Abandoned Ch.01


Jake Morgan had everything an 18-year-old young man would like to have. He had two great parents, a nice car, and excellent grades. There was always one thing lacking from his life that he wanted to be sure and find; his biological mother.

Jake knew from the age of 18 that he'd been abandoned. His parents, Sara and Tom Morgan, knew who his mother was and had told him everything they could about her. Her name was Lucinda Grant and she was only 18 when she had him. Her parents were rich high-class people who didn't want to be embarrassed by their daughter having a child out of wedlock. Lucinda panicked and after having him, she left him in front of a church. Jake's parents were very involved with the church, and that's how they came to adopt him since they could not have children of their own. The word got all over town about a young lady who left her child abandoned. Lucinda had turned herself in and said she could not take care of Jake.

The Morgan's were the ones to give Jake his name. The young woman was never heard from ever again. Jake loved his adopted parents with all of his heart, but yet a part of him always wanted to meet his real mother. He wanted to see what she had become and wanted to ask her if she ever thought about him. He wanted to tell her that he'd be going to college and how he was valedictorian of his senior class.

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Jake had graduated in late May and had the summer to himself. He wanted to get a job, but before that, he wanted to go on a small road trip to Nevada where his biological mother lived. Jake had done some research through the Internet and discovered the only Lucinda Grant lived in Las Vegas. He was on a mission to find his mother no matter what.

"Are you sure you want to take a road trip alone?" Mrs. Morgan asked her son.

"Yeah Mom, I'll be fine. It's going to be for a couple of days. Don't worry I'll call you everyday and let you know I'm Ok," Jake told his mother.

"Where is it exactly where you're going?" Mr. Morgan asked his son.

Jake hesitated. "Uh not so sure yet. That's why it'll be a small road trip. Don't worry I'm not leaving Texas.

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  " Jake felt awful for lying.

"Ok just be sure to pack plenty of clothes in case you get stuck somewhere and you have enough money right?" Mrs. Morgan asked concerned.

"Yeah, I got plenty of money from my graduation and don't worry I'm all packed up. I promise to be back within a week at the most. "

Jake headed out alone. He left early morning just before sunrise. The Texas sky was painted a bright orange color with sunrise just beginning. As he drove, Jake got to thinking. What if it was all a big mistake and maybe Lucinda Grant was someone else. Maybe his mother had gotten married or moved out of the country. Jake knew he was taking a chance but he had to. Ever since he'd learned that he was adopted, he wanted to find his biological mother more than anything. He felt a part of his life was empty until her found her.

The drive to Nevada was long and Jake made sure to stop and sleep overnight in a small hotel in Arizona.

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   He felt so lonesome, but he knew he was on a mission. It was too late to turn back. If in fact the Lucinda Grant that lived in Nevada was not his mother, then he would be Ok knowing he at least tried. That's the kind of person Jake was. He always wanted to finish his missions.

In the morning, the loud ringing of the hotel room awakened him. He opened his soft green eyes and groaned. The chirpy voice of the hotel attendant didn't help him get in a good mood.

"Mr. Morgan? It's 6 am," the woman said cheerfully on the other end of the phone.

Jake sighed. "Thank you. " He hung up and stretched his long body. He was quite tall and that was a surprise since his parents had told him Lucinda was very short and petite. He often had wondered about his biological father as well.

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   His parents didn't know much about him except that he was considered a "bad" boy. It didn't matter much, since Jake was mainly concerned about his mother.

Jake got up to shower and get dressed. He combed his brown hair back. It was getting a bit long but didn't look so bad. After a quick continental breakfast, he headed off to the road again. In a few more hours he'd be in Nevada. He wasn't even sure how to begin his search for Lucinda once he got to Las Vegas. He had an address that he found on the Internet and hoped she still lived there.

* * *

A couple of hours later, Jake arrived to Nevada. His heart raced as he saw the sign that said Las Vegas. She would be there. At least he hoped she would. The city was still very lively during the daytime. He smiled looking around and watching people crossing the streets, mostly tourists.

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He arrived at the hotel he planned to stay at in downtown Las Vegas. It'd been a long drive and trip so he just wanted to rest. He took a long warm shower and then headed to the bed to take a nap. He dreamed about his biological mother. In his dream he couldn't see her face, just a silhouette of a short and petite woman opening her arms out to him. He was running to her as if he was still a child, but he never got to her. He woke up startled and rubbed his eyes knowing it was a dream. Hopefully his reality wouldn't be the same.

It was past seven that night so he decided to walk down the streets of Las Vegas and sight see a bit.

* * *

Jake walked down the crowded streets alone and he watched many families together laughing and having fun. He felt his eyes saddened. He missed his mom and dad. He still had a guilty conscious because he had lied to them about his road trip. He stopped by one casino watching a tall older man playing the slots. The man looked happy and his eyes were glowing with excitement.

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   A loud bell was heard and Jake saw the man win. The man jumped up and cheered. Jake clapped for him and gave him a thumbs up.

"Thanks young man," the man said to Jake as a pretty young girl came to help collect the money for the man.

"I wish I could win, but I have the worst luck," Jake told the man.

The man nodded. "Nah! I'm sure you'll win. Everyone wins something here in Las Vegas. "

Jake watched the man collect the money and walk off humming a happy tune. Feeling his stomach growling, he decided to go get something to eat. All the restaurants seemed overcrowded. Jake decided to just eat at a small café near the hotel. He thought about the next day. He had decided to get up very early, get dressed and go find the address that he found on the Internet.

He wondered how much his biological mother had changed.

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   She had probably become someone successful and happy. He was sure she was married and had children. Maybe he'd get to meet his half brothers and sisters if there were any. He only hoped she wouldn't push him away. He hoped she would welcome him no matter what.

* * *

Nighttime came so fast and Jake headed back to his hotel. In his room he laid on the bed wearing his boxers and watching TV. It was the same old boring TV shows that he was used to watching. He looked to the side of his nightstand and saw a guide for ordering movies. He laughed to himself as he saw names of adult films.

What the hell, I'm alone and no one here knows who I am, Jake thought as he followed the instructions on how to order an adult film.

He chose a movie that supposedly took place in a high school. It was cheesy acting and plots but the women in the movie were scrumptious. He slid his hand down his boxers grabbing a hold of his cock. He was already hard.

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   He pulled it out of his boxers and began to stroke it. There was an anal scene in the movie, which really got him hot.

Hearing the sounds of fucking and the girls moaning was making Jake jack off faster. He hated the fact that he was still a virgin. He'd gotten many opportunities to fuck a pretty girl in school, but something always stopped him. At first he thought he just wasn't into girls but that wasn't the case. Deep down he wanted to only have sex with someone he loved.

Jake was stroking his cock and getting closer to his own climax. With one hand he played with his cock the other with his balls. He could feel his balls constricting as they swelled up full of his cum. He felt his body tighten, and then a long rope of gooey cum spurt out of his cock. Jake groaned as more shots of sperm shot out of his cock. They hit his hard stomach and the first one almost hit his chest. He lay in bed now, breathless. He looked down and saw his warm cum on his skin.

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   It had felt really good to cum. He needed that.

* * *

The sun woke Jake up early the next morning. It was 18 minutes til 6am and the sun was just rising. He stretched his body on his bed and looked down to see his morning wood rising under the sheets. The laughed and pulled the sheets down gripping his hard cock and finishing himself off once again.

After a quick shower, Jake got dressed putting on a pair of black slacks and a black and white button up short sleeve shirt. He headed down for a quick continental breakfast. He ate a bran muffin, some cereal and drank a cup of coffee. He felt his stomach turning into knots knowing he'd be in search of his mother that day.

He took a quick glance at the white sheet of paper where he'd written down Lucinda's address. The bold black print stared back at him as if it was trying to warn him not to go look for her. She might have abandoned me, but she is still my mother. I need to find her so I can move on with my life, Jake said in his mind.

He drank the last drops of his coffee, and headed outside to get a cab.

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   He didn't know the town too well to drive on his own. The cars were hissing as they passed him outside that early morning in downtown Las Vegas. Jake hailed a cab and got in giving the cab driver instructions to his mother's home.

Lucinda lived far from downtown, or at least that's what it seemed. Jake felt as if the cab would never get to her home. After about 20 minutes of driving, the cab pulled up to a small brick home with a beautiful garden. Jake swallowed. He felt his hands shaky and his palms sweaty. He looked at the pretty home. It was small, so Lucinda probably had one or maybe two children at the most. He saw a small red Honda Accord parked outside and the porch light was still on.

"Here you go sir. This is the address you requested," the cab driver said looking at Jake over his shoulder.

Jake felt almost frozen. What if she was remarried and had never told her new husband about him? He didn't want to get her in trouble.


   "Sir, could you please park here for a while? I'm waiting for someone to come out of that house. "

The cab driver shrugged. "Fine with me but it'll cost you. "

Jake nodded. "That's fine. I've got plenty of money. "

It was 18 minutes til 9 that morning when Jake saw a woman come out of the house. Jake stared, feeling mesmerized. She was short and petite, just like in his dream. Her hair wasn't too long, about shoulder length and dark brown just like Jake's. He couldn't see if she had colored eyes from far away. She wore a short dark blue skirt and a white button up blouse. She was obviously going to work. She looked as if she was in a hurry. Jake tried his hardest to get more of a glimpse of her but she quickly got in her car and began to drive off.

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   From what he'd seen she was incredibly beautiful.

"Is that the woman you were waiting for?" The cab driver asked turning on his engine.

"Y-yes," Jake could barely answer.

"She's a little old for you don't you think?" The cab driver said sarcastically.

"Could you please follow her?" Jake asked.

The cab driver turned on his engine and began to follow Lucinda's car. Jake prayed that she was in fact the correct person. He hoped that was his mother. After about 18 minutes of driving, Jake saw the red car turn into a bank. Lucinda got out of her car and took a look at her watch. She must have been really late.

"I'll get off here thank you," Jake said as the cab driver came to a halt. Jake paid the driver and took a deep breath as he stared at the big brown and white building with huge windows. Was this her work place? Or was she here to just make a deposit or withdraw?

Jake waited until she went into the building and then followed her inside. Once inside, he looked around and realized she wasn't in line.

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   He kept looking and felt so disappointed since he'd lost her. Where in the world had she gone off to? Jake looked at the prestige people standing in line waiting to be attended. He felt lost and sad. Maybe this entire trip had been a mistake? Maybe Lucinda didn't exist anymore? Jake pretended he was looking at some brochures for college student loans. He kept an eye out incase Lucinda appeared again. He would go up to her and ask her if she was in fact Lucinda Grant and why she had abandoned him. He just wanted some answers.

"Excuse me? Did you need some help?" Jake almost jumped up as he heard a soft female voice.

"W-what?" He turned to ask but then he felt his heart almost stop. There she was. Lucinda. His mother. It had to be his mother. Her beautiful blue eyes glowed and her smile made him melt.

She laughed softly making his heart flutter.

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   "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Did you need some help with something?"

Jake couldn't speak. He just held a college student loan brochure in his hand and smiled weakly. His knees were almost shaking. Lucinda looked down and raised a brow. "You are interested in a college student loan?"

Jake nodded but he had no idea what she was saying. He kept looking at her face. Her beautiful face. She had fair skin that was flawless. Her lips were pouty and covered with maroon lipstick. Her eyelashes were long like Jake's. They shared the same blue eyes but she was short. He must have gotten his height from his father. She was an absolutely gorgeous woman.

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   Probably the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen.

"Well, since you are going to have me playing charades, would you like to come back another time to speak with me about this loan you need?"

Jake sighed finally being able to take a breath. "I-I'm sorry. I was just. . . . I'm sorry. "

She smiled again making him weaker. "I'm Lucinda Grant. I specialize in student loans. Would you like to come to my office to talk to me?"

"Yes," Jake said quietly.

"Very well then, this way please," Lucinda turned around and Jake couldn't help to look at her legs. They had a nice tan to them and looked as if she worked out. Her white heels clacked on the marble ground as they walked to her office.

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They got to her office and Jake's eyes searched for pictures, paintings, anything that could prove she was in fact his mother. He saw nothing. Not even pictures.

"Have a seat. . . I'm sorry may I ask your name?"

Jake stopped for a moment before he took a seat. "M-my name is. . . Jacob. Jacob Morgan. "

"Ok then Jacob. Please have a seat. "

Jake took a seat in a plush leather chair.

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   He watched Lucinda dig through her papers. He wanted to ask her right then and there if she was his mother. He wanted to scream at her for abandoning him but then again he felt like hugging her tightly for having missed her all those years growing up without her. It was just so confusing.

"Ugh this computer takes so long to get me where I need to be," Lucinda said sweetly as she clicked on the mouse searching for the right screen.

"Yeah I know how that goes. I've got a slow computer myself," Jake said nervously trying to make conversation.

"So are you going to be attending UNLV?" Lucinda asked with her eyes fixed on Jake.

"Uh. . . yes. Yes I am," Jake lied.

"Hmmm great school. I wanted to go there myself.

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   Unfortunately I moved out here after I left Texas. It was too late by then. I had already graduated. "

Texas! She's from Texas!

"That must have been a big change. I'm from Texas too. I'm from Dallas and you?"

Lucinda smiled. "I'm from El Paso. I miss Texas to be honest. "

What made you decide to leave Texas?" Jake asked curiously.

Lucinda looked down for a minute and then back at Jake. "Well, too many memories. I don't want to discuss that. Oh here we go the screen I needed. "

Jake felt his heat racing just being in the same room with her. Her fingernails were long and she wore a French Manicure on them.

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   He looked at her hands more. No sign of a wedding ring! Was she single? Or maybe divorced? Jake was dying of curiosity. He wanted to tell her at that moment that he was her son, but he had to spend a bit more time with her. She was a complete delight to look at.

"Ok now you said your name is Jacob Morgan. Now I need to ask several questions. "

Jake's heart raced. "Oh? OK then. "

Lucinda looked back at her screen. "Age?"

"I'm. . . . 23," Jake lied.

"23? Wow you don't look older than 20," Lucinda said giving Jake her charming smile.

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Jake blushed. "Thank you. "

"Ok. . . address?"

Jake shifted in his seat. "Well I don't have a permanent address right now. I'm staying in a hotel for the meantime. You see my parents are about to buy a home here but it's not settled yet. They should be here in a few days actually. I won't be living on campus. Much too costly. "

Lucinda sighed. "Well without an address, I don't know if we can do much. You have a contact phone number?"

"Yes a cell number but it has a Texas phone number still so let me give you my room number at the hotel I'm staying at.

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Lucinda looked uneasy. "Ok then if you can please provide that for me?"

Jake gave her the phone number and his room number. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She was so enchanting.

"Now how much of a loan were you requesting?"

Jake went blank. He didn't want a loan. He was here for her. To tell her that his life wasn't complete without her. "Um. . . I don't know. I guess about $5,000?"

Lucinda nodded. "Ok that's a reasonable amount. Do you have a part-time job yet or will you be working on campus?"

"I'm going to be working on campus.


   In the business office," Jake lied again.

"Ok that's good. Well this is not a complete application since we need an address. I tell you what? Why don't you come back again when you have your parents address? That way I can have a permanent address for you on file?"

Jake didn't want to leave. He wanted to ask more questions. "Well. . . uh sure. I guess. "

"I mean I don't want to run you off. You seem like such a nice young man. It's just that we do need an address. I'm sorry. "

Her voice was so comforting and she knew how to apologize without sounding fake.

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   "No need to apologize Mrs. Grant. " Jake said slowly.

Jake watched Lucinda's rosy cheeks turn crimson. "Well it's Ms. Grant and you can call me Lucinda. Being called Ms. Grant makes me feel old. "

Jake smiled shyly. "Oh so you're not married?"

She nodded. "Nope. I don't think I'll ever get married either. "

Jake felt so excited. "Well I can't see why not. You are very beautiful Ms.

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  . . . I mean Lucinda. "

Lucinda had a grin from ear to ear. "Thank you. You made my day Jacob, you know that?"

Jake stood up slowly. He didn't want to leave. He wanted to see her again. "Please call me Jake. Will you be here tomorrow?"

"I sure will. I am here from 9 to 6. I have lunch at one in the afternoon every day. "

Jake was hesitant at first but then he went ahead and did it. "Oh? Lunch? Well listen, I know I just met you but you have got to be the nicest woman I've met in Vegas.

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   Would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow afternoon?"

Lucinda looked surprised but edgy at the same time. "I don't think that's a good idea Jake. I'm sorry.

Jake felt his heart sink but knew he'd be back to see her soon. She stood up and walked around her desk to meet with Jake. Jake extended his hand out to her. "Well it was very nice to meet you Lucinda. I'll be sure to come by when I have that address for you. "

Lucinda's face showed regret. "Thank you for coming by. I will try to help you as much as I can for that loan. "

Jake got back to his hotel room later on that afternoon. He lay in his bed and stared up at the ceiling smiling and feeling like he was floating. Each time he closed his eyes; all he could do was see Lucinda. Her beautiful face, smile, hear her laugh.

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   He found himself slowly reaching down to touch himself. He was already hard. After stroking his cock for a few seconds Jake opened his eyes and realized what he was doing was wrong. She's your own mother you pervert! Stop it! Oh God but she's so beautiful!


Jake got out of his bed feeling frustrated and paced the room. He looked out and saw the cities lights were turning on. Nighttime would approach soon and he'd have to find a way to stop thinking about Lucinda. At least to stop thinking about her sexually. It was going to be tough.


Jake turned to look at his phone ringing. No one knew the number to his room. He figured it might be the front desk calling.


"Yes hello? Jake?" He heard that beautiful soft female voice.


"It's Lucinda. Lucinda Grant from the bank. "

Jake felt his pulse racing.

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   "Oh yes hi there. You kept my number?"

There was a brief pause. "Yes I did. Look I'm sorry I didn't mean to reject your lunch date offer. I just. . . . it's just that it's been so long since I've dated. I just freaked a little. "

Jake slowly sat on his bed twirling the phone cord around his finger. He couldn't help but smile. "Well it's my fault too. I guess I was too forward. I'm sorry.

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She laughed very softly. A laugh that touched Jake's heart. "Well I would love to go out to lunch with you tomorrow. If the offer still stands?"

Jake sighed. "Yes of course. I'll be at your office tomorrow afternoon at one then. "

Jake waited for a reply.

"Hello? Lucinda?"

"Y-yes I'm here. I'll be waiting for you then. "

They both hung up the phone and Jake let out a yelp of happiness. He fell back on the bed and felt so excited. His heart was pounding. He felt like a schoolboy asking out his crush. At that moment he remembered his parents back at home in Texas. He hadn't called them since he'd gotten to Las Vegas.

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   They were probably worried sick. He picked up the phone and gave them a call.

* * *

Lucinda held the cordless phone in her hands for a minute and closed her eyes. Jake, the young man who had visited her earlier that day had been on her mind all day. His baby blue eyes reminded her of something familiar. Something that made her feel so comfortable. Never in her life had she called a male for a date. They always called her. But there was something about Jake she couldn't put together.

The way he spoke, the way he was so gentle. Lucinda licked her lips and laid her head back on the couch. She could still smell his cologne even though it'd been hours since she last came in contact with him. He was young all right. 18 years younger but age at that moment didn't matter to her. She didn't recall ever being so turned on by a male like she was by Jake.

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* * *

Jake woke up the next morning very early. He had hardly slept the night before. He was too excited about going out with Lucinda. Now he'd be able to ask more questions and maybe get more information about her. He was sure she was his mother but he wanted to be more positive.

He headed down to the gym downstairs in the hotel for a morning workout. He showered and ate breakfast. As he ate, he remembered how his mom cooked so good for him. He missed home cooked meals. He missed his parents. He read the morning paper as he drank his juice. From the corner of his eye, he spotted a woman, about her late 20's or so who walked in with her son. The boy must have been at least two or three years old. They walked in holding hands and the boy was pointing and talking gibberish. The mother passed Jake by and smiled at him.

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   Jake felt almost teary eyed. He wondered if Lucinda would have walked with him that way when he was a child. He continued to watch the mother and son until they disappeared.

* * *

Jake waited impatiently as he was already dressed and ready to go. He'd take his truck this time since he had memorized where Lucinda worked. It was 12:30 that afternoon and Jake jumped in his truck and headed off to meet Lucinda. He wore his khaki slacks and a white button up long sleeve shirt. His hair was slicked back. The traffic was a bit heavy since it was the middle of the day. He hoped he wouldn't be late to pick up Lucinda.

* * *

Lucinda waited for Jake. It was ten minutes past one and there was no sign of the young man. Lucinda was beginning to feel disappointed and rejected. She sighed and grabbed her purse. She would go ahead and head on off to lunch on her own.

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   Just as she was about to close her door to her office, she saw him. He stood there with an apologetic look on his handsome face.

"I'm so sorry I was late. Traffic was murder and plus I'm so new to the city so I drove a bit slow making sure I wouldn't get lost. "

Lucinda smiled. "I'm glad. For a moment there I thought I was being stood up. "

"I'd never do that to you," Jake said softly.

Lucinda blushed. God he looks so handsome!, she thought as she stared at him. "Shall we go then?" She asked.

"Yes let's. "

Jake drove and Lucinda gave him directions where to go. They decided to get a quick bite to eat at a little diner that was only about three blocks from Lucinda's work. They were served pretty quick.


   Lucinda had ordered a grilled chicken salad and Jake had a burger. It was a small place but very friendly.

"I like this place. You come here often?" Jake asked.

"Yes I do. I like them because the food is delicious and they are very fast. "

Jake took a sip of his iced tea. "So you said you were not married am I right?"

Lucinda groaned. "Yes. I hate being asked that question. "


"Well because my mother asks me that all the time and so do my friends. Well the very few friends I have. "

Her mother. . .

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  my grandmother! Jake thought.

"Does your mother want you to get married?"

Lucinda laughed. "More than just that. She wants me to marry and have at least two children by the time I'm 40. "

Jake took a deep breath. "I know you might hate this question too but I have to ask. How old are you?"

Lucinda didn't hesitate to respond. "I'm 37. I just turned 37 last month actually. "

"Oh I see. Well then happy belated birthday. " Her age matches! Jake said to himself.

She smiled. "Thank you. You know I'm not afraid to say my age.

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   I don't understand why most women would be afraid. I mean we all get old anyway. Might as well be proud of your age. "

Jake loved the way she thought. He loved confident women. "You are so right. To be honest you don't look 37. More like 27. "

Lucinda turned beet red. "Ok if you're telling me the truth then I like you more now, and if you're lying. . . well then keep lying to me. "

Jake laughed. "No I'm dead serious.

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   You look really good for your age. I guess I was just shocked that you haven't married. "

"Well I do date a lot. Well not too much but I get asked out every now and then. I just can't seem to keep a steady relationship for more than 6 months. "

"I think you are very easy to get along with Lucinda. I like you already," Jake blurted out.

Lucinda stared at the young man. He was making her feel so warm and comfortable. He was easy to talk to and didn't seem boring like most of the men she dated. He was different.

"Lucinda can I ask you something?"


"Does me being 23 make you feel uneasy about going out with me?"

A small grin formed on her lips. "If it did I wouldn't have called you would I?"

Jake felt his heart racing. Lucinda had her hair up that day with a few strands hanging down. She wore a dark red blouse and a white skirt.

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   Jake could see her small cleavage. "Yeah I guess you're right about that. I'm glad you called me back. This is fun. "

"Yes it is. "

Jake stared into her eyes. She had to be his mother. She had to! He couldn't have felt this strong connection with anyone else. He was happy he'd finally found her but in a way disappointed because he felt as if he was going to slowly fall for her.

* * *

"Well thank you so much for lunch Jake. I really had a good time," Lucinda said as they both entered the building.

Jake held the door open for her and walked her to her office. "I had a wonderful time too Lucinda. When can I see you again?"

Lucinda was shocked yet so delighted he'd asked her out again. "Uh.

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  . . well let's see. . "

"Tomorrow night?" Jake asked desperately.

Lucinda giggled. "You work fast don't you?"

Jake blushed. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound so anxious. "

"No it's OK. I like that," Lucinda said in a soft voice.

Jake began to feel more excited than ever. "So is tomorrow night OK?"

Lucinda nodded. "Yes. It's perfect. Let me give you my address or unless you just want to meet somewhere?"

"No go ahead and give me your address please," Jake said grabbing a brochure from the counter and handing her a pen.

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   He watched her smile and write her information down. She wrote her home phone number first and then her address. She had beautiful handwriting.

"Here you go," Lucinda handed Jake the brochure.

"Thank you. I'll call you before I pick you up. Probably around eight or maybe a little earlier. "

She stared at him as if she waiting for a handshake, a hug or maybe even a kiss. Jake hesitated but then extended his hand out to her. Lucinda took his hand. It felt so big and strong. "Well thanks for lunch Jake. I had a really good time. "

"You're welcome. I'll call you tomorrow night then.

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* * *

It'd been such a long hectic day after lunchtime that Lucinda was glad she was finally home that evening ready to take a long warm bath. She lit up a few vanilla scented candles and grabbed a glass of red wine. She slipped into the water filled with bubbles and laid her head back. She closed her eyes for a moment and found herself smiling. All day she couldn't stop smiling even though it had been so chaotic. She took a small sip of her wine and put the glass down. The water felt so good on her naked body.

For a moment she thought about Jake. She couldn't get his face out of her mind. The way he talked, the way he laughed and mostly the way he would look at her. She'd never met any other man who would look at her the way Jake did. The touch of his hand was still lingering on her hand.

She slowly began to run that same hand down to her breasts. Her nipples were not had so she began to play with them slowly feeling them harden between her fingers. It'd been months since she last had sex.

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   Almost a year in fact.

Her last boyfriend had been such a lousy lover. He'd cum so fast she never got to experience a good orgasm with him. Most of her lovers had turned out to be that way unfortunately. They just came to get what they wanted and left her so unsatisfied. She wanted someone who would take their time and kiss her all over, suck on her nipples and bury their fingers inside of her pussy. She yearned for that male touch once again.

She opened her eyes and took another sip of her wine. She licked her lips savoring the taste and began to imagine kissing Jake. His lips looked full and very kissable. He was so young but God he was so sexy! He probably had so much energy to make her feel like a woman again not like the other older guys she usually dated. She wondered what his cock looked like. She wondered what he would taste like! He definitely had a hold on her.

Lucinda slid her hand lower touching her soft skin until she reached between her legs. Her pussy felt so smooth, since she always shaved it.

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   She spread her legs wide and began to finger herself. Her eyes closed again and slowly she began to pump her two fingers in and out of her aching pussy. More visions of Jake came to her mind as she did this. The thought of kissing him, touching him, fucking him was making her hotter.

"Oohh Godddd!" Lucinda moaned.

Her fingers moved in and out and her other hand began to play with her breasts. She pinched on her nipples feeling the strong sensation of an orgasm ready to erupt through her entire body. Her toes began to curl and the more she thought about Jake the more she wanted to cum!

Her pussy was drenched with her juices and her mouth parted letting out soft moans as her body squirmed in the water. She could feel her pussy throbbing, ready to cum. She wanted to cum, she needed to cum. Lucinda bucked her hips and she felt it. She felt her orgasm ripping through her body.

"Mmmmghhhhhh! Oooh yesss!" She wailed loudly.

Her body trembled as she pleasured herself. Her nipples grew large and so hard.

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   She picked up her hips and moaned and cried out Jake's name. It was a wonderful rush that she had needed all day. Ever since her afternoon encounter with Jake she'd felt so turned on and ready to masturbate.

Lucinda let her two fingers slowly ease out of her opening. She took deep breaths and felt her heart pounding. She licked her lips again and giggled. She felt so naughty for having thought of this young man like that. She wondered if he had thought about her the same way. She knew if he'd ever ask her to sleep with him, she wouldn't even think twice about it.

* * *

A loud ambulance siren awakened Jake. He looked at the time and realized it was only three in the morning. He groaned and got up to look outside his widow. The Las Vegas lights were bright and so many people were still outside. There had been a small car accident outside one of the casinos. He went back to bed and realized he couldn't sleep.


   He thought about Lucinda and how he'd be able to spend more time with her later on that night.

"God she looks more beautiful every time I look at her," Jake said out loud. He couldn't wait to ask her more questions maybe get more answers from her. He'd have to wait for the right moment to tell her that he was her son. He just needed a little more evidence. He wanted to get to know her more and let her get to know him so she could know what she missed by giving him up. He loved her no matter what though. She had been young and probably had no choice than to give him up.

He closed his eyes and began to dream away. He dreamt he was a child. He was lost in the park looking for his mommy. He called her name out with tears running down his face.

"Mommy! Mommy!" His voice was heard by other people who just stared at him.

He felt so frightened and he sobbed. Suddenly he heard footsteps and looked up to see her.

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   It was Lucinda in his dream. She looked so beautiful running to him wearing her long flowery sundress. Her hair was flowing in the wind as she ran to him.

"I'm here honey. I'm here! Mommy's here for you!"

She grabbed him and picked him up and kissed his face. Jake sobbed in her arms and she held him.

"I was so scared mommy," Jake said trying to stop crying.

"Don't be scared. I'm here. I am here for you and I'll always be here," Lucinda whispered in his ear.

Jake woke up again from his beautiful dream. He woke up with tears running down his face. His heart rejoiced. It was morning time already. The sun was just coming out.

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   The dream had to have been a message. Lucinda had to be his mother.

* * *

"You are looking very sexy Lucinda!" Joy, one of Lucinda's co-workers said to her.

They had gotten out of work and Lucinda had asked her friend to go over to her house to help her pick something out for her date with Jake. Lucinda was wearing a short white spaghetti strap dress that showed off her beautiful tan skin. Her hair was down and she had curled it. Her makeup was flawless and her shoes were also white to go with her beautiful dress.

"You don't think this is too much?" Lucinda asked Joy feeling unsure.

Joy laughed. "No way. I mean you look incredibly sexy but not slutty. It's perfect. I wish I still had a body like yours Lucinda!"

Lucinda blushed. "Thank you Joy. "

She stared at herself in the full-length mirror and spun around a few times.

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   She hoped Jake would like her in this dress. She spayed some perfume on and reapplied her lipstick one last time.

"So tell me more about this guy," Joy asked looking through one of Lucinda's magazines.

Lucinda turned to look at her friend. Her face was beaming. "Oh I don't know where to begin. I mean I saw him standing by the student loan brochures and I knew I had to talk to him. It was strange. Like a connection. "

Joy raised a brow. "Hmm really? Ok now how gorgeous is he?"

Lucinda sighed. "Joy he has got to be the most gorgeous young man I've ever met. He doesn't seem immature like the other men I've dated. He's so sweet, gentle and I love the way he looks at me. Not with lust or like if he's horny, he looks at me with respect and admiration.

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"Wow he sounds like a winner. But you can tell all this just by having gone out with him once?"

Lucinda smiled. "Yes. It's weird huh?"

"Not weird. It's awesome. I hope I can find someone like that!"

* * *

Lucinda was putting on her earrings when she heard her phone ringing. She ran and picked up her phone.


"Hi," she heard his sweet voice.

"Hi there. "

"Are you ready?"

"Yes I am. "

"Good because I'm coming up to your door right now. "

Lucinda gasped. "Already? You calling from you're cell phone?"

He laughed. "Yes. "

"Ok well I'm ready just waiting for you to ring my doorbell.

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Lucinda laughed. "Ah there you are. Talk to you in a few seconds. "

She hung up the phone and took a deep breath before opening the door. Jake was standing at her door wearing a pair of dark green slacks and a white button up shirt. His dark hair was slicked back and she could get a whiff of his cologne.

"Wow don't you look handsome!" Lucinda said flirtingly.

Jake couldn't speak. His eyes stared at the angel before him. She was a beautiful vision in white. Lucinda look breathtaking!

"Jake?" She asked trying to get him to focus.

Jake still didn't reply. His eyes were glued to Lucinda. She looked incredibly sexy in that white dress. Her smooth tanned legs caught his attention first but then his eyes went to her breasts.

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   She had more cleavage now, which was making him think unchaste things.

"Jake?" She asked again.

"Y-yeah sorry. Oh wow you look so. . . . so. . . . words can't explain how beautiful you look Lucinda.

Lucinda turned red. "Thank you. I'm glad you like.

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"Like? Are you kidding I almost felt drool coming out of my mouth!"

The both laughed and Jake offered his hand to her. "Shall we go?"

Lucinda took his hand and off they went for a wonderful night out.

* * *

Lucinda had chosen the restaurant. It was an elegant Italian restaurant located in one of the lavish hotels in Las Vegas. They were seated next to the window so they were able to look out and see all the casinos and people gambling. The restaurant featured a jazz band that entertained the guests.

"This is really a nice place here," Jake began sipping on water.

Lucinda nodded. "Yes I love it here. I used to work here as a waitress once when I had just moved out here from Texas. The tips were really good. "

"Really? Wow that's interesting. Do your parents live out here too?" Jake asked curiously.

Lucinda looked down.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to be so nosy," Jake apologized.

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"No it's ok. Well my father passed away from a heart attack two years ago. "

Jake felt his heart sink. "I'm so sorry to hear that. " He reached out to put his hand over hers.

Lucinda nodded. "Thank you but it's OK. I do miss him. My mother still lives in El Paso alone. "

"Have you ever thought of asking her to move out here with you?"

Lucinda looked uneasy. "No. I think she and I would be better off living separately. I mean if it comes to the point where she can't take care of herself then yes I will ask her to live with me but we are not very close. "

"I'm sorry about that, "Jake said softly squeezing Lucinda's hand.

"Yeah I know.

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   I wish my mother and I were closer too. I miss her. But she hasn't been close to me since. . . well since I was younger. "

Jake took a deep breath. "Why what happened?"

Lucinda cleared her throat. "Oh nothing. . . . I'll tell you about it one day. Not today. "

Jake understood.

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   "That's fine. I know we just met and I understand you can't tell me everything. "

She squeezed his hand this time. "But the weird thing is that I feel like I can tell you everything. "

Jake felt his heart racing. He was about to speak when their waitress came to the table. They both ordered their meals and Lucinda requested a bottle of wine. Jake prayed that he wouldn't be asked for an ID. Luckily he wasn't and got to enjoy the delicious wine Lucinda had requested.

During dinner they hardly spoke. They listened to the soothing jazz music and exchanged little words. Lucinda was mesmerized by this young man. It was hard to believe he was 23 he looked more like he was in his late teens but acted like a very mature man.

"What are you thinking?" Jake asked wiping his mouth.

Lucinda almost jumped up.



Jake laughed. "Sorry didn't mean to scare you there. I just saw you were in a deep daydream just wondered what you were thinking. "

"Just about work and things like that," Lucinda lied.

Jake watched her nervously sip on her wine. He wanted to ask her to dance but felt almost reluctant. He wanted to hold her in his arms; to get lost in her embrace. Lucinda felt Jake's eyes piercing at her. He was making her feel so nervous like a teenager having her first date with her crush.

"Lucinda? Would you care to dance with me?" Jake asked in a sweet voice.

Lucinda nodded. "Yes. "

He stood up and went around the table and held her hand. They walked hand in hand to the dance floor. They were the only ones out there dancing.

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   The other people stared at them and smiled. They all had to admit that they made a lovely couple.

Jake held Lucinda in his arms. She was so petite. Her perfume ignited his sense and the feel of her curves got him really turned on. Lucinda had her arms around Jake's neck as they swayed together to the beat of a slow jazz tune.

"I haven't gone dancing in such a long time," Lucinda whispered into Jake's ear.

Jake looked into her eyes. "Well now I guess I should take you dancing every night then huh?"

"Yes you should," Lucinda said boldly.

She felt as if she was slowly losing her breath. Jake's body felt so good pressing up against hers. He was so strong and masculine. His hands slowly went up and down her back.

"I can't seem to stop staring at you Lucinda," Jake said softly.

Lucinda felt her heart racing.

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He nodded.

"Well I love looking at you. It's very strange, but you are all I've thought about since I first saw you. "

Jake knew he couldn't do this anymore. He wanted to tell her that he was her son! He had to tell her before he fell in love with her. But it was too late. Lucinda stopped dancing and looked deeply into his eyes. She tiptoed and softly pressed her lips against his. Jake didn't know what to do! He didn't know whether he should stop her or go on with the kiss. Her lips were so warm and tender. Her breath was hot and she pressed her body closer to his making it so difficult not to get an erection.

Her lips pressed tightly against his but he didn't move. He kept his lips pursed but once she began to slightly part her lips he knew he couldn't stop the kiss. He let his lips part and they shared a gentle and sweet kiss on the dance floor. He felt his lips getting wet from her saliva but he closed his mouth before she tried to slide her tongue in his.

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   Jake pulled away slowly and Lucinda stared at him. Her eyes showed passion and lust.

"That was a nice kiss," Jake said slowly.

"It sure was. "

"Let's go back to the table. It's getting late and I should take you home in a while. "

Lucinda look disappointed. "Yes. I guess you're right. "

They headed to the table and finished their wine in silence. Jake felt so confused. He loved this woman, as his mother but now it was a different kind of love. He was scared to fall in love with his own mother.

Jake drove Lucinda home and they were both again very silent. Lucinda knew she had screwed up.

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   She shouldn't have kissed him. That had scared him away! She wanted to kick herself for having done that. Now he would probably never ask her out again. He parked in front of her house and got off to open the car door for her. Lucinda stepped out and tossed her hair back. Jake looked uneasy.

"I'm sorry about the kiss," Lucinda apologized.

Jake sighed. "No. I'm sorry. I guess I was just surprised that a beautiful woman like you would even want to kiss me. "

"Why wouldn't I? I mean you are very charming and I've never met another man like you. "

Jake thought about what she said. If she had never met another man like him, then what about his father? Was he better than his own father?

"I think you are incredible Lucinda. "

She stepped closer to him and they stood just breaths away from kissing again.

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   Jake wanted to kiss her more than anything but he couldn't. He had only came to Vegas for one mission only. To find his mother and tell her how he's been. But now everything had gotten so complicated. He was falling in love with Lucinda, his own mother, or at least he was sure she was his mother. But she was so irresistible!

Lucinda closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She wanted Jake to kiss her. Not just a quick peck but a long sensuous kiss with lots of tongue.

Jake looked and knew she wanted a kiss. He didn't want to let her down so he leaned down and gave her a small peck on her cheek and a quick peck on her lips. Lucinda opened her eyes and felt her heart flutter. Just the touch of his lips was sending fire between her thighs.

"Thank you. That was a very nice kiss too. Thank you for a lovely time tonight Jake.

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Jake smiled and walked her to her door. He wanted to stay with her that night and hold her in his arms but he couldn't. Lucinda wanted to ask him to stay the night with her and make love to her but she knew he wanted to take things slow.

"Well, goodnight Lucinda. I had a very nice time with you," Jake murmured.

Lucinda reached up to touch his cheek and stroked his handsome face. "Call me again sometime tomorrow. Please. "

Jake closed his eyes at the touch of her hand. "I will. "

"Goodnight Jake. "

He stood there until she closed her door. His cock was slowly hardening and he waited a few seconds before walking back to his car. "What the hell are you doing Jake? What is the matter with you? She is probably your mother. It's wrong Jake.

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   So wrong!" Jake said silently. He drove off that night thinking about no one else but Lucinda. She had a hold on him. Jake knew it would be impossible not to tell her the truth. He had to before things went too far.

* * *

"I think I really screwed things up," Lucinda said to Joy as they ate lunch the next afternoon.

"Why do you say that?"

Lucinda sighed. "Because, I made the first move and kissed him. "

Joy smirked. "Well is he gay or what?"

Lucinda laughed. "No why would you say such a crass thing?"

"Because Lucinda, you are a gorgeous woman. I don't understand why a guy would freak if you kissed him. "

"I guess maybe he just wants a friend. I mean I am a lot older than he is and maybe the kiss just scared him away. I have a feeling he won't call me.

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Joy look at her friend with sympathetic eyes. "Don't say that. I'm sure he will call you. "

Lucinda hoped it was true. She'd thought about Jake last night and could still feel his kiss on her lips.

* * *

Jake paced his hotel room back and forth. Lucinda had really turned him on last night and that was the whole problem. She had a very high chance of actually being his mother. He'd heard so many stories of boys falling in love with their mothers but never thought he would be going through that. The thing was she didn't feel like a mother to him. She felt like a woman that he wanted. He wanted to see Lucinda that night but he was afraid. He was afraid that he'd want her more or that she'd seduce him and he wouldn't have enough strength to stop.

His hotel phone rang and he stared at it blankly. He had told the front desk to hold all his calls since he knew only Lucinda would be calling him.

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   He wasn't ready to talk to her yet. He needed to carefully think everything through.

"Hello?" Jake answered the phone.

"Yes Mr. Morgan? A certain Lucinda Grant has called you twice. She says it's very important. I just thought you might need to know. "

"Yes thank you. I will call her back right now. "

Jake hung up the phone and took a deep breath. He stared at the phone. He knew it would take a while before he would actually be able to call Lucinda.

* * *

Lucinda hung up her phone and felt so saddened. She was afraid she had ruined everything with Jake because of the kiss. "Damnit Lucinda you had a good and honest young guy and now you messed everything up!"

Lucinda went home after work to shower and get dressed.

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   She needed to see Jake. He'd been ignoring her phone calls and she only hoped that he'd be at his hotel room and she would go talk to him face to face to get an honest answer. She felt nervous but she had to find out. He was a type of guy that wouldn't be easy to just forget about. She slipped on some blue jeans and a dark blue low cut summer sweater and headed out to look for him.

Jake lay on his bed watching the evening news as the sun began to set in Vegas. He tried to concentrate on important issues but it seemed none were more important than Lucinda. He'd been dying to call her and talk to her. He wanted to hear her voice and hear her sweet laugh.


Jake turned to stare at the door. He raised himself up and walked slowly to the door. His heart raced and he looked through the peephole. Lucinda stood outside. Jake gulped but knew he couldn't keep running away from her. He opened the door and she looked at him with soulful eyes.



"I didn't mean to scare you off Jake. "

Jake nodded. "No you didn't. I'm the one who should be sorry. I acted liked a child. "

"Well I had to come see you because you hadn't returned my phone calls. "

"Yeah I know. I'm sorry Lucinda. Please come in. " Jake moved aside to let her in.

Lucinda walked in slowly with her hands shaky. This young man had such a hold on her. She turned to him as he locked the door. He walked towards her. His hair was messy and he wore a white t-shirt and a pair of black running shorts.

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   Lucinda looked down at his legs, which looked muscular. She figured he played sports.

"I'm glad you came Lucinda. It's really good to see you. I'm so sorry," Jake apologized thinking he wasn't apologizing enough.

He opened his arms out and wrapped them around Lucinda. Lucinda held him tight and they both shared the wonderful embrace.

"Don't do that to me again Jake. Please let me know if I do something wrong," Lucinda mumbled as she lay her head on his chest.

"I will. "

"Listen, it's a beautiful night outside. How about we go gambling? I mean if you haven't gone already?"

Jake laughed and kissed her forehead but deep down feared gambling since he wasn't of age and had an ID to prove it. "Sure. I don't have much luck but I'll try it. "

Lucinda smiled and reached up to kiss his cheek.

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   "Ok then. It's a date. "

Jake nodded. "Yes, but let me go change into something more comfortable. "

Lucinda waited her Jake as he changed in the restroom. She sat on the bed where he had slept. She began to wonder if he slept nude, a thought that turned her on more than anything. She wanted deep down to go into the restroom and catch him half naked. She wanted to take him and make love to him and. . . .

"Ok I'm ready," Jake said suddenly almost startling Lucinda.

Lucinda's eyes shined with happiness. Jake looked so handsome in his brown slacks and white polo shirt.

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   His hair was combed neatly and he looked at her the way she wanted to be looked at.

They headed on out to the bright streets of Vegas. They walked from casino to casino messing mostly with the slot machines. Lucinda couldn't remember when she had more fun than that night. Jake was such a delight.

"I think I'm only going to try one more slot machine since I've already lost thirty bucks tonight," Lucinda said laughing.

Jake softly touched her arm. "Well I've lost twenty dollars so don't feel so bad. "

Jake smiled shyly and kept his hand on Lucinda's arm. Lucinda loved his touch. She stared at the slot machine for a moment watching the pictures to spin around and her eyes widened as she saw three matching pictures. The lights and sirens went off and a casino worker, a pretty lady in her late 20's quickly came to see how much she'd won.

"Well, well. Let's see how much you've won!" The young lady told Lucinda as the coins began to spill out of the machine.

Lucinda looked at Jake with hopes of winning a good amount.

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   The casino worker gathered the coins and smiled. "Looks like you did pretty good. You won $1,500. "

Lucinda jumped up and threw her arms around Jake. Jake picked her off the ground and they both cheered as they laughed together. "I'm so proud of you!" Jake yelped.

Jake kissed her cheek and touched her face. His eyes were locked with Lucinda's. "You were my good luck charm Jake. " Lucinda said softly.

Jake blushed. They held each other almost forgetting that the young lady was waiting for them to go get Lucinda's money. "Ahem!" She called out trying to get their attention.

Lucinda and Jake unlocked from their embraced and both blushed. They went to get Lucinda's check and left the casino holding hands.

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   Lucinda walked with Jake as she gloated over her winnings.

"Now you can't complain about losing thirty dollars huh?" Jake asked as they walked together.

Lucinda laughed. "Yup that's right.

Jake let go of her hand and put his arm around her instead. They walked in the crowds of people. Lucinda spotted a nice little restaurant near one of the casinos. "Hey you hungry?"

Jake nodded. "How did you guess?"

"Because I know you too well," Lucinda said playfully.

Jake laughed. "I'm starved. All that gambling made me hungry. "

"Let me treat you to dinner. After all you did give me luck. "

Jake felt his heart flutter.

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   They crossed the street to get to the restaurant. It was a nice and small restaurant with dim lighting and small round tables. Jake got himself a steak and Lucinda ordered the same. They ate and talked as a small little candle in the middle of their table flickered.

"I'm having such a good time with you," Jake blurted out.

"Yeah me too. It's been a long time since I had this much fun. "

Jake raised a brow. "Really? How long?'

Lucinda looked thoughtful. "Hmmm. . . I would have to say at least 2 years at the most. "

"Two years huh? What was he like?" Jake dared to ask.

"Well he was almost like you but not quite as cute or charming.

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Jake felt his heart racing. She giggled softly and put her hand over his. Jake looked down and opened up his hand to hold hers. "So what about you Jake? Any special girlfriends back home?"

Jake looked down. "Nope. Not one. Honestly, I've never been in love. "

Lucinda felt shocked. How could a gorgeous young man like Jake never have fallen in love? "Really? I figured you'd be turning down girls left and right. "

Jake scoffed. "Not really. I'm not that special. "

"To me you are," Lucinda said softly squeezing his hand.

Jake wanted desperately to ask about Lucinda's boyfriends, actually more like his father. He wanted to know what happened between them.

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   He just wasn't sure how to go about it.

"Have you ever been in love?" He asked Lucinda.

Lucinda almost choked as she sipped her wine. She wiped her mouth and stayed silent for a moment.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Jake added.

"No it's Ok. It's just not a question I get asked by most men. I think most men don't care if I've been in love or not. "

"Well I'm not most men," Jake said, this time squeezing her hand.

"A long time ago. I did fall deeply in love with this one guy. He was a bad boy. He wasn't very rich. I mean he only had a mother and his father had left his mother when he was only three years old. He'd always get in trouble in school and I would admire him from afar.

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   You know it's your usual story about good girl likes bad boy. "

Jake nodded and listened attentively never letting go of her hand. He could feel her hand gripping his as if she needed his touch.

"Well anyway one day after cheerleading practice, he stood by the football field with the rest of his troublemaking friends. I had to walk by them in order to get out and I felt so scared. As I walked by them, one of his friends whistled at me and said something vulgar. He got furious with his friend and told him off. He walked away from his friends and I followed him. I caught up to him and thanked him for sticking up for me. Then after a few minutes of talking, he asked me out. Everyone was so shocked seeing us together. We were complete opposites. But we were in love. Deeply in love. I had to sneak around behind my parents back just to see him.

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   He was such a wonderful person. . . . "

Lucinda stopped talking and noticed Jake was listening carefully. "So what happened to him?" Jake asked curiously.

Lucinda sighed. "Well we ended up breaking up. He left, got offered a job with his uncle up in Wisconsin and I couldn't go with him since my parents were so strict. "

"Did you want to go with him?"

Lucinda thought about it for a moment. "At the time I did. But he promised me that he would write to me and call me everyday. I got his phone calls the first week and then less calls the weeks to follow until he stopped calling or writing. "

Jake felt so upset. "So do you still think of him?"

She nodded.


   "Not so much him but . . . . . yes I guess I do. "

Jake wanted to ask if his father ever knew she was pregnant. Everything was making more sense as he got to know Lucinda. Now he was even more sure she was his mother.

After dinner they walked back to Jake's hotel. Jake walked Lucinda to her car and they stood outside saying their goodbyes. "I really had a wonderful time with you," Lucinda said holding onto Jake's hand.

"Me too. Thank you for inviting me out. "

"And thank you for dinner," Lucinda added.

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They stood in silence for a moment and Jake knew he wanted to kiss her and also knew she wanted to be kissed. Her eyes looked up at him yearning for love. He boldly made the move and pulled her close to him. He cupped her pretty face and leaned down to kiss her lips. Lucinda was surprised by the kiss at first but then totally lost. His kiss was so intense. He kisses were so gent.