A week at Aunt Molly’s - Part 1


“Awwww mom, not again,” moaned Brian with disgust as he finished piling the breakfast dishes on the counter.   Brian was always the outspoken one.   Maybe it was because he was the younger child, or maybe it just was because he was a teenage boy.   “Why do we have to stay with Grandma again?” 
“Yeah, it’s boring there,” said Jill, siding in with her brother for once.   Jill pushed her cereal bowl to the side, folded her arms on the table and plopped her frowning face down on top of them.
Rachel, a 36 year old stressed out single working mom hated leaving the kids with her mother.   She knew that they loved her, but for two young teens, a week at Grandma’s house was just no fun.   “Well, where else am I supposed to leave you two?  You can’t stay here alone all week while I’m out at my conference. ”
Jill just pouted.   Brian thought a minute and said, “What about Aunt Molly?”  Jill suddenly looked alive,  “Yeah she’s a lot of fun!”
Rachel laughed, “She’s fun because she’s a lot younger and has a lot more energy then your grandmother does these days. ”  Molly is Rachel’s sister, she’s 28, single, and lives in a small home by herself.   Molly is always in and out of relationships, most never seem to last until the one-year mark, and at the moment, she’s single again.  
“Please?” begged Jill.   “Just ask her?”
“Ok, ok,” said Rachel.   “But if she says no, it’s off to Grandma’s this afternoon and I don’t want any more complaints.   Deal?”
“Deal,” they both replied.

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“While I call her, you two need to go wash up and pack for the week. ”  Brian and Jill both nodded and headed off to their bedrooms to get ready.   Brian, like a typical boy, grabbed whatever clothes were on top in his drawers, counted enough underwear for the week and that was it.   He put no more thought into packing then he had to.   Jill took her time.   She knew Aunt Molly had a pool, and was almost sure she would get to use it.   So she tried on 2 or 3 bathing suits until she was satisfied.   She made sure all her outfits matched and in the end she probably had enough cloths for two weeks.   But if she didn’t, what kind of 18-year-old girl would she be? 
“Ok you two, come back out to the kitchen,” called Rachel.   Normally it took 2 or 3 calls to get a response out of these two, but they were anxious to hear where they would be staying for the next week, so they hurried on out.   “Ok, your Aunt said you could stay with her…”  “Sweet,” exclaimed Brian.   “Let me finish,” said Rachel.   “You two need to promise me that you are young to be on your best behavior.   You remember Mark?  Aunt Molly’s boyfriend?”  “Yes,” replied Jill.   “Well, they are not seeing each other anymore, and your Aunt is a little bummed out.

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    Please don’t make me regret this?  If I get one bad report, there goes the rest of your summer…”  “Mom,” Brian jumped in.   “We’ll be good. ”  Jill agreed, “Yeah, we promise. ”
Rachel smiled, “Ok then it’s settled.   Aunt Molly lives a little further then Grandma so we need to get on the road soon.   Go get your things and meet me at the car in a few minutes. ”
About an hour later Rachel reached out and lowered the radio in the car.   “Ok we’re almost there.   You two remember what we talked about?  No trouble ok?”  “Yes mom,” they replied.   With that, Rachel turned onto Molly’s driveway and parked the car.  Molly walked out to meet them in the driveway and both kids gave her a big hug.   Rachel walked over to her,  “Thanks for doing this on such short notice Mol.   They really didn’t want to hang at mom’s house for a whole week. ”  Molly laughed, “Would you?  It’s fine; we’ll have a good time.   Call me when your plane lands. 

  ”  Rachel hugged her sister and nodded.   She gave both kids a kiss and got back in the car.   As she drove away Molly turned to Brian and Jill and said “So, let’s get you two set in your room. ”  They followed her into the house and down the hall to the spare room.   “Now I hope you two are ok with this, but you know I only have two bedrooms, and one is mine.   Will you be ok sharing this one?” 
Brian looked confused.   Jill, although not too pleased, said, “We’ll work it out. ”  “Great!” Replied Molly.   How about I make some sandwiches, and then we can use the pool this afternoon while it’s still sunny out?  They are calling for rain tomorrow so it’s either today or sometime later in the week. ”  They all agreed.   While Molly went to make lunch, Jill took out her red bikini and looked over at Brian…starring aimlessly into his suitcase.   “Let me guess Brian, you forgot to pack one huh?”  He looked up, “Yeah, I’m screwed. ”  “No you’re not,” she replied.   “Just use a pair of shorts.   I’m sure Aunt Molly will wash the chlorine out for you later.

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  ”  He smiled, “Good idea!” 
Jill rolled her eyes, grabbed her suit, and headed to the bathroom to change.   While she was in there, Brian changed into his shorts and took off his shirt.   For a 18-year-old boy, Brian was in good shape.   He could stand to loose a few more pounds, but since he joined the baseball team in school, the weekly exercising is helping that along nicely.  
Jill undressed and slipped on her bikini bottoms.   Then she looked at herself in the mirror and began to tie her long dark hair back into a ponytail.   She was pretty happy with her body.   For 18 years old, she had just enough in all the right places.   36c was rather large for her age, and she was shy but proud of it all at the same time.   She worked hard to stay in shape.   She just hoped she could find a boyfriend soon to help make it all worth it.  
Brian walked down the hall and noticed that the door to the bathroom was open about an inch or so.   He figured that Jill must be done and was going to try to pee before lunch.   As he got closer he saw her reflection in the mirror across from the door.   He froze as he saw Jill’s bare back.

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    She leaned over to pick up the bikini top and began to put it on too fast, he saw nothing, yet, the anticipation got him a little worked up.   He never saw anyone naked in real life before and he really didn’t care who it was, he was a teenage boy and needed to see someone.   What he didn’t know was that Aunt Molly was coming to get them for lunch, and saw him peeking.   She quickly backed up into the kitchen doorway and peeked down the hall.   There was Brian, standing only in shorts, frozen like a deer in headlights, peering through the opening to the bathroom, with a hand in his pocket.   Molly giggled and thought to herself that this could be an interesting week.  
Molly stepped back into the kitchen and called Brian and Jill out.   Brian snapped out of his trance fast and headed straight for the kitchen.   Jill followed a minute later with a towel wrapped around her waist.   Molly took one look at Jill in that red bikini top and couldn’t help starring either.   Jill really filled that top out nicely.   Jill looked down ad her barely covered chest then back up at her Aunt,  “What’s wrong?” she asked.   Molly, thinking quickly said,  ”Um…well, I was just noticing your bikini.   I have a red one that is almost identical. ”  “Really?” said Jill.

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    “Yes.   In fact, if you don’t mind us matching, I’ll wear it to the pool. ”  Brian played it cool, and stayed out of this conversation.   He ate his sandwich quickly so he couldn’t talk, and just imagined having both his sister and his hot Aunt in little red bikinis all afternoon.   With that thought he said, “Aunt Molly?  Can I have some Ice water?”  Molly grinned and said “Sure Hun. ”  She handed him a glass and went off to her bedroom to get dressed.  
Molly stood in her room trying to remember where she put that bikini.   She hadn’t worn it in years, but it was the only thing she could think to say to get out of being caught starring.   “Ahhh, here it is.   This thing better fit. ”  Molly locked her bedroom door and undressed.   Within second she had the bikini on, and took a look in the mirror.   Although the bikini was tight, it seemed to fit ok.   She admired herself in the mirror for a minute, realizing how hot she looked with her long dark hair draping over her tan shoulders, and the strong cleavage that formed from the tight top.   But this was just way too skimpy.

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    She had no intention of showing this much skin to the two teenagers waiting for her outside.   But she didn’t want to look like a liar, so she threw on a big t-shirt over the bikini and headed out to the pool.  
When she got outside, Brian and Jill were already in the water.   Molly noticed something.   Brian kept ducking under the water a lot.   She assumed he was trying to see Jill without being obvious.   Time to test this out she thought to herself.   “Brian?”  He turned to look at her holding a pair of underwater goggles.   “You’re under there a lot, I don’t want your eyes to sting.   I’m afraid I only have one pair, but take these. ”  With that, she tossed Brian the goggles she had.   He put them on, and went back to diving under the water.  
Jill was leaning over the edge of a tube, with her head rested on it, eyes closed and relaxing.   Molly sat on a chair and watched for a bit as Brian dove under many times.   He must have been looking at Jill’s body in that bikini under the water.

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    Molly had two options.   She could either pretend she knew nothing, and let the week go by, or she could test this out and have fun with it.   She decided that a few family members in bathing suits in a pool couldn’t be looked at as a bad thing.   No harm could come of it.   So with that, she lifted the t-shirt over her head while Brian was under water, and she slid into the pool on the side quietly.   As Brian turned under water, there was his aunt, about 8 feet away in a tight little bikini.   He quickly rose to the surface and gasped for air.  
“Brian, are you ok?”  Molly giggled.   “Yes, you scarred me that’s all,” he said.   She giggled again.   “Brian, can I borrow those for a few minutes?  I won’t be long. ”  He tossed her the goggles, “Sure. ” 
Molly dove under the water, and quickly looked around toward Jill, who seemed to be falling asleep in her relaxed state.   No wonder Brian was under so much, Jill’s body was amazing.   She reminded Molly of herself as a teen.

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    Then Molly turned toward Brian, and noticed that he was only wearing shorts, no suit.   Odd she thought.   She came up for air, then dove back down again, swimming around a little so she didn’t look obvious, and when she saw Brian turn, she noticed the buldge in his shorts.   Oh my God she thought.   This poor kid isn’t going to make it.   She popped up out of the water, taking a good breath of air and thought for a moment.   She knew that by being in the water she was only teasing the poor boy more.   But, if she got out, his sister would only tease him instead.   She swam over to Brian, who was now leaning with his back against the side of the pool, and handed him the goggles.   Then she whispered, “Those make everything so much clearer huh?”  He nodded and said, “Why are you whispering?”  Molly replied, “Jill seems to be asleep, I didn’t want to wake her.   Besides, I know what you’re doing with these anyway. ”
Brian turned red, “I’m…I’m just swimming. ”  Molly smiled, “And you’re starring at your sister.
      Tell me Brian, is this the first time you ever saw a girl wearing so little clothes?”   Brian knew he was caught, but was afraid to answer…all he could do was nod.   “Well, don’t worry Brian, I’m not going to tell her.

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      ”  You could see the look of relief on his face.   “However, I want you to answer me honestly. ”  He nodded in agreement.   “Did you look at me too?”  Brian suddenly looked scared again.   Molly felt bad and said, “It’s ok Brian, I’m not mad, just be honest with me. ”  He said, “Yes, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.   I’ve never seen…and…you were right there…I didn’t mean to…”  “Shhh…” said Molly.   “You’ll wake up Jill.   Tell me Brian, did you like what you saw?”  Brian was so embarrassed at this point, but nodded, “uh huh. ”  “I can tell,” said Molly.   “H…how?” asked Brian.   With that Molly reached a hand down and grabbed Brian’s crotch.   “Because of this. ”  Brian froze.   No one other then his doctor had ever touched his cock before.


        “Aunt Molly?”  “Shhh Brian.   Remember, if you don’t want your sister to know what you were doing down there, you’ll keep quiet and answer my questions.   Now, where is your bathing suit?  Why are you wearing shorts?”  “Because I forgot to pack my suit,” he said…as she released her grip on his crotch.   “I see,” she said.   “Aunt Molly?” asked Brian.   “Am I in trouble?” 
    “No,” she replied.   “What you’re doing is normal.   But you WERE sneaky about it.   So we have two options here.   We can all get out of the pool and not come back in for the rest of the week.   And I’ll let you tell your sister why.   Or, we can keep this to ourselves, not tell Jill or your mother, and have some fun with it. ”
    Brian looked confused, “Fun?”  Molly replied, “Yes fun, what’s it going to be?”  Brian thought a minute, and figured that fun sounds a whole lot better then explaining to his sister that they can’t swim anymore because he gets hard watching her.   “I guess I choose fun,” he said.   Molly smiled.

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    “Ok Brian, you said you liked looking at me right?”  Brian nodded.   “Then take these goggles, go back under, and take a good look. ”  “Are you serious?” he asked.   “It’s ok Brian, I’m giving you permission to look at me.   Go ahead. ”  So Brian put the goggles back on and sank under the water about 3 feet in front of his Aunt.   He could not believe this.   His aunt was standing in a very skimpy bikini, in a pool of water, and demanding that he look at her body.   As his eyes traced over her smooth bare skin, Brian could feel his cock begin to harden again.   Molly stood still, arms at her side, wondering what she was doing.   This was wrong, but it still felt so good to be looked at and appreciated.   Brian surfaced, and smiled.   Molly grinned,  “Did you like what you saw?”  “Very much!” Brian exclaimed, "You look to pretty Aunt Molly. "  “Thank you Hun,” she said.   Now, turn around and lean back against me.

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      ”  Brian looked confused again, but listened to his Aunt.   Molly pulled him tight against her; he could feel her 36D boobs pressed against his back.   She whispered in his ear. “Untie your shorts. ”  Brian turned his head to the side, “What?”  “I said, untie your shorts.   Or would you want me to wake up Jill instead?”  With that, Brian reached down and untied his shorts.   Molly took both of Brian’s hands, and put one on each of her hips so he was reaching back.   She whispered into his ear again, “now your hands better stay where they are, or the fun is over. ”  Brian nodded.   “Look over there at your sleeping sister. ”  Brian turned his gaze toward Jill, who was now leaning back against a tube and comfortable sleeping.   Molly reached around and put her hands on Brian’s chest, he shuddered.   Then she slid them down to the waistband of his shorts, she could feel Brian shaking.   Molly then hooked her thumbs in the shorts, pulled them away from his waist, and slid them down until his cock sprang out in the water.  
    Molly was peeking over Brian’s shoulder, but the movement of the water prevented her from seeing anything. 

        So she looked up at Jill too, the both of them starring at her sleeping wet body, and she wrapped a hand around Brian’s hard cock.   She had not been able to see it yet, but it felt so hard, and rather long.   She was impressed.   She squeezed a little and Brian let out a tiny moan.   “Does that feel good Brian?”  “Uh huh…” he replied.   “How about this?”  she said as she began sliding her hand up and down his hard shaft.   Brian just moaned, “Mmmm. ”  “Shhh…” Molly said.   “No noise. ”  She tightened her grip, knowing that this 18-year-old boy has been hard for a god hour now, and would only last a minute at most.   Brian’s body began to shake…she quickly used her free hand to pull the shorts up over Brian’s big cock, and continued to stroke him inside his shorts.   Oh my God she thought.   I’m jerking off my nephew under water, what’s wrong with me?  Within seconds his body thrust back against her and he shot his cum right through Aunt Molly’s fingers and into his shorts.   She squeezed out all that was left.   When he finished, she pulled her sticky hand out and turned him around.

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        Brian had a big smile on his face and Molly asked, “So, was I right?  Was that fun?”     Brian carelessly yelled out “YES!”  Jill jumped.
    Molly grinned and climbed out of the pool.   Jill opened her eyes and looked up, saying, “How long was I out?”   Molly replied,  “Just a few minutes Jill.   I’m going to go get some lemonade.   I’ll leave it in the kitchen if you two want some. ”  As Molly leaned over for her towel, Jill said “Aunt Molly?  You were right, that bikini does look like mine.   I like it a lot. ”  Molly looked down at the water drops sliding down her barely covered body and said, “Thank you.   Brian likes it too. ”  With that, Molly winked at Brian and headed into the kitchen.   Brian climbed out of the water awkwardly.   When Jill asked what was wrong, Brian simply said, “I need to use the bathroom.   I’ll be right back. ”  Jill shrugged, climbed out of the pool, and went to meet her Aunt in the kitchen for some lemonade.
    To be continued…

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