Aunt and Uncle Take My Virginity


MY Summer was boring until one night Aunt Claire and Uncle Jack left and told me I would be alone but call if I needed to. THey gave me a number. I went downstairs in my nightie to watch TV and there was a tape in the VCR. I turned it on and it was Aunt Claire and Uncle Jack in bed. They were naked and Claire was sucking Jack's cock. (I called it thing back then). She was really excited and he soon filled her mouth with his cum and then he dove between her legs and ate her. After that He put it deep in between her legs and she was yelling to "Fuck her hard. " All they did in the video was have sex and it was a long time.
I had been developing when I came to visit and at the age of 18 had 34B breasts and was already playing with myself to make myself feel good. I had been doing this all the way through the video and now felt an orgasm making me really hotter. I massaged my button and I squirted all over my hand and the couch. I went to bed and finished playing with my button and had a coule more orgasms and fell asleep. The next day Claire woke me and asked if I had watched TV late. I told her I did and remembered her and JAck naked al hot. I really thought about her nice dark nipples and his huge hard cock in her.


   It made me feel nervous that they would know I had seen them since I thought it had been left there by accident.
THey went out again that night, again promising to be late and I went to the VCR again, again in my nightie. I turned it on and it was Claire with Maggie, a friend of theirs. They were very normal, just talking and like that. THen Maggie threw a drink on Claire and they laughed. Then Claire threw one on her and they laughed again. Both had no bras on and their nipples were now hard through the shirts that were wet. Suddenly Maggie grabed Claire and kissed her. Soon they were both kissing and taking off their clothes. Then I thought, "Someone is filming them, but who?" My hands were under my panties and night shirt and I felt very hot, the wetness was terrible between my legs. They went to the couch I was sitting on and Maggie sat Claire down and began eating her. She was soaking wet on her face and juices were all over her and Claire had a wonderful orgasm. They kissed and then Claire was between her legs eating her. They were wild and they were all over each other. The 69 was their favorite position and they were eating for what seemed like hours.

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   My button gave a wonderful orgasm and then another as I rewound the tape and watched it again. This time I went to the end of the tape and as I was watching Claire and Maggie stopped and looked at the camera, "Did you enjoy watching us Teresa? We hope that you did cause soon you will be learing how to enjoy making love. See you soon Baby. " I could not believe what had happened. They had set me up to watch them and get hotter than I had ever been. The thing was that I wanted to do it with them.
I slept some that night and when Claire came in to wake me I had gone to bed naked. "Wake up sleepy head, time to start the day. " she said. I looked at her, visualizing her the way she had been on the film. "Aunt Claire?" "Yes dear. " she said smiling. "Will you do with me what you and Maggie did?" I said pulling back the sheets showing I was naked under them. "Oh yes Baby, I will. " she said and kissed me making me hotter than I was.

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   She leaned down and licked my tits making them really want more and then she kissed her way down my tummy to the little dark hair I had between my legs. She kissed my lips and then found my clit and began sucking it slowly but more and more she built up her sucking until I squirted her face. She licked my juices and kissed me again making me hot again. I have always enjoyed stimulation in my mouth, sucking nipples and cocks as I grew up made me hotter than almost anything else. Claire laid down next to me now and she guided me to her nipples. I sucked them the way she had done to mine. She was squirming like crazy and guided my hand to her shaved pussy. I massaged her lips and then my hand went into her pussy. She made my hand move in and out and I caught on so that I was fisting her pussy and soon she soaked my hand and wrsit in her pussy.
We made love for the morning and then got up and ate breakfast both totally naked. We laughed and ate and spilled food on each other then licked it off and made love again. About 2PM we showered and dressed and went out to shop. She got me some sexy clothes even though I was 18 she said I look 18 or 18 and could if I wanted to. We drove home and sat on the couch kissing some. "Do you think you would like to make love to Uncle Jack?" she said.

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   "You mean have his thing in me?" I asked her. "Yes dear, and his cum too. " "If you will be with me while we do it. " I told her. "Okay hun, how about tonight?" "Sure. " I said. "Okay, then lets get ready for him to get home. " We made some supper and then waited for Jack to get home. He did and I think he knew what was up but acted normal. We ate and Claire and I finished and cleaned up and Jack sat on the couch. "Come on," she said and we went upstairs. She looked through what she had gotten me and said, "Here put this on, Jack loves black. " I put on panties and a baby doll top that alost did ot cover my tits. "Good, have a drink dear" she said and gave me some wine. I drank it down and felt funny then she gave me another.

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   I drank it too and really felt good. I giggled a lot.
"Okay Baby, downstairs for Uncle Jack, ready. " I kissed her and we went down the stairs. She helped me downstairs and we walked to the front of the couch and Uncle Jack smiled. "Wow, very nice outfits ladies. " he said. Claire had changed too and was wearing an outfit that was like mine. She turned me to her and we kissed and began dancing together. I was numb but tingling all over. Jack had his pants down now watching us. His thing was huge, and Aunt Claire told me later it was nine inches long. We undressed each other and played while we did then Claire and I got on each side of Jack and massaged his cock. He was kissing me and touching me all over making me hotter than I had been already. "can I suck his thing?" I asked Claire.

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   "Yes dear, do what you like. " I began licking his thing the way I had seen on the tape and he moaned loud. Claire was playing with my pussy while I was licking him and then I took it into my mouth and tasted his pre cum. Suddenly I squirted Claire's hands with an orgasm. "His juice made me squirt. " I laughed. "Really?" Claire said. "Yeh, the taste made me really hot and I squirted. " Suddenly I looked at his thing and sank it into my mouth. I wanted to have ot all in my mouth and so I began trying to make it fit. I know my hips were going crazy on Claires fingers and then Jack filled my mouth and I squirted Claire again. His cum was all over my mouth and was coming out. "Oh Jack, do it again please, I love the feeling and the taste. " He moved my head to it and I began sucking him again.
Claire took me and moved me up and I looked at his hard cock and Jack said, "Time to have it in your tummy Baby.

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  " They moved me over it and Claire guided it to between my pussy lips. Slowly they moved me up and down and then I told them, "Please, go in all the way, hard. " "Okay Baby, get ready. " Claire said and suddenly she puched down on my hips and legs and it sank into my pussy, my cherry breaking finally and his thing all the way in me. I was bleeding a lot but wanted to have Jack finish and fill me with his cum. He moved his hips up and down and soon his cum mixed with the blood of my chery and he filled me up. I slipped off him and Claire took my upstairs to clean me up and Jack cleaned up the clouch and floor that had my blood all over it. We dessed and came down and I kissed Jack and then looked at him. "I want to suck you and eat Aunt Claire some more, can I please. " They smiled and said sure and both undressed and sat on the cushions and I laid down playing with one and sucking or eating the other. We fell asleep that night with me having on panties and a tampon in me and Jack and Claire naked with me between their legs sucking kissing and licking. That was the beginning of my real sex education classes.