A week at Aunt Molly’s - Part 2


Jill walked into the kitchen with her towel tied around her waist and closed the slider behind her.   Aunt Molly peeked down the hall and noticed that Brian was still in the bathroom.   After what happened in the pool, he would most likely be there a while.   Molly handed Jill a glass of lemonade and said, “So Jill, I have to tell you something that I saw earlier, but you have to promise to keep it between us.   Brian can’t find out I told you this. ”  Jill, looking a bit confused said, “I promise not to tell.   What is it?” 
Molly leaned over the counter toward Jill and whispered, “I caught Brian peeking at you when you were dressing earlier. ”  Jill dropped her jaw, “Oh my God, that idiot I’ll…”  “No!” exclaimed Molly.   “Brian has no idea I saw him, and you can’t say anything.   You promised. ”  “Fine!” said Jill.   “But I can’t believe him, what a little pervert. ”
Molly laughed and said, “Well Jill, all young boys are like that.   Actually, they never grow out of it.   Instead of being mad, try being flattered that he finds you attractive.   In fact, the best way to get even, is to maybe…ahhh never mind.

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    Just keep it quiet ok?”  “Tell me!” replied Jill.   “How do I get even?”  With that, the door to the bathroom opened down the hall and Molly said “Come talk to me later on, I’ll tell you. ”  Jill smiled and nodded.  
Brian came out into the kitchen dressed in new shorts, grabbed a glass and sat at the counter next to his sister.   Jill had a hard time looking at Brian without wanting to smack him.   But she was interested to see what her aunt had to say later.   So for now, she would play it cool.
“OK you two, I had enough sun for now, I’m going to go clean up,” said Molly.   “Well, if you two are done, so am I,” said Jill.   Brian asked if he could watch some TV and Molly agreed.   Then she said, “Brian, I have some old clothes I’m going to give to Jill if they fit her, we’ll be in the back for a while, if you get thirsty just help yourself. ”  “Ok,” he replied.   Molly winked at Jill and motioned for her to follow.   They headed down the hall to Molly’s bedroom.   Once they were in, Molly locked the door.

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Jill sat on the edge of the bed and asked Molly if she would tell her now about how to get even with Brian.   Molly said, “In a little while.   First, let’s have a little talk. ”  Jill looked a little confused, but agreed.   Aunt Molly looked over at Jill and asked, “So, we talked about Brian peeking at you.   Haven’t you ever, you know…thought about peeking at anyone before?  We all do it as kids, you must have. ”  “No,” said Jill, “Not that I can remember. ”  “I’m surprised,” said Molly.   “It’s actually a lot of fun. ”  Looking curious Jill said, “Really?”  “Oh yes!” said Molly.   “Your mother and I used to do that a lot to each other as kids.   It’s normal to be curious. ” 
Jill looked stunned, “You and mom?”  “Well yes Jill, we shared a room growing up.   It was almost impossible not to see at some point.   Haven’t you ever just wanted to look at someone undressed and not worry about anyone finding out?”  Jill turned a little red and said, “Well, it does sound like it could be fun.

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  ”  Molly stepped back a little, still looking at Jill and said, “Well, would you like to try it?”  “How?” replied Jill.   “Me silly.   You can look at me if you want,” said Molly.   Jill turned a little red, “But are you sure?”  “Yes!” said Molly.   “Unless you don’t want to.   I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. ”  Molly undid her towel and let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing in her tight bikini.   She saw Jill’s eyes glance over her quickly.   “Jill, I saw that. ”  Jill blushed and apologized.   “No, it’s ok.   Look at me if you want to, no one will know but us. ”
Jill, with a shy look on her face, moved her eyes over her Aunt’s body.   She paused at her breasts, then continued on down until her gaze was at the floor.   “Jill, do you want to see me naked?” asked Molly?  Jill nodded.

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    With that, Molly reached back and untied her bikini top, she let it slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor.   Jill looked up at her aunt’s naked breasts in amazement.   They were so…big, and so…round.   Molly cupped her hands under her smooth tits and lifted them slightly.   “Do you like these Jill?”  “Yes Aunt Molly,” she replied.   Molly smiled and slid her hands down, hooked her thumbs in her bikini bottoms, and slid them to the ground.   She stepped out of them and stood up, to find Jill in a frozen stare.   She always thought her aunt had a nice body, but she never thought she would see her naked.   And here she was, just feet in front of her wearing nothing but a smile.  
“Well?”  asked Molly, “what do you think?”  Jill couldn’t think of much to say other than, “I hope I look that good when I grow up. ”  Molly blushed a little.   “Aww, that was sweet Jill.   But you already look a lot like me.   Your body looks just like mine did when I was your age. ”  Jill looked down at herself, “Really?”  “Yes, stand up Jill.

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  ”  Jill stood up.   Molly reached out and removed the towel from around Jill’s waist.   Jill blushed and looked at the floor.   “Jill, you’re not shy are you?  After all, I’m the naked one. ”  Jill laughed a bit.   “Besides Jill, isn’t it a bit of a turn on to be looked at?”  “Well yeah,” said Jill, “but…”  “But nothing.   I can tell you like this.   If you’re not comfortable, I will get dressed and let you leave.   But, if you DO like this, then I want you to put your hand in mine, and leave it where I put it. ”  Molly held out her hand.   Jill looked at it, then up at her Aunt, who was smiling but serious.   Jill placed her hand in her aunt’s.   Molly then took Jill’s hand, and placed it on her right breast.   Jill went to pull her hand back, and Molly said, “Jill, I gave you a choice, now please…touch them.   We will stop after this.

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  ”  Jill slid her palm over her aunt’s hard nipple, and lightly squeezed.   She was cupping her softly when she heard Aunt Molly say, “Ok Hun, we better go back out before Brian gets suspicious.   We need to finish our talk, but how about you come see me later when he goes to sleep, and we think of a way to get even with him?”
Jill picked up her towel and said, “Ok, I’ll come back. ”  As Molly turned to pick up her bikini off the floor, Jill couldn’t help but peer at her tight bare ass.   Molly quickly looked back at Jill and said, “See, I knew you would get used to it. ”  Jill let out a shy, embarrassed laugh and headed for the door.  
Molly headed into the bathroom right off her bedroom and turned on the shower.   She stepped in, leaned back against the wall, and closed her eyes.   It’s been a long time since Molly was so turned on.   In one afternoon, she managed to have her nephew cum in her hand, and her niece rub her tits.   As the warm water slid down Molly’s tense body, she began to relax.   Her hands cupped her firm tits, and slowly began to massage them.   As she gently rolled her nipples between her thumbs and fingers, she pictured Jill’s hand on her, squeezing so cautiously.   Then she slid one hand down her wet tummy, and ran her finger over her hard clit.   Molly shuddered and let out a tiny moan.

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    As she let one finger part her slippery lips, she pictured Brian’s young body pressing back against her as his cock throbbed in her hand earlier.   Molly had all she could take, and she needed to cum fast.   She immediately thrust a finger deep inside herself and pressed her thumb up against her clit.   Faster and faster, her finger dipped in and out of her warm wet pussy.   She was instantly turned on even more by the squishy sound of the warm water mixing with her juices as she fingered deeper, and faster.   Within seconds Molly was ready to cum, she tilted her head back and let out a small moan as her pussy tightened its grip around her extended finger.   Her whole body shook.  
As she pulled her finger out, she slid down the wall until she was sitting on the shower floor.   She looked up and let the water splash her sweaty face, while her arms drooped to her sides.   Just moments before she was ready to stand up, Molly heard what sounded like her bedroom door squeak.   She quickly shut off the water, wrapped a towel around herself, and went to check.   She never thought to close her bathroom door, because Jill had left with the bedroom door shut.   Molly was so worked up; she never locked the bedroom door before showering.   “Damn,” she thought to herself as she locked the door shut. “Which one was that?”
To be continued…


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