Amazing What You Might Find Online


Amazing What You Might Find Online    I was sitting at my computer downloading videos from my favorite file sharing site, my wife of 18 years was at work and our kids were at school. Luckily I run my own business from home so I usually have a couple of hours to mess around on line. My favorite videos are webcam captures, especially young ones, and I had found some good ones today. The first had an eleven year old girl fingering her smooth pussy and the second was a thirteen year old girl fucking herself in the ass with a hairbrush while she moaned her boyfriend’s name, needless to say my forty three year old cock was throbbing. I clicked on the third one and sat back in my chair, wrapping my right hand around my cock. When the video started my cock almost exploded, there on the screen was my thirteen year old daughter!
   I knew I should be upset by what she was doing but my cock was throbbing harder as she lifted her night gown exposing her tiny panties and then her smooth flat belly, I had no idea she even had a webcam much less one with such hi resolution. She stopped just at the base of her budding tits, each hand squeezing one while she rolled her tiny nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. I squeezed my cock hard trying to keep from cumming as she lifted her nightie higher letting me and whoever else had downloaded this see her small breasts. They were perfect, each the size of a half peach topped with a rock hard tiny pink nipple. My throat was dry as I watched my baby girl playing with her tits for all the world to see. I knew if I moved my hand I was going to cum but I didn’t care. I stroked my cock as I watched her hand move down to her panties and when she squeezed her crotch and I heard her moan my cock jerked and cum shot from the tip. I couldn’t remember cumming like this, the first shot landed on my face, the second on my chest and it seemed I wouldn’t stop. When I finished I was covered in cum. Some people will think I’m weird but I brought my hand to my mouth and licked it clean, since I was younger I’ve loved the taste of cum either my own or from some select friends.
   When I looked back at the screen Donna, my daughter, had her panties down and a finger sliding between her swollen lips.

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   I paused it while I went to get a glass of water then backed it up to the point I had lost my load. I pressed play and immediately my cock started growing as she slid her panties down. She had the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen, smooth puffy lips below a thin patch of bright red hair, her skin covered with just the right amount of freckles. She ran her finger down her slit then back up circling her clit. She was moaning as she slipped a finger inside her wet pussy then pulled it out and held it up to the cam, it glistened with her juices, and then she brought it to her mouth and sucked it clean. My cock was throbbing again as my hand slid up and down the shaft. She moved the cam closer to her pussy and I could see the moisture on her swollen lips and as she spread her lips and rubbed her hard clit I almost exploded again. I could hear her moaning louder as she slipped a fingered back into her pussy while her other hand rubbed her clit faster. She fucked herself faster as she moaned “Oh yes” over and over. Both her hand and mine were a blur as we raced toward orgasm, her ass lifting off the chair trying to get her finger deeper inside her gripping pussy. She moved the camera back out so I could see her face and she was so beautiful, her face contorted in passion as her orgasm approached. Suddenly she groaned “OH FUCK YES!!! I’M CUMMING!!!” and her legs squeezed her hand and she rocked from side to side. My cock exploded with her and as I brought my hand back to my mouth she lifted her hand to hers and we both licked ourselves clean. She moved closer to the cam and whispered “goodnight” just as the screen went dark.
   I leaned back in my chair catching my breath for a second before searching for other videos with my daughter’s screen name, I found four.

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   I started downloading them hoping I would get the chance to watch them before the wife and kids got home. It was football season so Donny, my son, would have practice and since Donna was a cheerleader Shelly, my wife, would pick them up on her way home. The bad thing was I had to cook dinner so I didn’t have a lot of time.
   A video finally finished downloading and I quickly clicked on play. When it started I noticed the room was different, I wasn’t sure where Donna was until her best friend Lori leaned over and kissed her. WOW my cock sprang back to life, it had been a while since I had gotten hard three times that fast. Lori and Donna look completely opposite, Donna is about average height and very athletically built and also she has her mother’s flaming red hair while Lori is short, under 5’, with blonde hair and a luscious set of tits that just beg to be sucked. I watched in awe as Donna and Lori kissed passionately, their tongues wrestling back and forth, and Lori’s hand squeezed Donna’s small breast. They were both moaning when Donna kissed her way down Lori’s neck and down to her large tit, circling the hard nipple before sucking it hard. Lori’s hand was holding Donna’s head, her fingers tangled in the bright red hair. She moaned loudly and said. “Oh Donna I’m so glad you taught me this. ” Wow, my daughter had seduced her friend, I wonder who taught her.
   Back on the screen Donna had moved between Lori’s legs, too bad all I could see was the back of her head, but I could tell by the moans coming from Lori that her tongue was working in her slit. Lori moved the camera so I could see Donna’s tongue sliding through her slit.

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   Donna smiled up at her friend and said. “I just love your smooth pussy, maybe I should shave mine too.  
   Lori pulled my daughter’s face back to her pussy and said. “Don’t you dare shave it. I love your soft red hair. ” Her hips lifted pressing her pussy tighter against Donna’s face and laughed. “Now shut up and eat me before I sit on your face and make you eat me. ” 
   “MMMMMMMM, promises, promises. ” Donna snickered burying her face back in Lori’s pussy. The camera was shaking as Lori held it close so I could see Donna’s tongue sliding between her lips and circling her hard clit. Moisture was glistening on Donna’s face as she worked to get her friend off. She slipped two fingers into Lori’s pussy, sliding them deep while her tongue worked on her clit. Lori’s ass lifted off the chair grinding her wet crotch in Donna’s face.  
   “Oh Donna, that feels so good! Eat my pussy baby! Make me cum!” Lori moaned squeezing Donna’s head with her muscular thighs.  
   Donna looked up and Lori and said.

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   “Cum for me sweetie! Cover my face with your sweet juices!”
   Lori sat the cam on the desk as Donna pushed her legs higher and she moved lower, bring a loud squeal from Lori as Donna’s tongue slid over her puckered asshole. “OH MY GOD! THAT’S IT, LICK MY ASS YOU DIRTY BITCH!! YOU KNOW I LOVE YOUR TONGUE IN MY ASSHOLE!!!”
   My cock was throbbing and I slowly stroked it while I watched my daughter’s tongue licking her best friend’s ass. Lori’s hand was a blur rubbing her clit bringing her closer to a massive orgasm. Suddenly her legs stiffened and her body shook as she screamed. “OH GOD, I’M CUMMING!!! OH YES LICK MY ASS!! OH FUCK!! OH FUCK, THAT’S SO GOOD!!!

   Cum shot from my cock for the third time that day landing on my stmach and arm, after cleaning up my mess I realized the family would be home soon. I stopped the video even though it was getting very interesting again, Lori was lying on her bed and Donna was straddling her face. I cooked a nice dinner and while we ate I could feel my cock getting hard again as I watched my daughter eat and I thought about what else she had been eating.  
   Later that night as Shelly and I lay in bed my cock was hard and I began rubbing Shelly’s small firm tits. Her nipples quickly hardened and she rolled toward me and our lips met in a passionate kiss. I lifted her night gown over her head exposing her firm body, even at forty-three and after having three children she was still in absolutely stunning shape.  
   I want to give you a little background about us. We had first met in jr. high, she was a popular cheerleader and I was just an average guy. I remember when I was wrestling in school and was down on the mat I would get very inspired when I looked over and saw Shelly and the other cheerleaders sitting at the edge of the mat Indian style. Even though I had lusted for her in school we never got together, I just never thought I was in her class.

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   My luck changed at our ten year reunion. Shelly was recently divorced with a seven year old son, Mel, and I had never married. We started talking that night and had a few drinks and I found she had liked me in school too but had never told any one. We started dating after that and three months later we were married. Two years later the twins were born.  
   I kissed my way down her neck and licked each of her hard nipples as my fingers slid through her bright red bush and into her wet slit. She moaned as two fingers spread her lips then circled her clit before slipping deep inside her. Her pussy gripped my fingers as her fingers ran through my hair pulling me tighter to her breast before pushing me toward her waiting pussy. As I kissed my way lower the image of Donna kept playing in my mind, Shelly and Donna were almost mirror images of each other. My tongue slipped into my wife’s waiting pussy bringing a moan from her and causing her thighs to grip my head. She pulled me tighter as my tongue worked her clit. I took her ass in my hands and poured myself into eating my wife’s pussy while in my mind I was eating my daughter’s. Shelly went stiff and her ass shook and sweet nectar filled my mouth and she screamed into her pillow as her orgasm raced through her body.  
   I moved up beside my wife and she kissed me and then licked her juices off my face. Shelly had told me about the cheerleader parties in school and how much she liked the taste of pussy, if only she knew her daughter was following in her footsteps.

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   I felt her hand wrap around my cock before she moved between my legs and took my throbbing cock in her mouth, oh how I wanted it to be Donna. Shelly is an amazing cocksucker and I soon felt her nose hitting my crotch as the head of my cock slipped into her throat. I’m not huge, just seven inches and her tongue was moving over all of it. I felt my balls tightening and as much as I love cumming in my wife’s mouth I wanted to fuck her and I didn’t think I could get it up again after that afternoon. I pulled her up to me and kissed her as she ground her wet crotch against my hip. I looked into her green eyes and said. “I want to feel your sweet pussy on my cock. ” 
   She smiled back at me and moaned. “Me too baby, I want your hard cock in my pussy. ”  
   As she spoke she straddled my crotch reaching down and lining my cock up with her sweet pussy. We both groaned as she sat down and my cock slipped into the velvet glove of her pussy. She leaned forward and kissed me hard as her hips rose and fell faster and faster. “Oh Rick, I love your cock in my pussy. I want to feel your hot cum filling me. ” She groaned as my hands gripped her beautiful ass.

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“Just keep going baby and I’ll fill your sweet pussy with cum. ” I moaned as my hips lifted to meet her thrusts. I felt her legs shaking and knew she was close to cumming again. I held her ass tighter and fucked her faster as my cum left my balls and exploded from my cock. “I’M CUMMING BABY!!” I groaned as the last drop in my balls emptied into my wife.
   When the last of my cum was in her pussy she quickly moved up my body and pressed her pussy to my lips and said. “Eat me Rick, suck your cum from me and make me cum!” I buried my tongue in her sloppy pussy, loving the taste of my cum mixed with her pussy. Glob after glob filled my mouth and I swallowed them while she rubbed her clit. “OH FUCK THAT’S SO GOOD!! I’M CUMMING!!! OH YES, EAT ME!!!” She squealed as she flooded my mouth with a hot mixture of our love.  
   We fell asleep in each other’s arms and my mind raced that night as I wondered what I would see my daughter do in the rest of the videos.
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