After the wake.


Quite a traumatic day: - We'd just just arrived back at my house from the funeral and wake of my daughters husband. - Pissed when driving,he'd wrapped himself and a woman friend around a tree. Both died and that was it! - Of course this had been especially traumatic for my forty year old daughter. We'd always been very close,but since my wife's untimely demise a couple of years ago,we'd been emotionally closer than ever. Now it was my turn to console her, as had she with my/our earlier loss.

What followed,I still can't believe. As she said on the following morning - 'It did and that's it! But we did enjoy it dad,or I did anyway!" - I have to tell you. I did as well! So back to how this happened. . .

We came in from the,what I'd call farcical situation of my son-in-law's funeral. The wake was boozy,rowdy and an example of all things undesirable at normal funerals. But then again,I suppose this was why his death happened. . . He was a skunk! - I felt for my daughter,while without remarking on this,she wore what I can only describe as out of fashion,heavy mourning dress.

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   That is,dressed all in black! Mind,to my eye's she looked gorgeous in whatever she wore and mourning was no exception. It couldn't hide the slim trim ankles or her mature feminine - 'Make me a mother figure' - to which certain male elements of her husband's fraternity nudged and made comments about at the wake.

The one that nearly got me in a murdering mood was, although I'm sure it was only my ears that caught it. - A nudge one to another. - 'Wish this was a wedding; I give the ex-bride (widow) a screwing any night' - Okay,I suppose I was over sensitive or even to protective, but dad's will be dad's! So I was no exception. This is what now kicked me in my ass.

It started in such an innocent way. . . We entered the house and I made us a cup of tea. She sat as did I drinking it,then she arose from her seat and came over to me on the settee, with arms around my neck we hugged and she dripped tears onto my neck and shirt. - "Oh dad,its all been so horrible and humiliating!" - "Yes babe,but you're past the worst, look on the bright side, things can only get better don't you think?"

She skewed round and down onto my lap and after a while she had gone to laying along the settee with her upper torso across my lap,head on the settee's arm and her sexy hips hugging the rest of the seat as did her long slim legs. I could only sit admiring the sylph like figure laying on me all dressed in black. - It shouldn't but it did! - The white of her slim waist where her black loose blouse had ridden up was like a magnet to my eye's. In admiration,not lust of course.

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   - How could that shit had treated my little girl with this much contempt?

Resting my hand on her bare skin I unthinkingly passed this hand over her flesh to-and-fro and I felt it was soothing her,as after a little while she in turn started smoothing her hand up and down my thigh just above my knee where for comfort - consolingly,not sexually you understand - as she lay on her side she had lain both her hands in front of her bosom's that rested gently on my lap below my belly. - I was slouched well down by now with her against my soft middle.

"Dad,how did you feel after mum,you know!"- "Died? - Very strange as it happened,- I'd find it difficult to confide to anyone,especially you being that you're my/our daughter" - "Good,I'm wrestling,thinking just like that,I'm frightened It'll come out wrong" - I had a suspicion of what she was on about. I'd been amazed,no shocked at how my mind reacted to my wife's sudden demise" - She (daughter) moved a little and I noticed that this had caused her skirt to reveal a black line separate from her skirt then white flesh and the black skirt going on down. I knew what I was seeing,she had a black thong on.

I smoothed my hand on it with the intension of covering this thong line with the skirt again,but became sensitive to her hand moving as I caught her waistband gently, intent on easing the skirt higher. This sensitivity was daughters hand while still smoothing, was nudging the head of my cock as it lay along the thigh she was smoothing. It was not so much her hand going higher,but more a case of my cock going longer thus reaching nearer to her smoothing me.

I felt terrible,her smoothing my thigh was giving me a hardon or at least a partly hard cock. All at the same time she seemed to move trying to stop my easing her own waistband higher. This resulted in even more of her thong showing,now I had before me,the both sides of the thong plus the wide vee disappearing down over the white flesh of the partly exposed ass cheeks. I became aware of an even more shocking feeling. My daughter's hand was while moving up and down,now raising off my thigh to pass up and over the helmet of my much larger penis' head.

I hoped this was unconsciously happening but had no way of knowing. What I did know was the part she was now smoothing was driving me to dilerium.

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   - My own daughter was making me randy! - I wanted to stop her,but if she wasn't conscious of what she was doing,she'd be so embarrassed. -I did nothing! - Well not at her end,but I did smooth her across the thong and now onto the small cheek parts I could touch and I'm afraid my hand started feeling under the waistband to parts I couldn't see. Not right down of course,just a little more than it was wise too.

She purred again. - "Yeah! Its just so strange,ever since he died,I've been feeling. . . she hesitatingly continued - well just totally randy,I feel so guilty about it and don't know what to do,you know seek councelling or what?" - It opened a floodgate to my equal guilty own feeling of when my wife died. - "Do you know what Sonia,I'm so glad you've said that,I've been kicking that around about myself ever since. I still suffer from it!" - "Do you know,I'd be driving up the motorway and out of nowhere I'd think sex and almost immediately my pants had the cold feeling of precum, it was really weird!" - "MMM! That's it,I've had it all day and especially now" - "Blime Soni' perhaps that's because of me" - "What the smoothing? No. . . I really want that,its just!!! Well I feel fruity all the time"

"Like now,I know I'm smoothing your penis and I know I'm having an effect on you,its not right I know, but its making me feel really good inside - Thro' my trousers she kissed my cock end,patted it then turned on her back to face me. - My hand was cast off and as I thought I'd escaped from my seriously bad thoughts,she held my hand and put it on her naked belly. - "Smooth me there now please" - I hesitated only to feel her hold my hand again and start me off smoothing her lovely smooth belly,but I became shocked as she seemed to be leading my hand under her waistband into a very dangerous part of her anatomy.

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Her eyes closed for moments then as tho' she'd made her mind up she opened them again and watching my face reached around to the side and unhooked the waistband. - "There,that should be easier for you" - I heard myself ask her,- "All in black,bit much don't you reckon,I know you'd loved him but lets face it he led you a hell on earth life of late" - "Sorry, I spoke out of turn!" - "No that's alright dad,its just I thought I'd do the right thing and be seen to be doing it right - You know, 'till death us do part' and all that. Mind if you'd seen me trying on first my flame coloured thong then my pure white one, you'd have wetted yourself,I nearly did. . . I was thinking see what you missed out on you bastard - But I, on realising they'd flash through my skirt especially if one of his moron friends took photos like that sort of species do now at funerals,god that's so common!"

Thinking she'd run out of steam but was better for having got it out of her system, I added 'Amen' - She copied 'Amen indeed' then pushed my hand nearer to her pubic area. with eyes closed she reacted everytime my hand now passed down inside her thong and very nearly in on her pubes. It was as though we had become to rampant ghosts,me feeling nearer and nearer her pussy and she moving and tormenting my hardon with the head movements over this cock of mine. - The instant my hand touched her pubes she gripped it while opening her eyes again and pushed my fingers on down to her slit, - "Feel there,feel how wet I am,you are as well,I can feel it soaking thro' your pants on to my cheek" - Lets go the extra mile" - Smiling and watching me intensely as I fingered her sopping wet vagina.

"You'd find it easier to do me in bed" - She got up and waited for me to get to my feet,then squeezed my hard cock as it tented my trousers. - "I bet you're so shocked at me and what what I'm getting you to do,don't be,lets just live for today" - I followed not my daughter,just a rampantly randy woman intent on having sex with me. - I'll call it 'the widow strip had my penis drooling with precum as i said,"Pity you've not brought those flame and white thongs with you!" - "Downstairs in my handbag!" - As she spread her thighs out for me to get between I kissed her pussy but had only one thought - To screw her brains out" - I was up to the job,but she had more staying power and finished up screwing me to a standstill. I cuddled,kissed and licked her from tit to toe,while she sucked,fucked spit and swallowed all I could offer her.

To exhausted to shower or bath we fell into the most relaxing sleep in each others arms until I awoke with my penis once again being suck frantically. - "Soni' I need to pee,to late with the most excrutiating sensation of a full bladder being upstaged by my orgasm I was overcome with spunk oozing into her mouth.

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   - "Now me!" - "Wait let me go-a-pee" "Go on then,then promptly scurried past me and gushed a load as I stood waiting nearly pissing myself at the sound of her pissing while I looked at her now matted pubes from last nights deposits I'd put in her sexual bank.

I pushed quickly past her and then had trouble getting my bladder to start because of course my cock was as hard as iron. She looked on as my golden shower poured from the end then as I drained the last couple of squirts from me she grabbed my knob and shook the drips off. - Matter of factly she said as we went back to bed to let me lick her again to an orgasm. - "I know I said yesterday - 'lets live for today! & I bet you're still in disbelief at what we're still doing - by now I honorably put my mouth to her pussy and started her off, intent on that orgasm - Well when I was sucking you off just now,I got to thinking I'd like this not to end. All the shits out there can go fuck themselves while we fuck each other in here! WHAT DO YOU THINK?"

I hesitated,but not for long as my daughters orgasm had her thrusting her vagina deeper and deeper into my face. Snorting the love juice her pussy had just secreted up my nostril's and into my mouth I lifted my head and replied. . . "Thought you'd never ask!" - She dragged me up over her naked tits - literally by my ears - thus making my cock slide neatly between her open thighs and deep into her saliva covered slipperyvagina and off we went again enjoying our mutual love juices mingling inside her.