Amanda & her Mom, Chap 1


Chapter 1. Meeting the Princess.

It was around two in the afternoon on a Wednesday and I am in the bar of my hotel. My paperwork and laptop are on the table and I am working on a report and some charts for a meeting the next day. Usually I like working in the hotel’s bar because there are just a few people around and they don’t have music going. So it’s quiet, but does not drive me crazy like an empty room. Sitting in an empty hotel room in New York while it’s raining outside is not fun.

As I hit the enter button on the keyboard to save my slide a quiet, girly voice says: “Hello Mister. ”Looking up, I see a pint size princess with bright blue eyes and blond curly hair looking at me. “Hello Princess”, I reply. “What’s your name”, I ask a moment later. “My name is Amanda, but you can call me Princess. I like that”, she comes back. My eyebrows go up in a question mark and she asks if I would buy her a cola. “Sure, Princess. ”Then I ask her where her parents are and she tells me her mom is at work.

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  I tell her that we would talk some more, but first I go to the bar and get a cola.

When I return to my table, Amanda has taken the seat next to mine and is waiting for her cola; which she starts to sip daintily through the straw. The reason she looks like a princess is she is a little over five feet tall, about ten years old, dressed in a frilly short white dress. She has black patent leather shoes with short white socks on her feet. Only the tiara is missing to make the image complete.

She thanks me for the cola and asks my name, which is Ted. “Oh goody, I’ll call you Uncle Ted, OK”. I just smile at my new friend. “So, Princess, tell me about your mom being at work, and you being in the bar with the guys”, I say in a joking way. Amanda tells me her mom works in an office several blocks away, but they have an apartment here in the hotel. Because the economy is in the dumps, the hotel has combined two single rooms into a mini-apartment. They installed a small kitchenette in one room. It makes the hotel a steady income from several apartments on the upper floors.

Amanda says her mom got divorced about eight months ago and they have little income. “So, why are you in the bar?” I repeat.

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  Amanda tells me she is out of school for a one week holiday and she got bored sitting alone in the little apartment. Well, I can relate to that.

Amanda looks at my computer and asks:“Is that the new series 2080?”Wow, she recognizes my pride and joy; my new toy. I tell her yes, I had purchased it during the last two weeks and was just getting good on it. “Does it have Wi-Fi?” she wants to know. So I tell her this is the top of the line model and has everything in it, including large memory and best video. Amanda asks what I am working on, so I pull up one of the color charts. “Oh, can I see?” she asks and leans over into my seat to see the screen better.

Sitting to my right she puts her left arm first on my chair, leans forward and then puts her left hand on my leg to steady her. “What are these lines on the chart”, she asks and I reply they are sales trends. She studies the chart for a minute and reaches over and hits the enter key to bring up the next chart. Meanwhile, as she moves around, her left hand moves from my leg right into my crotch.

Amanda asks: “Does this chart show that sales are getting hard?”My brain answers that sales is not the only thing getting hard. Did she mean the double meaning while her hand was in my crotch?Or was this just a precocious ten year old who really did not know what she was doing?

Princess Amanda studies the trend lines on the chart like they are really fascinating and making little circles with her hand on my slowly growing cock. Now what am I going to do?“Princess, I think you need to get out of my lap”, I tell her.

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  Her big blue eyes turn to me and she whispers: “But Uncle Ted we are just getting to be good friends. Don’t send me away and make me be all alone. ”I expect the tears to start next, so I tell her it was OK as I squeeze her little hand.

Mandy pushes her chair even closer and holds my hand as she sips her drink. We talk about what she does in her apartment and she talks about some favorite cartoons on the hotel intra-net. She asks me where my room is and I say: “1202”. Amanda giggles and pulls her key out and shows me its 1228. “Uncle Ted, will you go up with me, because I am not supposed to ride the elevator by myself”, is her next question. I tell her yes in a minute. Going to the bar, I settle my bill, wondering if I just got picked up in a bar by a ten year old. Little did I know?”

When we get to the twelfth floor we are right by my room and hers is down the hall. Amanda asks if we could go into my room and look at her cartoons on my new computer. Well sure there would be no harm in that. I settle into the chair by the desk and open my computer, but Amanda climbs into my lap, saying: “Let me bring up the intra-net”. She flips the back of her dress up to sit on my lap.

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  Whoa, no panties?No, she is wearing a thong, displaying her youthful ass cheeks. She rubs her ass in my lap, settles in and starts typing on the keyboard like a whiz kid.

“Uncle Ted, I have an all A’s report card and I am tops in my technology class”, she tells me while gently rocking on my cock which again starts to make little movements too. All I can do is watch, as she surfs the hotel’s intra-net and hits the movies section. Her “cartoon” pops up on the screen and my eyes almost blow out. Here is a beautiful naked blonde on a couch getting fucked by a muscular stud with a big cock. My cock twitches and grows an inch. Amanda giggles:“Oh, this is one of my fav’s, watch now!”About that time a second guy moves into the scene and shoots gobs of cum into the girl’s mouth. As the camera zooms in, she swallows the load and tells the camera: “More please. ”A second guy moves in and shoots a load of Jizz into her mouth. This time the girl holds it in her mouth with a big smile. The guy fucking her pulls out, moves up to her face and deposits the third load into her mouth. She swirls the cum, swallows and smiles.

Amanda, my princess, turns her head, flutters her blue eyes at me and asks: “Uncle Ted, will you let me taste you?These girls all love to swallow cum. ”Not sure of what to do, I ask her how long she has been watching these “cartoons”.

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  “Only since Monday when vacation started”, she lets me know. In two days of porn watching, she got way more education and language lessons than a ten year old should.

“You know these people are actors and it’s just porn movies, they are not in love”, I tell her. She tells me she understands; but swallowing three loads was no act. OK, I have no answer to that. Amanda jumps off my lap and with a quick move to her back unzips her dress and drops it to the floor. “Don’t you like me, am I too small?” she wants to know. Standing naked she is even more of a princess vision than before.

Her tiny nipples poke out hard and look oh so kissable. They are centered on small puffs of tits which stand out a little more than an inch. Her skin is creamy white and baby smooth. Her little pussy is hidden under a tiny white thong and I think I really want to fuck her. Trying not to answer her, I ask: “Nice thong, did your mom buy that?”She smiles back: “Matching set to hers; on-line shopping; but she does not know I bought it. ”

A mom with thongs, this may be interesting later. Amanda reached over and strokes my cock through my pants, reaches for the zipper and pulls it down.

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  Since I ignored her last question, she assumes that I was ready to play. Not knowing any better, I go for it.

“Get on the bed, Amanda. ”She grabs my computer and puts it on the night stand next to the bed and sets it to video mode. “I want a movie of this”, she tells me. Meanwhile, I strip my clothes off and lay on my back. Amanda pushes the pillows up under my head so I can watch her. She lays down between my legs and just looks at my cock, which jumps up and down semi-hard. When she puts her little hand around it, an electric charge runs up from my cock to my brain and I exhale strongly. She gently picks up my cock and looks at the bottom where my balls are scrunched up. Her other hand goes to my balls and she plays with the sack for a little.

Then she puts both hands on my cock and slowly peels the skin back. The head of my cock has turned red and a little pre-cum starts leaks out. Amanda studies the pre-cum like a science project and says: “Pre-cum comes out of cocks when guys get excited. Are you getting excited, Uncle Ted?”

“Yes, you fucking minx, Uncle Ted is getting excited and he will give you a big load of cum in all three holes.

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  I will ream your ass, but good”, the little devil in my brain thinks. But my mouth mumbles: “God yes, Amanda. I’m about to cum. ”

“Ooh, goody, will it be better than ice cream?” she asks me. “Yes, it’s better than ice cream and you will love me for it, forever”. While looking straight into my eyes she lowers her head down and slowly sucks the head of my cock into her little mouth. The warmth of her mouth is heavenly. She slowly sucks me deeper into her mouth and sets up a nice up and down rhythm.

    It is a hundred times better than any porn movie action. Running her tongue over the bottom of my cock, she hits all the sensitive areas every time she makes an up-stroke. I get harder and harder and I am not sure I can last more than a few minutes.

    “Princess, you are fantastic, but I want to change positions. I have a favorite way”, I tell her so that I can take a little break and make it last much longer. I get up, go to the mini-bar and mix two whiskeys. Mine a little stronger and hers fairly weak.

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      “Try this”, I tell her.

    “Bottoms up, tiger”, she replies, mimicking a porn scene, and takes a big gulp. Surprisingly, she does not cough and finishes her drink with a second gulp. “Will you give me a refill, Uncle Ted?”“Sure, Princess. ” I answer. We have a second round with much stronger drinks. As she swallows it, her eyes get bigger: “Ah, you made this one much better, Uncle Ted. ”

    All this in two days of watching porn; what a quick student. I tell Mandy to lie down on her back with her head over the edge of the bed. “Wow, are you going to deep throat me, Uncle Ted?” she quizzes as she looks up at me. “Your mouth and throat are probably too small for it; we’ll see”, I reply.

    My cock has relaxed and I slowly move it into Mandy’s waiting mouth. She gently sucks on it and I push several inches deeper into her and start a nice rhythm. My hands move to her little tits and I massage them and pinch her nipples. At each pinch she sucks my cock harder.

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      Now my cock has hardened to its full length and I begin moving just a little faster. Cock sucking in the movies by experienced actors is totally different from doing a ten year old pre-teen. I am trying to be careful not to hurt Amanda and make this a great first time for her.

    I slide one hand down her belly and under the thong which she still has on. My fingers rub her pussy and it come back dripping wet. She is already leaking and is hot to the touch. Gently I move my finger into her pussy and search for her clit. The little nub is not doing a good job of hiding and almost pokes me back. I circle Amanda’s clit and she starts moaning heavily. This of course sounds like music on my cock and stimulates me more. I push deeper into Amanda’s mouth expecting her to choke and cough at any moment, but she just keeps on sucking better than any movie porn queen.

    I pull my hand out of Amanda’s thong so that I can concentrate on my strokes and I hear what sounds like a “No, No” moan from her. I have most of my cock in her mouth and I can see her throat moving on every down stroke. I push a little deeper and feel resistance where her throat starts to close around my cock and squeeze it. I remind Amanda to breathe through her nose and I would be careful not to choke her.

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      She nodded her head up and down and continued to hum and suck.

    Slowly I increase the pressure on the down stroke and I feel her throat opening to let me slide in. Amazingly she is not gagging. I am about to seriously deep throat a ten year old virgin and my balls start churning. I know I have only a few minutes left before cuming. I pull back and let Amanda get several deep breaths and then I push all the way down her throat.

    Amanda sucks like a tornado, her throat clamps down on my cock head and I know I am going to cum in a minute. Looking down at her young body, I can’t believe I am root deep in her throat. I see wetness from her pussy staining the sheets and it makes my cock leak more pre-cum.

    I pull back all the way and rest my cock in her mouth while she again gulps air. “Amanda quick, we are going to change position again”, I tell her. I have her roll over and get on her knees facing me. Amanda reached for my whiskey and gulps it down and says:“I can’t believe you got it down my throat. ”Well that makes two of us; I have never run into a person without a gag reflex.

    “Amanda, when I cum into your mouth, don’t swallow.


      I want you to hold it on your tongue, OK”, I tell her and put my hard cock back into her mouth. This time, I give her a vigorous mouth fucking and she hangs on to my legs. I was ready to shoot Jizz into her mouth when I feel her reaching between my legs and pushing a finger into my ass. She sucks extra hard and I shoot ropes of cum into her mouth. Her eyes are looking at me in surprise when the Jizz hits her; reality is different from the movies.

    After my final spurt she is on her knees looking at me expectantly with a mouth full of cum. I grab my camera and start shooting pictures, while she opens her mouth and shows me the cum. I have her take off her thong and spread some of the cum over her tits and pussy. I move the laptop closer to film her cum filled mouth and body.

    Then I have her swallow it. “Ohh, Uncle Ted it’s wonderful. Gosh I love how you taste, can we do it again?” she asks expectantly. I tell her that in reality guys have to rest before being ready for round two, but I have a surprise for her because she has been such a good princess.

    My bad little devil is eying her pussy.


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