Annies Next Adventure


Annie's extended family had just pulled out of the driveway.   They had been visting for a week or so, butwhere now on the way home.   She would miss her cosin, they had had a good time, talking, laughing, making out,fucking each other senseless.   She would miss him, but now she could turn her attentions back to Kevin herbrother.   She had plans for later in the morning, her cosin had left here satisified with their final fucking session in the basement the previous night, but as always she wanted more. She was sure that after nearly a week of not getting any that Kevin was ready too.
Their parents left for work around 9:00.   She took a shower, and did all her other bathroom stuff, lotion, hair. After a week apart from kevin she wanted to do something special for him.   Her cousin was great, but Kevin hada special place in her heart.   Kevin would be home from baseball in about an hour, she went down to the basementand fished through her lingerie stash.   Alot of it needed to be cleaned after the fun with her cousin much ofit was sweaty, can stained with her jucies and her cousin's cum.   There was one special outfit that she had notused in the last week, so she went with that one.

Kevin came home from practice, and went stright to the shower, practice had been hot, and dirty, he couldsmell himself. He cleaned up and went to the room he shared with Annie.   As he had almost expected she was laying on her bed waiting for him.

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"Miss me for the last week?" She asked, pulling back the sheet and revealing what she was wearing under it.
"Yes, and OH Yes"
Annie was wearing a black corset, black satin and lace bikini panties, grey thigh high hose, help up bya garter belt matching the panties.
"God, this is going to feel good, I've been missing you all week"
Kevin went over to the bed and pulled down the zipper that opened the front of the corset, he reached insideand cupped the small breast.   Annie took the oportunity to pull Kenin's penis into her mouch and stated to suckit feeling it grow in her mouth.
"I need you to fuck me hard, cuz was good, but he was sorta slow and tender for the most part.   I need a pounding now"
"No problem I think we can arrange that"
Kevin roled Annie over in the bed, then picked up on her hips, pulling her on to all fours.   He then pulled the panties down off her ass.   He felt her pussy lips smooth and freshly shaved.   She was already very wet.   He slipped two fingers inside, hooked them to catch Annie's G-spot, she gasped, yeah she was ready.
He positioned her, and then positioned his now throbbing ahd hard penis over her pussy.   He pushed in slowly, until he stopped fully embeded in her.   Then he started pulling in and out slamming his cock home as hard as he could on each stroke.
"Oh god yes" Annies moaned, "harder, harder, pound me, harder, make it hurt" She could hear their skin slaping together with each stroke.   Kevin started slap her ass on each stroke.

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    "Oh god, spank me, hard make it hurt"
Kevin held himself as long as he could, he punded away on Annie for 20 minutes, She orgasmed 4 times, sreaming loadly, demanding more each time.   Finally on her forth orgasm the throbbing feel of her pussy and the sound ofher moans was mroe than he could take.   He let his orgasm go with one final ramming thust into Annie, he buried himslef deep inside her and shot his load home.   He Grunted and screamed, his penis pumped and throbbed.   He stood for several minutes buried inside her, until his now flacid penis popped out of her with a wet slurp.
Annie collasped on to the bed face down panting, moaning and crying.   Her breathing eventually slowed and she fellasleep.   Kevin fell onto his bed and rested.   Twenty minutes later he woke Annie when he slid himself back inside her and started fucking her slowly.   They slowly screwed over the next two hours, kissing, and fucking slowly.   Kevin sucked on her breasts, and ticked her clit as they made love.   They eventually released their long heldorgasms in a trashing crecendo.  
They both colasped onto the bed this time, with Annie laying on Kevin's chest.   This time it was Annies turn towake Kevin on hour later. He had gotten hard in his sleep.

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    She sat up stradling him and slowly lowered herself on to his erect penis.   Sjhe started slowly rocking back and forth.   Kevin woke just as she orgasmed the first time. She had two more before he finally went again.
"Damn that was good"