Amy’s Eavesdropping to Golden Ecstasy


Amy is my little sister and a horrible little snooper. I’m her big brother Rob and this all started pretty innocently really. To this day I am still thankful it all did. A few months ago, maybe two and a half months, I found a bunch of magazines out behind old grocer in a field near a fence post all wrapped up in plastic on my way home. I knew it was someone’s stash but as I unwrapped them to see, my heart started to beat faster and I got a strange feeling in my stomach. I knew it was wrong, but I flipped through them quickly and picked out two hurriedly without reading the titles. I just couldn’t take my eyes off the girls on the covers. Of course I picked the two that seduced me the most. I jumped up, bent the two magazines in half and shoved them down the front of my pants. After pulling my shirt over them, I hopped on my bike and dashed for the house with my new treasure.

It was still two hours before my parents came home when I got there. I put my bike in the garage, and did everything I could possibly think they would interrupt me to come and do before dinner. I rushed through the living room, unaware that my sis was lying on the couch. I didn’t even say anything to her as I disappeared down the hall and into my room and slam the door behind me. It was less than a minute and I had the magazines laid out on the bed and locked my door. No sooner did I flip the little clasp did the door rocked to me with a thump.

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   ”Hey!” I heard her say. ”What are you doing?” she continued.

”Go away you little busybody!” I exclaimed. It grew quiet, although I knew she was still out there. ”Go on!” I added. I could tell when she left because she would always hit the wall as she was leaving’ thump! Finally, I could survey my treasure and see what I had. The two laid there and I gazed upon them. One was called “Vibrations” with a very pretty girl in all her glory. She was sweaty and her breasts were big with hard protruding nipples and I could see just a little hair above her pussy. The other magazine was a bit smaller more like a paperback but a little bigger and thinner. It had a pretty girl on the front partially clothed over one shoulder with one breast poking out and her top hung down just low enough it seemed if you tilt the book back you could see her pussy. I laughed at myself when I caught myself tilting the book back to see. It was called “Family Matters”. I flipped through it first. I shook my head in disappointment as it only had a few pictures sketched and it was all stories.

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   I threw it down and picked up “Vibrations”. The very first turn of the page made my cock twitch, and then started getting hard and uncomfortable.

As I flipped through the pages I started rubbing my cock through my pants. I masturbate a lot but this is the first time in the afternoon and the first time to pictures of pretty girls and not just my imagination. I whipped out my cock and stroked slowly at I looked over the pages. There weren’t enough pages. I started back through, turning them back and forth, finally finding one that turned me on the most. My body spammed and jerked. Oh god what a relief. I liked my new treasure. I hid them well so little miss snooper wouldn’t be able to find them.

The door shifted again with the knob turning. ”What!” I exclaimed. ”What are you doing in there?” She sounded in desperation. She is a good sis, but annoying.

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   ”Hold on Amy, I’m coming!” I chuckled to myself.

As she heard the clasp drop free she pushed in real quick to try to catch a glimpse, a clue, just something to help her figure out what I was doing. ”What were you doing?” She changes to her sweet little sis voice, trying anything to coax an answer from me. ”Nothing Amy, I was just teasing you. ” I whispered. She hits my arm. ”Want to watch some TV” I asked with a smile. ”Yeah!” She exclaimed, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the den. I sat there exhausted, still catching my breath, as Amy kept looking over at me with a curious face. I knew she still figured there was something going on. Amy sat there scheming in her mind a way to find out what he was hiding. She just knew she could find it. She knows all of his hiding places.

After dinner, Amy and I started picking up the dishes and cleaned up. Amy took her shower and got ready for bed and then I did.

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   Things settled down in the house and we each went to our respective rooms. Amy finished her homework and came into my room as I was finishing mine up. She sat on the chair next to my desk just looking around intently. She never moved, although I could see her working up a plan in her head.

As I closed my book, we started talking about the usual, school, friends, and homework, the usual. Amy was a clever girl, and she knew what she knew. She was intent on knowing Rob’s secret. She was good at keeping secrets; she never understood why Rob didn’t trust her more. She smiled and told Rob goodnight. Rob smile and told her goodnight. As she left, she looked back at Rob over her shoulder wondering what he was hiding.

I watched her leave, seeing her glace back at me I knew she was up to no good. I’ve seen that look before. I got hollered good night to my parents so they wouldn’t feel the need to come into my room and I shut my door. Amy and my rooms were next to each other in a sense that there was a shared bathroom between us with a door leading into each room that we kept shut.

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   Amy kept a small night light in her room and I preferred sleeping in the dark.

Tonight I figured I would revel over my treasure some more since I was allowed to read for a few hours before bed. I kept a book I was doing a report on close if anyone should come into my room. I moved quietly over to space heater mounted on the wall from decades past. I pulled it up and out, grabbed my treasure, replace the heater and jumped in bed.

It was just by accident I found this place. When we first moved in I was mad about having the room in the corner and out of frustration I kicked it. It popped up and fell to the ground. Scared, I hurriedly hung it back in position so as to not get blamed for breaking it. As I hung it I noticed the drop down inside and decided that would be the perfect place for my secret things. All the gas lines had been capped and unhooked for safety reasons I guess. Later in private, explored the crevice and cleaned it of debris.

As I laid there and looked over the pictures again and again, I started to wonder about the other book. I slide “Vibrations” under the cover and retrieved “Family Maters” and started thumbing through the pages. I read across the table of contents.

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   I didn’t quite realize at first, and then the titles started to make more sense. The titles were, Momma’s boy, My cousin Lilly, Daddy’s princess, Caught by Brother, Sis’s Pee, Our Bath Together, and Sister’s Secret. I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure, but something made me look the tittles over and over again. After today’s events I thought Sister’s Secret was appropriate.

As I read through it slowly, I was getting excited, It really excited me to read the taboo story which was about a brother that used to sneak into his sister’s closet and watch her masturbate until one day he crept up slowly as she masturbated and right before the climaxed he dipped his head into her pussy and sucked her to climax. She was shocked momentarily but the intense climax came so sudden she couldn’t stop him, nor did she want to. They made love that night a couple of times and fell asleep.

I was really hard as I stroked my cock slowly as I read. I didn’t want to cum. I wanted to read more. I started on Sis’s Pee. I had no idea what that was about. It was about a boy named Tom and his little sister Layla.

Rob felt like he related to it as he had a little sister too.

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  As he read on he became more and more interested. It was about golden showers and how this brother and sister became lovers and loved the feeling of the other peeing on them.

Rob read intensely with his hand stroking his cock in his hand. He couldn’t believe how excited he was getting. He had no clue why this drove him crazy. Just as he was reading:

… then Tom snuck into the bathroom where Layla was about to
pee and told her to wait. Layla said “wait for what”. Tom said
“will you do me a favor? I promise I will do whatever you want
for a whole day. ” Layla said “what favor?” Tom said embarrassed
“I want you to pee on me, and I promise, I’ll do whatever you want
for a whole day, I’ll even, I’ll even lick you clean when your finished”

Right when Rob read lick you clean, he started coming, he came so hard he didn’t even expect it. He couldn’t help it. He was hooked. Rob wiped himself clean and snuck over and put his treasures back in their hiding place, went back to bed and laid there exhausted. Drowsily, his thoughts wandered to Amy. He smiled and fell asleep.

The full next day went just like any other day except, he couldn’t quit thinking about his little sister peeing on him.

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   He started getting hard again.

I decided to ride back behind the grocer to see if the other magazines were still there. The plastic and magazines were gone. I felt a little disappointed that they weren’t there, but I still have a lot of reading material. I wonder what Amy would think if I asked her to pee on me. I’m sure she would go screaming right Mom or Dad. That definitely wouldn’t work. He was working it all over in his mind. It will have to be her idea, he thought as he raced home.

He followed the same routine as before knowing his parents wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours, actually, It’s Friday, the thought. They won’t be home until almost 8. As he raced through the den and to his room and locked his door quickly. He hoped she takes the bait as his plan forms in his head.

As the door rocked in, he smiled. ”AGAIN!?! What are you doing in there you don’t want me to see?” she said frustrated.

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   ”Nothing, I’m changing, I’ll be right out. ” I said teasingly knowing she would not leave the door until I came out this time. I’ve got it! I thought to myself. I will have to let her find the magazine, but I don’t want her to read them all, just one of them. He pulled the magazine out and sat with in his lap. He opened it and looked it over and over then realized he could just cut the one story out and hide it in a place she could find it.

I took the book apart, there were just three staples in it, it’s not like it was the leather bound edition or anything. I chuckled to myself thinking of this book tucked away on some library shelf somewhere. I cut each of the stories out and stapled them together individually so I wouldn’t get them mixed up. I put them all away except “Sis’s Pee”. I hid it momentarily until the time was right. Again, as I unclasp the door Amy pushes it open and looks around again.

”What in the world is up with you Amy!” I said to get under her skin. ”Nothing!” she said with a long pause then said. ”Um .

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  . will you come watch TV with me?” As I smiled at her I nodded and she drug me into the den. We watched TV for about 45 minutes, as I uninterestedly paid half attention while I formulated the rest of how it would go. I waited until she was deep into the show and slowly got up and walked into the kitchen and made my way back to my room, not locking the door. I quickly placed the story between my mattresses with just the edge peeking out and sit on my bed with my fingers rested on it. I waited there, knowing when she realized I was gone she would investigate. I watched the door patiently. It wasn’t even 5 minutes and all of a sudden the door swung open. I left my hand there just briefly long enough to see her eyes dart to them and then I acted like nothing was up.

”I don’t really feel like watching TV right now. Do you want to come outside and jump on the trampoline for a while?” I said setting the scene, hoping she would seize this opportunity to see what I was hiding finally. She stood there in thought and tried not to smile, but I saw a little smile come across her face as she said, ”No . . no, I think I’ll watch a little more TV” I stood up and walked to the den with her. I sat down for a second to watch TV and she exclaimed, ”Thought you were going to go outside and jump on the trampoline?” ”I am, I am, now you trying to get rid of me?” I teasingly asked.


   ”NO! Never mind!” She said as she thought she blew her cover. I walked out the back sliding glass door and looked back at her watching me go. She’s hooked I thought, as I went out of sight of her. I waited for a second and peeked back in the den and she was gone. ALRIGHT! I thought. It wasn’t too hot out so I decided to give her plenty of time to find it and read it. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, and I loved jumping on the trampoline.

I was out there 18 minutes jumping and flipping and just having a good time. Thinking of Her inside reading the filth that I just introduced my little sister to was turning me on. I could feel my cock growing and flopping inside my pants as I jumped. It felt pretty damn good as I imagined Amy sitting on my bed reading the story half getting excited and half dumfounded as I was when I first started it. I wondered if she felt her pussy, and if it was wet by the thought.

It was almost 30 minutes and I was about to go in to watch some TV when I saw her look out the back sliding glass door. She just stood there watching me. This turned me on even more.

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   Normally she would come out or holler at me to come watch TV with her some more. She just stared. I was getting a little worried. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it.

I jumped to the side landed on my ass and hopped off the trampoline with her watching me coming towards her; she turned and went to the TV. I came in and went to the kitchen go get a soda. ”You want a soda Amy?” I said to ease the tension I felt. After a few seconds she hollered, ”Yeah, please!”

As I set next to her on the sofa, I handed her the soda. We watched TV for a while and could feel her curious stares. I just smiled to myself as we kept watching. I got up and got me another soda and came back. I guzzled it down. I wanted to have to go pee. I could see her fidgety as I think she realized I would have to go pee to after 2 sodas.

It wasn’t long, I got up and lightly said ”I have to go to the restroom.

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I walked down the hallway into my bedroom and peeked at the corner to see if it had moved from its original location I had set it in. I had! I was so excited. I walked into the bathroom and waited. A second later I saw a shadow on the other side of Amy’s bathroom door and then the door shifted slightly. I knew she had her ear up to the door.

I unzipped my pants as fast as I could so she could hear the zipper, pulled my pants open and stroked my half erect cock. Usually I piss around the edges of the toilet so not to make any noise, but this time I let go right in the center. It splashed, I had a lot of pee in me and she was going to hear every drop. I let out a loud moan so she would hear ”Mmm Ohh yeah!” I pushed hard so my piss would platter. It felt like a rocket launching. The stream was thick and loud, it sounded like a water hose. At the end, I shot three more squirts of piss and flushed.

The shadow under the door shifted and disappeared; I smiled and knew this was going to work. I walked back to the kitchen and got another soda, and asked Amy, ”You want another soda?” She said. ”Yeah!” excitedly.

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   Handing her the soda I looked at her, she was almost flush and not breathing regularly. She was getting excited. I don’t think I had ever seen her this way. She was fidgeting around after she finished her soda. I knew she had to pee. I think she wanted me to listen just like she did. She just couldn’t figure out how to do it. I decided to help her out because I was half hard and wanted to hear her pee anyway.

”I’m going to go to my room for a little bit. ” I said as I got up, I looked back at her excited face. She blurted ”Ok!” When I got to my room, I sat at my desk waiting to hear her go into the bathroom. It wasn’t but 2 maybe 3 minutes tops, I heard her bathroom close loudly. She wanted me to know she was in there. From inside the bathroom sitting on the toilet, you can’t see under her bathroom door but you can see under mine since the toilet is close to her door. I though about that for a second and figured I would let her have to satisfaction of seeing my feet right at the door.

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I stood up and walked to the door slowly to make it look as though I was sneaking from under the door. I heard her lift the lid on the toilet. That was strange since girls sit down. Then it hit me, she was going to stand over it to make as much noise as she could. She was turning me on more than she could imagine. Just the thought of her standing there knowing I was listening and wanting me to hear was driving me crazy with lust for her.

I heard her exclaim “Ahh” as the first squirts came and I heard them well. She knew what she was doing. Then the steady stream came, I heard the water splashing and that instant I wished they were splashing on me. That was the very second actually visualized her peeing on me. I heard her flush and the door open and I went and sat on my bed close to the story.

A second later and she peeked around the door and said, ”Wha’cha doing?” I said softly, ”I’m going to read a bit. ” As I saw her eyes dart to the story under my mattress. ”Ohh, ok, come and watch some TV when you finish. ” she said smiling.

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   That was completely odd of her to give up so easily. I realized she wanted me to read the story again, or maybe she knew I was going to jack off to it. It was all too exciting to me and I had to relieve the pressure of it all.

I pulled the story out and hid it inside the novel I have to produce a report for by the end of this month. I read through and through stroking my cock trying not to come until the end this time. I wanted to know how it ended.

As the story went, Layla pee’d on Tom like he requested and then Tom licked her bald pussy clean. Now Layla was in charge for a whole day. She enjoyed him licking her pussy so much she made him lick her until she came. She also wanted to know what it felt like to have him pee on her which led to a blowjob. They played the whole day according to what Layla wanted. At the end of the day, Layla wanted him to fuck her. The ending of the story was how it’s all part of their everyday life now.

Rob was stroking his cock while he read trying to keep the tempo to a level he could last the entire story. Rob lost it as Tom came in Layla’s pussy imagining his sweet Amy’s little pussy on his dick.

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   He can’t wait to see where this leads with Amy.

I put the story back under the mattress with the corner just so right so I could tell if it is taken out again. I cleaned up and went back into the den. Our parents showed up shortly after that with pizza and we all sat and ate while watching TV.

Our parents told us they would be gone all day tomorrow and if we wanted to go stay with Aunt Suzie we could. Amy and I looked at each other and nodded saying, ”No, we would rather say home. ” my mom said, ”Ok, you have her number if you changer your minds. ” I gave Amy a push to be playful and break the tension between us. She pushed back and we started to wrestle. One thing led to another and I started tickling her and she was screaming and laughing. I wouldn’t relent and she wouldn’t give in. Finally we both fell to the couch exhausted both breathing hard and leaning against each other. It felt right. I enjoyed having her next to me.

It was getting late and as we watched the program that was on, she slid down and laid her head in my lap.

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   I felt loving and wanted to pet her. I stroked her hair and brushed it back. I never realized how beautiful she was. She had long sandy blond hair that extended to the middle of her back with deep hazel eyes that would change color with her mood. Her complexion was light and her skin was smooth and soft to the touch as I ran my hand on her cheek. Amy cooed a little. Looking down her body, she had small breast and she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra because I could see her nipples pointed through her t-shirt. I wanted to touch them. I just didn’t have the courage.

After she fell asleep, I pushed her once to see if she would stir. Since her t-shirt was bunch up above her waist, I slowly lifted her t-shirt to her breasts. I could see one nipple, it was real dark and it wasn’t much bigger than a quarter. I lightly ran my finger across it a couple of times and it started getting hard. I couldn’t believe how hard her little nipple was getting. I kept lightly stroking it and gave it a light squeeze every now and then.

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   It got huge. It must have poked out almost an inch and as big around as my little finger. I kept playing with it until my cock started to hurt. I had to get relief soon. I pulled her shirt back down and woke her up.

We went to bed and I went to the restroom once again before going to sleep. I smiled as I saw her little shadow under the door. Again I Moaned out and let loose a hard piss stream right in the center. After flushing I went to bed. Tomorrow is the day. I know it is. I masturbated thinking how to conclude my little adventure with my sis. I couldn’t wait. I shot my load, cleaned up and passed out.

I woke Saturday morning after the parents had already left.

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   As I started to piss I remembered Amy and what I had planned. I looked down, and of course she knew I was there. I could see her shadow. I was excited my dick started to thicken as I pissed and I let it splatter. After my show, I headed down the hall, said good morning to Amy and preceded to the kitchen for breakfast. Amy was 5 steps behind me. I looked up and said, ”Want some breakfast?” She smiled and said, ”Sure! Will you make Waffles?”

”Yeah of course. What do you want to drink?” she quickly came back with ”Orange juice and water!” Looking over at her I inquired, ”You’re a thirsty little thing aren’t you. ” she nodded quickly.

As I started the waffles, I placed her drinks on the table. When I turned around again, they were both empty. ”Wow! You really were thirsty” I quizzed. ”Yep! Can you put that pitcher of water over here?” she chirped. ”Sure thing sis. ” I said as I filled her water cup up again and set the pitcher on the table.

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   By the time the waffle came she finished her second glass of water. We ate our waffles and as I cleaned up she put away one and a half more glasses of water. I couldn’t believe it.

I could tell she wanted to pee for me again. This time was going to be different. I knew what I was going to do. We messed around for a bit and settled in front of the TV. It wasn’t long before she started to fidget around and I knew she was going to have to if she didn’t already have to pee. Her fidgeting got a little more intense. I think she was waiting for me to go to my room or something. I don’t think she thought it all out. I messed with her a little. I could tell she was a little uncomfortable, so I tickled her a little bit. She laughed and pulled away. I could tell she didn’t want me to do that.


   I grab her legs and pull her to me and start tickling her more she laughs, and suddenly says, ”Wait! You have to stop. ” I coyly say, ”What’s wrong Amy?” She says, ”I’ll pee, I’ll pee, please I got to go pee. ” I smile.

”I don’t know Amy” I said teasingly. ”I’ve got to go pee now, I can’t hold it much longer. I drank so much water. ” she said. ”I know, I watched you do it. I think I’ll just tickle you some more, maybe hold you down. ” I mumbled as I held her wrist. She pleads, ”Oh please, please, I got to go, please Rob, come on please, I’ll do anything!” At that moment she realizes where she put her self. I grin, ”Anything, sweet sis?”

”Yes, yes!” she squirms. I said ”Tell me you snuck in and read the story!” looking embarrassed but pulling at her arm she says ”Yes, yes I did! Now let me go!” I continue, ”Tell me you have standing at the bathroom door listening to me pee. ” she rolls her eyes and says, ”No! OK OK YES!” I’m getting excited as I start to get a hard on, ”Now, Amy, tell your brother you want him to pee on you. ” There’s a long pause, as she settles down, ”Yes, I want my brother to pee on me, now please can I go pee!” I’m fucking horny as hell with a hard on that feels like concrete and I say ”OK, last thing.

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  ” I wait until she says, ”What?” I look into her face and say, ”Tell me you’ll wait until I strip and lay in the bathtub so you can piss on me. ”

”Yes, yes, just hurry, I have to go so bad. ” she exclaims. I’m pulling off my shirt on the leisurely walk to the bathroom with her behind me urging me to go faster. As I get to the door I let my shorts fall to the ground and walk in nude. My hard on is jutting straight out as I climb over the tub and start to lie down. She interrupts, and says excitedly, ”Lets go in Mom and Dads bathroom, they have a big walk in one!” I nod and we are racing for the other bathroom as the rest of her cloths hit the ground. She has the most perfect little ass I’ve ever seen round and full jiggling as she made her way. She stopped right outside the shower saying, ”hurry, hurry, please!” I hurry and lay down, my cock sticking straight up at her as she steps over my torso and I look right up into the sweetest swollen little bald pussy I’ve ever seen. Right then she said, ”Wait! You are going to lick me clean when you finish, RIGHT!” I nodded. She adds, ”And you’re my slave the rest of the day! Right?” I nod.

She looked into my eyes as she moaned and started to let her hot stream of piss go. I felt it splashed across my chest and face and she pissed up and down my body from my cock up to my chin. I leaned up and opened my mouth and got a mouthful. I swallowed some and let the rest run down my chest.

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   She pissed for what seemed like 2 minutes. She squeezed out a few more squirts and said, ”Now clean it up!” and giggles.

She bent her knees as I raised my head to her wet bald little mound. I licked all around it down the sides, inside her legs everywhere I could see. I slowly worked my way to her slit and she moaned as my tongue hit her clit. I worked her little clit for all it was worth, gently jabbing my tongue into her pussy whole. I could taste a different taste now. It was sweeter. Her pussy was starting to leak her lovely sauce. I lapped it up like this morning syrup. It was better. She ground her bald little pussy into my face as I sucked and licked.
She started to whine and buck. I knew she was close, I sucked her little clit between my lips and tightened up and flipped my tongue. She started shaking and yelled, ”Oh God Rob, Oh God, Oh God, I’m going to, I’m com, I’m coming!”

Her whole body gave way and she dropped where she stood.

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   I barely caught her as she flopped to my tummy and slid into my cock. She just lay there. I stroked her hair and rubbed her back until she regained her composure. Amy leaned over and into my ear she whispered, ”Will you pee on my now, please!” I kissed her cheek and said, ”I can’t yet, I’m so hard I can’t pee. ” she wiggled her ass into my cock. ”yeah you are, I want to give you a blowjob like all the girls talk about at school and stuff. ” I smile at her and nod. She works her way down off me kissing my neck and chest along the way. She gets close to my cock and just stares at it.

Slowly she reaches out and cups my balls in her left hand. Her palm contacts my cock and I feel my dick starting to jump as each of her fingers wrap around me one by one. She slides her fist up and down rolling the skin on my cock up and down. It is amazing. She looks up and says, ”I can feel all the little ribs in it and you’re your pulse. Does it feel good?” I mumble, ”Oh God yes Amy, it feels so good.

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  ” Amy keeps her grip on it, she watches it intently as she pulls up and shoves her hand back down to the base. My cock is seeping pre come and she licks her lips, dips her head and licks the head clear. Her audible Mmm was amazing to me. I watched her as she stroked me. There was nothing left in this world to her except her hand, my cock, her mouth, and the come she was about to coax out of me. Lowering her head I felt the velvet warmth of her mouth coat almost my whole cock. Amy suck hard and deep. She bobbed her head up and down, twisting her head from side to side. I started to buck my hips a little and exclaimed, ”Oh God Amy, pump it faster, keep pumping until it quits twitching, Oh God, I’m gonna come!” Lifting her head she looks up with a huge smile on her face and licking her lips.

As soon as she felt it twitch, she knew I was going to come. She stroked me faster and faster. The first spasm shot up and over Amy’s head. As she felt it jerk again she quickly dipped her head down and engulfed my cock in her mouth. She started sucking and bobbing up and down while I shot the last of my load into her anxious mouth. She swallowed it all.

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   I fell back as she continued to nurse my cock and suck it soft.

After a few more moments, she said, ”It’s your turn, pee on me!” She smiled at me with lust in her eyes. I stood up as she sat on the tiled floor of our parents shower, pointed my cock at here and let my hot stream loose across her chest in a back and forth motion. I sprayed down her belly and to her waiting pussy. She cooed. I raised my stream back up and coated her hard thick nipples and finally up to her chin. Surprisingly, she dipped her head so I would pee in her hair and rose up with her mouth open. I hit the mark. She let it run out of her mouth and down her body. She looked into my eyes and smiled as the last squirts spayed from my dick.

”Are you ok?” I asked her looking into her face. She cooed, ”Wonderful! Let’s take a shower. You’re still my slave for the day, Remember?” I grinned at her. ”At your command, Master!” She giggled, hopped up and turned the shower on. We spayed the water around in the shower to make sure we left no evidence, and washed off ourselves.

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   As I watched her rinse her hair, I could help but admire her little breasts. Her nipples so big and swollen, I reached out and caressed them with my fingertips. She cooed again, I kneaded them between my fingers and lightly pulled on them. I thought to myself, this is going to be a great day.

After stepping out of the shower, I dried her off and she dried me off. She looked at me and said, ”No cloths today. ” I nodded and grinned real big. She took my hand and drug me to the den where she sat down and said ”Go get us sodas!” Off I went. When I came back, she was sitting in the middle of the couch with her ass scooted all the way to the edge and her shoulders at the back with her head tilted forward against the cushion. She spread her legs wide and hissed ”Eat my pussy some more. ” I couldn’t believe my little sister was being this forward. I loved it. I sat the sodas down on the end table and knelt between her legs.

I could smell the aroma as I looked straight at her pussy. The lips were shinny and slightly saturated.

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   I lowered my head and gently breathed on her pussy. I saw her hips twist with anticipation and longing. I stuck my tongue out and gently licked her crevice from bottom to top. She moaned. I jiggled my tongue on her clit. She moaned again. I licked her slit deeper. I could taste her pussy juices as I started to lap her pussy like a dog. She began to rock her hips in motion with my tongue. I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her hole. She was flowing now. I couldn’t lick her fast enough to keep her pussy from dripping down between the cheeks of her ass. She exclaimed, ”That feels so good, don’t stop, I want to come, I’m so close!” I moaned as I lapped at her pussy. She tasted so fucking good. I placed my hands behind her knees and pushed them up and out spreading her pussy more.

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   I sucked and licked her little clit.

”Ohh God, Yes, yes, I’m going to come!” I feverously licked her pussy. I pushed her knees up higher and she grasps them and held them there for me. My left hand slid down to her pussy and I started to massage her clit with my thumb. She bucked wildly. She screams out, ”Oh Rob, Oh God I’m coming right now, I’m come, I’m coming!” her body spasm, jerked, and she shook wildly. I licked her until she calmed down. Her pussy was drooling down the crack of her ass. I leaned down to clean her crack and when my tongue slid across her asshole she quivered and moaned and said, ”Oh Wow! Oh Yes!” I was surprised at her reaction, so I licked her asshole again. She started breathing faster. I licked it harder and tried to force my tongue in. Her asshole loosened and my tongue jutted in. She screams, ”Oh My God! I’m coming, I’m coming again!” Her body started jerking again as I wiggled my tongue in her ass. Amy’s body fell limp as I licked back up to her pussy. I couldn’t get enough of her taste.

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She reached her hand towards me; I reached up and took her hand. She pulled me in a motion for me to come lay by her. I put my arm under her legs and swung them on to the couch gently and lay next to her. She rolled into me, her head nestled into my chest and swung her left leg over my waist and we both fell asleep.

We woke to the phone ringing about an hour later. I jumped up to answer the phone and it was Aunt Suzie. ”Hey Rob, How are you and Amy doing?”

”We’re doing great! What’s going on?” I said. We trailed into a short conversation. She mentioned Mom and Dad had asked her to check on us and so on. I made sure she knew everything was ok. She seemed ok with everything and I told her I loved before I hung up.

As I lay back down next to Amy, she softly said, ”Rob?” ”Yeah?” I answered. ”I want you to fuck me. ” almost whispering. ”I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

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  ” I pledged. ”All my friends talk about it all the time. I know how it’s going to hurt the first time and all. Come on. Oh, and you my slave still, so you have to do it!” she glowed. ”I don’t want to hurt you though. If your sure. ” I said as I looked into her eyes. She nods and smiles.

We caress each other for a while laying there, running our hands the length of our reach across the curves and softness of our desires. I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. It catches her by surprise as looks at me, then she eases her face forward and we kiss, twisting our tongues together and sucking each others lips. I just couldn’t get enough of Amy, and It didn’t seems she could get enough of me.

After we made out for a while, I reached down and grabbed her knee and pulled it up over my hip as we lay face to face on the couch. My hand trailed her leg from her knee to her butt and back again.


   I loved the feel of her softness and to hear her purring in my ear as I touched her. She made a constant tone of pleasure. It was truly erotic. I circled her ass with my palm and slowly down into her crack. I traced the crack of her ass from the small of her back down to her now soaking pussy. Her tone deepened seemingly coming from deep inside her. I wet my fingers and circled her little ass hole and felt her push into my hand. I loved making her feel good.

She leaned into my ear and whispered, ”I want to try to swallow all your cum. Eat me while I suck on your cock. ” I was in heaven. I cock already throbbing. I eased her leg down, sat up and twisted around sliding down where my cock was level with her face. Her hand moved softly wrapping around my cock and guiding it toward her steaming, ready and wanton mouth. She threw her left leg over the back of the couch to give me ample room the lick her to pleasure.

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   I lowered my head to her sweet little snatch, my mouth opened and my tongue darted out and licked her swollen slit. She tasted so good. I could do this forever.

I felt my cock engulfed into her warm tongue bath. She was in her own world as she bobbed back and forth on my cock. Her mission, to coax the largest wad of cum my balls could muster. I loved hearing her Mmm with almost every thrust her head made down on my cock. Mmmm, Mmmm. I licked her deep into her pussy as I could reach. I started to imagine how my cock was going to feel as I slid it in and out of her silken furnace I so gleefully lapped at with my tongue. The thought of my cock in her pussy made my balls ache. I focused on the feeling of her mouth. I was about to erupt feeling my hips uncontrollably pushing my cock into her mouth. ”Ohh Amy, I’m gonna come, Oh Yeah!” I said muffled next to her pussy. I heard her moan real loud Mmmm, as she quickened her pace and kneaded my balls between her fingers.

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   My cock twitched. I know she felt it. I could feel her sucking with all her might, feeling the pressure was perfect timing as my cock jerked and spewed stream after stream into the back of her mouth. I know I squirt at least 5 maybe 7 times. In her excitement, she started bucking her hips pushing her pussy into my face. I sucked her clit for all it was worth while I spit my juice into her mouth. She didn’t miss a drop. As I heard her pull my cock out of her mouth with a pop, she exclaimed, ”Ahh, God I love that, I love sucking your cock and eating your cum!” She dropped her head to the couch as I lay my head on the inside of her thigh gently kissing barely licking her pussy as her pussy secreted the sweetest taste I had ever enjoyed.

We laid there for a good while just caressing each other practically not moving. She leaned her head up to look at me with a sly grin and said, ”I got to pee, Come on!” We sat up, she grabbed me by the hand and off we went to Mom and Dad’s bathroom. ”I want you to pee first. ” She quickly sat down on the shower floor, her feet straight out between my legs, her back arched back with her leaning on her elbows. She looked up at me and said, ”Stand behind me, and give me a shower, a shower of your pee!” giggling. I stepped around her and took my cock in my hands. Concentrating, my hot stream let loose.

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   I hit her on top of the head. I heard her moan with pleasure as my piss ran down her face. I coated her hair and moved to her chest. She dropped her head back and opened her mouth for the last few little squirts. I heard her moan, Mmm.

My cock was starting to swell as she exclaimed with renewed vigor, ”My turn!” She got up brushing her piss soaked hair with her fingers as I laid back in the same manner she did. ”I’m going to sit down on your cock while I piss, and then your going to fuck me right here. ” she said excitedly. She stepped over me and lowered her self squatting down to my fully erect cock. I look at her and say, ”You sure?” she nods as her hand clutches my cock and guides it to her now dripping pussy. She splits her pussy lips with the bulbous head of my cock and works it back and fourth greasing it good. She aligns my cock with her delicate entrance and squats some more. She lowered herself to the point of pain and backed of a little. Worried I blurt, ”You OK, You ok Amy?” She smiles and explains, ”I’m going to slide down on you hard and pop my cherry, and then wait until it doesn’t hurt anymore. Then it’ll be ok.

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   That’s what Mary said anyway. ” Comfortable with her answer, I nod to her. Not like I had any say anyway.

She tested her position again and closed her eyes. As I watched the anguish on her face lighten, I felt a trickle of warmth on my stomach, and then a full stream of her hot piss. Mid stream she opened her eyes, looked into mine and thrust herself down and through her cherry. I felt every ripple as I entered her tight hole. It felt like a thousand little wash boards rubbing messaging my cock. She gasps as her eyes widened and filled with tears. She fell forward on me and held me tight as I heard a few whimpers. I felt so bad that it hurt her while it felt so incredible for me. I stroked her piss soaked hair and down her back. She became quiet and I felt her tense up. I thought she was still in pain until I felt the warmth of her piss starting to flow between us.

She pushed back on my chest and smiled into my face and said, ”I’m ready!” We both looked down to see how my cock looked stretching her pussy.

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   She hadn’t taken all of me in her yet. She maneuvered her knees and pulled herself up slightly. She was very wet. She slid back down and her mouth formed a perfect O. She pulled up again and back down she went. The next time she picked up almost to the head of my cock and sunk back onto my cock. ”Oh my god, this feels so good!” she hissed at me. I nodded speechless as my cock was being pressed from all sides with her velvet washboard. She started picking up speed. Up and down she went with a look of pure ecstasy.

I reached up and took a hold of body and leaned her down to the cool tile floor as I moved atop her trying not to loose our bond. She reached down and latched her hands behind her knees and pulled her legs up to her sides as I positioned myself over her. I slid my cock out to the tip and drove it back into her. She was incredibly tight. I heard her say Ewww with every stroke.

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   As I started plunging into her faster I would push a little deeper. Finally when I hit rock bottom and my balls slapped her ass, she exclaimed, ”Ohh my god Rob, I want it faster, Fuck me faster!”

As I started fucking her faster, driving my cock into her pussy I knew I wouldn’t last forever. I kept pumping my little sister’s pussy. She screamed, ”Oh Yeah, Fuck me HARD now! I’m going to come, I’m going to come, Harder!” I started pounding my Amy. I could feel the bottom of her pussy with every lick. My cock started to twitch, ”I’m gonna come Amy!” I laid into her with all I had. My first squirt into her pussy sent her over the edge. ”Me too! I’m coming too, I’m coming!” I pumped into her as her body went into convulsions. Her little body flopped like a fish on dry land as I pounded her until the last trembling twitch spewed the last time. She lay there with my cock in her deep. She was absolutely still, and then her whole body would shake. That went on for almost 18 minutes until my cock slipped from her pussy. My come leaked out and down the crack of her ass.

I lay down beside her and held her. We looked into each others eyes and smiled.

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   She softly said, ”I loved the way you fucked me, I love you Rob. ” ”I love you too Amy. ”

After a while, we got up, showered and cleaned up our mess. She wouldn’t let me wash or rinse her hair. ”I want your piss in my hair. ” she said. After we slipped into our night cloths, we laid on the couch the rest of the evening spooning with me in back. My arm rapped around her holding her tight and my nose nestled in her hair. My piss smelled so good on her. Every once in a while she would reach back and pull her hair up to her nose and I would hear her moan. Mmm

I couldn’t imagine a better evening with anyone.



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