All in the family part one


All In The Family Part 1
By Voodoo

Let me tell you my part of the story and how it all began before I go on with the story I was originally going to write you about. I guess sex has always been part of my family in a secret way. In my family I found out that to them coming of age was when you turned 18 On my birthday I woke up to my mom in my bed wishing me a happy birthday and telling me that I was coming of age today and that I was going to learn what it was like to be in our family and learn the family way of things. My mom told me that I was growing up to be a woman and that in the coming of my age I would be missing school, cause I would be getting gifts all day and night. I asked my mom what she meant and she called for my dad. My dad walked In my room buck ass naked. I was so in shock. I was still a virgin and I have never seen my dads cock before. He laid down next to me and my mom started to jack him off while talking to me. She told me that in our family the men take the virginity of the females and the females take the virginity of the men. She told me that when her and my dad met she was a virgin and that my dad gave her to his father to be deflowered right after the wedding so that they could have sex. Since then my mom said she has deflowered both of my older brothers and she was looking forward to doing it to my younger brothers when they became of age. He whole time she just kept stroking my dads cock while he laid next to me naked. She took my hand and placed it on my fathers cock and told me to keep doing it while we talked. She informed me that in our family all my aunts, and uncles did the same with their kids and when one of them was not around or could not do it that you went up the ladder to the grandparents and so on and so forth. That no one in our family could have sex unless they we deflowered by a family member.

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   My dads cock was growing in my hands while I was listening. She told me today I was coming of age and that I would be losing my virginity. My dad was not long, but he was wide. Very wide. My dad grabbed my hair and pushed my head towards his cock and told me to look at it closer. I did as I was told and he told me to keep pumping it and touch it with my tongue. My mom climbed off the bed and went to a chair in the corner to watch the experience. I leaned down and licked the tip of my dads cock. He closed his eyes and kept his hand in my hair, I was still pumping his cock with my hand. I started to lick the shaft. My dad told me to open my mouth as wide as I could and I did just that. He took my hand off his cock and replaced it with his own as he fed his cock into my open mouth. He was forcing it in as far as he could making me gag on it. He kept sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. My jaw was sore and my lips were stretched.

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   His cock was massive in girth. He was fucking my face faster and faster starting to moan. He told me that step one of the process was for me to learn to give a blowjob and to taste was fucking cum tasted like. He kept going in and out of my mouth telling me to move my tongue on his cock while it was in my mouth along his cock. I did as I was told and a few times he would thrust into my mouth and just leave it there pulsing in my mouth. I would say this lasted at least a half hour before he exploded into my mouth. He was very salty but I had to say it tasted very good. After he cam in my mouth he got off the bed and came around to where I was. He removed my clothes and started to play with my breast. He was licking and sucking on my nipples. He started to remove my panties as he kept my nipples in his mouth and started to play with my pussy. He stuck a finger into my tight twat and was sliding it in and out of me as he kept working my tits over with his mouth and other hand. I saw my dads cock growing again. My dad worked a second finger into my twat then started to kiss down my buddy till his mouth got to my pussy lips. Then he started to lick and suck on my pussy.

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   It felt fantastic. He was really working his fingers into me faster and faster while he was licking my pussy and sucking on the clit. After a while I felt tingles in my legs and feet and my toes started to curl up. I was moaning and my dad kept going. He went over me and his cock was once again in my face. I took it back in to my mouth as my dad worked me over with his own. I let out a large moan and my body started to twitch. My mom says it is called a orgasm. Once I have that my dad pulls his cock out of my mouth and stops licking and fingering me. He told me that we just did something called a sixty nine and that you can also do it with the female on top and the male on the bottom. Now my dad made sure my head was on the pillow and spread my legs wide open. He got between my legs and rubbed his cock on my swollen lips. I knew there was no way he would try to stick that huge thing into me. But I was wrong,he rubbed it once more up my clit then all of a sudden pushed it in to me. Omg, I was sore, stretched, and surprised.

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   He pushed it all the way in to me in one forceful thrust. He left it there for my pussy to get adjusted to his cock being inside of me. Then he started to pump it in and out of me. Slowly at first then faster and faster. Omg I was hurting and having pleasure at the same time. I didn’t know if I wanted him to stop or keep going. He was rocking into me so hard. He pulled my legs up to his shoulders and rolled onto me and was lifting his legs off the bed and forcinghis cock as deep as he could into me. Wow what a feeling. I have never experienced that type of feeling before. When my dad realized my pussy was getting use to his size and not hurting do bad, my dad rolled me onto my belly and put me on my knees. He started to fuck me again and pull my hair at the same time. He was really driving his cock into me. He told me this was called doing it doggie style. His cock was throbbing in my pussy I have never felt so filled before.

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   He started to use his thumb to finger my ass hole. He stuck his finger into my ass while he kept pulling my hair and fucking me from behind. I felt him pulse and I had another orgasm and I all of a sudden felt very wet on the inside, my dad was groaning and slamming into me. When he stopped moaning he left his cock in my pussy for a minute. When he slid out of my pussy I fell to the bed. My mom ran over telling him that she wanted to taste my juices on him and started to suck his cock. When she was done she told me to taste myself and had me suck his cock again also. I will say pussy juice tasted pretty good. My dad laid on the bed on his back, and told me to lay on top of him. I did as I was told and my dad again put his cock into my pussy and started to pump into me. He did this for a while then told me to turn myself around on his cock and ride him backwards with the back on his chest. So I spun around on my dad and laid flat on his chest. It was not as deep as it was before but it really felt good. My dad’s cock was glistening from the juices. He pulled his cock once again from my pussy and now was rubbing his massive cock head on my asshole.

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   I didn’t think nothing of it till I felt heat and pain shoot through me all at once. Then I realized my dad just crammed his cock into my asshole. He didn’t take it slow or inch by inch, he crammed his cock to the hilt in my ass. He was telling me how tight it felt and how good. He was starting to pump in and out of me and told me this is what anal was. He lifted my legs into the air and was pumping himself into me. He told me to use my hand and rub my pussy I did as I was told. He was just stretching out my little ass. He started to pulse again inside of me. While I was rubbing my pussy and having his cock in my ass I was again having a orgasm. I was moaning so loud. my dad started to grunt. And then I felt him explode into my asshole. I could feel the cum seeping out on his shaft every time he pulled out of me and rammed it back in. when his cock stop throbbing and shooting his cum into my ass, my dad pulled out with a popping sound and rolled me on to the bed.

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   He got up and went out the bedroom door telling me happy birthday. My mom got up and told me to get some rest cause I will be busy all day getting gift’s. I didn’t even try to get dress I was to tired and sore at this point.

I maybe slept for about 45 minutes before I heard some noise coming from down the hall. I heard people talking so I figured it was probley just my parents. Then about 5 minutes after that my door was opening up again. I rolled over to see who coming in thinking it would be either my mom or dad, but boy was I wrong. It was my uncle Joe. Now my uncle Joe is one of my dad’s older brother’s. my dad has six brothers all together. He came over and said I heard we have someone coming of age. I said yeah I guess that would be me. He said well good, then I have a gift for you and all of a sudden pulled down his pants. I gasped in surprise and didn’t know what to do. When the door opened again it was my dad still naked.

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   He told my uncle how he already broke me in and I was good to go and a great little fuck. My uncle came over to my bed and stood there. I was looking at my dad and he told me not to be shy and show my uncle what I learned already. Then my dad said he was off to go fuck my aunt and mom and he would be back shortly to see how we were doing. I sat there for a moment not knowing what I was suppose to do. My uncle told me to lay on my belly and kiss his cock for him. I did as I was told and started to kiss my uncle Joes cock. He was smaller then my dad in girth and in length. My uncle Joe leaned over me and started to play with my ass cheeks and rubbing a finger close to my pussy. Uncle Joe told me to go ahead and show him how I can give a blowjob. I took my uncle Joe into my mouth and started to move up and down on his shaft. He was now fingering my swollen and sore pussy while I did this. My uncle Joe was growing in my mouth but no where near the size of my dad. When he had my pussy wet he told me to roll over and hang my head off the side of the bed. I did that and again he inserted his cock in my mouth while he bent down and started to eat out my young pussy.

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   He made the comment that I tasted better then some of my cousins and my mother. We sat like this for a while him leaning over me eating me out and fucking my hanging head with his cock. We could now hear moans coming from down the hall. When he was fully erect he stood up and told me to do the same. He grabbed my legs and lifted me in the air. He slid his cock into my pussy with easy and held me up in the air while he fucked me standing up. Wow this was a totally different feeling then what I had with my dad. He was slamming me down on his cock while he was kissing all over my neck. My uncle Joe is pretty strong I learned. He walked me over to the wall and placed my back on it while he still held me up and fucked me silly. He was pounding into me telling me how great I felt to him. He stepped away from the wall again and had my back to the door bouncing me up and down on his cock. Then I felt more pain and stretching. All of a sudden I felt my ass checks being spread apart by hands while my uncle Joe was still holding my legs. Then I heard my dad tell me that I was going to have a dp.

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   that’s whenrealized the pain I felt was because now I had a cock in my ass and in my pussy. They were both helping bounce me on their cocks. Omg I was hurting, but I was also having what they were calling orgasm’s. they kept doing this for a while with them fucking both of my holes standing up. Then they sort of went back towards the bed and my dad popped out of my ass while my uncle Joe sat down. He laid me back on top of him while my dad stood at the end of the bed, then my dad reentered his cock in my ass and the both fucked me while I laid on top of my uncle Joe. I was still having orgasms when I felt both cocks fill my holes. My dad pulled out of my ass and walked out again, my uncle Joe kissed me and thanked me for a wonderful fuck and wished me a happy birthday. Then he rolled me off him and he left the room. My ass and pussy were burning from the dp I just got. I laid my head on the pillow and went back to sleep.

I was woken up probley about a hour and a half later with someone kissing my pussy and sucking on the clit. When I looked down it was my uncle mike. He saw me look and wished me a happy birthday. Now uncle mike is the youngest of my dads brothers.


   He kept at licking and sucking my pussy. It felt really good. I was still sore, but I couldn’t help but to start to squeeze my tit’s together. When uncle mike thought he had me wet enough he climbed up on top of me and slid his cock into my pussy. He was slowly putting himself into me and I figured out why. Uncle mike was hung. From the cocks I have had so far today he was the longest. I was getting feelings that I hadn’t experienced with uncle Joe or my dad. Once he had himself all the way into me he started to work himself in and out of me at a nice and steady pace. He never went faster or slower or harder or softer, he kept it at once pace and in one position the whole time we fucked. He lasted forever that way too. We had to be fucking for at least a hour or more before he started to moan and say he was coming. I think the whole time we fucked I had at least three or four orgasms. When he finished cumming inside of me he kissed my lips and wished me a happy birthday. Then he climbed off, pulled up his jeans and left my room.

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I was just starting to doze off when I heard a lot of noise coming from the kitchen. I watched the door figuring the noise was because of me again and of course this time I was right. All of a sudden my door burst open and in came my two older brothers with their pants off and cocks in their hands. They told me they have been waiting all day to get home from school just to fuck their sister. They both climbed on either side of me and wanted to feed me their cocks. I was going back and forth on them when I had chip hard first. Chip jumped up and pretty much rushed to get his cock into me before Travis did. So I kept give Travis a blowjob while chip placed his cock into my pussy and started to fuck me. I couldn’t believe I was having my brothers in my mouth and in my pussy. I never saw this coming. They were both about average size. Chip got his cock into my pussy and was telling me how tight I was to him he started to fuck me. Travis just laid on the bed and let me do my work on his cock with my mouth. Travis kept telling chip to hurry up with me because he wanted to feel my pussy on his cock too. Chip was fucking me like crazy he was quickly going in and out of me and you could hear his balls slapping off my ass.

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   Chip finally said he had to stop so he could make it last, and traded places with Travis. Travis was egar to get his cock into me. At first he kept jabbing me in the wrong places to try and get it in. Finally Travis got his cock in to me and all you heard was a huge sigh. He told me that I felt so terrific to him. He said he has been waiting for two years to have a piece of me. Ever since he found out about the family secret. He started to fuck me with his cock and now I was again sucking on chips cock. I had them both moaning and they got me to reach a orgasm. They rotated back and forth fucking my pussy for a while and had me get into a doggie style position. I would have one lay in front of me so I could suck my juices off his cock while the other fucked my pussy from behind. Then chip and Travis decided they wanted to fuck me in a dp. So chip laid down on my bed and placed his cock in my pussy while I laid on his chest. Travis got behind me and placed his cock into my ass. They started to rock back and forth forcing their cocks as far into me as they could get them.

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   I told them I was going to have another orgasm and they agreed they were about to too. I felt them both pulse inside of me filling me with their cum, as I exploded around their cock’s. they pulled out of me and wished me a happy birthday and ran down the hall with their cocks swing between their legs.

I laid in bed for a bit then got up to get something to eat and drink and to go take a piss. Its been a very long day so far. When I got to the kitchen my mom was sucking on chips and Travis’s cocks. They said she was cleaning their cocks for them and wanted a taste of me. I made myself something to eat and sat in the kitchen as I watched my mom suck and fuck each of my brother’s. when I was done with my food I grabbed a soda and went towards the bathroom. I was in the bathroom when the door opened up and it was my dad and he said he had to get ready for work so he was jumping in the shower. He said now that we have fucked and I know the family secret he had no problem just coming in there while I was in there anymore. As he started his waster he asked me to sock on his cock some more since he would be gone the rest of the nite to get to enjoy me some more. So I opened my mouth and sucked my dad’s cock while I sat on the toilet. My dad was growing all over again in my mouth. I still could not get use to the size of his girth.

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   I had my dad moaning and rock hard with in minutes. Then he started to rock on his feet and moan. I felt precum on the tip of my dads cock and really started to work it in and out of my mouth, while I cupped and squeeze his balls. My dad came in my mouth, and I swallowed it all. When he was done, he leaned down kissed my forehead and jumped in to take his shower. I wiped my pussy and walked back into my room.

I was able to sleep till dinner time, when I was woken up to come eat. Everyone was there and I got so many gifts from my family and friends. When the party started to wind down I felt someone grab my hand and pull me to the side. It was my grandfather. He asked me if I was ready for his gift to me. And he walked me back towards my bedroom. We went in and he closed the door behind us. My grandfather told me how he has waited sixteen years for this moment. My grandfather walked me over to the bed and laid me down.

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   He started to strip my clothes off. My grandfather got between my legs and started to kiss and lick my pussy. E was telling me I had a beautiful pussy, just like my mother. My grandfather stuck a finger into me as he continued to eat me out. It actually felt wonderful and weird at the same time. I mean my grandfather is old. My grandfather had me moaning like crazy with his mouth and fingers. Then he stood up and took off his clothes. My grandfather looked pretty good for a old guy. He was also hung and had girth. He turned me around on the bed and grabbed the back of my head and started to feed his cock to my mouth. He was very wide and long. He stretched out my mouth and I could barely fit him into my mouth. I tried to suck on as much of my grandfathers cock as possible. When he felt sort of rock hard he pulled it out of my mouth and told me to lay on my back.

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   I did as I was told to do and my grandfather took his enormous cock and placed it at my pussy lips and thrust himself into me. It hurt at first but my pussy was starting to get use to different size cocks getting put into it. Ok so far my grandfather has filled my pussy the most. My grandfather started to slide his cock in and out of my pussy. He would pull it out to there I could feel his cock head at the part of my lips and slam it back into me. I was getting so much pleasure from the size of him and the way he was fucking me. He rolled me onto my side and still kept fucking me hard and deep. He would stop once in a while and just let his cock throb in my pussy then start to pump his cock back into me again. I had about two orgasms in this position before he moved me on to my knee’s. my grandfather started to fuck me doggie style before he pulled hi cock out of my pussy and I could feel his press his cock head against my ass hole. He slide his cock into my ass slowly to make sure he got it all in there. When he had it all in he fucked my little ass with all he had. He was ramming me so hard that you could hear my bedding hitting the wall. I never knew how strong my grandfather was until that nite. My grandfather grabbed my legs still in the doggie style and picked me up off the bed.

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   He had me bent over in his arms, with my back to his chest, and slamming my body down on his cock. Wow I was vibrating all through my body. I had to have at least two to three orgasms rip through me. My grandfather didn’t slow down or stop he just keep lifting and dropping me onto his cock. Finally my grandfather lowered my legs and let them to the floor. He pulled his cock out of my ass and replaced his cock back into my pussy. I shuddered as his cock reentered my pussy. He had my ass so stretched out that it seemed my pussy shrunk. The first full stroke of his cock in my pussy made me have a orgasm. We stood standing with him groping my tits and slamming his cock into my pussy at a fast pace. My legs felt like rubber now. When I felt I could not stand up anymore he led me back to the bed. He sat down on the bed and pulled me on top of him. We fucked in a sitting position till I felt him pulse and shoot his cum deep into my pussy. When he was done cumming he had me get off his cock, and get back on my knees and clean his cock off so he can get dressed.

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Finally the party ended and I was fucked a couple more times by a couple of my uncles. But nothing really to fantastic to write about those times. Everyone left and my brothers were in bed. My parents wished me another happy birthday, and now my mom said it was the final present of the night. My mom told me I was going to have my first FFM threesome and learn to taste and eat pussy. Her and my dad took me back into their room. They had a sex swing set up in there. They put me into it and my mom dropped down between my legs and was starting to eat my pussy out. She told me she liked how I tasted rightafter my pussy has been fucked all day and night long. My dad came over to where my head was and placed his cock in my mouth and had me give him head, while my mom was eating and fingering my pussy. Wow it felt wonderful. When my dad was rock hard and my pussy was nice and wet my mom and me changed places and I was eating her pussy out while my dad got behind me and put his cock in my pussy to fuck me. We were really working at a good pace. I was licking and fingering my moms pussy like she was doing to me, and realized I liked how pussy tasted as my dad fucked me from behind, when my mom came all over my mouth and finger. She was a gusher, and really got my face wet.

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   After she had her orgasm she got off the swing and I got back in it with my legs spread and my dad continued fucking me. I thought my mom was done with me since she had a orgasm. Then my mom appeared in front of my face with a strap on. She had me suck her fake cock while my dad rammed his cock into my pussy. When my dad said he was cumming he rammed into me one last time and exploded into my pussy then pulled out and him and my mom switched places/ now I had my mom with her fake cock fucking my cream filled pussy while I sucked and cleaned my dad off. My mom fucked me hard and fast till I had a few orgasms. Then she kissed me good night and told me to go to bed. My mom said I was going to have a busy weekend and go to my grand parents house the next night. I asked her why and she said since aunt June was out of town and my cousin Nick was turning sixteen tomorrow, that my cousin Becky, Shannon, and I were going over there to be with my grandfather for the night and to help my grandmother take my cousins Nick’s virginity.

That’s a story for another time, right now I just wanted to let you in on my family little’s secret. So you know what the story is that is about to follow this one.

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