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"Wow, Nat, You are so grown-up. Your beautiful. Are you certain this is what you want? Alex was forcing those words straggely from his mouth. She walked over to her brother and laid on the floor next to him and leaned into his gaze and gave him a pressing kiss on his lips. Alex nneded no reply, and his once limp cock was stiffer than he had ever imagined. alex kissed her back and reached under the robe and helped it to drop from her shoulders. He reached under the sheer baby doll that she wore and caefully caressed her breasts. She moaned in delight of her brothers soft touches and helped im remove the top. All she was now wearing was a very fancy pair of lacey panties, that he could not believe she owned. "Do you like them Alex? Janie helped me to pick them out at the mall. ""There great," he said. He gently nudged her shoulders causing her to lie back on the floor anticipating his next move. Alex was pulled to her like a magnet. He ran his lips soflty along the inner parts of her upper arm and then slid across to her right nipple and took it into his mouth. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh, Alex. That feels so good.

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   My pussy is absolutely throbbing and so wet, its leaking out my panties. " was Nat's response. "Yes, I know, baby. I can see the wetness. " Alex added and ran his fingers along the outside of her panties pushing the wet material against her waiting and very needy pussy. He took a hold of the soft material and removed it slowly with his tongue. He was getting so hot himself he didn't know how long he would be able to last. Once the panties last of the panties slipped from her feet, Alex knelt between her legs and favored his lovely young sister with her very first tonguing. He loved her flavor, the sweetness of her was the most incredible thing he had ever tasted. Alex began to probe deeply with his tongue trying to reach every last drop of her pussy juice. The more he licked the more there was for him to lick. Nat's body was convulsing in multiple mini orgasms. "Oh, Damn, baby! You are the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I can't imagine anything better. I can't wait to stick my cock into your wet pussy.

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  ""Then why wait, fuck me. Make me a women Alex, I want you to. " she begged. She needed to be fucked as much as he needed to fuck her. He laid over her and spread her legs further to get a better position on her and finger his cock to her waiting cunt lips and caverns of her pussy so young and tight and fresh. "Okay, I am going to enter you now. If it hurts tell me to stop. We don't have to hurry. You call the shots. I don't want to hurt you. "Alex pushed in slowly, inch by little inch until his cock was halfway in her. He then began to pulse in at out of her, finding it hard to not grab her hips and pull her all the way onto him and fuck her to orgasm. "Alex deeper, deeper, fuck me now. I want to feel you all the way in meeeeeee," she commanded in a harsh voice that faded as he slowly began to creep deeper and deeper into the caverns grasping tightly at his shaft as he drilled her like an oil rig slowly reaching the prized oozing of oil. He felt at that moment that no treasure could be better than the feel he was experiencing now.

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  He pushed in deeper and deeper until he had reached that final spot of emergence into the vast riches of oozing and warmth coating his cock like a blanket. He grabbed her hips and began to push himself into her. He hesitated as she started to whine and he knew that it hurt. He stopped and waited until she signaled she was ready. That signal did not come in a form noticiable to his eyes. She all in an instant dug her heels into the floor, raised her legsand grabbed his buttocks and pulled him vastly into her.
    He couldn't believe the warmth his cock was now cradled in. He again lay still, bending down he rubbed the tear from her cheek. "Are you okay?" "Yes, I know it will be wonderful. Please fuck me now. Make me cum again, I want to feel your warm cum spurting into my body. I love you Alex, I want this to be a part of our tradition. "Alex started moving in and out of her picking up the pace and intensity as he went. In a heated moment, trhough all of the panting and moaning and screams of delight he was surprisingly able to respond. "Me too, baby sister, me too"Feeling he could not hold out much longer he reached up and fondled Nat's breast as he banged into her, like a hamer driving the nail home.

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       Nat's back arched and she let out a gasping crysignaling to Max she was very satisfied. In a matter of seconds they were both erupting. their juices mixing and seeping from her pussy, there was so much of it. They both collapsed in one anothers arms and they laid there for a long time too satisfied to speak. Words were not needed. the passion and love could be felt. They must have drifted off to sleep because Alex woke up with his baby sister on his arm sleeping peacefully. He glanced at the clock and nudged her awake. "Come on Nat, Mom and dad will be home in an hour and we haven't done chores. "Alex and Natalie embraced and kissed passionately, and smiled. Their parents arrived home about midnight. There was no evidence of thier change in tradition. They had finished their chores and exhausted fell asleep on the floor watching t. v. "Oh, Look baby," mother said.

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       They must have had an exhausting day. Alex had awoke but did not move. He just smiled and went back to sleep. It truly was a tradition worth keeping. Every year even through college they would return to the pond and . . . . . . well you know. The End. Honeedew_35(previously needy1)More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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