Ashley and Alicia's Families Part 1


Alicia and her cousin, Ashley walked through the front door of Ashley’s house. It was 9:00 a. m. Saturday morning and Alicia and Ashley had just gotten back from a high school party. The two 18 year old girls just assumed that Ashley’s parents were still asleep and Ashley’s older sister Megan was at someone else’s home.
 Ashley turned on the T. V. and the girls sat down on the black sofa together. ‘Man, wasn’t that weird seeing Crystal kissing John last night’ Alicia asked. ‘Yeah, but not of surprising as seeing you kiss Monica’ Ashley laughed. ‘Hey! I was pretty damn drunk at that party’ Alicia defended. ‘Yeah I could totally tell, you little slut’ Ashley laughed again. They both heard creaking from upstairs. ‘Well Mom and Dad must be up’ Alicia said, trying to change the subject. ‘Have you ever done anything with another girl’ Ashley asked curiously. ‘Besides making out for guys pleasure, no.

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   Why?’ Alicia wondered the strange question. ‘I don’t know, I kind of want to try’ Ashley said nervously ‘just to see if it will be better than a guy, you know’. ‘Yeah I guess I do to’ Alicia replied. They heard footsteps coming down the stairs; it was Paula, Alicia’s mom. ‘Mom, what are you doing here?’ Alicia asked. ‘Oh, h-hi honey, um I got a bit buzzed last night and fell asleep here, I guess’ was her reply. Both girls looked at each other in a strange look. ‘Ok Alicia, I will go home and make breakfast, Ashley you can come over too and eat if you would like’ Paula smiled. ‘Sure, Aunt Paula, I would love to’ Ashley said. They went outside and walked across the street to Alicia’s home.
 The fact is though; Paula’s story wasn’t even close to being the truth, as you probably assumed that she was lying. It started last night, Paula’s husband; Rick was out of town on a photography shoot all weekend in California. Ashley’s parents, Greg and Karen, invited Paula for a night out. Paula, Greg, and Karen always went to the clubs when Paula’s husband Josh was out. Paula who was 5’6 about 125 pounds, had dark brown, almost black hair, hazel eyes, a big ass that jiggled when she walked, and a big set of 38D tits.

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   Paula said of course, and quickly went to Alicia’s closet to find some slutty clothes to wear. Paula took a pair of 5 inch stiletto heels from her own closet, a white mini-skirt that barely covered her daughter’s ass, which barely held Paula’s ass from being seen, Alicia’s black halter top that made Paula’s breasts look even bigger, and one of Alicia’s many g-strings. Paula slipped on the bright green g-string and walked across the street to her sister’s house.
 Once inside the house Greg instantly pulled down the halter top and licked the magnificent breasts. Paula got wet instantly as rub her clit through the g-string. They heard the click-clacking of heels walking down the stairs ‘Hey, save it for later’ Karen’s said. Greg turned around. Karen had long blonde hair, she had a tight denim jean skirt on, a tight white top that showed plenty of cleavage and 7 inch, clear, platform heels, her 36C breasts bounced all over as she walked down the stairs. ‘Not wearing a bra tonight sis’ Paula said. ‘I’m not wearing any panties either’ Karen said seductively as she squeezed her sister’s gigantic left breast and gave her a long kiss on the lips. ‘Put your top back on and lets go to the bars’ Karen said ending the kiss.
 The three parents all got in the car and decided where they would all be going. It was around 18 when the partying really got started. Paula and Karen were both grinding on both sides of Greg’s body. Every guy in the club was completely jealous of Greg.

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   Karen stood in front of Greg, she guided his index finger straight into her pussy, she was soaked. Paula grabbed Greg’s head and gave him a deep French kiss and started to rub Greg’s huge cock.
 Minutes went by until Greg took his finger out of Karen’s pussy and grabbed their hands and ran outside to the SUV. Greg jumped in the back and pulled out his 18 inch cock. Karen and Paula both got in and closed the door. Karen slurped and sucked as much of Greg’s cock as she could as Paula pulled down her g-string and got on top Greg’s face. Paula felt her orgasm build as Greg rubbed her clit with two of his fingers. Karen was gagging trying to get all the cock in her mouth. Greg licked viciously on Paula’s clit, Paula screamed as her juices flowed like a river all over Greg’s body. Greg then tensed up and shot cum down into his wife’s mouth. Paula got off of Greg and went over to her sister. She lifted Karen’s head and gave her another French kiss. The two women swapped the cum until all of it was gone. Greg pulled his pants up and got into the drivers seat. Paula pulled Karen’s skirt off and began licking her sister’s sweat pussy.

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   Greg sped down the highway so they could get home and fuck. The swerving of the car made Paula’s tongue dive and side all over and inside Karen’s cunt. Greg found it incredibly hard not to star as his wife cum all over her sister’s face.
    Karen then stripped Paula and got to work on her cunt. Karen stuck three fingers in Paula’s slit all at once. Paula screamed and moaned as Karen fucked her. ‘Fuck me sis, fuckkkkkk mmeeeeee’ Paula yelled as her juices sprayed out on Karen’s face, as they pulled into the driveway. Greg got in the garage, got out, grabbed the two naked women and ran upstairs. Karen stripped Greg’s shirt off and Paula pulled down her pants. Once naked, Greg pushed Karen onto her hands and knees. Greg pushed she cock into Karen’s pussy and began ramming into the blonde ‘OH FUCK’ Karen yelped, ‘Sis give me your cunt’ Paula scrambled to get in front of her loving sister. Karen plunged the same three fingers deep into her cunt. Paula and Karen where screaming. Karen stuck another finger into Paula’s cunt, putting Paula into ecstasy. Karen cunt tightened around Greg’s huge cock.

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       Karen’s juices pushed down on Greg’s cock making him cum deep into her womb. Paula got up on the bed and spread her legs wide. Greg got up and stared at her bald cunt lips until walking over to the bed and pushing his cock into Paula’s mouth. Karen lay on the ground trying to recover from the monster cock being slammed into her pussy. Greg’s cock got hard and went straight to Paula’s pussy. Greg loved how tight Paula always was. He tried pushing and thrusting into Paula but only half got in. Greg was frustrated and excited at the same time. Paula was moaning as Greg began to jump into Paula. Greg felt Paula starting to loosen up and pushed in harder. Paula was going insane as she watched the cock come in and out of her cunt. Karen had gotten a 18 inch dildo out of the closet and was vigorously fucking her slit with it on the bed. All three tensed up and came at about the same time. Greg pulled his cock out of Paula’s pussy with a popping noise and all of them fell asleep.
     The next morning Paula woke up to see Greg on her left and Karen on the other side of Greg.

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       Paula quietly tried getting out of the bed. Paula took a pair of her sister’s shorts and a t-shirt and walked down the stairs, that’s where she found her daughter and her niece. Paula then made up the lame reason for why she was there. On the way home she started getting worried that her daughter might found out the real



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