God, he looked sexy in his black suit. "Your horny huh?" he asked. "Did I not just say that?" I know I have a very sarcastic attitude. "That's funny because I am too," he said. "I hope you don't think we're gonna you know," I said facing him. "Yes we are. Come here Tina. You don't want me to get mad do you?" he asked. I kind of get scared when he gets mad. I slowly walked over to him. He pulled me close to him and kissed me,my tits were actually lying on his chest. He stopped for a minute and whispered in my ear. "You don't know how gorgeous you are,I've wanted you ever since you turned 15,there's just something about you. Get on your knees for me. " "No,I'm not doing that Ryan. You're not cumming down my throat.

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  " "It's not Ryan anymore it's daddy,now do as I say Tina. " He looked me full in the face when he said that. "I can't have you in my mouth Ryan. " "Get on your fucking knees Tina!" he yelled. I dropped to my knees sort of fast as he took off his suit jacket,shirt and unbuckled his pants. "Pull them down. " I did as I was told, it was like he had some power over me and I was loving it. I pulled them down and he stepped out of them. I took his aching cock out which was pointed up towards his perfect 6 pack. It was perfect,at least 9 and a half inches,cut,with a perfect mushroom head. I started licking the head seeing as how I was gonna wind up sucking his cock one way or another. "Mmmm,yeahmake good use of that tongue ring. " He kept moaning and moaning. I started to suck the shaft careful not to use my teeth. "Yeah,suck daddy's cock.

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  . . . mmmm," he moaned. He placed his hands on the back of my head and started to fuck my throat vigorously. I choked and gagged. "Yeah choke on my dick,look at me with those big green eyes. " My throat was killing me,he pulled out and told me to get on the bed. That's when he got really serious. He got on top of me and kissed me while grabbing my tits,then he took off my shirt. His eyes got huge and immediately his mouth went to my nipples. God those were my weaknesses. He sucked hard. "Mmmm,yes," I moaned while putting my hands on his head. He teased them for a while by flickering his tongue,next he sucked the other one.

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  God,I was in heaven. Next he took off my shorts and his boxers. I got sort of scared. I keep my pussy nice and shaved. "Nice,I always thought it would look like this. " He ran his finger down my wet slit and I let out a little moan. He put my legs over his shoulders and slowly went in. I held my breath. It hurt like hell. "So fuckin' tight," he whispered. When I felt that all of him was in,I exhaled and he started pumping. It hurt at first but slowly pain became pleasure. He moaned. "Yes baby. .

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  . mmm. . it should be like this from now on," he moaned. "Mmm yes. . . aaah,"I moaned. As he pumped now he would get closer and closer to my face,my legs were damn near touching my ears. "God. . . I love your pussy. Yeah. .

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  . close in on my. . . dick baby," he moaned. "Mmm yes,I. . . love. . . your. . . ahhh.

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  . cock daddy,"I moaned. Right when I was getting ready to cum he stopped. I had the what-are-you-doing look on my face. "Turn over on all fours," he said. I knew what was coming,I've never tried it before and thought that he would rip me apart. "I don't want you to fuck me in the ass," I objected while turning around. "Turn your ass around,I don't care about what you want. You got what you wanted,I fucked you. Now I'm gonna get what I want by fucking you in that sweet ass of yours," he said. "But," I protested. "But what! That's what I thought, turn you slutty ass around. " he said. I turned around and he grabbed my hips. "Good girl," he said while slowly easing in.

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   I gave a little scream.
    "Take it out!" I said. "Too late,it's way too far in now," he said. He slowly started to pump. "Fuck yeah. . . this feels too good," he said. Before I knew it he was fucking me hard. Grabbing my hips and thrusting in and out. I felt his balls hit my ass while I rubbed my clit. He grabbed my tits and I moaned. "You like this slut? You like being daddy's slut?" he asked moaning. When he felt I didn't answer fast enough he thrust harder. "Yes.

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      . . Daddy. . . I love it," I moaned. "You wanna be daddy's girl?You want me to fuck you and turn you into my cockwhore?" he asked. "Mmmm yes daddy, I wanna be your whore," I moaned. "I know," he said. He smacked my ass a few times. He grabbed my hair and pulled,forcing my head back. I moaned louder as the pleasure increased. "You. . like it .

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      . . rough huh baby?" he moaned. "Mmm. . . yes. . . daddy," I moaned. He licked the side of my face and let go of my hair. "Aaaahhh. . . fuck. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

      . . . I'm getting close. . ," I moaned as he pumped out of control. "Yeah. . . cum for daddy baby," he said. A few minutes later I came,then he came. He pumped his last pumps and took it out. I collapsed and so did he. After about five minutes he got up and said he was taking a shower. "Okay," I said.


       "I'm not asking you,I'm telling you,"he said. He helped me up and we went to the bathroom. I felt his cum running down my leg as we walked. He turned on the water and got in,I got in next. The combiantion of the water and his touch felt so good to me. He held my waist as we showered and grabbed my tits. When I felt that I was clean,I got out. He slapped my ass for the last time and it actually hurt. I gave him a sort of mean look and he threw his hands up as if he surrendered. As I dried off he got out. "Let me dry you off,"he said. I walked up to him,hanging dick and all. "No,we both know what that'll lead to,"I said smiling. "I know,so what do you say?" he asked while drying himself off. "Sorry daddy," I said while putting a towel around myself and walking back to my room.

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       "You have to go to sleep sometime,"he called from the bathroom. I couldn't believe how much he loved me. Enough to actually have sex with me,of course I was skeptical at first,thus the art of rejection but I loved every minute. I'm truly going to become his slut. I changed into a black spaghetti strap shirt and super low-cut panties. I was just getting ready to put on pajama pants when he came in. "No,your fine like that. " He had on black and blue plaid boxers. "Come sleep in my room with me,"he said. We slept with his arm around my waist and his raging hard-on poking me in my ass. I guess I'll take care of that in the morning. Please send me some feedback to this story at subteraneanrulr@yahoo. com. If you have any comments or suggestions please email me,it will be greatly appreciated. .

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