All in the Family


When I was married, my husband used to take me out for dinner on weekends. Since the divorce, on some weekends Jason and I go to a nice place for dinner. We very often sit together and watch TV and talk about TV shows, movies, friends, and many topics of mutual interest. This has brought Jason and me much closer and this has helped me to know him a lot better, more as a friend and companion. Sometimes he even helps with cooking and laundry. When I was married, we did very few things together because he used to spend his time with his dad. So this special but new relationship between Jason and me has brought us closer than ever before, and it has helped me to look at him more as a person than as my son. Jason is 5 foot 10, medium built and very nice face, boyish but sweet. I am 40, 5 foot 7, well built, and attractive. With the passing of time I have been strangely attracted to the gentle and caring manners of Jason. He looks like his dad, but is much nicer and obedient to me. He comments on my dress, high heeled shoes, and make-up. This has encouraged me to dress well, and to look attractive for him. I had been noticing in the past few weeks he watched my legs like a love-starved young man. I have encouraged that myself, because I am also attracted to him. Many times when we went out in the morning we would kiss and hug, and sometimes when we would go to the movies, we'd hold each other's hands, sometimes Jason would surround his hands on my shoulder.

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   Both of us have sent messages by "body language" to each other, that we must take the next step. I have been interested in incest as a topic for research for a long time. I have done literature search not only in biological journals, but also psychology journals. Mother-son incest (dubbed the electra complex by psychologists) is as normal as any other relationship both in terms of biology and psychology of it. Established religions, for the past 4000 years, have done enough to make this topic a taboo even for a discussion in psychology as a research topic. Hence, there are very few case studies reported in psychology journals. Incestuous sex occurs in all animals, and in most of the mammalian species, so why does this pose problems for humans?To discourage mother-son relationship, human civilization spread false rumors that the offspring born from a mother-son incestuous relationship is physically or mentally defective. If this were true, then primates, dogs, cats, horses, and all animals which practice incest would have been extinct, because of defective offspring born of such relationships. But this did not happen. So I knew my new relationship with Jason was not abnormal as one might like to picture it. I planned to take the next step with Jason. Jason and I went to a very classy New Years Eve party (I planned the whole thing). I was wearing a beautiful, low-cut dress, and Jason was wearing a suit with a tie. Everything went as planned, we had the meal, but did not drink alcoholic beverages, then we went to the dance floor. By this time I had sent several romantic signals to him.

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   Jason and I slow-danced, I could feel his "bulge" at the crotch pressing against me. Initially he was a little shy, but I hugged harder and pressed myself against him, mildly kissing on his lips sending him the OK message. While we were not dancing, he held me close to him in his arms. I felt so proud. He has a sweet face. I have been "close" to him in the past, hugging, kissing, sometimes sitting on his lap, talking about sensitive subjects like sex etc. , but not this close. After about 12:15 AM, he asked me to go for a walk. We went behind the parking lot, under the trees. We started kissing very passionately. . . he lifted me off the ground, I encircled my legs around his hips. . .

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   we continued kissing passionately.
    When he could not hold me any longer, I let my legs drop to the ground. By this time both of us were extremely excited and reaching a climactic state. Jason reached a point that he had to relieve himself. He dropped his pants, I started sucking his hard and thick cock. Several minutes passed, he could not ejaculate, and I was worried if any one would see us. He said he could get relief only if his dick was lodged in a pussy. He said he always had difficulty ejaculating in the mouth, and could do it only in the pussy. I was not prepared for this, I mean not in a public place. I wanted the first time to be at home, on my bed, but I was very excited myself, and my baby was in pain to relieve himself, so I laid down on the grass, lifting my dress above my tummy and lowering my panties. Jason wasted no time, he sank his sweet cock into my wet pussy. We made passionate love. Within two minutes my hole was filled with white cream from Jason. I was very careful in not making much noise and also advised Jason to fuck quietly. He looked less tense and in less pain, having relieved himself.

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       We got dressed quickly and looked around, and made sure no one saw us. We drove home, went to my bed room, and made love again, Jason was ready and willing. It was close to 1:30 AM. when Jason said he was hungry. I made him a cheese sandwich and cold drink. After eating the sandwich, we lay down on the bed, and he held me in his arms, and gave a thank-you kiss on my lips. I continued to stare at his face proudly. He wanted to know what I was thinking of, I told him I loved him very much. He said he also loves me. I told him I wanted to marry him and wanted to have his baby. He was very surprised, but he said he could father the child, but no one would marry us. I told him that there are some churches which conduct weddings between two people who are in love, love is the only factor they consider and no other factors would be considered. He said he would be proud to be my son and husband. I want to keep this a secret between me and Jason, at least for many years to come. Our relationship has grown, we watch mature movies together to get into the mood.

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       I have been especially aroused by dog-female sex video's. We got ourselves a Dalmatian dog, Tiger. Jason helps Tiger to mount me. I am still getting used to Tiger, but Jason gets very excited, and then we both have passionate and satisfying sex. Jason also has a mild attraction for coprophilia. He likes to clean me after I go to the toilet. This also arouses him tremendously. I am also enjoying this new adventure myself. Hope to tell more next time. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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