A x-mas story


As you are all expecting this encounter to start on x-mass it does not. In fact this begins on Thanksgiving day of 2005. I used to dread Thanksgiving and x-mass family events but now I can not wait for the next one.
So on Thanksgiving my whole family comes to my house for dinner, which usually is awful, they normally start to arrive around 4 or 4:30 pm but this year was different. My cousin showed up at about 2:30, my mom was still finishing things up around the house so we left the house and took my dog down to the local park. While we were there we decided to take a walk to pass the time until we could go back to my house, as the walk progressed it began getting cooler and cooler so I gave her my jacket and gloves to stay a bit warmer since she was wearing a skirt and a sweater. This may have been the best thing that I could have done for her at the moment because right after I did we sat on a bench and started talking. She asked me "how everything was going in school, we both go to the same college, and just other random small talk but before I knew it we got on the topic of her last boyfriend and my last girlfriend. " I was thinking "shit this could be good or this could be bad. " It turned out to be neither and hey that’s fine with me because shortly after the topic she made the comment that "her ass had been freezing since we sat down" being as curious as I was I didn't want to say anything to make it obvious that I had wanted to fuck her for years so I just simply replied "yeah it has been getting cold. " However, much to my surprise, she replied in a very normal tone and attitude "yeah and not wearing panties doesn't help much either. " I kind of looked over at her and said "no panties why is that?" Which was quickly answered with "Well since my last boyfriend I haven't fucked anyone for over a year and about 3 months ago I stopped wearing panties cause I'm so horny and it just feels so good. " This made the conversation much more interesting while we progressed on the sex topic for quite a while and both admitted to one another that we thought the other was extremely hot and had thought about them for years. By this time it was actually about 6 pm and decided that we had better get back for dinner.
Dinner was boring and uneventful as was expected but afterwards was a shocking experience. My cousin and I went back to my room to watch a movie but we didn't do much watching.

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   When we got to my room she pushed the door closed behind her and said "damn if our whole family wasn't here I would fuck your brains out right now. " Naturally this got my attention pretty quickly so I turned around and said "is that right, You wanna fuck me?" She replied "you wouldn't believe what I would love to do to you and with you, you're one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. I've thought about you so many times at home with my vibrator. " She lifted up her skirt and said "don't you just want to eat this pussy?" and I mean how can you say no to that? I got an instant hard on and said "hell yeah I'll eat, fuck it, finger it, what ever you want me to do to it. " Unfortunately this event didn't last as long as I would have liked for it too because one of our other cousins knocked on the door and asked if they could watch the movie with us. Even though our cousin put a damper on our thanksgiving day event we made plans for x-mass eve night.
X-mass eve was the perfect opportunity for us because this time we both knew we wanted to fuck each other and half of the family met at her moms house that night. About a week before x-mass she sent me an e-mail saying "Hey since Jason and Stephanie (her brother and his wife) are having their first x-mass together my mom is going to go over to their house around noon and she said she wouldn't be back until at least 3:30. If you wanna come early I'll let you do what ever you want. " This intrigued me so I e-mailed her back asking "Are you 100% positive that she is not going to come back earlier than that? And what ever I want is a very broad statement, what exactly do you mean when you tell me I can do what ever I want?" A few days later I got her reply that said "Yes, I am 100% positive that she will not be home before then, it takes at least 45 minutes to get there and they're going to have lunch before she comes back. And when I say what ever you want I mean what ever you want. If you wanna fuck me in the ass you can, if you wanna eat my pussy you can, if you wanna tie me to the bed that's fine, what ever you want means just that WHAT EVER YOU WANT. "
So x-mass eve came, extremely slowly I might add, and I called her around 10:45 to check and make sure her mom was still going to be leaving around noon, and she was. I showed up at her house around 12:20 and her mom was gone, she answered the door in x-mass lingerie, you know the kind a red lace teddy with matching panties and a Mrs. Clause hat.

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   This really got me going, my girlfriend had been gone for just about a week and I was hornier than I have ever been. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me she pushed me up against the door and strarted making out with me before she even said anything. I’m not sure what turned me on more, her answering the door in just about nothing or waiting to see what happened next.
    As we made out I picked her up and laid her on top of the dining room table (where the whole family will eat dinner tonight) and started kissing all over her body, I started on her stomach and moved down to the top of her panties and then moved back up to her perfect tits. I took off her top and started licking one of her nipples and playing with the other one with my free hand. As I moved from one tit to the other she asked me what I wanted to do to her. So I asked her what do you normally do? And she just looked me in the eye and said forget what you or I normally do, I want you to do anything and everything you want to do to me. So I asked her if she had any toys and was I in for a surprise, she had dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, bondage whips, ropes to tie her up, hand-cuffs, and much much more. These got me thinking and I told her well first lay down on your back. So without hesitation she got on the bed and laid down with her legs spread so I could see her extremely smooth pussy. I reached down and grabbed the rope and tied her hands up with the ropes I had tied to the foot board and tied her feet with the ropes I had tied to the headboard. This gave me a stellar view of her pussy and asshole, which I probably ate for atleast 45 minutes with her tied up. And before I untied her I got one of her dildos and lubed her asshole and pussy and fingered both and then I put a dildo in her pussy and set it on high while I gave her another rim job and fingered her asshole. At this point I was so close to exploding I untied her and told her that it was her turn to do what she wanted. So she put me on the floor and tied my hands to a strap that she had connected to her closet door and my feet to straps on opposite ends of her bed.

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       From here she sat on my face and told me to eat her pussy until she said stop, so I did, and she started sucking my cock. I felt her rubbing my asshole with some lube and I saw her reach up and grab the dildo that I had just taken out of her pussy and set it on the floor next to us. And then I felt her finger go inside my asshole. This was new for me but I didn’t say anything since I told her to do whatever she wanted to me so I continued to eat her pussy like she said. I felt her pull her fingers out of my ass and reach for the dildo, at this point she turned around and said “have you ever done what I’m about to do to you before?” So I simply replied “no, but I told you to do what ever you want” so she turned back around and started to insert the dildo into my ass. Once it was in and turned on she started sucking my cock again, this was to much for me to handle and I shot one of the biggest loads I ever have in her mouth. She waited until I was done cumming in her mouth and turned around and started kissing me with my cum in her mouth.
    To be continued…if reviews are good or I get requests for the rest



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