A Son's Touch (part 2)


Topic: A Son's Touch (Part 2)A Son’s Touch (Part 2) We lay panting in my matrimonial bed; the sheets saturated in sweat and my teenage son’s first vaginal cum still oozing from my sluttish beaver with his gigantic horse cock still buried. I had never felt so satisfied from any sexual escapade. I smiled, snuggling my legs firmer about his young waist ensuring he stayed deeply buried, wishing I could hold him in my arms.
 “OOOOOhhh – Mom, geez that was incredible …” he exhaled in rapid breaths.
 “MMMmmm child, do you still love your mother?” I hotly whispered into his ear.
 “Oh definitely – I LOVE YOU Mom … I’ve always loved you … more than you could possibly know!” he lifted slightly off of my chest to look me right in the eye as he almost silent mouthed the words.
 As he slowly settled his weight back onto me, a tear of extreme pleasure rolled down my cheek as I felt his monster cock stir once again in my womb. His words touched deeply in my soul as he began to thrust ever so slowly into my incredible slick very tight cunt. His father generally worked me over quite feverishly with his 7 ½ -inch cock ever week he was home but as always I never quite felt the magic.
 “MMMmmmm – ohhhhhh Mom, your so tight … are all girls this tight?” he kind of mumbled almost a growl between increasingly harder thrusts that made the old matrimonial head board thump against the wall.
 “Ugg … Uggg … uugg…” I gasped at each of his increasingly powerful thrust, “Mommy … eeeugg … is tight …. Uffff … cause I … (my breathing getting ragged) … had c-sections … UMMM … FUCK … OH GOD … Ummmggg … Ohh, Oohh … geez child (I spread my thighs apart farther as I tightened my legs around his waist tighter and thrust up into him to meet his eager but urgent jabs) … you making sure you   … Ohhhh AAAHhhhhhh … (felt his cock head slip into my traumatized uterus) … your mother … (I began to orgasm splashing my teenage son’s horse cock with creamy cum) … EEEougggg Ohh eeeeeeeee (I screamed into his ear as I thrashed beneath his now furious hammering wishing I could lock my arms around his neck) … pregnant … (his fingers sought out my vulnerable ass madly pulling my ass cheeks apart and inserting 3-fingers into my slippery asshole) … OoHH UGG OHHHH EEEEEiiiouuu oh oh oh … that’s my boy … OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH … FUCK  ME … (I convulsed in multiple orgasms beneath my son as he now manipulated me into his fuck-toy) …  UUUmmm you have me good … go to it … FUCK YOUR MOTHER …” “OOOOOHHH uuuuuuuuumm Ggggggggrrr – OHHHH” his sizzling hot cum splashed against the walls of my uterus (one – two – four – seven – nine streams OMG he wants his off-spring in my belly really bad) 
 “There – there … ssssssshh … seed Mommy good … make your baby in me … you can have me when ever you want … always!” I whispered soothingly to him as his impassioned grunts of lust grew feeble and I could feel his massive horse cock begin to soften, “You have mommy right here … you rest …” while he gave an occasional thrust into my swollen slick cunt, “You made me your slut … sleep inside me …” I started awake! I was alone. I lay there wondering … was it a pain killer induced dream?
 I think not – my belly hurt deep inside, my pussy was sore and soaking, my ass was laying in a very gooey mess. What time was it – oh god, my daughter could be home! I smiled; it was real! My son just FUCKED his mother, the slut – really well!
“Are you ok mom?” my teenage lover-son whispered into my ear, “Did I hurt you?” My eyes flipped open as he sat beside me on the bed, “I’m FANTASTIC son and you can hurt me or do what ever you like to me anytime you want …” as his hand slowly encased my bare breast in youthful exploration.

 “Gee, their really magnificent!” as he gentle cupped my booby and pinched my nipple. “How big are … (he searched for a discreet word) … your breasts?” “38 C – son, do you really like them … would you like to suck your Slut’s tits…” I asked in a seductive tone.

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 “I would love to … will you teach me everything I should know … to please you?” he replied in exasperation or anticipation.
 “I will, I will … but first take your slut to the bathroom …” I replied enthusiastically yet begging.
 “Ok – do I get to play while you go …” he asked shyly in barely an audible voice.
 “Son, I’m yours – you can do anything you want to …” I repeated in my best seductive voice.
 As I sat on the toilet my thighs widened automatically so my young lover could play; his hand worked its way easily into place cupping my cunt, his thumb brushing my tingling clit. “Mom – you can go when you want to …” he whispered as he knelt beside me.
 “Do you like it when Mommy goes pee …” I asked looking at him.
 “Yeah – I like everything … I love the taste of you mom, ever since I been a little guy …” he shyly stated with a blushing leer.
 “Richard, you just tasted mommy just this morning – bare hours ago …” I replied somewhat shocked.
 “No, I’ve tasted you a few times mom – I really have …” he blushed deeply as he spoke somewhat enthusiastically. He guided his finger into my seeping gash as my urine flow splashed across his cupped hand and he began to finger-fuck his mother (god he makes me into a sex crazed bitch). I let him work my sore cunt, thinking how I could question him to learn more.
 “Does mommy’s lover want to take her back to bed and play with his slut …” I batted my eyelashes as I cooed out the words. (He nodded enthusiastically)
 He guided me back to bed without wiping my beaver all the while he fingered me continuously, gently sat me down on the bed and leaned me back placing a pillow behind me. I knew my son was about to eat me to his hearts content.

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   He knelt on the floor before his spread mother and began to feast.
  “Ummm ohhhh son, my lover … do you like mommy’s unclean cunt … ummmmm ahhhhh…” I breathed feeling the surrender of my horny lust fall away with each loving lick he did to me. “Sweet child … ummmm … tell mommy all the times … ohhhh, everyone of them that you tasted mommy … pleaseeeeee … tell mommy … mommy wants to become incredibly hot for you … I need to know to teach you …” I whined passionately between the sensual ohhhs and ahhhs trembling from my loins.
  As he sucked my swollen (and tender) pussy lips and feasted on my engorged (again tender) clit
and in-between several intense orgasms he told me the following. As a child I’d allow him to play hide and seek while I lay in bed (often in skimpy erotic clothes or nothing) he especially liked it when I had just been ridden hard by his father or how he crept in to our room during the night (or while we’d been occupied) to smell and taste my panties. How he often dreamt of me and most exciting was how he had stolen my panties on his fathers last visit home (apparently creamy with cum) and for the first time lay face down on his bed pretending to ride me as he smelt my panties, the result was his first masturbation (I guess) that I had been sniffing and trying to taste when I fell down the stairs.
 That was enough; I was wildly stimulated (the little bugger could eat pussy much better than my husband) I needed his horse cock in me again. “Ohhh – Sweet child, climb on mommy … fuck your slut … rape your mother (I noticed he’d get rather excited with that word, his breathing caught in his throat) … RAPE me, put your baby in mommy …” I begged like a slut in a growling sensual voice.
 Oh wow – he rather lunged onto me as I tried desperately to wiggle my ass back further onto the bed managing in my awkward state one leg partially dangling over the bed while the other savagely forced wider as my son pushed himself between my thighs.
 “Ummmm mom – I want you so bad, the way you talk …” and with some brute force, worked his swollen almost purple horse cock against my well glistening fuck-hole.
 Oh Jesus he speared me good with at least half that magnificent horse cock, “Ohhh God … That’s mommy’s lover … RAPE YOUR MOTHER … FUCK ME GOOD … use me … ohhhhhhh ugggg …(he’d forcefully sank the rest into me – my belly hurt deep inside) … FUCK me son, fuck mommy good (I knew I had him … his 3rd vagina fuck and he was insatiable, almost savage) … Ohhh YES do your slut … take me … (I was slipping over the edge again, helpless without my arms, at his mercy) … Show mommy how bad you want to … OUUUUUeeeeeeeIIIII ouccchh ouccchhh  me …” (his monster cock again pushed itself roughly into my uterus with one knee bent foot flat on the bed he jack-hammered into me with more force than ever, I was being bounced on my own bed) “Rape me … oh Rape me please … force you seed into your mother … ouccchh ouccchhh (his cock was well within my uterus and I wanted his seed … orgasms swept me in blinding flashes of light, my son was an animal on me as he hungered for his own release)
 “Take my baby mom … ” was all he said jamming deeper into my sloppy cunt.
    Then I felt it – his hot jism whitewashing my uterus walls as he kept pumping his seed, my belly swelled up – it now squirted out and around back past our entwined sex organs squishing out and down the crack of my ass with each of his pulsating thrusts.
     Needless to say the afterglow and aroma of sex permeated the bedroom as his lay on my belly. It time he whispered, “Mom – What will dad say … especially if I made you … well have my baby …?”
     “UMMMMmmm – I desperately want your baby in my belly and you did plant it good in me! As for dad – he’ll think it is his and neither, you or I will tell him different - OK!” I spoke in a dreamy state. “You will always do what you want to me – I’m yours … we’ll work it all out…” “Mom, how long before we know if you are pregnant? And what should we do – about daily things?” he persisted.

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     “For sure in 6-weeks but I can try one of those early readers at 4-weeks and we will do what we want every day – what do you want son?” my heart in my throat, afraid he’d reject our situation.
     “I want to … well you know … and learn how to please you … ” he mumbled into my belly button.
     “Richard! What exactly do you want to do with mommy – tell me …?” I begged firmly.
     He delayed answering for long minutes, “I want to do what were doing … I really get excited when you mention that R-word – something happens deep inside me … (his voice rose) and I want my baby in you and then another or so…” “You like to RAPE your mother … mmmmmmm, I am definitely going to teach you how to (my words diminished to silence) … but first my son, my magnificent lover … better get me all cleaned up before my daughter gets home…” As I stood in my bathroom awaiting the hot soothing bath that was running, I wondered if I could control my innocent son’s hungry need to rape me but most I was enjoying his attention kneeling between my spread legs as he sucked on my swollen (hell by the feel of it must be 2-inches and as thick as my baby finger) … ohhhh god, this little bugger can sure eat a battered pussy well!
     From deeper in the house came the rough closing of the front door, “Damn … Monica’s home early!”
     “I’m naked mom – the bed is messed – she’ll tell dad – ohh jeeeez mom, I want you so bad!” my innocent lover said it all in the time it takes to take a breath.
     “Get me into the tub and throw on just your pants then hurry back in here and begin washing my back . . . ” I snapped.
     He quickly got back into the bathroom kneeling beside the tub began to wash my back just as a voice called from the bedroom, “Mom, you here …?” called my daughter.
     “In here Monica – your just in time to save me from the clumsy attempts of your brother …” I called cheerfully.
     Monica peeked around the corner of the door jam and began laughing hysterically, “Ritchie … I think your suppose to look … your missing mom’s back … I’ll do it!” boldly walking in taking the face cloth from my shy lover who had his head lowered into his free arm to hide his eyes (supposedly from my nakedness).
     “I’m sorry mom, I tried …” and slipped quietly from the bathroom.
     Monica took over, doing a very good job (she’d make a great nurse) of scrubbing me all over, spending long agonizing seconds lifting my boobs as she paid close attention to my erect nipples. Her touch lightened as she washed my belly then very sullenly lifted one leg scrubbing it good then placing it in a bent knee position as she did the same to the other. Her attention to my breasts and now to my battered used twat with its engorged clit drew her gentlest touch as smiled; my breathing quickened with deep catches of rapid intake of air as she brushed my clit.

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       She leaned close to my ear, “Does that feel good mom” she whispered. (All I could do was nod my head in the affirmative. ) I could not believe my ears or the intense feeling of sensual pleasure that Monica was causing in me, I couldn’t help but think to my self that I was one horny slut; I took my teenage son’s cherry and now literally letting my barely teenaged daughter please me. Her fingers and hand played with my cunt like a pro lesbian. Again she leaned in to my ear as I was just entering a tingling orgasm, “So – was Ritchie any good, can he please a woman or do you need my help too …” OMG –  my eyes flicked open looking at my daughter just as an orgasmic wave struck me as she inserted her middle finger in my cunt.
     If you liked Barbara’s story … email me at opbone11@yahoo. ca for part 3.


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