All in the Family-2: It is a Wonderful Life


I still remember when Jason and his father used to bond together. They were perfect, when they used to discuss the merits or shortcomings of their college football or basketball teams. I know how they would defend, when their teams lost. They never ditched the teams. Even during defeat, they were good fans, and related to facts, similarly. The same bonding was evident when they talked about computer programs or getting information from Internet about a football game. They were a team, and great dad and son. Now it is in the past, Jason's father is remarried and lives in another state. Therefore, we need to move on with our lives. How do we solve the present crisis? We could pretend nothing has happened and continue as a mother and son, or face the hard facts. Jason was very quiet and he spent most of his time in his room with his computer. We spoke little during the dinner. We ate breakfast and lunch at different times. On Jan 03, I thought, I must talk to him. Both of us were still off from work/school for another three days. I cooked a great meal that night.

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   I announced around 6 PM to Jason that the dinner was ready. He came, we sat and started eating the dinner. I had made vegetable lasagna, baked potatoes, fried okra, and home made cheese cake. I was dressed modestly, I usually wear skirt instead of pants, Jason's dad always disliked when I wore pants. We ate quietly, we finished eating the cake, and had a few sips of coffee. I broke the silence, I said, "Jason, I think we need to talk. " He said in soft voice, OK. I looked at him, he reminds me so much of his father, but better, he has the qualities of both me and his father, tall kid, sweet face, reserved, but very gentle. He is unusual in that he was never a problem to us like the kids of some of my friends and relatives. I said, it is hard to forget what happened on New Years eve, I know what is the problem here. We were mother and son for 18 years, and all of a sudden we are lovers, obviously this is bothering both of us. The society has taught us that we can never be lovers, but the world is changing and the outlook of the society on many social issues has changed. Gays had to hide out from the community, but now they are as present everywhere, and make their presence known to you. Similarly, marriage between two cultures is more common now days. A day will come for the society where mother and son could be lovers. 

   Our attraction for each other grew slowly, but steadily. Sex did not happen suddenly, both of us knew that. We encouraged this attraction for each other. Going to the New Year's ball was pre-planned. Then why all this guilt in our conscious. Because, It is the traditional upbringing, and values we treasured that came to haunt us. Enough of about the past, now what do we do for the future, we have our lives and we have to move on. It would be hard for us to adjust to the new relationship, because we were mother and son so long. This relationship will never end as long as we are alive. But, we can still build our newly formed relationship on this mother-son relationship. In the beginning, it would be hard, but in the long run we can be new people. We can work out things better and be strong for each other. He said, he agreed with me. I told him I loved him very much, and continue to do so. He smiled, and said, he does too.

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   I stood from the dining chair, walked up to the other end of the dining table, where Jason was sitting, and I hugged him very warmly, he also stood up and hugged me. I felt the love, warmth, and closeness to another human being for the second time. The first time was when Jason's dad proposed to me 19 years ago. How lucky can a girl get, I was very proud, Jason is better than his father, I have no doubt in my mind. About three to four minutes elapsed, we were there standing as a symbiotic creatures who need each other for survival. Then we lifted our faces pressed our cheeks against each other. I was really enjoying the moment. Then slowly, I started feeling the "bulge" in the crotch of Jason, he was excited with love, renewal and reaffirming of our new relationship. There was no room for guilt consciousness to emerge, we worked out the misunderstanding, by talking to each other. I was a little proud of myself about the way I handled this situation. I got quite wild with this intense bursting of love and happiness. Jason slid his hand beneath my skirt, then through the sides of my panty masturbated my clit. I was very wet and watery. He lifted me off my feet, I encircled my legs around his buttocks. He wasted no time, he dropped his pants and penetrated his manhood into my wet pussy, by just sliding the panties aside.

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   My panties were still on me. The rhythm started at high speed, we were making fucking sounds, about 5 minutes elapsed, Jason was still standing, and I was off my feet, suddenly the dam broke releasing immense amounts of semen. Jason had relieved himself, it was a big load. He slowly laid down, I was still clinging to him, then he was lying on his back on the kitchen floor and I was on his top, still my pussy holding his softened cock. After 2 minutes, I slid to the side, Jason was very tired, he closed his eyes to rest for few minutes. I got up, went to the bathroom, cleaned myself lightly, made some coffee, went to watch TV in the living room. Jason was snoozing, I asked if he wanted sleep on my bed. He was too tired, so I let him sleep on the floor of the kitchen. After about 30 minutes Jason was slowly limping to the couch in the living room. I was not new to this love making. Jason's dad and me had many sessions like that. Jason was a little hungry, I fixed him with some snack and cold drink. Our relationship has moved to a firmer ground now. I continue to work normally, and Jason goes to school and does his homework as usual. I supervise his studying and the household activity.

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   Every thing remained the same, except, Jason and me are very mature about our relationship. I have told him to keep this as a secret from everyone. It is close to three months now, and I am experiencing how it feels like fucking an 18 year old. Jason fucks at least 4 times on weekdays and about six times on weekends. I myself was a little hyper-sexed when I was young, Jason's dad could mount me two times on weekdays and may be three times on weekends, during the first year. I know where Jason gets this virility, probably from both his mom and dad. I used to watch mature video's with Jason's dad after a couple of years of marriage to get us into the mood. Jason fished these videos out and wanted to do the same. This was like adding spice to the wild thing. He enjoyed it more than I did. During this first trimester of new relationship I discovered Jason had a mild fascination for coprophilia. He wanted to watch me pee and shit, then he would wipe it clean with water in a Bidet. He would lick my pussy and work his way towards anal area. I was a little embarrassed to let him do that, because, the smell of excrement is unpleasant and probably unhealthy. I am not new to coprophilia, I read about this, when I was in graduate school, in the great East-Indian epic "Kamasutra", the book supposed have been written 2000 years ago, describes the art of love making.

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   It is also an excellent sex-guide and aphrodisiac. I did suggest this to Jason's father during our first few trysts. I wanted him to clean me after I peed. He did not like that idea. My interest in this died out slowly. Now I discover that my son has gotten this strange, yet delightful form of desire. You know where he got this from. Scatology is certainly an adventure, but the idea that a man cleans my anus after a shit drives me wild, I gave that idea a chance, now it is part of our sex life. We do not do this often, maybe some weekends. He ends up watching me pee and shit, clean the area with water in a Bidet and then work with his tongue from my pussy to the ass. I get wild and wet. By looking at the bone-strength of his cock, and the speed with which he penetrates me, and pumps loads, I can see how much it excites him. The second aspect of spice in our sex life is canine-phila. When I saw several woman-dog pictures on the web-site, I was excited, and told Jason about it. Jason went and brought two such video's.

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   Ever since I watched this, I want to make it with the dog, of course with Jason's approval. In my family, man is still the boss. We got ourselves a Dalmatian. His name is Tiger. Two questions are often asked about woman-dog tryst, the transmission of bugs from dog to woman, and the knot. By reading sex guides available on web sites, and the videos I learned about the knot. It is not big a problem, if the dog is not big, then his knot won't be big. The knot fizzles out within 20 to 50 minutes, depending on the dog. I could also use missionary position to lift him before the knot formation. The second worry of transmitted bugs from dog to girl did not worry me. I have never seen any report from Center for Disease Control about the viral/bacterial transmission from animal to people, except for the recent reports of Mad Cow's disease and viral transmission from chicken to people in Hong Kong. I was not aware of any dog to woman transmission of a bug, even though woman to dog sex is known to exist for many centuries. Therefore I was comfortable on both counts. Our first few trysts occurred with the help of Jason who helped Tiger to mount me; me on my 4 legs (crouching). First, we let Tiger lick cream from my pussy, previously sprayed from a can obtained from a supermarket.

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   We let him do that several times, then, when he gets his hard-on, I go on my fours, Jason lets Tiger grab me from behind and thereby helping him to mount me. This turns Jason so hard, he gets his hard cock and sticks into my mouth, and mouth fucks me. Both the lovers give me good fuck, but for Jason it takes a long time to pump into my mouth, he likes to pump in the pussy, but it is already taken. The knot takes about 30 minutes to fizzle out. I get to receive this immense pleasure from 2 different types of guys. Both the ends get loaded with a huge volume of cum. I have come to enjoy these two new adventures, coprophilia and canine-philia. No matter what happens, Jason is still my first and the last. I love that boy. He is a product of mine. I want to keep him for the rest of my life. I have not taken any precautions for pregnancy, I let nature take its course. I like to be impregnated, so does Jason. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.