At mom's for the weekend


Topic: A weekend to not forget!   It's twelve P. M. on a Friday morning and the only thing I feel is the humid summer air run over my half sticking out body as I attempt to get cool as I sleep in. It's not like me to sleep in but I'm at my dads house till about two when my mom will pleasantly rescue me from this hell hole, it's no wonder she left him. I finally decide to stumble out of my bed sit on the edge for a second letting my longish brown hair fall in front of my blue eyes. As I yawn confirming it is time to get my ass out and about I look down at the bulge in my boxers indicating its time to pee. I walk to the bathroom take a glance at my self scratch my stomach, and start to overview my figure. Now I'm the type who is obsessed with the bench press and working my ass out so I am built. The work out "V", six pack the whole package, not to brag but I worked for it. Any ways back to the story. After I'm done relieving my self in the bathroom I head back to the room throw some clothes on and kick back and play a little video games as I wait for my mom, not planning on acknowledging my dad at all.  
    I soon hear the sweet sound of my moms squeaky breaks pull up to the drive way, I leap as if I was a kangaroo to my feet grab my back pack filled with clothes and the essentials for a sleep over. I run down the stairs yell "BYE DAD" not getting a reply, how typical. . Whatever. My mom is already out of the car to greet me with one of her homemade sweet hugs.

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   As I eye her I notice that she has on a medium black skirt, tight fitting, with a tight black sweater layered with a white undershirt. Perfect for her perfect curves. But the first thing that comes out of my mouth is "Aren't you hot?" She replies "A little but I have to dress to impress at work, beauty is pain" with a little giggle towards the end. I replied with one of those 'that's not funny mom' but I chuckled just cause shes my mom thats what sons do.
"So wow it seems like its been for ever since I've seen you honey" my mom states.
"Nah come on its only been since my birthday party about two months, it could be worse" I argue nicely back.
"Seems like you get so much older every time I see you how old are you now 32!?" again with the giggles.
"Ha Ha no I'm 17, but close enough"as I humor her.
     As we are on the hour long ride to her house for the weekend we seem to just chat aimlessly and catch up on what has been going on between us since our last get together. The hour fly's by seems like its been 18 minutes, then next thing I know we pull into the garage and open the car doors. I grab my bag from the back seat, while my mom has already walked in the house to greet the dogs, and make my way up to my room to drop off my stuff.
    By this time I glance at the clock and its a quarter till four and mom announces she is making up hotdogs and some chips for lunch, I'm stoaked.
"Hun why dont you take the car over to the movie store and rent us a couple of good movies for this evening? The hot dogs will be done shortly"
"Okay Mom"
    I head to the store pick out some good movies and head back to the house in need of some food, as I walk in I hear nothing but silence but for some reason I have no urge to call out to find mom. I stalk quietly through the house and look down the hall my door is still closed as I left it. But in the corner of my eyes I catch a glimpse of my moms door open.

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   I quietly walk down the hall and peak in and from the reflection on her mirror I see my mom in just a black thong, with her golden blond hair running to the middle of her back, nothing more. I can see the side of her breast and her erect nipple due to the coldness of the house. Now since were in California she is golden tan and by estimate I'd say she was in the "C" cup range and was about 5'6 to 5'8 probably weighing 140 in very fit condition. Just like her boy.
    As I stand there watching her looking for clothes to put on I find my eyes glued to her as she turns and gives my great angles of her exceptional body, and I can steadily feel my skin loose color due to all my blood leaving and entering into my cock. I rub the out side of my shorts and precum a little but than I find self restraite walk away from the door and head back to the garage door acting as if I had just arrived.
I call out " Mom I'm back!"
"I'll be out in a second" she calls.
    As I hear her close her door softly little does she know I know the reason why, I guess you could say it was my dirty secret, but no one had to know. She walks out I'm already sitting at the table munchin on some franks and scarffin some chips washing it away with some soda, she is now wearing black thong flip flops pink comfortable shorts an a white tank top. Under the table my bloods traveling again but I tame the beast this time just to make sure she cant see it. She sits down eats with me and we talk a little more and head off to the living room to pop in one of the movies I rented. I sit on the recliner and she lays across the couch face up, every now and than I steal a glace at those perfect chest lumps and those smooth as silk looking theighs. Now mind you this is no ordinary couch it is what is called a 'oversized couch' wheres theres about enough room for two people to lay on.
She than kicks off her flip flops and says "Ouch!"
"Whats the matter mom?"
"It's nothing I just have to walk around in high heels all day at work and my feet are killing me!"
"Well I mean if you want I can massage your feet if you dont mind if thats not to weird, I mean thats all I could do"
"Would you sweet heart that'd be so sweet of you!" 
"Sure its no problem"
"There's a bottle of lotion on my night stand that would feel the best" she states.
   I hop up grab the bottle and head back to the couch, my mom now has her feet almost hanging off the edge of the couch.

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   I sit criss cross and put a dab on each foot and lather in. Ten minutes go by and shes feeling good cause if I'm not mistaken I see her stomach sort of pumping in rhythm sort of similar towards a orgasm minus the sound. She has her head back and eyes close than I take chance, I put just a little lotion on the top of each calve and rub all the way around, and at my angle I can see a revealing passage way to her black thong which is transparent exposing her pussy slit.
"You want me to stop there?" I ask hesitantly.
To my surprise I get " No honey move up just a bit. "
   Looseing my hesitation I get on my knees and pour alot of lotion on each of her beautiful theighs and rub up and down than I hear soft breaths coming from her mouth, she cant see but I have a raging hardon concealed by the couch, than I see the sight of my life. Starting from a pea sized circle wet spot on the center of her pink shorts in her pussy area turn to about a golf ball sized spot. Now I know by now she must be getting just as horny as I've been.
"Mom if you take off the shorts I can give you a better theigh massage if you'd like?"
   She just nodes in approvement lost in a world of long wanting pleasure. So I reach and as I put my fingers under the waist band I also grab her thong testing to see if she would mind. To my surprise she did not ubject and just life her bottom and I slid off her cover and saw a beautiful shaved tan pussy thats already dripping from wetness. I massage her inner theighs first than creep my way up the couch and with my knees on the edge inbetween her legs. I slide two fingers into her and rub the top walls or the G spot and hear her let out a loud grunt of pleasure.
"Hows that feel mom?"
"Your gonna make me explode honey!" 
    I slide my fingers out and grab her two arms and pull her up towards me and grab her face and kiss her lips slowly working my tounge into her candy deliciouse mouth as I do this I raise her shirt from over her head. I Kiss her more while unstraping her bra revealing her perfect boobs.

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   I softly push back down and pull my shirt off stand quickly and I become naked completly. As I'm up I grab the lotion and squeez a bit on her stomach and rub it in, keeping the lotion away from the breasts because my mouth has a new target. I slide two fingers from my right hand back into her rubbing upward again now coming in and out while I rub her left breast with my left hand and nibble on her right nipple all simotainiously. This drives her crazy and soon enough I am getting precum on the couch while my mom is working on a puddle all over my hand.
"Put you cock in me" she lets out inbetween breaths.
    I position myself just right and at first I tease her by using the head of my cock to rub her clit with which makes her reach down push my hand away and aim my cock dead center of her pussy hole. I slide in with no troubles due to the wetness of her pussy and she cocks her back up digs her nails in my back and pulls me in deeper.
"Faster . . . Faster . . . That feels so good dont stop! Dont cum in me I want it in my mouth"she commands
   At this point I am seconds from cumming I push my self off the couch and her and walk over to the side of the couch where my moms head is located and rest my knees down.
"I wanna taste your balls first!" she commands again.

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"I don't know if I can hold it mom!" I struggle as my legs quivers
"Well try!"
   She puts my balls in her mouths and sucks lightly licking up and down the seam and exclaims "Mmm that taste good, now give me some of that sugar. " I back up a little and thrust my cock down her throat as she takes all 7 inches at once with out a struggle. This goes on for about 5 minutes before release the biggest load into her throat and she pulls it out and catchs some on her chest. I could bearly stand and than I lay down next to her on the couch. We are now looking each other eye to eye smiling.
"I love you honey" She smiles and kisses me on the forehead.
"I love you to mom" than I wrap my arm around her and move closer.
   We both fall asleep, with a smile on our faces.



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