A Sons Touch


This story is purely fictional, none of the characters are real and none of the events have ever really taken place J
This is my first story, I hope u enjoy and go easy with the comments hehe!!
My name is Andrea, 43 years old, nearing the big 50. My husband died 6 years ago leaving me alone, sexless and to look after our only son Kevin.
Kevin was a joy, from the age of 3 he was interested in everything, wandering around the house, popping out of secret hiding places, touching things, knocking things over, observing everything anyone did! When his father died, he became quite quiet. He didn’t have many friends and I know for a fact he was still a virgin! I even thought he might be gay until I found a pile of women’s porn under his bed! With him being 15, I can’t say I was shocked at all, maybe a little relieved that my son was masturbating over women, but not shocked!
It was a Thursday, Kevin attended a chess club after school, I had one of those days where I didn’t think it would ever end! I worked as a waitress to keep Kevin and I in clothes and food! My feet ached, my bum had been smacked and pinched by 100’s of horny truckers and I needed a long hot soak in the bath!
I took the walk up our steep flight of stairs, checking for sounds in case Kevin had come home! The house was silent, I knew I was alone. I walked into my bedroom, didn’t bother to shut the door as I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed. I slowly removed my white silky blouse to reveal my smallish but firm breasts encased in a white lacy bra! I walked into my en suite bathroom and began to draw a bath. Filling it with aromatherapy bubbles. I undid my bra to release my breasts, they ached from being enclosed all day, and longed to have the touch of a man! I hadn’t had sex since my husband had died! He had never been one for mad dirty sex, but we had a good sex life, he had kept me satisfied!
I stood in front of the mirror, staring at my blonde hair, the grey roots coming through. My small breasts with big hard brown nipples, I took one in between my fingers, squeezing it. I took both breasts in my hands and starting to squeeze and play, this sent shivers down my spine and made my pussy ache. I slid out of my short red skirt to reveal a little white lacy thong. I turned around and bent over, my ass was large but firm. 3 trips to the gym a week had really worked.
I went over to my bed and laid down, sliding my thong to one side, parting my pussy lips and slid one finger into my pussy. It was moist, I licked my finger clean and could smell the sexy musk from my pussy. Making me ache for a cock to fuck me hard.

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   I slid two fingers into my pussy now, fucking myself with them, closing my eyes imagining it was a hard cock pounding me getting ready to shoot its load into me! I reached round and slid a finger into my ass! I had never been fucked in the ass, but had seen late night porn where women were being fucked anally! I wanted to try it, but needed a man for it!
I was fucking myself hard getting ready to cum, when I noticed my bedroom door was now closed! Now I know for a fact I had left the door wide open, and it was unlikely there was any large gusts of wind in the house! Suddenly I became very aware of my surroundings and felt like I was not alone!
I grabbed my gown and wrapped it around my almost naked body. Looking around the room I noticed my walk in wardrobe door was slightly ajar. My heart started pounding, someone was in there waiting to jump out and kill me I knew it! I casually walked into my bathroom and grabbed the heaviest thing I could find, a vase. OK so it wasn’t a weapon but it could do some damage over the head. I walked slowly towards the wardrobe and opened the door fast, raising the vase ready to strike.
I stopped…. .
There stood my son Kevin, With the most innocent looking face I have ever seen. I sighed a sigh of relief. But hadn’t even noticed he was stood there with his trousers around his ankles with cock in hand.
I stared at him with my mouth wide open
“Kevin what the hell are you doing?” I asked him.
He didn’t know what to say, he was stood there looking at me, face as red as beetroot.
“well?” I asked him again, getting very angry now.
“mum i am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I’ll never do it again I promise.

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   Oh I feel like some kind of perv” His eyes started to fill up with tears.
“Do what again? What was it exactly that you were doing?” I knew exactly what he was doing, I think the question was more why the hell were you doing it over me?
“I came home from school cos my club was cancelled, I didn’t even think you were home cos it was so quiet, I was just walking to my room and I saw you. Ummmm on the bed, you know doing that……”
Well it was my turn to go bright red, I cant believe my own son had seen me masturbating.
“I am sorry Kevin you should have never ever seen me doing something like that. I am disgusted with myself. Can you ever forgive me?”
“Mum it wasn’t disgusting it was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I was so horny that I slid into your wardrobe. I just had to watch because it made me so hard. Your body is lovely” He was looking me up and down, I must have looked a state I was in my pink silky gown and high heels from work.
“Kevin I am your mother you should never look at me in that way, its wrong”. Even though I knew it was completely wrong there was something deep down that was telling me how sexy it made me feel. I hadn’t felt like that for a long long time.
“I know its wrong but I cant help it making me hard” I looked down at his cock, he was right, it was making him hard. In fact he was very large, bigger than his dad ever was. Getting him circumcised had obviously been a good decision.

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Suddenly I felt like a slut, I needed a cock and my pussy was tightening, I could feel the moist juice getting my panties wet. I opened my gown and let it slide to the floor, Revealing my body again to Kevin. He looked at me wide eyed and his cock was rock hard. I got down on to my knees and pulled him towards me.
I took his big purple head into my mouth lapping up a big glob of pre cum! He tasted fantastic, I took more of his cock into my mouth, sucking hard and grabbing his ass. He started to moan “mmmmm mum yes, suck my cock hard. I want to fill your mouth with my spunk” I sucked harder, squeezing his balls gently. His cock was long and thick, making me gag slightly as I took the whole length! He was thrusting his cock into my mouth, his moaning became faster and his breathing heavier he grabbed hold of my hair hard and really fucked my face, “mum u are such a slut, imagining sucking your own sons sock, you dirty whore, suck it harder” he let out a little moan and I knew he was going to cum. My son was going to make me swallow down his cum. He made one last thrust making me gag, and he came in my mouth, shooting loads and loads of thick white creamy spunk down my throat.
I sucked his cock until it was limp. My son collapsed on the floor, covered in sweat, breathing heavily, he was in ecstasy.
Now it was my turn, I stood up and stood over his face, he looked up kind of scared I bent down and straddle my soaking wet pussy over his face and forced him to lick. His tongue began to probe at my hole, lapping up everything I had to give him, I pushed my pussy down hard on to his face, he was gagging for air he couldn’t breathe that turned me on even more. I began to rock back and forward on his face soaking it in juices, his cock was getting hard again but I wanted his full concentration on licking my pussy, he bit gently on my clit and started to flick it with his tongue, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came all over his face.

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   I played with my nipples as my son sucked on my throbbing clit I let out a loud groan as I came all over his face.
I collapsed on the floor, I knew what I had done was wrong but I also knew that this wouldn’t be the last of our adventures!
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