Allysa and her son


Let me explain myself a little so you can understand where I'm coming from. My name is Alyssa, when I was 18 my son was born. I had been a popular, skinny, and obviously promiscuous little girl. At 18 I was 5'2" 85 lbs with pert little breasts, long straight blonde hair, and a tight little ass you could bounce a quarter on. I had boyfriends from first grade on, and when I was 18 I had sex for the first time with a friends older brother. It did result in me getting pregnant and when my mother and father found out they decided I would have an abortion since I was too young to care for a child, but I had dreamt of the child already and knew I couldn't do that. They insisted and told me if I was to live under their roof then I would listen to them and so I decided to leave.
For a while I lived with friends but that got increasingly harder as their parents thought I was a bad influence on their daughters and would kick me out. Then I even tried living at the fathers house, which lasted less than a week. But during that time I was able to fake an id saying I was 18 and began waiting tables. It wasn't much but it was enough to pay the bills and be in a small one roomed place of my own. I made it through the pregnancy with a little help from a local assistance program for single mothers in my situation, and finally had a beautiful baby boy and I named him Darrin.
At 18 I was full grown and 5'5' tall I had trimmed back down from the baby weight fairly quickly and being so young didn't have any stretch marks. I was very fit and weighed only 100lbs. I still had long straight blonde hair, but now was a 32C and was turning lots of heads. I found I could make a lot of money being an erotic dancer, and even though a lot of the girls would do more than dance I never did.

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   I refused to go down the road of prostitution that the other girls did because of my beautiful Darrin. Even so I made enough to live rather lavishly even with a nightly sitter for him.
I loved Darrin with all my heart and never had any other boyfriends after he was born. Darrin was my world and I raised him with as much love as any woman ever had. Even though I had enough money to afford a bigger place, we never moved until just after Darrin was 13. After he grew out of the crib he simply slept in the bed with me. One night when I was 28 and he was 18 I was having a dream of a man fondling my breasts and I was getting excited and then woke to realize my own son was touching me. Surprised I jumped out of bed and Darrin began to apologize. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry mom. " He began to weep. "Why did you do that?"I asked in a harsher tone than I meant. And he said he didn't know and couldn't help it. And I explained that it was called incest and was very wrong. I calmed down and hugged him and told him I loved him and I forgave him and didn't let things be weird, but soon after I decided he needed his own room so we moved to a bigger place.

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   Never speaking of it again.
Over the course of the next 5 years Darrin grew up to be an amazingly handsome young man 5'10" tall with dark hair, strong chiseled jaw, broad shoulders and a very muscular build he played baseball and was a star through high school. And even though I knew it was wrong I found my fantasies drifted toward him. No matter whom I would try to imagine in his place Darrin would always be the one in the end. But That was wrong and I never allowed it to be anything more than a fantasy. He had a girl friend from the time he 18 who was a very beautiful girl named Amy. She had blonde curly hair blue eyes and about the same build I had at her age. She didn't get along with her parents but loved me and we acted like sisters most of the time. We would shop together and go out together without Darrin all the time.
When they turned 18 they got married and decided to live with me still in order to save money while they went to college locally. They were happy as clams and fucked like rabbits. And it started to drive me insane. Especially after one day when I was showering in the second bathroom because my shower head broke. I guess Darrin thought it was Amy because he got undressed and opened the curtain and got in without me knowing. All of a sudden there were his hands again on my breasts but this time I felt his rock hard cock at full length pressed against my ass.

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  Surprised I screamed and slipped and fell down looking straight up at my handsome young son standing over me in his full glory. Then the realization hit his face. He wasn't sure if to jump out or to help me up, but managed to do both as he covered himself with the shower curtain. He said he thought I was Amy and apologized. I was flattered and said it was a mistake that's all. I never told Amy and we didn't say anything about it but I went and masturbated this time to what just happened unashamed. I looked in the mirror and realized that Amy had become almost identical to me minus a few pounds and still perkier breasts. And a plan began to hatch.
I went to a well renowned surgeon and had a breast lift, and I started to work out so that I could pass for Amy's slightly older double. And over the course of the next few months I watched her mannerisms a little closer and did what I could in private to mimic them including her voice.
    All the time planning on seducing my son without him knowing it.
    Amy had an odd schedule with school and work. She was taking night classes so I waited until a day she would be at school. I got my son a little tipsy but not too much. And after he went to bed and Amy left I got into one of Darrin's favorite pieces of his wifes lingerie.

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       I curled my hair just like hers and I turned on the hall light so just enough light was in the room to make Darrin think I was her. My heart began to race, could I actually be doing this?I stopped. I couldn't. I turned around to go back to my room, but then I saw myself in a mirror and I thought my self I was Amy. And then the thought of him standing over me in the shower came back. And the feel of his hands on my breasts. Then the lust took over, I hadn't been with a man in 19 years. And it was time.
    I went back into the room and in a whisper I called out to Darrin seductively as I moved towards the bed. Barely waking up he saw me climbing into bed, in his favorite lingerie. Immediately he put his arm around me and began to play with my nipples and I gasped at the touch. His breath was warm on the back of my neck, and I was in ecstasy as he rolled my nipples around. I reached behind me and grabbed his firm butt and pulled him against me and I could feel my own sons penis against my leg. I felt it grow as he kissed my neck. This was incredibly wrong and incredibly erotic all at once.

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       I knew I shouldn't let it go any further but I couldn't stop now if I wanted to. Darrin was in complete control. His hands were magic as he reached down to play with my pussy. He fingered me and after I heard him lick his fingers to lubricate even more he said I tasted better than ever. I couldn't help but to giggle at that. He didn't stop as he made me wetter than I'd ever been before. As he played with my pussy I reached between us grabbing his dick and directing it in between my legs. I stroked his cock with my thighs as he began to bring me to climax on his hand. Knowing well what he was doing and that I was getting close I felt him place the tip of his cock at my spreading pussy and that was enough to send me over the edge. As I came I arched my back and pressed down on his huge swollen cock. I was so wet it went in quickly but for not having sex but once in my life and that being 19 years ago I was tight and it hurt. But it was so amazing and it was so wrong at the same time. The pain passed and I lost control and started bucking harder and harder barely able to maintain the illusion that I was Amy. I climaxed again as Darrin spurt his seed deep within me. After saying it was amazing and he loved me Darrin fell asleep.

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    I placed the lingerie back in Amy's drawer and went and cleaned up and straightened my hair. I went to bed and dreamed of my new unaware lover. The next morning I took precautions as to not have Darrin's child, but otherwise went about business as normal, and had a great breakfast with Darrin and Amy and I couldn't help but to smile at the afterglow on Darrin's face. I knew it couldn't be the last time and it wasn't. I would eventually want him to know it was me. And I was starting to want to share Amy as well. But that's a story for another day.



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