Audrey part 2


Audrey – Part 2
I woke up that morning, with Audrey still tucked up right beside me. She had her ass pushing right up against my now hard again cock. It was early yet, just before sunrise. Everyone was still asleep in the house. Now, however, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I guess they get too wet from the night prior, and she slipped them off before going back to sleep. I reached under her t-shirt, and stroked her tit, and my cock lurched. I could tell that my boner was still slicked up. I don’t know if it was from my own pre-cum, or if it was the cum I had left in her beautiful pussy just the night before. But just thinking about it had me ready to go again. I snuggled up closer to her, and began to rub my dick along her ass crack, in search of her glorious hole. Without much effort, I found my mark. I slowly started to insert my throbbing member into her pussy. It was just as I remembered it, pure heaven.
I decided that I wanted to see if I could do her without waking her up. More so, I wanted to see if I could give her an orgasm in her sleep again as well.

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   Slowly, I sawed in and out of her pussy. She was still very tight, so I had to go slow. I couldn’t get over how it felt as I fucked her again, now for the second time. It felt like a tight rubber ring around my cock. I didn’t go too deep, just quick, shallow thrusts. I didn’t try to make it last long this time. I just wanted to get her and I off. I snaked my hand down her stomach to her light cunt hair. Gently, I started rubbing her little clitty, and I could hear her breath start quickening. I was pretty dulled at this point, and I thought I might have a hard time getting off. Remember, I had already blew three loads the night before.
I started pushing myself deeper into her, in hopes that I can speed things up a bit. I rubbed her clit even faster now. I was desperate to cum now. I wanted it, and it felt like I might not be able to.

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   I was going at it for about ten minutes by now, when all of a sudden, I heard footsteps upstairs. My father had always been an early riser, and today was no exception. But I was fortunate. The kitchen is upstairs, and he had a routine. Coffee and the newspaper, for the first half hour of the morning. Then he would be off to the bathroom for another 18 minutes. That meant I had 45 minutes to finish up. It was plenty of time. I went back to fucking her sweet, tight little pussy. I started to grind into her, holding her narrow hips for better leverage. Once again, I could swear that I felt her cervix. I was absolutely on cloud nine. I was still rubbing her clit at this point, but I stopped quickly to raise her shirt. I wanted to see those beautiful breasts again. They were perfect.

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   Firm, perky, with great little cherry pink nipples. I never did say what she looked like. As I said before, she had 34 B tits, but she was starting to spill out of her bras, and started wearing 34 C bras, but they were a little big on her. But, more room to grow, I hoped. She was about 5'6", and maybe 120 pounds. She had strawberry blond hair, and light skin tone. Her hazel eyes would melt stone if she gazed upon it. She was a typical Irish beauty. I dropped my mouth to suckle on one of those nipples, and again, like the night before, she let out a soft sigh. “She must love to have her nipples sucked. ” I thought to myself. I resumed stroking her button, and I could feel her nipple getting bigger in my mouth. “I’m going to do this every night, from now on. ” I thought.
 I was getting close to cumming now, thank god, as I was starting to get a little tired.

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   Not that I could ever get tired of doing my sexy little sister, but I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before, and I was now going at her for about 18 minutes. I kept pumping gently in and out of her, and she was really panting again. I could tell that her orgasm wasn’t very far off. Her face and chest were flushed once again, and I knew I was going to achieve my goal. She was rocking her hips slightly with me, but I had no indication that she was awake. As a matter of fact, when I looked up at her, she was definitely asleep. She even had a look of almost pain on her face. Not so much pain, but want. I knew it was only a matter of moments before I shot another load. I had to get her off soon. My cock was soaked with her juices. I couldn’t believe she had anything left to slick us up with. I thought that she had to have dripped a gallon of her sweet nectar already between now and last night. I was close. As soon as she came, so would I.

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   I thought about where I was going to deposit this load. I decided that I’d leave it on her belly and tits. I wanted to rub it in, and let her go about her day with my cum on her, without her knowing. The timing couldn’t have been better, for she started to have her orgasm, in her sleep. That was so hot, it almost had my lose it right there inside of her. She was moaning a little bit, and sweat was running down her face. She was kind of loud, so I had to put my hand over her mouth. She was grinding into me pretty hard by now. I wasn’t going to last long at all. But, what do I do? Get up and bathe her with my sperm, or keep my hand over her mouth to keep her from gathering attention? She was starting to quiet down, when, to my horror, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. “OH MY GOD!” I thought.
 My father was coming down. No doubt, he heard her moan, and was coming to investigate. Meanwhile, Audrey was still grinding my cock, and her pussy was contracting on my cock. It felt great, and it was also more then I can handle.

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   I pulled her into a spoon position with no time to spare. At that very moment, my father appeared at the bottom of the steps. I was fortunate, being that we took over the downstairs T. V. room, the only lights down there were the flouresant ceiling lights. I guess he didn’t want to turn them on, because the bright light would have woken us up. Lucky, because in the dark, he couldn’t see her flushed face or the sweat dripping down it. But, it also hid the fact that she was still slowly grinding my cock inside of her pussy. I sensed him stop, and watch over us to ensure that everything was okay. All he saw was his two angels, sleeping, with his little girl being protected in her sleep by her big brother. If he only knew, I’d probably be dead now. He stood there watching, and unfortunately, it was a little too long. After all the grinding that she was doing, it finally worked. Right there, under my father’s watchful eyes, I blew yet another load into my little sister’s twat. It felt huge.

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   It seemed to last for minutes. But then again, my father couldn’t have been standing there for minutes watching over us sleeping, so time must have stood still. I felt my cum start to push out around the sides of my cock as it ran down her asscheek. It was everything I could do to keep myself from groaning out loud.
 After what felt like about a pint of cum came out of me, my father turned and went back upstairs. I made it. He didn’t know what I was doing. And, looking over at my sexy little sister, neither did she. I slipped my now softening cock out of her cunt with a wet “plop”. I knew I was going to have to clean up the bed when we got up. But she simply continued to sleep; apparently last night’s activities had tired her out pretty good. I pulled her shirt back down over her luscious tits, and rolled over and went back to sleep.
 I was exhausted, and I slept until 10:00 a. m. It was summer, so neither Audrey nor I had school to worry about.

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   Both of our parents worked, and my older siblings were doing their own thing out and about. Upon waking, I heard Audrey softly singing in the shower. I decided that I too, needed a shower. Well, after last night, why wait and let her use up all the hot water. I rolled over to get up out of the bed, and immediately noticed a huge wet spot on the bed. I almost forgot. I stripped the sheets off the bed, and deposited them into the laundry room. The downstairs bathroom was right next to the laundry room, so I continued over to it. I quietly opened the door and slipped in. Though an opening in the shower curtain, I could see my sister showering. Her skin glistened under the water. She was a goddess. I would have done anything for her at that point. But, I also would have done anything to her at that point as well. I quickly stripped out of my clothes, and slid in the shower behind her.

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   She had shampoo in her hair, so she couldn’t see me. By now, my cock was hard again, (Hey, I was 15, the wind could blow, and I’d get hard. ) and I slid it down between her ass cheeks, towards her pussy. She gasped out loud, startled, and then backed up into me, realizing who it was. I just left my steel hard cock in her ass crack, and took over lathering her hair. She just sighed a bit, and let me take over.
I washed her hair, and used the lather to rub her tits. Her nipples got hard again, and she pressed her back into my chest. Her little cherry nipples stuck out about half an inch, and I proceeded to pinch and squeeze them. Her tits were really a thing of beauty. In retrospect, they seemed to defy gravity. For a 18-year-old, they were really nice and full. No other girls in her class were even close to the size of her. I can honestly say, that at 13, she looked more like she was 18 or so. My right hand left her breast, and slid down her trim belly to her mound.

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   I began stroking her clit again. She reached her hand down, and pulled my hand away from her. She turned around, and looked me in the eyes. “I can’t right now. I’m sore. We really must have went at it last night, because I’ve never been this sore before. Even after playing with myself for a while, I’ve never felt this sore. ” She said. “But, I’ll tell you what. Since you were so nice and gentle with me last night, and you made me feel so wonderful, maybe there’s a way that I can pay you back. ” 
With that she dropped down to her knees, and right there in the shower, she took my hard dick in her hand, and started to stroke me. Just when I thought I was only going to get a hand job, she placed her hot mouth on my cock. I was again reminded of how amazing and warm her mouth and lips felt. Now, a little more awake, and paying much closer attention, I realized she wasn’t as good at it as I thought she was last night. I think that it was due to the fact that she was actually doing it that made it feel so good last night.


   She was lightly scraping my dick with her teeth, and to be honest, with all the action I had in the last 12 hours, I too was a little sore as well. And, I guess she had no idea that I fucked her again this morning, so there was no way I was going to cum again so soon. I pulled her up, and as she looked at me questioningly, I pulled her into a long, deep kiss. “We’ll save this for another time. Right now, I’m starved, and I need to get something to eat. ” I said. She smiled at me, and quickly rinsed off, and jumped out of the shower to let me finish. I finished my shower thinking of everything that had happened, my hard on never going down. “I wonder what’s in store for me tonight?” I thought as I lathered up my own hair.
To be continued. . .



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