Ashley's Education


Ashley was only 18 when I moved in with my sister. I was 19 5' 8"  and well built. She was about  4' 11" thin and looked even younger than her age,but she was very beautiful. She had long blonde hair ,blue eyes and just seemed so innocent. I could lie and say I never thought of her sexually before, but I had .

I had dreamed of touching her innocent young body for several years.
 Well the first few nights I was there nothing happened, we  watched tv,and wrestled around a little. When friday night rolled around ,my sister and her boyfriend decided to go out to a local bar,I volunteered to stay with Ashley and keep her company. We were just hanging out when I decided to see what I could get away with.
  I started teasing her , just picking on her a little,and of course it turned to wrestling. I quickly had her pinned under me and trying to get away she spread her feet apart and was trying to push me off. This put me between her legs with my hardon against her virgin pussy. I was wearing sweat pants and she was wearing a thin t shirt and spandex shorts, so there was no way she wouldn't feel my hard dick pushing against her.
 I decided to let her know what was on my mind so I slid down a little and then slowly pushed back up rubbing my cock along her thinly covered pussy. She looked right into my eyes the whole time and then slowly leaned forward and kissed me. I knew right then I was going to fuck her,I was going to fuck her as deep and hard as I could.

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  As I kissed her I started pulling her shirt up , she didnt resist as I broke the kiss and pulled it over her head,so I didn't hesitate and taking the chance to slide her shorts off as well. She looked so wonderful laying there ,here breasts were just starting to really for just an A cup,as I looked down at her sweet pussy I was suprised to see all it had was just a little fuzz starting to grow. I started kissing her again after sliding my shirt off,as I kissed here I started rubbing her little pussy with two fingers just to see how she would react. Finding no resistance from her I slid a finger between her pussy lips,it was so tight my finger barely fit. My cock was so hard it hurt ,so I slid down put my mouth on her pussy and got it really wet and then as I slid back up I reached down and pulled my cock out of the sweat pants I was wearing. When I  put my dick against her little pussy I felt her get tense but didnt stop. I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and put my dickhead between them and started pushing hard into her but it wouldnt go in. I deciced to change possition . I sat up had her get on my lap facing me. I put my dick in place and had her push down. Oh it felt so good as I slid into her just a little but it was hurting her so she stared to back off. I  quickly slid my arms under her knees around her back . she screamed as her feet came off the floor and I pulled down hard sliding my full 71/2 inches into the tightest cunt I ever felt. she tried to push off but I held her there,a few seconds passed and she stopped resisting so I rolled over with her legs on my shoulders I pushed as hard and deep as I could,That was all it took ,when she bucked to get me out I shoved into her again and started cumming. I held my dick in her all the way while pumped my cum into her pussy.

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  . . hoping I would get her pregnant. I stayed in her as I wiped her tears away and told her how wonderful she was,and how much I loved her. From that night on . . . . . . . . is another story. . .

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this is fantasy,a work of fiction,none of the characters or events are real. . . . . .