anal sex, judging from the magazines. Jenny looked with horror and excitement as she scanned page after page of big throbbing cocks pushed deep into tight assholes of women who seemed to be enjoying the pain.

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   No wonder he kept rubbing past my ass, she thought. Here was a book – A beginner’s guide to anal sex. Jenny lay down on the bed and started reading it. The author made it seem very pleasurable. Soon she began to feel horny, her fingers had unconsciously made their way to her clit, rubbing gently. She put the book down and pressed against her puckered asshole with the middle finger of her other hand. She suppressed a moan as she slipped her finger in, and slid it slowly further in, trying to match its rhythm with the fingers rubbing her clit. Before she knew it, she had a powerful, throbbing orgasm! She was surprised at the intensity and the readiness with which she had come. She laid back enjoying the sensation, her finger still stuck up her ass. She was ready to sleep, Roy was obviously not going to come knocking. The martini and the sex had left her throat dry; she needed to drink some water. She wiped her hands and her pussy clean, before stepping out for the water. She knew she was dressed scantily, and the thought of playing Roy’s game back at him aroused her. She tiptoed through the dark living room to the kitchen and turned on the small light by the sink. Roy appeared to be fast asleep on the couch.

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   She drank water and looked again at her nephew from the corner of her eye to see if he was awake. It looked like he still had a bulge. She switched on the light in the living room and to her amazement, his cock was fully erect and in full view! He had put on sleeping shorts that had a slit in the front, and he must be having an erotic dream judging by the size of his erection. Jenny could not resist taking a better look. She knelt by the couch, inches away from this powerful specimen of manhood. She was drawn to it, wanting to touch it, lick it, and taste it deep within her insides. She imagined it entering her asshole. The thought frightened her. Her finger alone had strained her anus; she could still feel the tingling. Her nephew’s cock was gigantic compared to her finger! She put her fingers softly along his shaft, trying to compare sizes, imagining the pain of his big member poking her ass. She gripped his cock gently, massaging along its length. She gently felt for his balls, still within the shorts, and cupped them. Roy was fast asleep, but she could hear him groan with pleasure. He must be dreaming about me, she thought. I can’t let him catch me stroking him, and her will to play the game conflicted the sheer joy of holding this powerful, fleshy rod.


   She was still stroking him, when suddenly he shot a big load. It erupted in her hands, falling all over his shorts and her hands, hot and sticky, smelling salty and sweet at the same time. She glanced quickly to see if he was awake but he was smiling in his sleep, a peaceful, content expression on his face. She imagined that in his dream he had come in her ass. The very thought made her wet. She rushed back to the bedroom and using his cum as a lubricant she put in two fingers this time into her asshole, while feverishly stroking her clit and pussy. She closed her eyes, using the fresh memory of his throbbing cock to fuel her imagination. Her body arched with pleasure, and she jerked as multiple orgasms racked her frame. Tired and content, Jenny was soon fast asleep. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.