Amazing What You Might Find Online Chapter 2


Amazing What You Might Find Online, Chapter 2
   The next morning, as I walked down the hall, Donna darted across in front of me fresh from her morning shower wrapped in a towel. I stopped and stared as she went into her room, I swear I could see her ass cheeks. She looked over her shoulder and said. “Good morning Daddy. ” Then smiled as she closed the door.
   I sat at the kitchen table, adjusting my hard cock, drinking my coffee while Donny at his cereal. When everyone finally left I hurried to my computer to take up where I had left off the day before. Just as I was starting the video my phone rang. Damn it all, a customer called and I had to leave for a while.
   Three hours later I finally sat down at my computer and started the video. Donna had just gotten Lori off and now it was her turn. Lori’s sucked first one of Donna’s nipples then the other, her tongue circling them before taking them in her mouth. Her hand was in Donna’s crotch and judging by the moans coming from Donna and the look on her face, her fingers must have been hitting all the right spots. Donna pulled Lori’s face up to hers and after a long kiss she said. “Lay on the bed, I want to ride your face. ”
   Lori moved to the bed, taking the cam with her, and lay on her back.

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   As Donna straddled her face she said. “Oh yea bitch, sit on my face. Make me eat your wet cunt. ”
   Donna lowered her pussy to her friend’s waiting lips and moaned as Lori’s tongue slipped deep inside her wet pussy. She pressed her pussy tighter against Lori’s face and my cock jerked as saw Lori’s nose surrounded by Donna’s bright red hair. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before Donna screamed in orgasm as she ground her pussy into Lori’s face. Lori’s hands were full of Donna’s sweet ass and she squeezed and pulled her tighter. “Oh your tongue feels so good in me. ” She moaned as her hips moved faster.
   My cock was throbbing in my hand as I watched my daughter riding her friend’s tongue and as I thought about the other people watching too. My eyes were closed as I imagined her riding my face like that when I was shocked back to reality by her screaming in orgasm. “OH LORI, I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR FACE!! OH FUCK YES, EAT MY CUNT BITCH!!!” As her body shook and trembled my nuts tightened and a huge load of cum erupted from my cock, I leaned forward hoping it would shoot high enough and I could catch some in my mouth. But sadly I’m not that limber so I had to be happy with licking it off my arm and hand. The screen went black and I sat catching my breath before going to the kitchen for a drink before I watched the next video.
   The next video was in my daughter’s room again, it started slow with Donna sitting there in her nightie.

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   It was clear she was watching some boy on his cam, her eyes were glued to the screen and even though I couldn’t see her hand I was sure she was rubbing her sweet pussy. She giggled and said. “Wow David, you have such a nice cock. It’s so long and hard, it looks really tasty. ” My own cock sprang back to life as I imagined my daughter sucking some young stud’s cock. “Oh yeah baby, stroke it for me, just imagine it sliding between my lips and over my tongue before sliding down my throat. ” She smiled then brought her finger to her lips and began sucking them like a cock. “And Robert your cock would feel so good stretching my little pussy. ” Holy crap she had two guys jerking off for her. I wondered how many people were watching this as my hand squeezed my balls.
   “Damn Donna, I wish I was there now sliding my hard cock up your wet cunt, Show it to me. ” One of the boys said.
   “Yeah, show us your sweet red haired pussy and cum for us like you did before. ” The other added.
   “Now boys, haven’t you seen my pussy enough?”
   “HELL NO!” They both answered in unison.

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   “I want to see you fuck yourself with a banana again. ” The first one said.
   “Yeah me too, that was so fucking hot. I’ve never seen anybody cum so hard. ”
   “Now boys, if I do that what will you do for me?” she asked with a devilish grin.
   “What do you want us to do?’ One said.
“Well let’s see, maybe you could jerk each other off. Or better yet I want you to suck each other. ” Donna replied lifting her nightie over her head.
   “I don’t know, that’s asking a lot. ” 
   “Yeah, I’m not sure about that. ”

   “Oh come on guys. It would turn me on so much to see brothers sucking each other. ” Donna pleaded. “How about if I sweeten the deal buy fucking my ass with my hairbrush too? 
   Holy shit, I couldn’t believe my ears, she was talking to brothers and she wanted to see them sucking each other.

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   My cock was jerking and I quickly moved my hand away before it exploded. Damn I wish I could see them too. The thought of brothers enjoying each other was one of my biggest turn ons.  
   “Well ok, I guess if we can do it when we’re alone we can do it for you. ” 
   “Wow guys, I can’t tell you how much this turns me on. But I can show you. ” She said as she moved the cam between her legs. “See how wet I am?” She spread her lips giving them and me a perfect view into her wet young pussy. It was bright pink and it glistened in the light. I groaned and I heard both the boys moan as we stared into heaven.  
   Donna changed positions on her bed so she was facing a full length mirror, with the camera shooting toward the mirror I could see her entire body including her face. She rubbed her clit with one hand while she slid a banana into her sweet pussy. She moaned softly as the yellow fruit slipped between her lips and when she pulled it back her juices made it shine. She looked at the screen and said. “Come on boys.

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   Robert why don’t you suck David’s cock first, show your younger brother how it’s done. ” I heard one of the boys moan and then Donna said. “Oh fuck, that is so hot. Suck your brother’s cock for me. Does it taste good?” Again I heard a moan and a muffled uh huh. Donna moved the banana faster and her hips were lifting off the bed, then she moved a hair brush to her asshole and slid the handle in. “Oh shit, that feels good. I wish it was your cocks that were filling me. Suck him faster Robert, take it all. ” 
   “Shit yeah, suck my cock bro. God your mouth feels good, play with my balls too. ” David said between moans. “Fuck yourself Donna, work that pussy and ass. Cum for us girl. ” 
   I didn’t dare touch my cock, it was throbbing and precum was oozing from the slit.

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   Donna moaned louder as she fucked both her holes, her eyes were glued to the screen and she had a look of pure animal lust on her face. “That’s it David, fuck his face, shove your cock down his throat. ” 
   “OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING!!! SWALLOW IT ROBERT!!! SWALLOW MY FUCKING CUM!!!” David screamed and I could only imagine the hot load of cum he was pumping down his brother’s throat.  
   Donna slowed her pace and she moaned, her eyes not leaving the screen. “Damn that was hot. Now trade places boys. David suck the cum from your brother’s nuts. Eat it just like he ate yours. ”
   I assumed they did as they were told because Donna was fucking herself faster again and I could hear Robert moaning. “Suck me little brother. Suck my fucking cock just like I taught you to. Oh yea lick my balls you little shit, suck em. ”
   “OH FUCK YES, SUCK HIS BALLS!! MAKE HIM CUM IN YOUR MOUTH!!! OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING!!!! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!!! OH FUCK ME!!!” Donna screamed as her body shook with pleasure.
   “SUCK ME DAVID, HERE IT CUMS!!! FUCK YES, SUCK MY FUCKING COCK!!!!” Robert screamed as I’m sure he pumped a huge load down his brother’s throat. My own cock erupted, without me even touching it, spraying cum onto my stomach and thighs.


   The screen went dark a few seconds later and I looked at the clock seeing it was time I cleaned up. I couldn’t get the picture of my little girl fucking herself out of my mind and the fact that she got off watching two brothers was making my mind race. If she liked watching brothers maybe she could be interested in enjoying a little incest too. Maybe I’d have a chance to fuck her. But how to do it without getting caught, I dearly love my wife and wouldn’t want to lose her or worse yet go to prison. Maybe the next videos would give me an idea, but that would have to wait.
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