Annie: Incest and crossdressing


My first panty encounter with a girl was incestous from a certain point of view since it was a cousin.   We were not actually blood related (she is the daughter of my Aunt's Husband's sister) in any way, so Isuppose it wasn;t really incest really and it lifts that taboo.   It happened when I was 13, she was also 13. Me, my sister and my mother where visiting her sister for a couple weeks over the summer.   They were goingto some play that I really ad no interest in seeing.   That left my cousin and I alone at the house.   We made dinner, played some video games, typical stuff for a while.   We were in the large bedroom she shared with my othercousin (my aunt's son), that my sister and I were sleeping on the floor of while were there.   We had finished a game and she went to pee, I didtoo in the other bathroom.  
When I came back to the room she had taken off her shirt (leaving her in a skin tight purple satin lace camisole) and was about to take off her shorts.   I turned away quickly.
"Sorry Annie"
"No, its Ok, don't be silly and stand in the hall, Kevin and I change in front of each other all the time,just have to learn to deal in a house like this, not a ton of space or privacy. "
"Um, Oh Ok, ah cool" I honestly didn't mind either as Annie was a hot 13yo, shoulder length light red hair,green eyes, tight toned body with just a little baby fat in her hips and Ass to fill out her clothes.   She was not very large in the chest yet (few 13yo girls are) probably just barely an A cup in fact when she did wear a bra it was still a training bra.   That's ok though I like small breasts.
I turned around and came back in the room, she unbuttoned her denim shorts and let them fall to the floor.

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  This revealed that she was wearing a matching pair of purple satin and lace hip hugger bikini panties. I'd seen her in a bikini a couple times that week already but this was different (something about satin and lace), my eyes felt like they were going to explode out of my head, I had to force my self not to stare.
"God, its hot out, this is much cooler, I was going to put my PJ's on, but that would be way hotter again,If its ok with you I'd rather just wear this for a while. "
"Sure, no problem so would I. . . " I let it slip!
"What was that?"
"I said sure I'd like to be cooler too" and started taking off my shirt
"Thats not exactly what I heard. . . "
I was unbuttoning my pants now, stripping down to my boxers.
"Thats what I meant"
"Um, yeah, I don't think so, usually what people say first is what they really mean, tell me out with it explain yourself"
Annie and I had been good friends since we met the previous year, and had hung out a lot the last few days, I trusted her --So I told her.
"Well Um, I sorta like what your wearing, and not just becuase you look hot in it. . . " damn another slip I told my cousin I thought she was hot I was way over the edge now ".

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  . . I sort like girls underwear, I mean to say I like wearing it some times,and well that outfit looks totally hot and fun!  Not like my sister's boring cotton stuff, or my moms stuff. "
"Really, thats kinda neat, and odd at the same time. . . so you like huh?" She did a little strut and turn.
"Yeah thats a nice outfit and you look good in it, I hope someone has told you how sexy you are by now, although they probably haven't seen you in you underwear, so maybe they don't know exactly how sexy you are". . . I figured I was way past the point of noreturn I might as well say excatly what was on my mind.
"Umm, well I wouldn't exactly so no one has, um either way, a lucky few have even seen me more than in my underwear.   WellI tihnk its only fair then I see you in yours"
"Uh, sure what the hell" I unbuckled my pants, and let tem fall off stood there in my boxers, pulled my t-shirt off over my head.
"Heh, nice" she said walking aross the room to where I stood. "Well you seem to be about the same size as me, I have this same set in a coupleother colors, if you um, want to try it on.

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I couldn't believe what I had just heard, how could I refuse!
"Yeah sure that would be great!"
She walked over to a short 4 drawer dresser and pulled open the second drawer, inside was like a dream come true all my cousins panties, cami's,training bras.   They were neatly folder and put away.   I immediately spotted a sea mist green version of what she was wearing, and picked up the panties and cami.   I couldn't wait to put them on, at this point I didn't care if she saw me naked, I pulled off my boxers and slipped the satiny, laceypanties over my feet and pulled them up my legs settling them on my hips.   I tucked and folded my extra baggage to show as small a bluge as possible. I pulled the cami on over my head it was all a perfect fit, I walked over to the mirror I liked what a saw.
"You like?" she asked
"Oh, yeah this is great I like panties, but I've never felt ones as nice as these, I feel so sexy. . . girly!"
"Yeah, how girly do you want to be?" 
"well if I could feel like this all the time, as girly as I can get"
"Cool, I hoped you would say that, go sit on the bed, let me get a couple things.
Annie opened a few more drawers collected a few boxes and cases of things then openned and looked aorund in a couple closets.
She came to the bed with the supplies, then ran in the bathroom for a second and came back with a few more things.
"I'm gonna dress you up ok?"
"yeah great!" My body was tingling at this point and keeping bluges small was becoming a problem, she noticed!
"Well thats not gonna help you be girly, try to relax a little focus on what we are doing and not that"
"Oh Ok i'll try"
"Ok first if its ok, we need to shave your legs, you only have fine hairs, but still its not gonna look good later.
I nodded.   Annie shook a can of shave creme, and sprayed a bit in her hands and then smoothed it on my leg.

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    A couple strokes and she shaved away that area, she continued this until my legs from toe to crotch where sliky smooth.
"Ok, good thats nice, you have good legs, now. . " she said openning two packages of black nylons ". . let me show you how to put these on. She sat next to me on the bed and showed me how to gather the nyons and then pull them up my legs so they wouldn't get twisted or streched and run.   We were now both wearing the black nylons and the sexy panties.   "Ok normally you wouldn't wear a cami like this and a bra, but I want you to get the full expirence, so take that offfor a second. "  I did. She helped me put on my first bra, it was a black A cup, she stuffed a couple gel breat forms in it. "Normally those are to make you bigger, but we'll use them to give you sometihng at all.   Heh, actually makes us about even"  She turned a way pulled herown cami off, and put on a tan bra of the same basic design.   The she pulled the cami back on, I took the queue and pulled my own back on.
"great you looking hot already, now lets do your make up"
That process took about 20 minutes, and I enjoyed all of it!
"Ok now lets finish getting you dressed"
She pulled from the pile of clothes a black shiny satin mini skirt, and by mini, I mean it just barely hid the fact I was a boy if i bent over.

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   It was loose and clingly all at once if you get what I mean, Loved the way it felt against my nylon covered legs. She then pulled out a dark grey silk blouse, that felt so good going on too!  We left the top couple buttons open, I loved the looK of the top of the cami peeking out.   Finally she took a red wig out of a round box, and pulled it on to my head. . . the effect was amazing as I stood in front of the mirror.   I really looked like a girl, and a damn hot one at that too!
"Wow you look hot"she said as she pulled the wig on. "Give me a sec and I'll finish getting dressed" She went to the clothes pile and quickly pulled out basically the same outfit I was wearing, but a litle blue top and a navy skirt. She stood next to me, I could have almost sworn we were twins.
"So Um, are you up for seeing how hot you are, I though maybe we could walk down the street to pizza place a bunch of my friends might be there, its theusual hang out, pizza, video games, dance floor, guys!"
"Ah sure, I'm pretty sure know ones gonna know its me" I said
"Well yeah, could you maybe bring your voice up an octave or two, try to sound more girly"
"Well, suger plum how about like this?" I said throwing in my best southern belle accent.
"Perfect, your my cousin from W. Virgina!"
She found me a pair of flat shoes that fit decently, and we went down the street.
At the pizza place we went inside and she introduced me as Tina her cousin from W. Virgina. We got some pizza sat down with her friends, it went well!  We had a good time, one of the guys Ryan flirted with me, and made a couple of passes, then asked me to dance.

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    We did to a slow song, he put his hand onmy ass and squeezed it a couple times too!  I think the illusion worked.
After and hour or so most her friends had to go, so we headed home too!  Thats when the real fun started.
We went upstairs to Annie's room.  
"Know what" I asked not really sure what to do but not really wanting the evening of fun to end.
Annie walked over to me and kissed me full hard on the lips.   Her lips parted and so did mine in response.   There was tougue and much mashing, I'd say it was lately my most passionate kiss to date.   In response I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer to me.   I liked the feelingof being closer, I like the feeling more of our nylon covered legs rubbing together.   She kissed harder if that was possible, and slid her arms down my back.   I could then feel her hand slip up under my skirt, and now carress my bottom.   This was driving me wild, being touched though thenylon and satin.
She broke the kiss and pulled back a little.
"I have a little confession of my own. " She started "I am I guess you call it bi-sexual, I like boys and girls, and well, umm this is sorta thebest of both worlds.

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  "  She kissed me again and squeexed my bottom.
I boke the Kiss this time.
"Well your one hell of a hot girl" I said, gasping for air a little
"Your a pretty hot girl yourself, but knowing you've got that dick under that skirt, drives me wild" Annie replied, sliding her hand around the front squeezing my pantied, but quickly growing member.
Annie's next move shocked the hell out of me at first.   She slid her hand up to the top of my nylons and panties and pull the front down.   Thisallowed my stiffing member to escape, and grow, and it grew hard and fast.   Annie slid down to her knees, popped her head under my skirt and took my dick in her mouth.   I'd never been sucked off before I liked this, probably a little to much as it didn't take more than a minute beforeblowing my load in her mouth. She swallowed it all, then replaced the panties and nylons.   She stood back up and kissed me again.   I had never tastedmyself, but I had now, it wasn't entirely unpleasant.
From there we moved to the bed in small steps while makeing out.   We continued making out on the bed for quite a while, switching between side positions andwho was on top.   I have to say I was glad she had sucked me off as it made for a lot more patience and fun during our make our session. Eventually thoughmutual needs took over and we started getting nakeder in stages.

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    First her blouse, then mine, then her skirt and camisole, then my camisole skirt and nylons, then her nylons.   This stage lasted a bit both of us in Bra and panties.   The sight of Annie in just a bra and panties was stunning, she really is a beautiful girl.   We rolled aroud on the bed like this I was getting extremely worked up again, so was she judging by the dampness of the crotch of herpanties.   I was on top and reached down and started sliding my finger back and forth on her panties' damp crotch, following the cleft underneath.   Shebreated deeper and slowly, then started panting in short bursts, then let out a deep throaty moan "oooohhhhh".   She stopped everything enjoyed the rush of that I could feel her twitching.   When that ended she attacked me with renewed fury.   I Managed to get her bra off in there at some point.   The viewof her naked breasts was heaven.   My cock couldn't take it anymore it needed to be free, I pulled my panties off I was about to take the bra off. . .
"On leave it on, its making me so hot. .

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  . " Annie sighed deeply
"Ok, but your panties are coming off" I grabbed her panties and yanked them down off her legs in one smooth motion.   The slight of her know naked, andhairless pussy was the perfect crown to the event.   He pussy lips were swollen and a deep red, when her leg moved and the lips openned a littleit glistened in the light from the dampness.
This lead to more rolling around, and much rubbing together of pussy and cock.   I realized I wanted to be inside her in the worst way. I didn't want to justforce myself on her.
"Have you ever been fucked before, do you want to be fucked?" Crude as the question was it was all I could come up with at the time.
"Yes, and God Yes, Please"
I reached down slid my cock around a little finding the opening to her vagina, and pushed in. . . she was tight around me, I almost lost it on the first stroke. I sank deep and waited a moment for the desire to cum to pass.   The slowly started sliding back and forth, we were both so worked up already it took only a minute or two for a full on mutual orgasm to hit.   I blew my load inside her, and sreamed in pleasure.

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    She screamed too, and I could feel her squeezing and twitch under and around me.
We screwed twice more resting a few minutes inbetween, until we realized the time and that the rest of the family was due home anytime. The clothes and sheets went in the hamper we took a quick shower together as we fairly reaked of sweat and sex.   There was much continued touching and carresing as we soaped each other.   Then we quickly dressed for bed, she in a short night shirt, me in my usual shorts, but with panties normally went with her night shirtunder them.   We had one last long kiss as we heard the side porch door open.   She slid under the covers, I into my sleeping bag on the floor.
In a few minutes my sister and Kevin came in to the room. Annie and I feigned sleep, my sister and Kevin returned in a few minutes changed for bed, and in short order were asleep.   In another hour or so we heard all the adults go to bed and finally drift off as well.
"Hey, are you asleep?", Annie leaned over the bed and whispered to me.
"Good, follow me"
She didn't have to say be quiet I understood that.   I followed her to the living room, then down the cellar stairs. There was another small room down here,a sort of sitting room I guess you might call it, a couch and old TV, a practically antique radio.   She flipped on the radio, not too loud just enough tomake it sould like we were listenig.


"Cool, that will do the trick" she said in a low voice "From the top of the stairs you can't see anything down here, and if anyone opens the door and startswalking down we will hear them way ahead of time.   If that happens run in the bathroom there quick" This was obviously not the frist time she had been downhere late at night.   I hadn't even known there was a bathroom down here.
"Ok, cool, got it"
"That was a blast earlier huh?" She asked
"Oh yeah, thats for sure, none of the girls back home ever fucked like that, but I'm guessing you have had some practice" I said looking around the roomin a slient way speaking my reason for that suspecion.
"Yeah, well there isn't much to this town, and not much else to do for fun, speaking of which you were pretty damn good yourself, I didn't know a guy as young as you could be so good, I figured I'd take a chance though"
"Yeah, thanks, thats makes me wonder though how old was the next best?" I had to ask
"She smiled, um well. . . I'm not sure, he was probably 25ish maybe. . . like i said not much to do around here"
She went over to a wall panel and pulled it back a little slipped a hand inside and came back with a shopping bag.
"This is where I keep the good stuff, the stuff they would be shocked to know I have" She said openning the bag, and replacing the panel.
Inside the bag were a number of sex toys and kinky lingerie. She pulled a few things out and then went in the bathroom, and closed the door. When she cameback out ina couple minutes she was wearing a black crotchless string bikini, blue fishnet stockings, a black garter belt cipped to the tops of the stockings, and a satin merrywidow.

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I said the only thing I could think of "holy shit, I didn't even knw they made thta kinda stuff in your size"
"yeah well they do, I have a. . . friend, who likes this stuff and finds it for me. So it was fun earlier i was kinda hoping we could do it again, and I sortacouldn't wait"
"Me neither, um especially now"
"Good"  She yanked down my shorts, and the panties, kissed me. "Have you ever gone down on a girl?"
"no, girls at home are too stuck up about that or something"
"Oh, good a virgin. . . I'll teach you how" Seh sat on the couch and slumped back hanging her hips on the edge, spreading her legs.
The next 20 minutes or so were a lesson in using my toungue and lips in amazing new ways, until she signed and groaned.
"Ohh, that was good, thank you"
She then pulled me up off my knees, and took me in her mouth.   In short order I was stiff, and long.   She turned around and kneeled on the couch, placedher hands on the back, and then leaned out toward me, bringing her pussy even with my stiff cock, the intention was obvious, I fumbled for a second and then slid in.   From all the fucking earlier I was in no rush this time.   We slid back and forth enjoying the feeling for quite a while, this time slowlybuilding to orgasm.

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    I had seen the clock on the wall above the radio just before sliding into her.   I saw it again while looking aorund trying to holdback the orgasm 45 minutes had passed.   She was breathing in short pants, I wanted it, I was pretty certains she did too. Grabbed her hips and pulled herinto me.   She strighted a little, but no enough to push me out.   I ran my hands up her sides and then held them over her breasts, kneading and pinchingthe nipples.   I quickened the pace.   She breathed harder, making little "ah, ah, ah" sounds.   My orgasm came forcefully and suddenly, I cam in waht felt like a dry heave, my resources pretty much used, up.   "I goraned with an "Ah, and a long aaarrrghhhh"  Only a second later she did too, not the screamfrom earlier.   I realized the need for quiet, she had covered that well.   She twitched and bucked on me for a bit longer, milking my cock until it wentfully soft and fell out of her.
"Oh, god that was good" She said turning around, sighing breathlessly in my ear and kissing my neck. "Promise we will do that again, this week, and if weever get together again after. "
"Absolutely!" I sighed back
We kissed for a while longer, I got her off again sticking my fingers in her and rubbing her clit.

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   She tried sucking me off again but I was spent.
---We fucked again several times that week, and had many make out sessions ducking around corners when we were out in the town, or off exploring on ourown.   We almost got caught fucking only once.   I got to see alot more of what was in the bag behind the panel.   We continue to have a sexual relationshipto this day on and off when ever we meet.   Annie is still the best partner I have, no one can top her.   3 Kids have not lessened her desire, skill or thetightness of her pussy.  



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