As Daddy Kissed Me Good Night...


I remember, vividly, the first time he touched me.   He had read me a bed time story and was tucking me in.   He leaned over to kiss my forehead, as usual. . . but something was different about his kiss.   It lasted longer and didn't stop there.   He kissed me again on my cheek, and then on my lips.   His kisses were gentle and wet.   He embraced me tightly and left the room.  My mom had a meeting that evening and was not home to tuck me in as she usually did.   I was having a hard time falling asleep, so I went to Daddy's room and asked him to come lay with me for a while.   He agreed and came back with me to my bedroom.  My father and mother were never ashamed of their bodies.   It was a natural thing, in my household, for us to walk from room to room without any clothing on.   My father always slept in the nude, and this time was no different.

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   I remember him lying next to me under the covers. . . although I was wearing a silky gown, I was able to enjoy the warmth of his body close to mine.   He told me to roll on my side and he snuggled next to me.   My back was against his strong chest and his large hand was caressing my long blond hair as his other hand was wrapped around my small body, resting on my stomach.    I asked him what time Mommy would be home and he said he liked it being just the two of us. . . I did as well.   His hand moved from my hair to my face and his fingers began tracing my cheek, my nose, my lips.   My Daddy was everything to me, we had always spent allot of time alone together, but this time was different.   I could actually feel how much he loved me.   I told him this and he responded by saying I would always be his special little princess. .

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  .  I rolled toward him so I could see his face and during the process, his hand. . . then on my stomach, ended up on my bare thigh.   I felt a weird tingling sensation run through my entire body and immediately placed my hand on top of his so he would not move it away.   Unsure of his placement, he started to pull back and I told him I wanted it there. I leaned up to give him a kiss. . . and that's how it began. . .  I told him it was my turn to kiss him good night.   I kissed his forehead, his cheek, his nose.

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  . . and then, with my soft, wet lips, I gently kissed his mouth.   The arm I was lying on embraced me from behind.   I could not get enough of my Daddy. . . I wanted to keep kissing him. . . he made me feel so safe, and warm, and protected. . . it just felt right being in his strong arms.   I pressed my lips against his chest.

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  . . it was firm, yet soft. . . just like his hands.    He laid me on my back and said it was his turn again.   He kissed my lips, my neck. . . and then his hand, that had been resting on my thigh, moved slowly up my gown. He proceeded to kiss the middle of my chest. . . light, affectionate kisses down to my belly button.

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  . . while his other hand lightly brushed the length of my arm. I asked him if I could take my gown off. . . it had been pushed up and was blocking my view of Daddy kissing me.   He sat me up and slid it over my head. . . ever so lovingly.    As he laid me back down, he kissed my lips again, and then returned to my belly.   Both of his hands were free now and both were tracing my sides up and down.   I remember thinking if Mommy would get mad at me for loving Daddy this way. .

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  . . then I decided to think that she would share him, because she loved me so much too.  The kissing continued to move downward to my private area.   This is the first time I felt my Daddy's tongue on me. . . it was so warm, and wet, and velvety.   He licked down each side and up the middle. . . I was unsure of what I was feeling, but I knew I did not want him to stop.  His hands were resting on my belly and I placed mine over them and moved them to my underdeveloped, puffy breasts.   He stopped to look up and I took one of his fingers and slid it in my mouth and returned it to my nipple.   He comfortably rubbed it between his two fingers and then kissed his way back up my belly until his tongue was circling my my other nipple.

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     My entire body felt as if it was on fire. . . I wanted to feel him. . . I wanted him to touch me everywhere.   At night, I would lay in bed and play with myself . . . imagining how he touched Mommy.   Now it was Daddy's turn to make me feel good.    I cautiously pushed the free hand down between my legs and placed Daddy's finger just where I liked to feel mine. Without hesitation, he slid it in my virgin pussy.   He was shocked at how wet I had become.

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  . . he removed it, brought it to his mouth, and licked my juices. . . just like the first time his tongue licked my slit. . .   .