Alice 4


It was just 2 months since we had been to my grandparents' house, and i had made love with my young cousins. Now, they would be staying at my house for the weekend, and both myself and Alice knew we would make the best of the time we had together.
It was a fine Saturday morning, and my autie Kerry was due to arrive at about 9am. About half past 9, her car pulled up onto the drive, and she and her daughters cam bustling up the driveway. After someone knocked at the door, i made my way over to it to let them in. No sooner had i turned the handle than Jenny came hurtling though the doorway and careered into the lounge - right into my mother's lap. Meanwhile, Alice came in in a much more civilised fashion, giving me a quick hug on the way past into the lounge. Last came Auntie Kerry. As i let go of the door, she turned and hugged me and, to my silent amazement, squeezed my bum as she moved away.
Thinking i had imagined that squeeze, i followed Kerry into the lounge, closing the front door behind me. I sat down on the sofa next to Kerry, and mum got us all drinks.
After a day of not mch going on, mum suggested we rent a film, so she left to get one whilst myself and the girls set up the lounge. I maneuvered the two sides of the corner sofa to that they were making a loose triangle with the TV, allowing everyone a goos view of the screen. Naturally, i took the center seat, and lay back against the cushions to wait for the return of the film and my mother. The girls arrayed themselves about me; Aunt Kerry was on my right, with Alice on my left. Jenny decided she was going to sit with my mum when she got back, so she placed herself in the middle of one of the sofas.

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After 20 or so minutes, me and Kerry were talking about how life was treating us, and mum came in the door. She put her coat and things on the floor by the door and joined us in the lounge. She put the DVD in the machine and turned the lights off in the room, now the TV was the only illumination in the room. Jenny wrangled my mum into sitting with her; that left me, Alice and Kerry to ourselves in the corner.
As the film started, the blankets we had over us started to move, as i felt Alice's hand move up my leg and down under the waistband, delving into my boxers to fondle my member. As Alice played with my stiffening dick, Aunt Kerry brought the blanket up around her shoulders and made a weird rolling movement with them. Kerry then handed me something under the blanket and i took it in to the light a lil bit to see what it was.
Her bra.
Even though i had no intention of speaking anyway, i was still left speechless. I turned my head towards my Aunt Kerry, to find her undoing the buttons of her blouse, reveal luscious, creamy tits crowned with rosy-red nipples.
I should perhaps point out at this point that Kerry had Alice young, and Jenny was conceived not long after Alice was put into school. Hence, Kerry is only 29 and despite having two kids, she is trim, toned and i now know she has 36C breasts. She is 5'5" with pale, milky skin and gold-brown shoulder-length hair. She has an hourglass figure.
So, back to the story, i stared at Kerry's tits as she bared them to me.

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   She grabbed my hand and laid in on one her beautiful tits as she lay back against me, as her hand joined her daughter's in my boxers. If she was surprised or angered by finding her 18-year old daughter's hand fondling my fully-erect manhood, i couldn't tell; but, it felt great beyond imagining to have both my cousin and my Aunt groping my dick, and as if to repay them, i reached my hands into their crotches, up their skirts and down their panties. I slowly inserted a finger into each of their's pussies, and began fingering them both at the same time.
Soon, i began to feel Kerry start bucking against my hand, and she quickyl excused herself from the room, and both Alice and i knew she was going to the bathroom to orgasm. So whilst her mother had her orgasm over me finger fucking her, Alice grabbed my hand and forced more of it inside of her, until she too needed to be excused to go orgasm.
I suddenly realised that within that impromptu prgy, i was the only one not to have been made to cum. Feeling a bit left out, i too went to the toilet, just as Kerry was returning. On my wasy past her i squeezed her tit through her blouse, while she groped my crotch, a sly smile on her lips. When i arrived at the bathroom, a grabbed my shaft and began to pump it. I waddled in the door, hand on dick, right into the reclined form of Alice. I didn't need a second thought about it, i just made a bee-line for her crotch, my dick sliding up inside her all in one motion, as i picked her up and placed her on the toilet.
After we had both climaxed, we returned to the lounge, with a good time-span left between us. We couldn't have my mum finding out, now, could we? Soon, the film ended, both my mum and jenny having fallen asleep mid-way through. As Kerry transported my mum to bed, and Alice moved Jenny, i re-arranged the lounge back to how it had been before the movie. Right after that i made my way straight to bed, and lay there thinking about how many more times this weekend i would get to fuck Alice and explore her mum.

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Part 5 to follow. As a break from tradition, i will not be giving any hints to the next part, nor will i leave it up to readers. This will be a Mystery Episode!