A Sudden Occurence Part II


I hadn’t noticed it until now but the room wreaked of sex. It was everywhere and I knew my mom had smelled it too. “What’s going on here?” she said with a tone I’ve never heard before. “Um…we were just having a little fun…” What a dumb reply. “Yeah, just a little fun!” Jenny chimed. “We were…” I paused in a daze, afraid of what was to happen next. Then I noticed that video games were still playing on the living room TV. “We were playing video games, Mom!” If I could get any stupider with responses I’d be numbingly dumb. Both Jenny and I knew that our mom figured out what had happened. However, like all people in this world, she wanted the confession. Our mom walked over and I could smell her perfume. It filled the air with a sweet aroma and my sexual urges were coming back strong and fast. I managed to keep the blood out of my penis because otherwise there would be all Hell to pay. She looked me straight in the eyes and murmured, “I know you’re lying because all that’s going on in the game are the credits. ”I shot back a little bit, knowing I was about to fall into her trap. My mom turned to my sister and asked sadistically, “So, what really happened?”“I…I…” Jenny looked over at me, trying to find a half-way plausible answer.

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   “I don’t know. ” Jenny truly looked like she was about to break down in tears. Mom had a sinister look on her face like she had us in the palm of her hand. She went down and kissed Jenny, sucking on her lower lip. In an instant, she jerked straight up and exclaimed, “I knew it, you gave out a blowjob. ” Mom was able to taste the semen on Jenny’s lips. “But let’s see who you gave one to. ”I couldn’t believe it, my mom went down and kissed Jenny again, but this time a long sensual kiss. I was getting so horny looking at the two make out. Jenny’s left hand made its way to my mom’s ass. She massaged the buttocks, making Mom shiver. I hadn’t noticed but my erection was coming back on. Out of the corner of her eye, Mom caught it and laughed a little. “I guess it was you. ”“Yeah.

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  ” My voice was gloomy and dull, knowing my mom had her confession. “Kids, let me show you how this is really done. ”What was she talking about? Was my mom, the one who raised me and my sister, really about to fuck us? My mom went down on my sister. Mom was a slightly taller woman, 5’7”, and she just pushed my sister’s smaller body right onto the ground. My mom laid across Jenny’s body with her own, using her own weight to keep Jenny down. Mom’s arms grabbed onto Jenny’s shoulders so she couldn’t shake about. After being satisfied with her pin, my mom looked into Jenny’s eyes with this look of relief and said, “You two, just call me Clara. ”“Why?” I asked from the side. I had no idea what ‘Clara’ was, mainly because it wasn‘t her name. “’Cause it’s my street name. You don’t think we could be living in such good conditions with me being a nurse and your father sending jack shit back in child support did you?” A smile came across Clara’s face. She stripped off her blouse, letting her breasts be covered only by her bra. This excited me so I took a peep at my mom’s ass, only to find out she wasn’t wearing any panties. I was stunned. I never thought my mom to be a whore.

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   I always thought my dad with all his money was sending enough back to keep me and my sister happy. Clara’s voice broke my train of thought. “Don’t worry, all I want to do is keep you both happy; and this will make things all better. ”With that, Clara pulled Jenny’s bottoms down to her ankles and began landing kisses on Jenny’s inner thigh. Clara brought her right hand around and rubbed at Jenny’s pussy while she used her left hand to rub some ass. It was incredible how well my mother was fucking her own daughter. Air was passing heavily through Jenny’s lips as her lower body was being invaded by caresses and kisses. Her body was rocking back and forth like she was being fucked but nothing ever entered her. It was like she was having an immaculate orgasm. Jenny started to moan but Clara used her hand to hush her up, not wanting her to scream just yet. Each time my mom lay her lips on Jenny’s thigh, Clara’s mouth crawled up the legs. And every time the kisses got closer to Jenny’s vagina, it was harder for Jenny to keep silent. I hadn’t realized but my member was in full throttle. It turned into a blood engorged cock, ready to fuck any hole that came within proximity. While my sister and mother enjoyed each other, I needed something of my own.


   I began feeling through my pants my cock, just enough to get a sensation but nothing to make me get closer to climax. I looked over to see my mom. She looked gorgeous, her long brown hair, tan body, the lean long muscles that all women wanted. I looked closer and saw my mom using her teeth to pull at Jenny’s panties. Clara moved them from one side to the other, teasing Jenny.   Clara ran her right hand up Jenny’s shirt and began massaging Jenny’s breast. It threw Jenny off for just enough time. Jenny gasped in delight. Within those split seconds Clara used her left hand, reached under a sofa pillow and pulled out a dildo. Jenny regained focus, saw the ‘friend‘, and cried out, “Oh my god, that thing is huge. It won’t fit. ”Clara took no heed. She yanked down Jenny’s pants and forced the fake penis into Jenny, pumping it a few times to get it down well into Jenny. Jenny screamed in jubilee but this time Clara let her make as much noise as she wanted. Instead of silencing Jenny, Clara tried to enhance the pleasure by sucking on the back end of the dildo and sucking on it.

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   She bounced her head up and down, forcing the dildo to move with her head movements. I couldn’t take this. It was like my mother was blowing my sister and I needed in on the action too. I yanked down my pants and let my penis out of the slit in my boxers. I rushed behind my mom, grabbed her plump, juicy ass and hoisted it upwards to me. Clara got startled and snapped, “What are you doing back there?”“This. ” I pushed my mom’s skirt upwards so it was inside-out, covering her stomach. This revealed her wet box which I had been craving all along. In a flurry of lust, I drove my enlarged cock into my mom. She reared back and howled in delight. I took this as a sign of her wanting more and I began to bang my hard cock into her tight pussy. My sister, after having been fucked by a giant dildo, was panting during this short break. But she was horny too and she desired more. Jenny slipped under my mom so she was face to face with her. Jenny grabbed the dildo and forced it into Clara’s mouth.

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   After it was secure, she took the other side and slowly licked it. This made me so horny. My family in this giant orgy was really getting my blood going. My hormones built up and I used this strength to just rip my mom’s skirt in half, letting it fall off to the side. She giggled and said, “Ooo, we have a brute on our hands. ”My face took on that of someone who was infuriated and I pushed my cock deep into my mom’s pussy. I pumped the Hell out of the pink hole and felt like I was about to explode. However, now wasn’t the right time. We had a later time for that. Instead I let my penis out of her pussy and snatched the dildo from my sister. I stuck it between Clara’s and Jenny’s pussy and aimed my hard-on at Clara’s ass. Before either of the two lovely ladies could react, I plunged my monster into my mom’s rear and forced the dildo to enter both pussies. This was like chain fucking on the floor. I fucked my mom’s ass while she buried the dildo deeper into Jenny. I don’t know if Clara was getting a kick out of this but Jenny was sure as Hell enjoying herself.

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   Jenny was gaping for air each time the dildo intruded on her inners. She was bucking wildly yelling “Yes…yes…oh baby this feels so good. ”My mom on the other hand had to deal with being banged in two holes. One of these was a blast of sensation while the other was a stinging pain. Clara’s body had no idea what to do. So while I fucked her, pounding again and again on the marvelous golden ass, her body began to adapt. Clara began to enjoy the pain, begging for more. “Oh, it feels so good…Deeper…please I want it all the way in me. ”Clara reared back and forth, trying to force my cock as far into her bowels as she could. However, whenever she tried to fuck me, the dildo wouldn’t be as far in her. So to make up for it, Clara kicked back and forth savagely. She wanted to be poked by two phalluses, not just one. She kept hollering, “More, More, God damn it, MORE!”My mom was a slut. She kept demanding more sex from me and my sister but I was running out of ideas. Then all of a sudden, a thought crossed my mind.

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   Maybe Clara liked this kind of rough sex. My mind went wandering and then I saw a cord to some lamp. I snatched the cord with one hand while the other grabbed my mom by the neck. Then I used my significantly heavier body to keep Clara down. She screamed as the gigantic dildo penetrated her deep within her vaginal chasm. Clara was so delighted when the inanimate penis buried itself within her that she didn’t notice I grabbed her arms. I took the cord that I was holding and tied my mom’s hands together. My mom looked dazed and asked, “What’s going on?”“Oh nothing, nothing at all. ” A sly look formed on my face and I couldn’t tell if Clara was liking it or not. I grabbed the cord, stood up, and dragged my mom over to a desk where I then tied her down so she was sitting there with her hands behind her back. Jenny got a clue and came over, hungry for more action. She stripped all the clothing, jewelry, and paraphernalia that still remained on all three of our bodies so we were all completely naked. Jenny dropped to her knees so she was face to face with my penis. She just stared at it and finally said, “This looks a little dirty. ”Jenny took it in her hands and forced my cock down her throat to the hilt.

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   She swirled her tongue round and round my penis as to wash off anything that was on there. Surprisingly, or maybe not, my mom’s ass was completely clean, and it took Jenny no time to finish her job. However, Jenny was yearning for cock and kept sucking on my lollipop. Clara sat there watching us but couldn’t do anything with her hands tied behind her back. She was kicking her legs, trying to play with herself or something. Jenny noticed and rammed the dildo straight up into Clara. Clara screamed in delight. I didn’t want to hear all that screaming at the present moment so I took my dick out of Jenny and pushed it into my mom’s mouth. Jenny moved between my legs and crawled up Clara. Jenny put her mouth on Clara’s tits and began to suck very gently. To please the other side, she just used her hands and caress the nipple. Jenny grabbed the teat with her teeth and slightly pulled on it, making Clara jitter. I could tell my mom really wanted to be fucked badly. Jenny was playing with the lower part of Mom’s body so I had to suffice with the head. This opening was free for me to do with what I please, being that my mom had no mobility.


   Clara quickly caught on when I forced me cock to her tonsils. It was choking Clara and it seemed like she wanted to cough up but I wouldn’t let her. I tried ramming my penis further still but Clara’s throat wouldn’t be able to handle the size just yet. I let Clara gag a little bit when she softly said, “Please, no don’t do that. ”“Why the Hell not?” I could see my own mother breathless but I wanted my penis somewhere within her so I tilted her head up and allowed myself in. Instead of forcing it deep inside though, I slowly rocked my body back and forth. I let Mom enjoy sucking on my cock. I bent down and whispered in her ear, “Don’t you just love your own juices?”Clara just nodded slowly. She loved this, every minute of it, and you could see it in her eyes. She was pleasing her children in the ultimate way, sexually. It seemed as if Clara never wanted this to ever end, not only for me and my sister, but for herself who was enjoying herself immensely.
    Jenny had enough with the breasts and had moved down to the twat. Jenny removed the dildo and put it off to the side. She put her face into the ‘V’ and licked slowly at the clit, using her fingers to enter Clara slightly. Clara let out a low moan and I thought leaving my prick in her mouth too long would end up in bad results.


       So I walked away from the mouth, letting my mom sing away. At first my mom gave out soft murmurs. But Jenny plucked away with her tongue at the clit with tact. This forced my mom to moan more and more, letting out ‘Ooo’s and ‘Aaahh’s. After moments of skillful licking, though, these sweet sounds became violent torrents of sound. Clara began to feel an orgasm building in her inside and started twisting here and there. Jenny had a hard time keeping Clara’s ass on the ground. Clara was enjoying it too much and she was vibrating all over. She screamed over and over, louder and louder. Jenny grabbed the dildo the pushed it into Clara. Clara shrieked and contracted the dildo as far as she could into herself. Jenny licked from Clara’s ass to her pussy so her whole lower body got rushes of pleasure. Clara couldn’t control herself and let out a long howl. She launched her pelvis upwards right into Jenny’s face and bobbed her lower half up and down. Clara had an orgasmic experience, letting her juices flow.

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      Jenny, finishing her job, went on to drink up the reward. The juices kept flowing and she kept swallowing. Clara was regaining her breath but Jenny was still working hard. Jenny licked everywhere making sure the area was spotless. She pulled out the dildo and licked at the pussy one last time to make sure she got every last drop. After it appeared that all the juices were gone, got on her knees and licked her lips. “Fuck, that was great. ”“No,” our mom replied. “You were great. ”Jenny bent over and gave Mom a very extensive, loving kiss. Jenny  whispered into Clara’s ear, “I love you, you’re wonderful. ”“So are you…so are you. ”I went to go untie Mom. While I was doing that though, she remarked, “You know, you couple treated me to a wonderful time. I think I’m going to have to repay you the favor.

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      ”“Well, how do you plan on doing that?” I wanted to cum so I was all ears. “You two need to have an orgasm before this is all over. ”I was tired of standing so I laid down sideways, my prick pointing at the two gorgeous ladies. Clara took notice of how large it was and reached out to grab it. She took it in her hand, rubbing the length of it to get it to its maximum height. While stroking it, she said, “I know just how to make this toddler happy. ”With that, she stuck it in her mouth. My body jerked as my mom took my dick into herself. She positioned herself between my legs to try to force my phallus all the way down. After having sex for so long without cumming, there was a huge build-up of semen in my sac and I just had to release it all. I had to orgasm and soon. Clara was bobbing her head at the end of my cock, but I wanted her to take in the whole thing. It was time she got a taste of my monster. I grabbed Clara’s head and forced it as far along my penis as it would go. My cock reached inside the orifice, filling up Clara’s mouth with cock.

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       It was hard for my mom to take anymore but I needed a great climax and there was nothing to stop me from forcing myself all the way in her. I let my mom come up for air. She took a deep breath and I forced her back onto my dick. My dick was literally going down Clara’s throat and she was loving every second of it. The vibrations of Clara‘s mumbles worked at my cock, I could feel the peristalses trying to work on my member. It was as if her body was designed specifically to fuck the shit out of me. Yet I yearned for more and pressed my penis all the way in until Clara’s lips were kissing the hilt. My sister wanted to play to. Jenny lay sideways, facing her vagina towards me. I took the cue and dove right in. I left my left hand on the back of Clara’s head so she could keep sucking while I used my right hand to finger away at Jenny’s cunt. I took Jenny’s clit in my mouth and sucked on it while I poked at her G-spot rhythmically. The result was Jenny getting off and desiring more. She couldn’t stand getting the same treatment over and over again so she started banging her pussy into my face, getting me hornier. With my mind racing, my tongue flew faster.


       Clara was getting used to her airways getting clogged and was able to finally take me in with ease, quickly flying back and forth across my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was eating out my beautiful sisters and ramming my cock hard into my mother’s mouth. I started breathing heavily and shaking all over. My sister was approaching orgasm and started shrieking, letting a high-pitched ring run rampant through the air. The semen was making its way to the urethra and Clara could sense it. She loosened up her grip and then used all her muscles to give me a long suck. Clara forced herself to swallow it whole. I couldn’t take it anymore and launched a wave of cum into her mouth. My cock started hurling semen all over the inside of her mouth. Clara then raced her head back and forth, cleaning as she went along. She sucked here and there and everywhere, getting all the last drops of semen. Simultaneously, Jenny had an orgasm. My tongue worked magic and she starting seeping pussy juice. It was like a river was flowing so I opened wide and drank it down.

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       The sweet taste was refreshing and I lapped it all up. I used my tongue to find all the excess that was dripping down Jenny’s legs. When it was all gone I licked my lips with my tongue for a job well done. My mom kept sucking and I thanked her for a wonderful orgasm. She just nodded in response and sucked some more. I don’t know why but it was bliss, my whole family fucking each other. Nothing was said, mainly because there was nothing to say. We were all so glad that we got to enjoy each other’s body. It was perfect serenity. It must have been one of the best afternoons of my life. For the rest of the day, all three of us just lay there fondling each other, laughing, and playing. It was one of the greatest occurrences of my life. .


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