Alex & Angela


Alex couldn’t believe his sister Angela turned fourteen today. She was four years his junior and it just seemed like yesterday she was his sexless little sister. Now, looking at her closely, he could see that she had become a very beautiful young girl, as if overnight.

Angela had long, naturally blonde hair which flowed softly around her shoulders and down to the middle of her back. Her breasts had matured quickly and were now very noticeable when she wore something tight fitting. She was thin and very toned weighing in at around eighty pounds. Even though petite, Angela had all the curves in the right places. Her ass was a delight to see whenever she bent over or simply walking down the street. Angela’s lean long legs and flat stomach only accentuated her curvy hips and maturing tits. Her face was cute by anyone’s standards and had soft full lips and deep blue eyes to go along with her blonde locks.

Today, she got home from volleyball practice all hot and sweaty. Her tee-shirt was clinging to her small tits and he could see that she was wearing her sport bra. Angela’s red shorts were tight fitting to her round soft ass. Alex went over to her and without thinking slapped her gently on her ass and said “Happy birthday!”

She jumped a little but responded by jokingly saying, “Thanks. What did you get me?”

“What did you want?” Alex asked.

“Let me take a shower first and meet me in my room.

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  Okay?Then I’ll let you know. ”

He was a little perplexed but went to her room and waited for her to finish her shower. She usually always said her mind and never left him guessing, but this was a pleasant surprise.

After several minutes, Angela walked into her room with wet hair and a fluffy white towel wrapped around her lithe body. She had not thoroughly dried herself off and was dripping onto the carpet.

“So, what did you want?” Alex repeated.

“I wanted to ask you what you thought of this,” as she dropped her towel. “Her body was that of an angel,” Alex thought. Angela’s nipples were rock hard and protruding from her round perky tits. As he gazed lower past her flat toned stomach, Alex’s eyes fixated on his sister’s perfectly hairless twat. There was not a sign that hair had ever grown there although he knew it must have at one time. Her cunt lips were tightly closed as she stood still for a minute, waiting for his answer.
For one of the few times in his life, Alex was speechless. He just sat gazing at his lovely naked sister and could feel his cock start to stiffen. “What does she expect me to do?” he wondered to himself.

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  Finally, he stuttered out, “Um, um, you have a very nice body. ”

“Only ‘nice’?”Angela said with a fake frown.

“Well, um, very nice. How’s that?”

“Fuckable nice?” she asked as she walked closer to him. His cock was now half hard and getting harder by the second.

“By that growing bulge in your pants, I can assume the answer is yes,” she smiled.

“But you are my sister!” he moaned.

“You asked what I wanted for my birthday and this is it:I want you to take away my virginity. I do not want a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing for my first. Okay?” she said as she sat next to him on the bed. Next, she laid a hand on his thigh and moved it up to his groin. She rubbed her brother’s crotch and could feel his large hardness beneath his jeans. Without a word, she expertly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. She then abruptly pulled down his pants revealing his cock stretched underwear. Angela slowly lowed his white jockey’s and Alex’s full eight inches popped straight up.

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“Wow bro!You’re so fuckin’ big!”

Alex knew his cock was larger than most of his classmates and appreciated his sister’s complement. He kept his pubes well-trimmed and his balls clean shaven just like his last girlfriend liked it. He had grown to like it too. His cock and balls seemed more sensitive to a girl’s touch more than ever. It also accentuated his size, even though he didn’t really need any help. Angela appeared to like it too as evidenced by her heavy licking of his balls and shaft.

Then she put his large rod in her small sweet mouth. She could only go down halfway and Alex could feel the back of her throat with his bulbous cock head. Angela gagged a little at first but got into a good rhythm of blowing his cock.

“Where the hell did you learn this, sis?” Alex asked.

“Just practicing on bananas and things,” Angela smiled.

Alex somehow did not believe this but went with it:she was good!
“Sis, I’ve got to eat your pussy before you make me blow my load. ”

Angela stopped blowing him, laid on her back and spread her lean long legs wide. Alex cupped his hands over her firm tits and moved them down to her tight soft cunt. He spread her lovely twat lips open to reveal her lovely inner pink.

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  She was already glistening wet and he knew he could get her even wetter. He easily found her tiny clit with his tongue and started licking and sucking it. Angela moaned in ecstasy as her brother brought her to multiple climaxes.

Angela’s cunt juices were flowing and Alex knew it was time.

“Angie, are you ready?”

“Okay, big brother. Be gentle. ”

“Of course,” he lied.

His cock was still wet from Angela’s oral delight and her cunt was certainly wet. There was not lubrication problem today!Alex had fucked a dozen girls in his short seventeen year life but he was never more nervous than now; even more nervous than his first. “My little sister!” he thought, “I’m such a fuckin’ pervert!”

But his seventeen-year-old hormones and her heavenly nubile body trumped any sense of guilt. He took his eight inch monster and rubbed it up and down her soft hairless snatch. One last time near the bottom of her slit and it was time to go in. He gripped his rock hard rod and pushed it into his sister’s virginal cunt. Her pussy lips spread easily as he eased in his large headed cock. He looked down and saw only his shaft disappearing into his sister’s tight twat.

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  His large bulbous head was fully in her!“I’m really fucking my little sister!” he said to himself. He still couldn’t believe it.

Alex continued to push into his sister slowly. He felt a little resistance and knew he had come up on her hymen. He looked into her sweet blue eyes as he thrust past her virginal barrior an turned her into his slut. She cried out a little in pain as her cherry was busted but Alex continued going in with his long dick. Her cunt tunnel was tight and squeezed his thick man muscle as he went deeper and deeper in her.

His cock was now fully in his sister’s hot wet twat. He looked down just to see it for himself. “Yes, I’m fully inside my sister,” he said to himself. He pulled out his dick halfway and it was shiny wet with Angela’s cunt juices. Alex pushed back in and out, slowly at first but soon was pounding deep, fast and hard. Angela was crying and moaning at the same time. Alex felt her insides shutter as she came over and over again. He knew she was probably in some pain but also enjoying the hard fucking.

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After several minutes he was more than ready to shoot his load, but already knew how and when to pull out at the last second – and he did. Just a second before his climax, Alex pulled out of Angela’s tight twat, quickly moved his hips up to his sister’s face and shot his white hot load all over her pretty thirteen-year-old face. She opened her mouth in surprise and he shot a burst of cum all over her tongue. He had eight long bursts of salty spew, hitting her eyes, nose and to his pleasure, into her mouth. She coughed on his hot cum but actually liked the salty taste and swallowed what had been in her mouth.

He looked at his sweet cum soaked sister and kissed her deeply.

“That was great,” he said. “When can we do it again?”

************* CONTINUED IF YOU READERS WANT MORE ***************



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