Alice and Kieren


As soon as my toast popped up I spread both pieces with marmalade, placed them on a plate and turned around heading towards the lounge room as I bumped into Alice. “Opps didn’t see ya there sis” “I bet you didn’t” she smirked and walked to the fridge. “So Kieren, what you doing today?” she said in her usual tone, “Dunno. Might go for a swim in half an hour, Matt wanted to meet up later today”. Alice sighed, she didn’t particularly like Matt since he apparently ‘used’ one of her friends although she did admit he was ‘kinda cute’. I slid onto the lounge, the programme on TV was advertising some exercise machine with a nice supermodel using it. I began eating my crunchy toast while watching this model move up and down on the machine, “She’s not that good, her butt is a bit big” said Alice in an undertone behind me. “My body’s much more defined than hers” she said playfully, “Sure sis” I said sarcastically without taking my eyes off the TV. Alice quietly walked away and headed upstairs. I looked back and noticed her trim body walking up the stairs. Alice was right, she did have a well defined body. Her butt was tight, her breasts were very firm – the perfect size to put in the palm of your hand and to top it off, her brown hair and baby blue eyes made her look like a princess. I slowly turned around trying to focus on the TV again. I felt guilty thinking about my sister like that, although it wasn’t the first time I’ve thought of Alice like that. I’ve always thought she was pretty and my friends always said she was hot. Me and Alice didn’t go to the same school, our parents sent us to separate catholic schools in the area.

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   I was just about to finish year 12 and Alice was in year 18 Both of our schools were not co-ed so most of the girls I knew were friends of Alice. The TV was getting boring so I went up to my room and changed into some swimmers and dashed off to the swimming pool in my backyard. I dived in and felt the cool sensation of the water all over my toned body, the sun was getting hotter than ever and I started doing some laps around the pool. I stopped in the shallow end to catch my breath as I noticed Alice walking out of the sliding door in her bikini with a towel in her hand. I immediately felt my penis lengthen five inches, she looked incredible. I think she noticed me staring at her after a few seconds, “Is something a matter?” she asked with a curious tone “No, I’m just catching my breath”. I could feel my face starting to redden, “Oh ok. Hows the water?” she said with a smile “Great”. Alice put her towel on the green grass and laid down on her backside to sunbake. I began swimming again for another fifteen minutes until my eyes focused on Alice again. She was sunbaking only a few meters away from the swimming pool, I approached the edge of the pool, and splashed her with as much water I could. “Kieren you bastard!” she shrieked. At first I thought I pissed her off then I heard her laugh. “Come on in the waters great!” I exclaimed, Alice came up to the pool and hopped in. “See I told you it’s good”, “mmm” she replied and splashed me to get me back. 

   For the next fifteen minutes we both did our own thing, Alice did some laps around the pool and I just sat near the edge enjoying the sun and cool water. While I was daydreaming, Alice pulled me off where I was sitting and grabbed me by the waist, “Got you” she said playfully and pushed me carefully, but securely against the side of the pool. “I knew you weren’t as strong as you look” she giggled, I managed to turn around and grab her, I locked her into the position I was just in. “What are you trying to do sis?”, “Just inspecting your reflexes, brother” she said jokingly. Without thinking my hands automatically slid down her waist, and I could feel my penis springing back to life again. We both stared into each others eyes, I felt her softly place her hand on my butt. I slowly advanced my face closer to hers. Alice started breathing heavily, my lips locked with hers and I slowly guided my tongue in to my sisters mouth. I felt Alice slide her tongue into my mouth and I gently pressed my body on hers while feeling her bum with my hands. She placed both her arms around my neck. Then without warning the phone started ringing loudly bringing both of us back to reality. The ringing of the phone inside made us both jump. “We better answer it” said Alice in a low tone without looking at me, I said OK, stepped out of the pool and proceeded to answer the phone. “Hello?”, “Hey Kieren its Matt, come over for lunch and stuff?” “Yeah ok, I’ve kinda got something happening right now, I’ll be over later”. I put the phone back, still shocked at what just happened in the pool.

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   Nothing like that had ever happened before, and as far as I knew my sister hadn’t even hooked up yet. “Who was that?” said Alice quietly, “It was Matt”. “Ok, I’m just going to Sarah’s house. I’ll be back later” she said without looking at me and walked off. I went upstairs and laid down on my bed thinking about what had just happened. I heard Alice pace up the stairs and into her room, probably getting changed before she goes to Sarah’s. Sarah was one of Alice’s close friends from school, and I think Alice was more shaken than me. My head was full of different feelings and emotions. I was ecstatic thinking of how I was touching and kissing my sister, but I also felt a strong surge of guilt. I was still a virgin and hadn’t done much with any girls, and I realised that I was attracted to my sister. Not just for her stunning looks but also for her unique personality. When Alice and I were younger we played the same video games together and did sports with each other. Our parents were proud of the way me and Alice were turning out, but because their work kept them very busy meant they were often out of the house. I guess this kind of made Alice and I grow closer to each other. I pushed the pillows in to a comfortable position and wondered what was going through Alice’s head.

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  I looked over at the clock on my bedside table and it was almost seven at night, I had been asleep for almost eight hours. I walked out of my room and found that no one was home, it wasn’t unusual for my parents to be out, they frequently worked back late – they were both managers at a distant David Jones department store. I guess Alice had stayed over at Sarah’s for dinner. “Shit” I forgot about Matt, I was supposed to go to his for lunch. I decided that I’d SMS Matt and go meet up with him. I usually told Matt and Alice everything – well almost everything, Matt was a good mate so I knew I could trust him on telling him what had happened in the pool with Alice. “Well. . I didn’t think you were gonna turn up” laughed Matt, “Yeah I kinda fell asleep” “Yeah what’s new” joked Matt and he tapped me on the back. We both started walking up to his bedroom, “I was just about to order pizza, hey hows Alice doing these days? I haven’t heard from her for a while” asked Matt, “She’s good” my voice sort-of went funny at that moment “Hows Jess?” Jessica was Matt’s step sister and they were as close me and Alice. “She’s just been bumming around the house and playing that awful Justin Timberlake CD all-day” I laughed, I knew how much Matt hated pop music, “Mom and Dad are staying at my grandparents for the night” he continued. Once me and Matt were both up and comfortable in his room we began playing Xbox, he kept on beating me at some shooting game. I still couldn’t stop thinking about Alice. After Matt and I had finished Pizza, I decided to tell him what had happened with Alice. “You know Kieren, you haven’t been yourself tonight.

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   Anything on your mind mate?” he enquired, “Today I kind-of kissed and felt up Alice. ” I said slowly, I could tell he was mildly shocked. “I don’t know how it happened, we were just joking around in the pool and then out of the blue we just started kissing”. Everything was awkwardly silent for a couple of seconds except for the sounds coming from Matts TV. “So you weren’t really asleep tonight, you were with your sister?” he asked in quiet voice, “No it only happened in the pool and then she went to Sarah’s just after you called. ” I said tensely. After a few more seconds Matt moved a bit closer to me and turned his TV down, “I didn’t think you and Alice would ever do anything like that, me and Jess have been playing around for a while” said Matt. I was stunned, “One night Jess walked in on me wanking, when she caught me I told her I’d have to see her naked to make it even and since then we’ve done all kinds of stuff” he continued. I couldn’t believe it, my best mate was fucking with his sister. Although I couldn’t really talk, I had dreamed playing around with Alice for a while. It wasn’t until today I realised how much I loved her, she was pretty, supporting, affectionate and smart – everything I wanted in a girlfriend. “So would you ever do anything with Alice again?” Matt enquired, “I really love her, when I was holding her and kissing her in the pool today – it just felt so good”. After ten minutes of talking about Alice and what I was going to do about the situation, Matt and I played Xbox again. We played the same shooting game we played earlier in the evening, and I won almost every game we played – I guess I was playing better for getting the Alice stuff off my chest. When it started getting late I decided I better start walking home.

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  “It’s about time you got home, you’re farther and I were wondering where you were” said Mum, “I looked at my phone – it was almost 10PM”. I said hello to mum and dad and began walking up the stairs, my parents looked exhausted from work. I walked into my room and got undressed, it was a very warm night so I just put on some boxers and a t-shirt. A few minutes later I heard mum and dad open Alice’s bedroom door, “Goodnight sweetheart”, “Night mum, and dad” said Alice. I heard her door close, then my door opened “Night Kieren”, “Night mum, dad” I said and they closed the door. I laid on my bed wondering about what had happened today. Alice and I usually played around but nothing had ever got that far, I wondered what Alice was thinking. Did she hate me? Was she embarrassed? Does she have the same feelings for me?I decided to walk into her room. I quietly left my bedroom and gently opened Alice’s door. Alice was standing on her balcony looking at the pool, she didn’t hear me come in. I silently closed the door and walked towards her slowly. She was wearing some silky blue pyjamas which made her look very sexy. “Hey Alice”, “shit Kieren, you scared me” she said nervously, “Sorry I didn’t mean to, how was Sarah’s this afternoon?” I asked. After a few moments she spoke, “Sarah was good, me and her just went to the cinema this afternoon”. Although Alice was faintly smiling I could tell she was still nervous.

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   “What are you doing out on your balcony?”, “Just thinking. ”, “About?” I inquired. After a few quiet seconds she started speaking “We might as well be straight with each other, I liked what we did in the pool. ” She paused, I just stood there expressionless. “I’ve kinda always felt like this about you, you’ve always been there for me, and, well I think you’re cute. ” Said Alice calmly, she blushed but didn’t take her eyes off me. I stepped closer to Alice and kissed her sweetly on the lips, “I love you Alice. I know you’re my sister but when I’m around you I feel so good – I feel like I can tell you anything and your one of the hottest girls around”. Alice caressed my cock through my pants and I kissed her again on lips and started kissing her neck. Alice grasped my hand and led me to her bed. She sat laid down and I got on top of her, I unbuttoned her top and got a glance of her awesome breasts. I took one of her nipples in her mouth and played with it for a few minutes stroking it gently with my tongue while Alice began to softly moan. My hands wandered down to her panties, I slid them off her which revealed her sweet pussy. She had a small trim of hair above her womanhood. I looked up at Alice, she had her eyes closed.

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   I started licking at the top of her cunt and fondled her clit with my tongue. After a few minutes I decided to put my hands to work. As soon my hand made contact with her cunt she slowly spread her legs, I worked my fingers around her pussy until I began to finger her hole. I gradually inserted two then three fingers. While fingering her, I began to suck her nipples again, licking and sucking each nipple delicately. After a few moments Alice’s breathing became faster and without warning she came hard in my hand. “Oh my God, that, was fucking excellent” breathed Alice. I laid back on Alice’s comfortable bed while Alice recovered from her orgasm. After a few seconds Alice kissed me softly on the lips, she then started to kiss me more passionately and began sucking on my bottom lip. After what seemed like no-time she stopped and smiled at me “You have no idea how good that felt before bro” she whispered, “oh really?” I quietly replied and kissed her gently. Alice then slowly moved down further towards my crotch, she caressed my firm cock through my boxers. “hmm someone’s excited” she said in a teasing voice and released my cock from my boxers. At first Alice just stared at it and slowly pulled it up and down, I could tell this was the first time she had ever handled a cock. “mmhmmmmm go a bit faster sis” I murmured, Alice started to get the hang of it and while enjoying the sensation of having my beautiful sister pull my cock, she slowed down. Unexpectedly she started licking the head of my cock, lapping up all of my pre-cum and in no-time she started sucking.

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   The feeling was absolutely intense, it felt great. I started to feel a tingling in my balls and while Alice was fucking my cock with her mouth I released load after load of cum in my sister’s throat. After a few moments she stopped sucking, hugged me and kissed me on my neck, “I love you Kieren”, “I love you to sis”. Alice slowly went to sleep with her arms around my chest. When she was asleep I gently moved out of her bed, and headed for my bedroom. I didn’t think my parents would be happy if they found me and my sister sleeping together, I closed my bedroom door softly behind me and slouched on to my bed. I peacefully went to sleep thinking about Alice. .


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