Another Child, Another Nightmare Part 3


Prologue:The scene is the same as always. A child wakes in the middle of the night. Has he had a nightmare? Creeping down the hallway in his little pajamas we might soon get the answer. She is asleep. Dad is not there so mom is on her own and the boy wakes her up. "What is it precious?""I had a dream mommy?""Oh. Well you have lots of dreams honey, Don't you remember dreaming about the new puppy you wanted?""Not a dream like 'that' mommy. It was a nightmare type dream. ""Ohhh. Okay. It scared you huh?""Yeah mommy, I read on the Internet at school that a mommy should promise her little boy that when ever he has a nightmare she has to let him wake her up and tell her. ""That sounds weird Michael. ""Yeah mommy, because the Internet said that a promise is a promise is a promise and the only way to break a promise is if you cross your fingers. Is that true mommy?""While it does sound like a good idea, you know mommy always tries to teach you what is right. ""Yeah-yeah mommy, but you have to promise I can tell my nightmares and no fingers crossed either. ""Michael, you can tell me, you know I don't want you to be scared.

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  ""NO mommy. It has to be a promise. ""Why Michael?"'JUST DO IT MOMMMMMY And no fingers crossed. ""Okay, okay. Sheesh. I promise you can tell me your nightmares Michael. ""And you will never get mad mommy. ""Of course not. You know""PROMMMise it, mommy""Okay Michael, I promise never to get mad at your nightmares that I have to listen to. ""Okay and you are suppose to promise never tell anyone because I won't like that. ""Michael, I am your mommy. I won't tell stories to embarrass you. Nothing is bad at having nightmares. ""MOMMMMMY!!""OKAYYY! Michael what is with you tonight? I promise not to tell anyone about your nightmares. ""Good.

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   Okay mommy this next one is important but remember you can't get mad. In my nightmare tonight was some swearing. I know you spanked me before but I can not tell the nightmare the right way if you do not promise to let me use the bad words and since you promised to listen to my nightmares and not even get mad, you have to promise to let me use bad words too. ""What?!?""Yeah mommy, I learned it on the Internet at school so it is true. ""I don't think so Michael. What type of bad words?""All of them mommy except maybe names of people. I could not figure out if the boy could say 'that' word or not. ""What?!?""Just promise me mommy. I already have you tricked so good. You have to let me swear anyhow cause you are not allowed to get mad or tell anyone so just promise me. ""MICHAEL!!! OH-MY-GOD. What is this about? Yeah I guess it would not make any difference but I will not like it so swear however you like I promise you. ""Good mommy. There are more promises later but first I need to tell you my nightmare. I read it so funny but it needed to be better because the mommy confused the boy and he couldn't say the nightmare right so I wrote it down in school today what I thought he was going to say about his nightmare.

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  ""What?? You had this 'nightmare' at school???""Just listen mommy. It is so funny because the gorillas are really strong and mean. ""What gorillas?""Don't interrupt mommy. That happened in the other nightmare and everyone got mad because they wanted the gorillas so this time the nightmare is going to get told. I have wrote notes on this paper to make sure all the good parts are listened to by you and then when I freak you out I can maybe trick you to getting fucked and sucking my cock but that will be later. ""MICHAEL STOP RIGHT NOW!""NO MOMMY! you just listen. I learned to trick dumb stupid moms from the story, and now it is too late for you so just listen while I tell you that you got raped so hard by every gorilla. I am going to use every swear word to make you wild but you promised you can't get mad so just take it mommy And you promised never to tell daddy So just listen!!!""Oh no. ""HA-Ha-Ha-Ha. Mommy, I new that story would be true. Moms are so dumb. You act like you are always in charge but we are the boys and you are just another girl so I am going to teach you that you can never be my boss again. First I am going to make you feel like a dirty, filthy slut when you listen to gorillas rape you and then when I make you cry and beg me to stop taking so dirty, I will trick you so I can fuck you. I already replaced your birth control with sugar pills and you were so dumb you did not even know did you? I had to wait while I checked the garbage to figure out when you would be ready for a baby and that is tonight so let's get started mom. Are you ready?"" ""Mom?"" ""Mommy.

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   Are you ready?"" ""Okay, be that way. You are not going to spoil this so just try not to talk and look at me with those big shocked eyes. It makes me happy and I hope you start cry-babying too. I don't even care cause little boys get horny and stupid moms try not to get fucked so you all deserve this especially when you are so pretty. "" ""The nightmare was suppose to be a trip to the zoo but I also like Julia Roberts' Gorilla Gang Rape too mommy. The boy who wrote them was not too smart about gorillas and I guess I am not either so maybe someone will teach us later on the Internet so next time a boy can make the gorillas more real, but for now I nightmared that we went to the zoo. You had sexy clothes on like always and your tits and ass were very good so kids were looking. I liked that so many were around and knew the parents and teachers could have so much to explain when you went into the gorilla cage. I tricked you to come right away to the gorillas even though you thought I wanted to see the tiger cats but if I put you in that cage you would just get eaten and that is another nightmare for later. "First you have to go in gorilla cages and elephant cages and snakes and horses and lots of dog pounds. Only boy gorillas were in the cage because the girl gorillas were what animals get in heat. The boy gorillas were all nice and horny and waiting for a fuck toy so I dropped my hat on the tree branch and asked you to lean over and grab it. You thought I would hold you but I pushed your ass and you fell in right on your face. Two gorillas started fighting for you. One grabbed your head so hard it was like I started to think he ripped it off but not in this nightmare.

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   The other gorilla grabbed your leg and they tug of warred until you were almost in pieces but lucky they started fighting each other for the toy and another gorilla picked you up off the ground. I have to mention that people looked at everything. No one is allowed to stop zoo animals from fucking or it might hurt their feelings because they are in cages so everyone just took pictures and waited. Some stupid moms covered the kids eyes and made them leave but first everyone could see. One teacher had too many kids and could only answer lots of questions. The TV news got there quick and said video could go to the Jerry Springer show --""Jerry Springer??? At least Oprah. ""Yeah maybe mom, but only if you get breeded by the gorillas cause Oprah has class and only the best guests. Jerry would be better because he would have the gorillas on stage with you and they would attack you again when he gave the signal so the audience would cheer to see all your cloths get ripped off. Jerry has those little dots that could cover so people at home would not have to see too much when the gorilla cocks go in you again, as long as you were not wiggling around so the dots slipped. ""Michael. This is so sick. Just fuck me now. I can't listen any more. ""Not yet mommy. But if you are ready to promise me then I will finish really quick because I do not even know how gorillas really fuck.

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   Unless someone teaches me better, I can't do much more so lets just say every gorilla makes you suck cock and jumps all over you and rapes you ass and especially your cunt again, and again, and again.
    Every gorilla fills you with cum and your whole body gets wet and everyone takes pictures and you always are known as a dirty gorilla mom. ""SICK! I would cry but what is the use. I just give up Michael. Do whatever you like. I admit it. I was a stupid mom and you are the smart kid. I can't tell anyone and if I try to spank you then I would probably get beat up so just fuck me if it is so damn important to have a little brother But remember what I told you I might make a little girl. ""Then you will have more babies until a boy comes out so I can play games with him. ""Just don't think your ever going to play 'games' with your little sisters Michael because mommy got tricked fair and square but your sisters will be too little for fair tricking. ""Yeah well, I am into moms anyhow so if I play with my sisters it will only be as The Crazy Canuck in my new stories. ""WHAT?!?"[Available soon at better pedo sites everywhere]And we reach the end again. Sorry folks but I can't pull off real time sex in this format without feeling like a dork so don't expect mom to be getting fucked much in these stories. Besides if I give everything away at once what will be the point of reading dream number 50 or 500. As long as I can keep coming up with titles expect to see stories.

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       If you want to help send any suggestions to writemkarl@hotmail. com and attention title hunt. If you want credit please let me know. I am also taking nightmare suggestions. Stories should have moms basically as dumb as doorknobs being compromised while in the process of otherwise normal activities such as a trip to the zoo/potty training junior/teaching the first dance steps/etc. The next in this series is going to see mom in a ball court serving as a public pay toilet. If the idea doesn't gross you right out and if you are curious I imagine you may have to contact me to find the story as most sites I most too are unable to allow my more racially suggestive material. I do have one site where everything goes and I give it my highest recommendation so mail me if you want me to turn you on to all the sites that carry my works. I am putting together a best of the web story links archive and would love to hear your recommendations if you see any sites that are not carrying my material. Until next time I am as alwaysMkarl [The depraved Canuck]More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.