At long last


It was late, and her husband was working away, so Susie decided to spend some time on her computer, catch up on her emails and do a bit of surfing. While she was online, she noticed the little box rise up to let her know that one of her contacts was also online. It was her brother, but she didn’t expect him to message her, as they hadn’t spoken for about two years. She took a deep breath and decided to message him instead…
<Hi Bruv>
No reply
<It’s me, in case you’ve forgotten; I’m your sister!! >
< Hi Sis, how you doing? >
The ice had been broken, and they chatted online for a couple of hours, catching up with everything that had happened over the last few years, and covering a few subjects they only ever covered before when he was drunk. They happily discussed each other’s sex lives. They said their goodbyes, and signed off.
A few days later, they were both online at the same time again, and it was Gareth who got in touch first. They got talking about a friend who had just got married, when Gareth brought up the subject of a game all three had played some 20 years ago. It was a game of truth or dare, which turned into mostly dares. Susie couldn’t remember a thing about it so asked Gareth to elaborate about what happened.
< you dared me to kiss you on your privates >
< sure you don't remember ?>
<no, can't remember a thing>
< obviously memorable then !>
< I dared you afterwards to do the same to me >
<how long did this game go on 4?>
<& did I do the same?>
< yes you did, about an hour or so >
<what other things happened?>
< I was dared by to walk up and down your room naked (I was excited at the time) >
< more intimate kissing >
< I'm surprised you don't remember, unless you blocked it out !>
<maybe I did block it out>
<I'm surprised you do though>
<what was going thru your mind at the time? (if u can remember)>
< it was the first time I'd done anything like that, so I think I was just stunned >
<can u remember how it all got started?>
< just a game of truth or dare, the questions got on to boyfriends and girlfriends and then went a bit further >
<how far did it really go?>
< just oral and touching >
<did it ever happen again?>
< no I don't remember it happening again >
<now, u can be honest with me, how far would u have wanted it to go?>
< I honestly don't know, I was 18 so god knows >
<I'm sorry I don't remember>
<no reflection on your kissing I'm sure>
< lol thanks !>
< well you didn't complain at the time !>
<then again, I never had anything to compare it to>
< oh thanks a bunch, you don't remember and it might have been crap !>
< Lol >
<I'm sorry>
< that’s ok I'm only pulling your leg >
<were u very excited, or just a bit?>
< very excited >
<this may sound like a daft question, but why?>
< I'd just tasted you and you'd just kissed my privates, I had never done that before >
That was the first time he’d spoken about that day with anyone.

It was good that they could talk like this. The conversation went on, until Susie asked
<did you ever think of doing it again? ( I can only ask you cos I can't remember doing it the first time)>
< yes quite a bit >
<so what did you think about? (when you said you’d thought about doing it again)>
< pretty much more of the same, and maybe a bit more >
Part of him couldn’t believe he was having this conversation, but part of him had waited 20 years to tell her that he still wanted to lick her, and kiss her and finger her, and most of all fuck her. As the conversation went on, Susie admitted to having thought about what it would be like to have sex with him too, something else he hadn’t expected.
They started to feel more at ease with each other as they discussed the fantasy that Gareth had when he thought about fucking Susie.
< I would like to strip you naked and use my tongue on every part of you >
<what would u like?>
< for you to suck me before we had sex >
< what would you like? >
<I like the idea of being licked all over, especially my pussy>
< that is my favourite part of the fantasy >
<tell me the whole thing, whatever you would like to do to me>
<and me to do to u>
<well once you're naked I would start with my tongue, up yours legs and missing out> <your pussy, up over your stomach and spend some time on your breasts.

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      . . . >
    <back down and this time to your pussy>
    <I would use my tongue there for a long time, exploring every part of it>
    <have you ever had your bum licked? >
    <yes, and I liked it>
    <I must admit I like doing that. That would be what I would do next>
    <as I'm doing that I would be using my fingers on both holes >
    <I would stay there until you had cum at least once >
    <what would you do next?>
    <I would continue to finger you as I guided myself to your mouth so that you could> <suck me. I wouldn't want to cum yet because I want to have sex with you>
    <so after that I would move around so that I could push my cock into you>
    <slowly at first>
    <then getting faster>
    <where would you like me to cum? >
    <wherever you wanted to>
    <the first time over you, I think that’s very horny>
    <then I would start again with my tongue >
      Then the conversation turned to more fantasies, and things they would both like to try. Susie started with hers first, and as she talked, the conversation turned to making arrangements to meet up, and have their long awaited sexual encounter.
    But things didn’t end with just sex between Susie and Gareth. Gareth had explained that he had often thought about having sex with another man, and Robert, Susie’s husband, had had quite a life before they had married, with quite a few sexual encounters of varying kinds, including sex with men. Ok, so it wasn’t full blown penetration, but he had experienced licking and being licked by men and had often expressed a wish to continue with this kind of fun. Something that turned Susie on quite a lot.
    As Susie and Robert could talk about their sex lives quite openly, it wasn’t long before Susie was telling Robert about the conversation she had had with her brother. When Robert came home from working away, he sent text messages to Gareth, asking if he minded all three of them being involved. He explained his past, and before long all three were embroiled in a fantasy that was soon to become a reality…
    Firstly Gareth would fuck Susie, Robert felt this was only fair, as he had waited 20 years for this pleasure, then as Susie recovered, Robert and Gareth would explore their bisexual tendencies and see just how far they would be willing to push the boundaries. They had both decided that they would like to try penetration, but it would depend.

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       There would definitely be a lot of sucking and fingering going on!! Then, after they had enjoyed each other, all three would get involved and enjoy just having sex, with whoever and whatever.
    All they needed now was a time and place all three could make. Easy for Susie and Robert, but not so easy for Gareth. He had a wife who really wouldn’t understand his lust for sex with his sister and brother-in-law.
    To be continued…

    please feel free to comment on my story, it's my first attempt and hopefully not my last