Ambers New Home Pt. 2


“Amber, please realize that your mother and I never meant to hurt you. We only wanted the best for you. ” He said. Amber found herself shaking uncontrollably. She didn’t know how to feel and it had been a very long day. “So did you and my mother really love each other a lot?” She said going over to her father. “Yes. ” Bill said seeing his daughter shaking. "Here sit down. ” He said. Amber sat down next to her father and rested her head on his shoulder. She felt like she would faint soon if she didn‘t relax. “Amber you must always realize that you are allowed to love anyone you want, however you want. People in this world just don’t understand the love of a family. ” He said. “But isn’t it wrong.

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  ” Amber stated. “No, it’s not wrong. Some people in this world are afraid of their feelings and whom they love. So they ban what they don’t understand. And people like your mother and me suffer because we have to keep our love a secret. ” He said. “I understand. I’m sorry I yelled at you. I was just confused like everyone else. I still love you. “ she said. Amber was feeling exhausted and needed to lie down to take a short nap. After everything that just happened swimming was the last thing that she wanted to do. “Dad I’m tired, I think I’m going to lie down for a little while. ” She said.

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  “Okay. Honey. ” I’m beat myself, I think I’ll join you. ” He said. “Is it okay if I sleep in your room? I don’t want to be by myself right now. ” Amber said. “Sure come on and lay down. ” Bill said as he got under the covers in only his robe. Amber got in the bed next to her father and was sleeping soon. Bill looked at his daughter sleeping and realized just how much she looked like her mother. Her tiny tits were barely filling up her bikini top and her smooth skin was so soft to the touch. Bill felt his cock twitch as he ran his fingers through her hair. He hadn’t realized just how depraved he was of pussy until this very moment. He wanted to jerk himself off but rejected the idea because it might wake Amber up. So he lay there with his cock hard and fell asleep.

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   Amber awoke to something poking her in the bottom part of her back. She slowly lifted her head and saw that it was her father’s cock. She was surprised to see such a big cock. Earlier her father’s cock wasn’t that big and it wobbled when he moved. She looked at her father who was sleeping heavily draped only in his robe. She wanted to touch it but was afraid that her dad would wake up. She gently shook him to see if he would wake up but he was in a deep sleep. Amber finally got enough courage to touch his cock. She took one finger and ran it over his cock. It twitched and reflexively Amber withdrew her hand. Amber saw that her father was still sleeping so she tried again this time grabbing it with her whole hand. His cock started throbbing and she noticed some white stuff at the tip of it. Amber's best friend Sally back home had already lost her virginity and told Amber that when a guy comes he has white stuff that comes out. Sally said that when she would suck her boyfriend’s cock he would let her swallow a lot of his white stuff and it tasted salty but good. Amber sat there stroking her fathers cock trying to get up the courage to taste his cum.

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   Her father had started to softly snore so she knew he was still sleeping. She pulled back her hair and softly placed her lips on her father’s cock. She sucked off the white stuff and realized that it did taste good. Very good. She wanted to taste some more so she started squeezing his cock with her hand as she sucked it like a straw. Amber’s father suddenly groaned. She jerked back petrified that she would be in a lot of trouble. “More Janet, more” he groaned in his sleep. Amber giggled at the thought of him calling her by her mother’s name. She knew that he was still sleeping so she gave him more. This time licking it like her friend Sally had told her she did it. Bill woke up to a warm, wet sensation. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There was young Amber sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. He wanted to yell at her but the sensation was to great and he hadn’t felt a girl in a long time.

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   He laid back and let her continue. He groaned softly as he felt himself start to build up. He knew he was going to come soon but he didn’t want to tell Amber because he was afraid she might stop. “Oh, it feels so good. Don’t stop, I’m going to cum!” Bill yelled loudly as he let his cum surge into his daughter's mouth. Amber tried with all of her might to take in all of the cum, but some leaked and slid down her chin to her small breasts. She quickly rose having the feeling that her father was no longer sleeping. She looked at her father with cum dripping down her face. She wanted to run and hide but couldn’t move. “That was incredible. What made you do that?” Bill said with a grin on his face. “I saw it sticking up and I just wanted to touch it because I’ve never touched a cock before and then it got this white stuff on it and I wanted to taste it to see what it tasted like. Please don’t be mad at me I’ll never do it again. ” Amber rushed starting to cry for the third time today. “There now, I would never be mad at you for something like that.

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   You made daddy feel really good. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good. Your mother wasn’t the last person that I’ve been with but she was the only one I loved, so it felt funny continuing with relationships that didn’t mean anything. ” He said. Bill looked at his daughter will deep compassion. “Honey, when is the last time that you’ve felt really good. You’ve been going through so much. Maybe I can help you relieve some stress too. ”“I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m still a virgin. ” She said shyly. “Do you know how to play with yourself to make you cum?” Bill said. “No. My friend Sally tried to show me how she did it, but I didn’t do it right. ” She said.

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  “Would you like daddy to show you how to cum like that.
    ” He said. “Okay. Will it hurt?” She said nervously. “No. This will only feel good I promise. Now lay back and let daddy have a look. ” He said. Amber took off her daisy dukes and bikini bottoms but left her top on. She laid back and slightly spread her legs. She was sure that her daddy wouldn’t hurt her so she relaxed. She promised herself that she wouldn’t be like her mother loving her father the wrong way. Bill looked at his daughter. He knew that he shouldn’t do this but when she spread her sweet legs, he could only smile at the near bald pussy that stood before him. It was so small and her clit stood right out in front.

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       He spitted on his fingers and began rubbing gently on her clit. “Oh daddy, that feels weird. ” She said. “Just relax and let yourself go. ” He kissed her on the lips as he rubbed back and forth. Amber’s pussy started getting very wet as he continued to stroke her. He was getting excited again and needed to taste her bad. He removed her bikini top and slowly worked his way down to her hard nipples and started sucking and nibbling on them. “Oh daddy, it feels so good. Don’t stop. ” She said. “I’m going to make it feel even better. ” He said as he spread her legs even further apart. He quickly replaced his fingers with his mouth. He sucked ravenously as he felt her body start to tense up.

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      “Oooh, Ahhh, I think something is happening. I feel so good. “ Oh yes daddy, I think I’m cumming!” She said as her body released her juices. Bill sucked up her juices as he felt her orgasm come to a stop. He couldn’t believe that his daughter had just cum from him. His cock was extremely hard again and he knew that he would need relief again soon. This time though, he would want relief in a different way. Amber sat up flushed. She couldn’t believe how good that had been. She looked at her father and saw that his cock was once again hard. “Daddy would you like me to take care of that for you again. ” She said smiling. To be continued. . .

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