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My mom and I have a sexual relashonship. This is the first time I h got to fuck her deep dark hole. I was on th e couch with my mom one early morning, it was about 10:30. I was rubbing her gorgeous feet like i love doing. Her heel was pressing into my cock, making it throb and harden. She could feel it and my hands rubbing her feet must have made her juices flow. She slid her and down her pants and began to masturbate. I stared and then she began to get up and head to her room. I followed her in and shut the door. She was laying flat on her bed and undoing her night gown. I got on my knees and pulled of her pants. He pubic hair was wet with pussy juice. I spread her lips to reveal her precious clit. I leaned in and began to rub her clit with my tongue, her moans made the situation so much more pleasing. I began to slip my tongue deep into her pussy. Then a thought crossed my mind.

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   I could feel her ass hole on my chin, with each moan it flexed. I began to think of her tightness, how my cock might feel in her ass. But before I fucked it, I had to taste it. I stood up and striped down. "I want to try something", I told her. "What is it. " She asked with a smile.
"Get up. " I said. She stood up and I laid flat, my cock stick up in the air. "Now sit. " "But we already did that. " She said. "No, not on my cock, on my face. " She crawled over and put her crouch over my face.

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   "No, wait, turn around. " I wanted her ass on my nose so that it would slid in and out of it. She turned around and sat down. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and my nose I bit into her ass. She jumped up and down to let my tongue go in and out of her pussy. As she jumped my nose went into her ass. The smell was sweet to me and I grabbed her ass cheeks to lift her up. She help me and I began to lick her ass hole. She was in bewilderment and asked "What are you doing. " "Why you don't like it?" I replied. "No, I love it. " I licked her ass as she masturbated.
    Then I forced my tongue into her hole. My eyes rolled back and my cock twitched. "Ahhh, thats nice.

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      " she said. I fucked her ass with my tongue, it tasted so good. Then she got up and sucked on my cock. I layed there tasting her ass on my tongue. Then she got up and said "Would you like to fuck my ass?" I sat up and nodded. She got into doggie style position and waited. I leaned in lubricated her asshole with my tongue some more. Then I got up and put the head of my dick on her asshole. I forced it into there as much as i could. Then it went in. It was just as I imagined, tight and flexing with every hump. I humbed her for ten minutes and then came into her ass. She layed back and smiled. I stood up and got on my knees again to give her, her climax. I sucked on her clit, fucked her with my tongue.

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       When she came a series of juices launched into my nose and mouth. Then I layed down and we layed there. "That was nice. " she said while she gave me a hand job. "Yes it was. "