A Week At My Aunt and Uncle's Part III


Aunt Sally was almost directly below me, in the kitchen, when I came down the ladder from the loft in my cotton nightshirt. I didn’t realize until later that as I came down the ladder she could look up and see the whole of my exposed sex. Only later could I imagine what my swollen, aroused and wet pussy must have looked like. An experienced woman she couldn’t have missed my copious wetness from that distance, but being only 18 and still naive I supposed no one knew about my wildly sexual state so what followed was something of a shock. Aunt Sally was preparing food and I noticed she was wearing the thin cotton night shit similar to the one I wore but unbuttoned down the front all the way to her belly. The gown gaped her and there as she moved exposing views of her cleavage ranging from a lot to a whole lot and when she leaned over the open oven door to check on the fresh fruit crisp she was baking I had a view of her totally exposed breasts and nipples, the sight of which sent a shockwave of arousal through me. What’s wrong with me? I wondered. I’ve never gotten excited at the thought of another woman’s breasts before. But the urge to touch them was almost overwhelming. I fought it down. How terrible Aunt Sally would think I am if she knew I had watched her last nigh and was lusting after her this morning. The whole experience left me feeling confused and embarrassed, but Aunt Sally didn’t seem to notice as she bustled about the kitchen. I could see the outline of her dark nipple poking out of the thin fabric and it was totally un-nerving after seeing what she’d done with those nipples last night. Suddenly she turned to me and looking me in the eye said, “I sorry. We disturbed you last night, didn’t we?” I thought I would die. I felt my checks grow hot.

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   I wanted to act cool, but I couldn’t manage it. Finally I looked at the floor and nodded. She gathered me in her arms and hugged me. “It’s all right sweetie” She comforted while holding me against her. “Norm’s flight got canceled and he came home. I had no idea that we’d be having sex, it just happened and I worried about whether or not we disturbed you. It can be sort of frightening the first time you see or hear it. ” She pulled back for a moment, still holding me in her arms but no longer snug against her and looked at me. I looked up at this point and couldn’t help but admire her beauty. She’d displayed what sex could be and in so doing she’d become my sexual hero and I wanted to be just like her. “You were beautiful last night. I peeked down and it was so amazing. Does it hurt when he puts his part inside of you like that?” “No…Oh I guess you did see something. No it feels goon to have sex, of course it hurts all women the first time you have sex, but it doesn’t hurt afterward. But you were asking about my ass.

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   No Dear, if you are excited and wet like I was last night then if doesn’t hurt in fact if feels fantastic, pleasures a woman like nothing else can do. Hasn’t your mother taught you about sex/” I just shook my head for some reason terrible ashamed. “That sister of mine she was always uncomfortable with the idea, but I’d have thought she shared something with you. ” “Well we have these classes at school that tell how it is done. ” “That fine. Everyone needs to understand their plumbing, but it doesn’t begin to deal with the emotions and the feelings. You are a young lady. You body is filled with new impulses and desires and you’ve a right to understand them. ” As she was talking to me our chests we touching each other and the warmth of her full breasts were igniting a fire in mine. Without thinking I was starting to move so as to rub my hardened nipples against hers. It took her a moment then she realized that I was on fire. “Of course!” she exclaimed as if she was used to sex crazed relatives rubbing their breasts on her every day. After all you saw and heard you must be suffering terribly. How stupid of me to think you were only scarred you so excited you can hardly stand it. She let go of me and reaching down pulled her nightshirt over her head standing nude before me.

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   I could only stare as she reached for the hem of my nightshirt and I willing raised my arms as she pulled it over my head and I stood as naked as she. Her arms enclosed me and her mouth moved to mine and I received the first kiss of my life from another woman, as she skillfully explored my lips, my mouth and then her kisses and warm tongue explored the line of my jaw and then my earlobes sending shivers of delight racing through my being which only intensified as she worked down my throat and then onto my chest her lips closing about my nipples with a tenderness that no hand can duplicate, her soft lips and probing tongue send huge jolts of pure arousal to my womanhood supercharging my lubrication and making the tiny center of my pleasure increasingly excited. I had never known such pleasure resided in my overly sensitive nipples but another women understood just how to draw out their potential for pleasure and I was in heaven.
    I was barely aware of her mouth moving lower ever contact with my skin now yielding deep animal cries seeming coming form my mouth of their own accord. I was beginning to understand how swept away she was last night if it felt anything like was I was experiencing. Somehow, I still can say how, I found myself laying face up on the kitchen table while my aunt buried her face between my opened thighs and if my nipples had responded the tender seeking knowledge of a woman brought a nearly endless stream of sighs and moans form me as she teased her way to my engorged clitoris. By the time she’d kissed and lick my inner thighs and the whole of my sex I was teetering on the edge of my first climax at the hands, well not exactly the hands, of another person. She seemed to know just where I was and she tortured me buy changing her activity at this point and I felt her fingers pulling my little labia open and then the colder air hitting my innermost places as if a soft cool caress. I was desperate to cum by this point and she inserted her tongue in my vagina and worked it in and out of my wetness and then at last she circled my clit drawing closer and closer but never quite making contact until she pulled the skin back and suddenly sucked it hard. I exploded into orgasm by body bucking and thrashing as the sensations ripped through my whole being and ruled my mind, but she never backed off and suddenly I was beginning to cum once more and then again. It went on and on. I never knew I could climax like this and yet I simply kept cuming until at last she sensed I’d have enough and she backed off and smiled at me. I smiled back weakly unable to comprehend the half dozen times she’d forced me to climax, my thirteen year old body and mind hardly knowing what had hit it. All I knew was that I didn’t want it to stop and reached for her. She sensed my need and embraced me once more and after a long open mouth kiss she told me.

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       “I have so much to show and teach you, but let eat and then I share all the secrets of womanhood with you. It’s a good thing this house is so isolated or people would hear us scream. ”
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